Spell Work

A lot of us are having challenges so I wanted to share a spell that I made up for overcoming those challenges no matter what type of challenge it is…

What you will need:

Purple Candle

Dirt gathered from the four sacred directions where you live

A bag (any type) but small that will fit in your pocket

Then the first thing you do is light the candle and think about the challenge at hand as you stare into the flame. Now, you would place the dirt into whatever bag you have chosen, mixing it together and tie the bag and say “I am strong and successful. My fears only make me stronger and the challenges I face do not frighten me. I am strong and successful.”

Now take the bag and carry it in your pocket or purse whenever you go to face the world.

This is amazing and it works.

Blessed be

Learn About Traditional Folk Magic – Part 4

Many times in discussion of modern Paganism, it’s easy for us to overlook a valuable source of information – the past. Some of our not-so-distant ancestors practiced various forms of folk magic, and we can learn a lot from those old remedies, charms, and stories. In fact, in many parts of the world, what is often dismissed as superstition is in fact a perfectly valid system of folklore-based practical magic. Today, let’s look at some of the most popular types of folk magic. We’ll talk about animal legend and folklore, omens, simple protection rituals, and more.

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