Life- From My Heart To Yours

I’ve been wracking my brain and spirit and soul for a little idea to share with you tonight. I’ve also been battling with my negative side all day today. You know, that part that says you’re not good enough, you don’t deserve that and many other things.

Let me start from ther beginning…

A couple of weeks ago I was at the beach looking at all of the washed up wood. Suddenly my Spirit said ” Painting scenes on those would look great.”  I of course answered, Wow what a great idea! So I go with it and get a great idea that I will use my acrylic paint and create master pieces. Lol

That was until I realized that I am 52 years old and haven’t picked up a paintbrush for something serious since I was 17 years old..

Here let me do the math for you.. It’s 36 years ago. That’s right, a very long time ago.  That’s when the spirit of doubt snuck in and has been chewing at my excitement until I’m sick to my stomach from all of the negativity and beating myself up so that the idea of picking up a brush left me in spiritual agony.  My Spirit Guides have been telling me of something that is about to birth in me and I will thrive at it. I’m not sure if it’s painting or something else, but if will allow fear of failure to grow bigger then the loud little flea that it really is then I shall fail before I ever get started. 

Well at least now I have some good news. After You Tube binging on painting for beginners, for the last three days, I have told fear that I don’t care what is said about my talent or lack of, I am going to dive in by practicing some very basic exercises such as . making clouds, getting a feel for the paint on the brush and a couple of others and I feel good about the work I did. 

I would like to stress a couple of things. 

1. The Oriental people have a saying that I’m fond of and the saying is “Too much mind” .  Say it again but out loud, Too much mind..

This is something that we as seakers and student’s need to realize, that our mind is so powerful that when left unchecked we will never accomplish anything. But if you say,  too much mind and trust your Spirit To guide you, to get into your Zen mode while performing the skill at hand then we can do anything and succeed. 

Number 2 is something I used to tell people, mainly kids, while I was dental assisting and they were terrified of what was happening to them. I would take them to take x-rays of their teeth and ask, are you afraid? Most would say yes and then I would ask, “Do you know what a hero is?” They would shake their head or say no. I would then tell them, “A hero is someone scared to death of doing something they have to do and yet they do it anyway. I followed with, You being here today makes you a Hero. ” Immediately their chests would stick out a little more and they would end up with a huge smile on their face. We are all hero’s. We just need to say to fear, Enough Is Enough! 

Thank you sisters and brothers for allowing me to share some of my weaknesses with you. When I get a painting completed I’ll share them with you. 

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress