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A Joyous and Blessed Samhain

May your dance be one of joy with your ancestors and friends who have crossed the veil. Please kind in mind when honoring ancestors they do not necessarily have to be related by blood or family ties, an ancestor can be anyone who at some point in your life made a difference in it.

An example of a none blood/family ancestor – About a year and a half after my father crossed into the Summerlands I started taking oil painting lessons I was about 13 years old. My teacher was in her Crone years but her love and patience she embraced me with, plus her time spent teaching me, along with others in my class, instilled in me the real beauty of creating something going from my imagination out on to a canvas that I could see. Her warmth and love of art made a big difference in my life when I needed to become a child again instead of an adult taking care of my mother because her grief was almost completely oppressing her.

Egyptian Afterlife – The Field of Reeds

If  the soul passed through the Weighing of the Heart it moved on to a path which led to Lily Lake (also known as the Lake of Flowers). There are, again, a number of versions of what could happen on this path where, in some, one finds dangers to be avoided and gods to help and guide while, in others, it is an easy walk down the kind of path one would have known back home. At the shore of Lily Lake the soul would meet the Divine Ferryman, Hraf-hef (He-Who-Looks-Behind-Him) who was perpetually unpleasant. The soul would have to find some way to be courteous to Hraf-hef, no matter what unkind or cruel remarks he made, and show one’s self worthy of continuing the journey.

To read the rest of this article copy and paste the following link into your browser: https://www.ancient.eu/article/877/egyptian-afterlife—the-field-of-reeds/

The Quite After Samhain

I so look forward to Samhain every year and visiting with people to content, shy, weak (Usually people who have died violently are weaker and/or very scared for a short time after they cross into the spirit world. Some do take a lot longer to recover and trust others again.), lazy, etc that I might not otherwise have chance to meet. Now that the veil is thick again I have to wait again to visit with some old “friends” and meet new ones. Even being a full medium, meaning I can talk with just about anyone who has crossed into the spirit world, but it is not as easy as it sounds or that TV, the movies, or books make it out to be. For me personally without the wards I have up I would hear a party (for lack of a better word) in my head day and night and in my sleep. So I pick when I open myself up to the spirit world and have specific rules on how spirits can contact me and for how long when I do. I do leave an opening for ancestors and close personal friends year round. It is nice in a way to have the quite back but in another it is lonely at times.

For those of you who have a harder time contacting those who have crossed, especially with the veil thick again, but still want to talk to loved ones and ancestors here are a couple of suggestions. Try asking a specific person a specific question, keep in mind they do not usually answer questions like “Did you hide anything valuable oe where is it?” Instead, keep your questions about personal things, like “Did I do you any wrongs while we were here together?” After asking the question either meditate for the answer or just wait for it to come to you. Put the question completely out of your mind do not dwell on it or you may fabricate an answer from your sub-conscious. Another way to hear from someone on the other side is to tell them how you felt about them when they were in this world or ask them to come to you. When a spirit comes it is not usually cold again like the media would have us believe but it can be a feeling of being surrounded by warmth, maybe a little flip or tug on your hair, a electric light or candle burning brighter all of a sudden or just a feeling of that person being close to name a few ways spirits make their presence know to us. Remember just because the veil has thickened again does not mean your love one has gone far from you even if you are separated by the veil between this world and the spirit world.

NOTE: I will not take requests to contact a spirit for others, so please do not ask me to. Thank you.

What is the Reason for Rain on Samhain?

I have often wonder why it almost always rains and is cold on Samhain. Where I live, in the central United States, it usually nice the day before and the day after but rarely the day of.

This morning my Guides gave me an answer to this question that seems so right I have no idea why I never thought of it. It rains on Samhain because the veil between our world and the Summerlands is very thin allowing those residing in the Summerlands feelings to come into our world and our feelings to go easier into their world.

Just as we weep for loved ones lost because we miss the person they were in this lifetime they weep because they miss us also so. The rain we experience is in reality their tears. The cold is because they do not need heat to keep a incarnated body warm like we do in this world.

When honoring your ancestors this Samhain remember to take into account their feelings and try to explain yours to them. Communication is not just important when we some someone face to face it is important when dealing with those who have crossed over too.  Do not think the dialoge has to stop when Samhain is over, it may not be as easy to hear them but if they have something you really need to hear you will. Talk to them, ask them questions, tell them things. Just because they no longer have a physical body does not mean they are not interested in things going on in your life.

When helping those who passed away this past year cross into the Summerlands remind them of the happiness, rest, joy and love they will feel there instead of the cold uncertainity of roaming this world with no physical body. If you feel they are hanging on to something in this world or have unfinished business they want to take care before moving across the veil ask how you can help them let go or finish the unfinished business. It is important for us all to cross into the Summerlaands after ourphysical bodies will no longer support life in this world, so we can rejuvaniate and be reborn into our next life time.

Talking with my mom today and helping her to finish something she left undone (this I will not share as it was very personal between the two of us) after dreaming about her the other night for the first time since she passed brought a calm to me I have not felt since the day before she passed. I knew the mooment my mom passed as I felt a pull on both my heart and root charkas the two most connected to parents and our children. She is happy and excited to be fully reunited with my dad, he refused rebirth until she and he could have some time together alone and with my eight siblings, who all passed away shortly before or after birth, in the SUmmerlands They both told me today that they will wait for me to join them in the future when it is my time to return to the Summerlands before they consider another lifetime in this world. WHich made me feel very loved and special. You see my dad crossed over the veil wexactlly one month before my twelfth birthday in 1970.

I am sorry if this post seems to ramble some but I was typing as it came to me and had a couple of interuptions for trick-or-treater, all the kids in the neighborhood love to come to the Witch’s house because she gives out good treat if they do not trick her ;o}

May your Samhain be blessed,. May your time with your ancestors be joyful. My your New Year be filled with everything you need, a warm home, loving family and friends, enough food to keep hunger at bay, clothing to keep you comfortable and even bring you a way to get a couple of things you just want.

Copyright 2015 Lady Beltane


A Thought for Today


Fire Festivals

There are two Sabbats nicknamed “Fire Festival” because traditionally a large fire or fires are part of the ritual.

One is in the first quarter of the Wheel of the Year which is Beltane.

The second come in the fourth quarter in the Wheel of the Year which is Samhain (pronounced sow-en)

Beltane is a time to welcome Mother Earth’s waking up and Samhain is a time to bid her a peaceful slumber. On Beltane we honor life and welcome the awaking of spring. On Samhain we honor our ancestors and welcome the time to rest and rejuvinate over the cold months.

On Beltane I and many pagans have two fires with a path for people to pass through the cleansing fires to bring them protection and a good harvest for what they sow in the spring.

On Samhain I and many pagans have a small fire for each ancestor they are honoring and then take the coals of the smaller fires to light a larger one so the ancestors that have crossed into the spirit plain during the last year can reunite with others in the Summerlands. (Many of us do this on a smaller scale which will be in another post .)

Samhain is also the Sabbat that closes the past year with Yule welcoming the new one. Whether you are celbrating Beltane and the return of warmer days or Samhain and getting ready for colder days; May the Gods and Goddesses bless you and yours.

Blessed be dear ones.

Copyright 2014 Lady Beltane

A Wonderful Experience

To often I close off myself from hearing and/or feeling those who have crossed into the Summerlands. The reason for this is if I do not I hear and/or feel people trying to contact me with messages for people I have never heard of. One of the draw backs to being very sensitive to the spirit relehm. I do try to keep a path open always for my friends and ancestors.

