The Witch in the Mirror

“Throughout time, mirrors have been thought of as a tool that bridges a portal between the world’s of material and the spiritual. Many Witches immediately think of the classic black Witch’s motor made from a piece of clear glass with black paint on the black paint on the back. Those special mirrors are use for scrying, a technique for a visions psychically. Usually, the black mirror is set up in a dark room so that there is no reflection on it’s surface, and the Witch gazes deeply into it while focusing on the question at hand.

Sliver reflective mirrors can be magical tools as well. Mirrors can be used on the altar to double your spellwork, and many Witches place a candle on a mirror as part of an uncrossing ritual. Mirrors can also be a tool for reflecting on negative energies away from you. Place small mirrors in the window facing out to keep baneful vibes away from your home, or wear a mirrored jewelry known as a hexenspiegel to reflect and return psychic darts back to the sender. A mirror can be magically empowered to bless and protect you by radiating light and grace throughout your Witchy home.”

Copyright 2019 by Mickie Muller in Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2019

Witches Bottles

With this Full Moon coming up I got to thinking: what kinds of witchy things would I like to do?  The Cosmic Cookie Trail steps in and starts drawing my attention to Witches Bottles!  At Yule a few years ago I made one with some friends but haven’t done so since.  Time to look over my inventory of herbs and start planning.  You can read the article The Cosmic Cookie Trail led me to at the following link:

©08172016 Wolf Woman Ways

Mortar and Pestle, My Dilemma

Tonight I want to share a thought or two with you about a tool we use as Witches and simply take for granted.

I’ve recently dried my home grown herbs and am going to use these to get my Witch Cupboard started. I have also ordered quite a few herbs from an organic company, some are safe and some are toxic. I prefer to use herbs over oils because the oil scent is to strong for me and they give me a headache which makes it difficult to focus. I also like to experiment with ideas for making poppets, herbal bags, burning incense and such. To do this I need to crush herbal ingredients together, choosing the correct herb to resonate with the spell is important, for example, I don’t want any herbal residue from a previous use to counteract what I’m trying to do now. That train of thought brought to mind the possibility of becoming possibly poisoned, because I burnt a lovely rose petal  incense but some toxic herb was left in the bowl. (No this has not happened, but my paranoia runs away from me.) Immediately I researched How To Clean A Mortar and Pestle. I searched and couldn’t find anything about it. I ended up emailing the company I purchased the herbs from and the only thing they could suggest to me was to make sure I have 3 mortar and pestles, one for resin, one for toxic herbs and one for non toxic herbs. Their reasoning was because many bowls are made of porous materials which will collect in the stone. As I am a Witch on a budget I didn’t want to hear that for an answer, but I completely understand where thy are coming from.  My concern is this Sisters and Brothers In The Craft, I do not want any of you getting poisoned because of rushing into something without thinking every possible outcome through.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,

SunRay Sorceress 

Dallying With Plants – A Warning

As I grow older I have become more and more fascinated with plant life. There are so many that it would take more then one lifetime for me to memorize them all. To start my magickal cupboard I want to make sure I know everything about each part of the plant so I’m studying the leaf, stalk, root and the buds or flower petals of each. This started because that beautiful flower growing around my property could possibly kill me.

As you see in the picture, I have a magickal Fairy Hat – Foxglove growing naturally back behind my property. It’s sacred to the Fae and should be No problem, right? Wrong! After viewing a video about this beautiful plant, I found out that everything about this plant is poisonous, from the root to the to the stalk, leaves and petals. Even the residue from the leaf can kill you.

I’m not saying all of this to scare anyone away from using herbs and flowers in their magickal workings, I actually encourage it. The energy and intent of processing and using the spirit of the plant makes your spells that much more powerful. Just take the time to do research on any herb, flower or wood you plan on using. Don’t take someone’s word that it’s fine, unless you absolutely trust them to give you sound advice.  Is the leaf poisonous, but the root is not? Is the root poisonous, but the petal is safe? A little Botany and Herbology research on each plant will also give you grater confidence and will add your own magickal energy mixed with the plant’s spiritual energy, to make your Ritual or spell more powerful.

Brightest Blessings and Safe Exploring Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress

Balance The Powerful Flow of Water

I found this article on Pinterest / water magic

Water is very useful when it is allowed to flow and to mingle with other elements.

If it remains still it will stagnate and ultimately lose it’s power and it is of no use in Water magick. Water’s magickal powers can be balanced in the following ways:


Let off steam by sweating off your negative emotions. Fear and pent-up anger can be released in an energetic workout or sauna. Drinking a hot herbal tea can also be a useful healing aid.


Vaporizing aromatherapy oils will mean that you can literally inhale the restorative scents.

Try using  chamomile, rose  or sandalwood oils, which are ruled by the element of water to help clarify your emotional state.


Pouring water into a clay bowl and sprinkle it with consecrated salt. This will enhance your magickal powers. One of the ways you can consecrate the salt is by imaging a blue light flooding it while at the same time chanting “Purify.”

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress


The Mechanics of a Spell

The Cosmic Cookie trail led me to the following post on the Mechanics of a Spell.  I feel the article does a good job explaining the process of creating a spell.  For myself, I would create a Sacred Space to do any planning though.  I tend to meditate to receive the messages from my guides on how to proceed.

You can access the blog post at the following link:

©03302016 Wolf Woman Ways


Prayer for a Lost Soul

I just found out that a friend of mine made some choices that don’t appear to be the best he could have made.   I opened up my email and found this Prayer for a Lost Soul.  Maybe you know someone that could use some help from the Lord and Lady.

Prayer for a Lost Soul

Great mother Goddess, Great father God,
[NAME] has lost [HIS/HER] way.
[HE/SHE] cannot find [HIS/HER] path.
Comfort [HIM/HER] today.

Take [HIS/HER] hand
And touch [HIS/HER] eyes
That [HE/SHE] may see
Through the tears [HE/SHE] cries.

[HE/SHE] feels alone,
Abandoned and small.
[HE/SHE] cannot feel
Your presence at all.

Wrap [HIM/HER] in Your loving arms,
And whisper that [HE/SHE] is not alone.
I ask this all of the Horned One,
And Maiden, Mother and Crone!

© Peace Whitehorse, 1-23-2016

I had told him I would light a candle for him to send him that which he needs to get through this patch in his life.  I will light that candle and recite this prayer for him.

© 2016 Wolf Woman Ways

Keystone Crystal Grid

Keystone Crystal Grid

Everyone is pretty busy these days and don’t always have time to walk your own property to set up wards.  You can create a Keystone Crystal Grid that you will use to ward your property.  I chose four crystals to represent each of the Cardinal Directions and the associated Element (they each have the elemental symbol engraved on them).  In the middle I have a Quartz Crystal Generator with a small Pentacle underneath it to represent Spirit.  I used Quartz Crystal points to point the energy towards the generator.  I then put everything in a Flower of Life Grid.  You can draw your own “map” using any symbols that are important to you to draw in the energy of the elements, and then to connect them to the generator crystal in the middle.  I charged my grid by the three nights of the Full Moon (this is what I intuitively felt needed to be done).  You can charge by the Sun if that is what you are drawn to do.

Once charged, I walked my property, placing each one of the crystals at its corresponding Cardinal Direction, holding the Quartz Generator in my other hand, setting intention as I placed each crystal.  You can bury them if that is what you feel drawn to do.  When done, I then placed the generator on my altar.  So as I see the generator crystal, I can set intention that it continually charges the other four crystals.

The nice thing about this style of warding is that if you live in an apartment, you can even place the crystal in a small pot of dirt to ward your property.

Celtic New Year, Apple Resolution Spell

ResolutionsOctober 31, 2015
This is a dedication and spell that says, thank you for all the blessings of last year and embracing all the blessings Goddess Hecate has in store, this coming year.
This spell can be worked anytime, but best in a Waning phase of the moon.
    Supplies: 1 Small piece of paper and pen, 1 Apple cut in half horizontally, A 9 Inch piece of twine or Wooden toothpicks, 1 Black candle – represents Last year, 1 White candle – represents Coming year, 1 Orange candle – represents Autumn, Cinnamon incense, 1 Bowl or Cauldron, Sacred salt and Moon water, 1 Lighter and 2 Chairs and Besom (I bought a lovely Cinnamon scented one at the grocery store)
            First I center and ground myself..
I wrote down, on the small piece of paper a list of things that were not positive or that I want to be rid of in my life, Negativity, Unhealthy weight, and Self destructive words.
Light your candles and incense. then take your Salt, lift it up and thank Mother earth for the salt that will protect and cleanse this Sacred place. Place 3 pinches of salt in a bowl.
Next take up your Moon water and thank the mighty element of water for cleansing this place and pour a little in the bowl, with the salt. Take your bowl of salt water and start at the East, create a Sacred Circle, making a safe place between the worlds. Then take your cinnamon incense and follow suit, creating a safe place between the worlds, starting at the East. Give honor to the year gone and walk boldly into the next year coming, a year full of wonderful expectations.
I honor Goddess Hecate, my Goddess of the past, the present and the future. I then placed the black candle on the chair on the left and the white candle on the other chair, facing each other. Next I placed my besom on the ground, crosswise between the two chairs.
I say, “I dedicate this New Year to my Goddess Hecate, to honor her by growing in knowledge and wisdom. Gone with the old destructive ways and I embrace the coming year fresh and new. So mote it be”. I walk between the black and white candle and leap over the besom for good luck.
I close the Sacred Circle by saying “This dedication is completed. I have said it and It Is So.  This is done while walking around the Sacred Circle Counter Clockwise or Widdershins. Afterward, I take the twine or wooden toothpicks and bind the apple together, with the paper between. Take the apple outside and bury it.
As the apple decomposes  the negative habits written on the paper will decompose and go away.
Footnote: This spell has results that are slow, because habits, be the good or bad, take time to come into fruition.
Best Blessings Sisters and Brothers,
SunRay Sorceress

A Thought for Today


The outdoors is my temple/church. Mother Earth and Ra (Egyptian Sun God) are my guides as I travel the path of my spirituality. I look to all positive beings alive or dead to keep me company on this journey. The animals, birds and reptiles are also my brothers and sisters on the path of enlightenment. The trees, flowers, bushes, etc all give me something beautiful to look at no matter what season it is. My Spirit Guides, Totem/Spirit Animals, my Protectors and ancestors keep my safe and lead me in the right direction in life (when I listen).

What travels with you on your spiritual path?

Blessed be