A Thought for Today – What Does My Spirituality Mean to Me?

The two articles I read on Witches of The Craft today and are reblogged on here (look below this post) plus the post SunRay Sorceress did got me to thinking about my spiritual path, what it means to me and to those loved ones in my life that I am closest to – my husband, children and grandchildren.

After doing some soul searching, I find it has helped me like myself and become a better person to all I meet. Part of my almost daily prayer is “Please help me be kind, consider, and thoughtful to anyone I come in contact with no matter how they may treat me, talk to or about me. Let my smile bring a little joy into their life today.” One morning I was praying while walking my dogs and a woman I had, had many run-ins with over the last couple of years start yelling something at me from inside her truck. I was just getting ready to yell back something equally offence when the Goddess or God or a Spirit Guide put those words in my head. So instead of what I was going to say I replied with, “Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. Hope you have a good one.” Needless to say she just sat there with her mouth hanging open, I waved and we continued our walk. The next time this woman’s and my paths crossed all she said was, “Good Morning.”  This all happened almost a year and a half ago and to this day she is not a friend but at least nice when we happen to meet. We live at opposite ends of the block so it happens a bout once a week. I know it was meant as a growing thing for me to tolerate nasty people more but I wonder if she grew a little two.

My husband is a non-practicing Catholic and is ok with me doing spellwork, rituals, blessing our home, etc most of the time but at other times he gets upset or thinks and says what I am doing makes no sense or is silly. I try very hard and usually do not get upset with him because it would do no good for both of us being upset and would take away some of what I was trying to do magickally. So we have come to an agreement (keep in mind we have been Handfasted for almost fourteen years- yes you read it right Handfasted. No other type of religious ceremony has bound ud together) when at all possible I do my full blown rituals (Big altar set up, pre-ritual bath, etc) are done whaen he is gone or I do them out in our backyard. Sometimes though out of the clear blue he will ask me to do something for him, for example, last week he started a new job and asked me to bless the semi-tractor to help keep him safe when driving it. Which I more than willing did.

I have five children, three boys and two girls. My oldest son is Buddist, my middle son a sort of Christian (believes in the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit but does not attend any church), my youngest son claims to be an Atheist but I have some doubts about that. My older daughter follows Lakota Native American traditions as well as some Christian and Pagan ones, My younger daughter is very Christian to the point that we have agreed not to talk to each other about our spiritual beliefs (Although I was raised in the same Christian church she attends with her family.) All my children are grown and live in their own homes which makes it easier to keep a small altar set up all the time.

I also have three granddaughters and five grandsons, some are old enough to decide on their own what spiritual path they want to follow while other are not old enough in their parents eyes. Most of my grandchildren have in inherited some type of special gift that can be nurtured properly with incorporating Paganism into their spiritual lives. I am allowed to help five of the eight grandchildren with this openly and then there is one I have to take small baby steps with because her mother is my youngest daughter. While this is not an ideal situation my daughter has begun to see the benefits of me helping her and is allowing me to do more with her. I do not want to froce my spiritual path on any of my children or grandchildren but I expect them to respect my path as I respect theirs.

You may be asking yourself, “What does all of this have to do with the question I have in the title?” The answer is this my spirituality means I have learned to have greater tolerance for people with  beliefs different than my own. I have learned that it is ok to walk with the Goddesses and Gods and be comfortable doing so and being out of the “broom closet” all most all the time. I have learned not to be afraid to answer the question, “What faith are you?” when in the hospital or other times and to answer without shame, “I am Pagan.” My spirituality is not something that I cling to in times of need or make a show of on Sabbats, my spirituality is something I walk with in every part of my life and do so proudly.

I hope and wish for those who are new or even older to The Craft can feel the same way. I hope that someday all Pagans can be out of the broom closet and accepted in mainstream society and our spirituality is accept too. This is not going to happen overnight or by us hiding who and what we are. Be proud of the path you choose to bring you closer to yourself and any deities you may wish to interact with.

Copyright 2015 Lady Beltane.