A Story by Lady Beltane

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For more information on Modern Heroine Soul Stories MHSS Website

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Prayer Ideas for Lady Beltane’s Mother

I know most of you reading this do not need any help asking a Goddess or God to help my mother cross to the Summerlands, but there are some with might thus this post. Thank you from myself and family for your participation in tonight’s prayers. Blessed be dear ones.

Divine Mother and Blessed Horn God

I ask that you help Jeannine cross swiftly and peaceful into the Summerlands.

I ask for you to send strength and comfort to her family through this troubling time.

So mote it be.

Archangel Serial, (helps people to come to terms with crossing over) I ask you to lead Jeannine to your brother Zlar, (Archangel that helps people to cross into the Summer lands if needed).

Archangel Zlar, I ask you to take Jeannine’s hand and help her to cross the veils between our plain and the next.

Archangel Gabriel, I ask you wrap you loving arms around Jeannine’s family to give them comfort

and Archangel Michael protect them with your sword and allow them to lean on you for strength.

So mote it be.

Devine Mother please making the passing of your daughter Jeannine swift and painless.

So mote it be.

These are just some ideas it does not mean you have to use them. Also I put “So mote it be” at the end as that is the most common form of ending a prayer or spell for most pagans or witches. Please end it however, feels comfortable to you. Mix up the pryers to use parts of some and parts of others. Do and say what feels right to you.