As you might know my mother crossed a couple of weeks ago. She started visiting me this past week when I am awake and also in my dreams. My father has been doing this since he crossed in 1970. Last night as I was walking home from work about 11 PM all of a sudden felt warm, it was only 50 F out, and overwhelmed with love and comfort. I had no idea why until I heard my parents discussing whether or not I needed them escorting me home. My mother said, “I was an adult and the walk was short so I would be fine.” To which my father replied, “I have been doing this for years anytime she’s been walking late at night.” It was such a wonderful feeling knowing my father had been watching over me for years and now my mother is doing the same. It has helped me not miss them both as much as I have been. I feel privileged two have such caring and devoted parents to still keep me safe and guide me.

This is the first morning I did not feel like crying because their journeys for this lifetime had ended. I know I will see them someday in the Summerlands along with my eight siblings that all crossed during or before I got to meet them during this lifetime.

When a lifetime ends it can be a time to grieve their passing but it it also a time to rejoice that we knew the person and the pleasant times you had with them.

A Thought for Today


I have had a hard month. When laying my mother’s body to rest next to my father’s it tore open all the scars of an 11 year old girl standing at her father’s graveside. It is now time I start to rejoice that after 45 years my parents are reunited and can live in the Summerlands with my brother and 7 sisters until each choose to be incarnated again. The wo8nds on my heart are raw but healing with the Goddesses and Gods help.

Blessed be and rejoice in the beauty of today.

Saying I Love You and Good Bye To a Loved One After They go to the Summerlands Ritual

This ritual was composed by one of my novice’s Patricia. Thank you for letting me share something so personal on my website.

Done on July 13, 2015
Yesterday dad died at 11:30pm, so today I wanted to show my love and gratitude and also say good bye from my heart. I’m not ashamed to say that tears were streaming as I preformed this simple Ritual.
Out in my back yard I have three large shade trees and a bird feeder in the middle, so it’s quite busy with citers.
I choose a small spot and invite and thank each of the Watch  Towers. First the East – Air and all that pertains to it, such as birds, wind and fairies. Next South – South. I have a special Fire Dragon that guides me. Then West – Water,  Water Fairies, and North – Mother Earth.
I then called and invited my Goddess Hecate and my God Odin to please join me in my Sacred Circle… I thank them and tell them how grateful I am for their help in releasing dad from the pain of his 90 year old frail body. He is with my mom and Ancestors. [You can replace dad with the name of the loved one you lost.]
My heart can now weep, not from his suffering but from his release and peace that encompasses me..
I released and thanked with gratitude my Goddess and God. Then I released and thanked the Watch Towers, starting from the North, working counter clockwise.
As a show of my love, I left piles of birdseed in the back for the finch, blue jays, doves and quail.


Prayer Ideas for Lady Beltane’s Mother

I know most of you reading this do not need any help asking a Goddess or God to help my mother cross to the Summerlands, but there are some with might thus this post. Thank you from myself and family for your participation in tonight’s prayers. Blessed be dear ones.

Divine Mother and Blessed Horn God

I ask that you help Jeannine cross swiftly and peaceful into the Summerlands.

I ask for you to send strength and comfort to her family through this troubling time.

So mote it be.

Archangel Serial, (helps people to come to terms with crossing over) I ask you to lead Jeannine to your brother Zlar, (Archangel that helps people to cross into the Summer lands if needed).

Archangel Zlar, I ask you to take Jeannine’s hand and help her to cross the veils between our plain and the next.

Archangel Gabriel, I ask you wrap you loving arms around Jeannine’s family to give them comfort

and Archangel Michael protect them with your sword and allow them to lean on you for strength.

So mote it be.

Devine Mother please making the passing of your daughter Jeannine swift and painless.

So mote it be.

These are just some ideas it does not mean you have to use them. Also I put “So mote it be” at the end as that is the most common form of ending a prayer or spell for most pagans or witches. Please end it however, feels comfortable to you. Mix up the pryers to use parts of some and parts of others. Do and say what feels right to you.