The Rantin’ Raven: The Riddle of the Pentagram

The Pentagram
The Protective Talisman Par Excellence

Sometimes reading about a symbol again and again can be redundant, but I found some very interesting points in this piece. This is a refreshing article that brought The Pentagram into a new light.” Please take a moment and check out the link at the bottom.

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress

…The Pentagram has more meanings than any other symbol in Wiccan iconography. It means perfection, evolution, working to completion, and is a glyph of the way energy moves between the Godhead and humanity and back again. It symbolizes the five physical senses with the spirit at the center; different forms of it represent each of the four magical elements while one form represents all four elements with spirit either at the top or bottom; it also represents motion of the Universe, weaving itself within a place of perfect stillness.

…An interesting thing about these Pentagrams is that they are drawn backwards from the usual direction taken in invocation and banishing. Movement deosil, or clockwise, is generally considered to be constructive and invocational; movement widdershins (counter-clockwise) is considered destructive or negational. Yet the Invoking Pentagram is drawn with a counter-clockwise stroke, the Banishing Pentagram with a clockwise one – as seen by the person drawing them. In meditating on this oddity, I came to the conclusion that as seen by a person or entity on the other side of the Pentagram (at whom, presumably, it is being drawn) it is consistent with general magical practice. As with all things Wiccan, your mileage may vary.

Balance The Powerful Flow of Water

I found this article on Pinterest / water magic

Water is very useful when it is allowed to flow and to mingle with other elements.

If it remains still it will stagnate and ultimately lose it’s power and it is of no use in Water magick. Water’s magickal powers can be balanced in the following ways:


Let off steam by sweating off your negative emotions. Fear and pent-up anger can be released in an energetic workout or sauna. Drinking a hot herbal tea can also be a useful healing aid.


Vaporizing aromatherapy oils will mean that you can literally inhale the restorative scents.

Try using  chamomile, rose  or sandalwood oils, which are ruled by the element of water to help clarify your emotional state.


Pouring water into a clay bowl and sprinkle it with consecrated salt. This will enhance your magickal powers. One of the ways you can consecrate the salt is by imaging a blue light flooding it while at the same time chanting “Purify.”

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress


A Thought for Today


The outdoors is my temple/church. Mother Earth and Ra (Egyptian Sun God) are my guides as I travel the path of my spirituality. I look to all positive beings alive or dead to keep me company on this journey. The animals, birds and reptiles are also my brothers and sisters on the path of enlightenment. The trees, flowers, bushes, etc all give me something beautiful to look at no matter what season it is. My Spirit Guides, Totem/Spirit Animals, my Protectors and ancestors keep my safe and lead me in the right direction in life (when I listen).

What travels with you on your spiritual path?

Blessed be

A Thought for Today


Remember being a Witch is not just all about doing spells, making charms and the other magickal parts; it is also about how you live your life.

Two rules to follow as you live your life and walk its path.

Do as ye will less it harm none.

Remember the threefold law – whatever you do comes back to you three times as strong.

Also keep in mind it is not the destination you reach at the end of this lifetime but the journey that takes you there, it should be loving and peaceful towards all people, other living things on Mother Earth and honoring your ancestors that have come before you.

Words Copyright by Lady Beltane 2015