Beltane – Flasback 2005

“Beltane is experienced differently by different people, depending on whether they are single or not. If you do have a mate or partner, this is a good time to celebrate the relationship. Each of you should make a list of seven qualities you most appreiciate and cherish in the other. These should be inherent traits, like sense of humor, or being goos with animals. Do this separately a few days before Beltane.

On May Eve, draw a circle, if you wish, in whatever fashion you usually do. Then sit facing each other, holding hands. You might want to do this sitting on your bed. One of you starts by saying “I love you because…” naming one of the qualities previously listed. (You can flip a coin to decide who goes first.) The the other one does the same thing, alternating down through the list. When you are finished, say together, “I love you because you are you!” Finish with a kiss. If you are alone on Beltane you can make a list of qualities you like about yourself. Do this ritual in front of a nirror, saying what you love about yourself, to yourself.”

Copyright Magenta Griffith Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2005 Page 63

May Eve

Beltane Comments & Graphics

May Eve


“O do not tell the priests of our arts

For they would call it sin.

For we will be in the woods alll night

Aconjuring, conjuring summer in.


And we bring you good news by word of mouth

For women, cattle and corn.

The sun is coming up from the south,

With oak and ash and thorn.”


The Book of Shadows (1949)

Gerald Gardner