Earth Energy Linking Spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -marker
  • -knife or carving tool
  • -strong will



The earth energy binding spell, will essentially bind your energy to something of the earth. In theory you will have an endless energy supply whenever you’re feeling drained or tired… You should consider connecting to something you like or feel drawn too. For example your favourite tree, favourite plant, favourite outdoor spot to go and relax etc. You will then create a symbol (or one that already exists) that will be the connection point between you and your desired earthly object.
Casting Instructions for ‘Earth Energy Linking Spell Spell’
Find you earthly object and ask it whether or not it is ok to tap into its energy, use your intuition to hear the objects response (this may take meditation)
Draw your mark somewhere on your body (suggested where no-one will see it)
Carve or Draw the same mark onto your earthly object
Meditate; visualizing the connection between yourself and the object growing stronger, see and feel its energy empower you.
Visualize the symbol on both of you, glowing a bright green light, and chant:

?I call upon the earthly powers, connect us now and in all hours, I draw my energy from this mighty _____(earthly object here) and connected we shall forever be!?

chant until you feel the connection is done.

You have now connected to the life force of the object, however, this does not allow you live until your earthly object dies, you are just borrowing/sharing the energy it?s emitting. Be warned, the connection will be break and you will no longer have the power that the object possesses if it dies, gets chopped down, poisoned etc. you must tend to your object and keep it safe from harm. If you are feeling drained for any reason, just go and meditate by your earthly object for a while, focusing on your connection.