Healing Circle For Lady A.

On Tuesday September 13th, some gathered in the Coven Life’s chat room to pray and send healing to Lady A.

Before signing online, I asked that the room be cleared of all negative entities. Then I invited all Four Elements to join in and help raise the healing energy that will be sent to Lady A. After that I invited The Goddesses and Gods to give healing power and then once online,  I asked if anyone wanted to say a prayer or share anything from their heart, at which we all took turns sharing positive words of healing then all said that candles of healing were lit. After the prayers I asked that we focus on healing for her body and we went into a 5 minute meditation.

After the meditation I asked if anyone wanted to share what they saw or felt during the meditation. We all felt so much love and a sense of peace. I saw us all standing around Lady A’s  hospital bed, holding hands. As we meditated an held hands, I saw a white light of  energy hovering over her and her bones mending as she layed in her bed. Then a strong sense of love and peace filled the room.

Afterwards we compared notes and we experienced goose bumps and chills. But most importantly,  the feeling of love and peace was there coursing through all of us taking part and as many of us were in tears.

What a beautiful moment and what wonderful people that took part in this healing. It didn’t matter if you were there on Coven Life or sending love and healing from wherever you happened to have been. I feel that Lady A benefited from the power of love and healing that was sent to her from all over the world.

A side note: While the group was together, I forgot to officially thank the Elements and Deities for their assistance, I was pretty overwhelmed, so right after our Healing Circle disassembled I thanked and then  dismissed the Element of Water, the Element of Fire, then the Element of Air and finally the Element of the Earth Mother. The next step, I apologized to The Deities for being rude and thanked the Goddesses and Gods for their assistances and returned them back to where they came from. We are an appreciative group.

We as a group will also depending on Lady Beltane to keep us updated on Lady A’s condition.

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress