Who Are the Wiccan Horned God and Triple Goddess?

The Horned God and Triple Goddess are generally the deities you’ll hear people associate with Wicca, but these very same concepts generate a lot of confusion. You’ll read a lot of books that will tell you the Horned God is like this, or the Triple Goddess is like that. There are a lot of oversimplifications and generalizations going on with these descriptions. Many Wiccan sources also refer to the Lord and Lady as well, or “The” God, and “The” Goddess (the article “the” implying they’re specific deities). This leaves people to wonder— to whom, exactly, are we referring when we use these terms?

Wicca, being a 20th century religion, is fairly unique in one way: we don’t actually have our own deities. That is, our religion wasn’t built around veneration of any specific deities of our own—we worship Pagan Gods and Goddesses of other ancient cultures in a new and modern world. We do not have our own unique pantheon, nor do we believe our religion was revealed to us by deities.

So, who are these characters, then, that you’ll find peppered throughout Wiccan books and websites? Who is the Horned God or the Lord or the God? Who is the Triple Goddess, the Lady or the Goddess? Let’s have a look.

Written by:
Mackenzie Sage Wright

 A Wiccan of 25 years, Sage likes to put her background as a writer and teacher to use by helping people learn about this NeoPagan path.
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A Thought for Today


“All through autumn, we hear a double voice: One says everything is ripe; the other says everything is dying. The paradox is exquisite”

Gretel Ehrlich, poet and travel writer, in her book The Solace of Open Spaces

I found this in the November 2015 Reader’s Digest Page28.

The thoughts it provoked in me were of Mother Earth going from the fullness of being in her Mother phase slipping into her Crone phase and going to sleep for a much-needed rest to bloom again as a Maiden in the spring.

Blessed be dear ones.

A Thought for Today

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I woke up thinking about Madien, Mother, Crone or the three aspects of the Triple Goddess.

I started thinking about my granddaughters, daugthers, my mother, grandmothers and myself. How we all have inner and outter beauty no matter what our age.

A Maiden’s inner beauty comes from discovering new things in the world. Her outter beauty can come from allowing the inner beauty to shine through without using make-up to cover what they think of as flaws.

A Mother’s inner beauty comes from knowing she can have a child to love and care for if she chooses to. Her outter beauty comes from knowing she is a strong woman, caregiver, mother, wife or signifigant other.

A Crone’s inner beauty comes from having lived a life that was and is full of wonder, from learning from her mistakes and being able to pass that knowledge and wisdom down. I hope being the only Crone left in my direct blood line that I can help the MOther’s and Maiden’s as much as my ancestor did for me. A Crone’s outter beauty comes from the wrinkles, gray hair and knowing she is helping the newer generations to be strong men and women.

In other words no matter how young or old we are we have something to share with the world and each of us are uniquie.

Blessed be dear sisters and friends.

Copyright 2015 Lady Beltane

How to Consecrate Magickal Tools

Any object you will be using on your altar during rituals or when doing spells should be an object used just for magickal workings. These objects become Magickal Tools after being consecrated to be used just for rituals.

To consecrate an object first cleanse it of all energy that it holds or is sticking to it from other people handling it. For an easy way to cleanse the objects use this link – https://covenlife.wordpress.com/2015/03/30/how-to-cleanse-objects-using-the-elements/

After the objects are cleansed cast a sacred circle. Lay all items in a row on the surface you are using as an altar. Each item should be blessed and consecrated individually.

Call upon either the God and Goddess you feel the most comfortable working with or Hecate (Goddess of Witches, Home and Hearth, one name for the Triple Goddess) and the Horned God. The Horned Gods to aspects are the Oak King who reigns between the Summer and Winter Solstices or the Oak King who reigns between Winter and Summer Solstices.

While making the sign of the pentagram above each object a simple incantation will work such as:

I call upon ______ and ______ to bless and consecrate this _________

to be used to in any magick I work and/or ritual I perform.

I ask Spirit, Air, Water, Fire and Earth to bless and consecrate this _________

to be used in any magick and/or ritual I perform.

So mote it be.

Copyright 2014 Lady Beltane