Card Reading: Hippogriff

The Hippogriff warns that somebody is not seeing you as you really are because you haven’t been grounded. Your spirits are down and they are only seeing the part of you that reveals down and out. Its time to step up, remove the negative thoughts, and fly.

I feel that this card will apply to some. Get those spirits up and start revealing your true self.

Blessed be

The Witch’s Oracle Deck Card Reading

The card I picked for everybody for this beautiful Monday is…Hourglass.

When the hourglass appears in a reading it’s meaning is that time is of the essence. There is something that you have been putting off and now is the time to get it done, no more putting it off.

So my sisters and brothers stop that delaying and get the job done that you have been putting off. It will make your life a lot more full filling and it will give you piece of mind.

The deck that I am using is called “The Witches Oracle” I love this deck!

Angel/Tarot/Oracle Advice 12 August 2019 BY: The Silver Sage Witch(Victoria)

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Tarot is an ancient divination that began in 14th century Europe. Traditional Tarot decks consist of 78 cards (the Major and Minor Arcana) depicting symbolic archetypes that allow us to tap into our intuition and gain clarity through Tarot card readings. Today, Tarot readings remain one of the most popular tools for insight and reflection worldwide.

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Journeying Through The Corridors

SunRay here,

Wandering through the corridors of Wisdom and Inter Knowledge, for weeks, I’ve bumped into cards that keep repeating; With hard work and diligence will bring good fortune for your future. As I pull a couple more cards for clarification, my art work is always implied. Actually one of the cards will say artistic ability. Lol

I always try to use my intuition in reading the cards but as a new study I also refer to my book that came with the cards. 

Now I’m in a place of decision because a new thought intered in. Am I pulling these readings because my life is so involved with painting? Is what I want to do controlling the cards that are showing up? Or, am I just supposed to put my life on hold, work out my inner turmoil and just keep painting?  Haha Isn’t life, growth and wisdom such a riddle?? Lol

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress 💙