Yule Winter Solstice/Litha Summer Solstice

Its Christmas time and this is a time of caroling and gatherings. Some of the Deities we could call upon are Mother Berta, Santa Claus, the Kings of Holly and Oak are a few. Herbs are Chamomile or rosemary and stones related are Quartz, blue sunstone.

At the Winter Solstice we have reached the depth of darkness with the longest night of the year. Its a time the sun is reborn to warm the earth again.

So come join us tonight as we gather to celebrate!!!


Raven Spirit Walker

Image by Дарья Яковлева from Pixabay

Some Yule/Winter Solstice Information

I apologize to my friends, brothers and sisters Down Under for not having the time to give you some good posts to read for Yule/Winter Solstice. Because of many things happening in my life the past month I did not have the time to do the research as I have on past holidays. But I did not want this holiday to go by without posting a little something for you. I will do better for the next Sabbat I promise. I also know I am posting this after the holiday has come and gone for which I am sorry for also.

The following link has many interesting and informative links on it. I am sure you will find something you like, at least I hope you do.