Memorial Day

Let’s not forgot to remember the people serving in the military and for those that gave all for our freedom. Sometimes we forget that if is wasn’t for them we would not be how we are today.

Also, lets thank law enforcement, fire crews, emergency medical people, doctors, nurses, and also forestry.

Have a blessed Memorial Day!

Blessed Be,


SunRay’s Memes- Memorial Day


Eugene Fredrick Stutz
U.S. Navy WW2

Today we all are thinking of how gratefully indebted we are for the sacrifice our love one’s gave so that we can be a free nation.
To dad, it wasn’t anything like that at all, to him it was just something you did.
“You protect and you work to provide for your family.”
To me that is the depth of honor.
I woke this morning from a dream.. In this dream,  My dad and his new wife moved into a new house and my sister and I were living with them. (Dad was much younger, about 45ish.) In my dream, I left for a night and when I came back the next day my sister and my dad’s wife tell me that dad had died during the night. One minute he was young, healthy and there, then the next he was gone. I felt gut wrenching pain and heartache. Than I woke up. I’m not completely sure why I dreamt that. But today I can say how very grateful I am that I  got to spend the moments I did with him.
Blessings To You And Your Love One’s,
SunRay Sorceress