A Thought for Today


We as Pagans and Witches need to walk with our Native American brothers and sisters in trying to preserve and healing Mother Earth and all living thing on her.

We use the elements in rituals and for spellwork these too are part of nature and should always be thanked for their help in whatever we use them for. Along with herbs, flowers, bird feathers etc.

When out walking take a small trash bag with you and pick up the trash others are to laxy to dispose of properly. You maybe saving a bird or small animals live by doing this.

Blessed be.

A Spell for Protection on the 4th of July

I call  upon the Horned God and Mother  Earth,

To keep myself and my family safe as we have fun either away from or at our hearth.

To keep those who are traveling under your watchful eyes

That we might all be safe and see the fireworks or stars in the sky.

So mote it be.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July brothers and sisters.

Words Copyright 2015 Lady Beltane


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A Thought for Today

Adc=vice fromk a Tree

Please remember while you are out and about to pick up trash others so carelessly used Mother Earth as a garbage can for. When my youngest granddaughter was about 3 1/2 years old she suggested we start taking a small plastic bag with us when we walk Cleo to pick up as she called “the yuck on Mom”. I had been picking up garbage along my walks anywhere I might be, even a store parking lot, and depositing it where it should go and never realized she or my children when they were young picked up on it. I am proud to say in my family we have a strong tradition of leaving most anywhere outside we might go in better shape than we found it.

If children can see the need and bend to pick up trash are not we as adults should see the need also and follow through on that need? We only get one Mother we can all help care for, love and cherish.

Blessed be

Basic Meditation


An easy way to start on your path of self-discovery is through daily meditation. Following is a simple guideline for basic meditation:

Get in a comfortable position, somewhere quite and where you will not be disturbed. Find a position that you can be comfortable in for up to an hour. Start off slow about fifteen minutes a day and work up slowly to an hour or whatever you discover is your top amount of time for a good mediation session.

Put on some soft instrument music.

Ask Archangel Micheal to surround you in a white light of protection. If you do not believe in or want to use an Archangel then call upon Hecate or another Goddess or God to protect you while meditating.

Take three deep breaths completely filling your lungs on the inhale and emptying them on the exhale. Pick a word to allow to escape slowly through your lips on the exhale. This helps to ease the mind and body away from everyday life into your meditation zone. Some people say “OM” and some another sound. I use the word relax. While you are doing the deep breathing clear your mind of mundane everyday cares and worries.

After the cleansing breaths, go back to your normal breathing pattern and for a few breaths imagine your feet are connecting to Mother Earth and putting roots down. To do this imagine little roots coming out of the bottom of your feet growing down through whatever is in the way between you and Mother Earth. After you picture your roots getting to Mother Earth allowing them to grow into her about six inches deep.

Once you have grounded yourself then open yourself to connecting with the Universal whole. To complete the circle with the Universe lay your hands palms up either on your legs or extended them over your head. Imagine the Universal energy coming down through your hands flowing through you into your grounded feet then escape out of the bottom of your feet and going upward to meet with the Universe again.

Meditation is a good way to connect and be able to start listening to your Spirit Guides. You may ask your spirit guides questions but do not expect answers immediately sometimes it may takes days, weeks or even months for the answer to be come clear to you. Do listen to your gut feeling about something or someone and/or the voice that may pop into your head all of a sudden with the answer you have been seeking. These are some of the ways our spirit guides talk to us.

Earth Day 2015

Remember to give thanks to Mother Earth today and every day for all she gives to us. When you go for a walk take a small bag with you and pick up trash you come across and then throw the bag away or separate the recyclables properly when you get home.


What are you ideas for helping Earth to become more beautiful once more and able to sustain a better quality of life for generations to come?