Balance The Powerful Flow of Water

I found this article on Pinterest / water magic

Water is very useful when it is allowed to flow and to mingle with other elements.

If it remains still it will stagnate and ultimately lose it’s power and it is of no use in Water magick. Water’s magickal powers can be balanced in the following ways:


Let off steam by sweating off your negative emotions. Fear and pent-up anger can be released in an energetic workout or sauna. Drinking a hot herbal tea can also be a useful healing aid.


Vaporizing aromatherapy oils will mean that you can literally inhale the restorative scents.

Try using  chamomile, rose  or sandalwood oils, which are ruled by the element of water to help clarify your emotional state.


Pouring water into a clay bowl and sprinkle it with consecrated salt. This will enhance your magickal powers. One of the ways you can consecrate the salt is by imaging a blue light flooding it while at the same time chanting “Purify.”

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress