Beltane – Flashback 2007

“Bonfires, maypoles, and Morris Dancers all celebrate the awaking of the Earth. In ancient times, there was fear that the Earth would continue to slumber and remain fallow unless awoken at the FIre Festival BEltane.

Morris Dancers woke the Earth from its winter sleep by rhytmically knocking wooden staves on the ground as they danced to summon the return of bountiful crops.

Beltane is when the cares and fears of winter are sloughed off, giving way to youthful exuberance, playfulness, and sexuality. Peopepl exuberantly dance around maypoles in a symbolic representation of the union between the Goddess and the God, creating a circle of abundance. COrn dollies made from the last sheaves of the previous year’s crop are planted with the first seeds sowen.

Many bonfires are lit, often in pairs. Both human and animals pass between two bonfires. Couples often jump over the flames to bless their union and ensure fertility, good fortune, and blessings of the Goddess and the God.”

Copyright Abby Willowroot Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2007 Page 63