Crystals for the Beginner Witch

Witches I thought it would be a great idea to post today on what crystals that is good to use for the beginner witch. When I started out on my journey in witchcraft I started looking at what crystals I could you and I found it hard to find the information therefore that is why I choose to post this today to help my fellow witches.

List of crystals that every witch should have in their witch toolbox…

Hematite: this is good to use for grounding, protection, and scrying

Rose Quartz: this is good for promoting love and helps fight anxiety and depression.

Clear Quartz: this is good for protection, healing, and clarity.

Selenite: Prevents bad dreams and great for clarity.

Amethyst: Used for protection and helps to rebut effects you don’t want.

These stones will help every witch out there in everyday life and for use during rituals or really anything and everything in your life.

What Do I Need To Have and Do to Be a Witch? – Introduction to Series

This is an introduction to help explain the title question. Today’s post is just going to answer frequently ask questions I have gotten over the years. Some of the other topics for this series will include but not limited to magickal tools, herbs, essential oils, crystals, precious and semi-precious gems, stones, your Book of Shadows, your altar and what you want to put on it, spells, rituals, etcetera. Most of the topics have other posts about them on Coven Life and Witches of The Craft. I also might add viedo links and/or a link for a general search on that day’s topic.

If you have questions about things in any of the post please ask them in the Comment box located below each post. This way if other people have the same question I only have to answer once.

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Tomorrow’s topic will be “Magickal Tool.” I look forward to learning different ways of doing things for every topic with you.


Gem Trivia and Mythology

Diamonds were worn by aristocratic families to ward off the plague during the Middle Ages. The poorest people always died first, since they lived closer to the docks, where the ships often brought the plague from other countries. The rich had an idea that since the poor went first, that displaying their wealth (diamonds) would keep them from infection. This just goes to show how naive people were about what really caused the plague.


  • The crystal has always been greatly prized in Scotland. Several clans possessed crystal balls which were regarded as “stones of victory,” and water in which they were washed was given as medicine to sick men and cattle.
  • Some of the Mexican Indians believe that the souls of both living and dead people dwell in crystal.
  • Nephrite jade is found in abundance in Tewahi Punamu in New Zealand, and on the west coast, it is called “Punamu Stone.” The Maoris wear figures of their ancestral gods in Nephyrite, suspended around their necks.
  • Materia Medica by Dioscorides (2nd century) was a textbook of pharmacy for more than 1600 years. Volume Five pertained to the use of over 200 stones.
  • During antiquity, quartz crystals were believed to have been forced by the action of intense cold on the still waters found in mountainous caves. It was not until the 1770’s that this theory was rejected.Crysallos literally meant “frozen ice.”
  • When miners dug in South Africa, in the earliest times, they sold red garnets as “Cape Rubies.”
  • Gems have always been used as talismans to protect their wearer from harm. Soldiers often carried garnets to guard them against injury and death.
  • Garnets were thought to be talismans of war and many Crusaders carried red garnets. Even today, in the Middle East and Asia, fighting men carry a talisman of red garnet into battle.
  • In 1892, Indian nationalists ambushed and fired on British troops. Hanza tribesmen along the borders of Kashmir fired ball-shaped garnets which caused serious and often fatal wounds to the “Red Coats.”

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It was written and researched by Margaret Odrowaz-Sypniewska, B.F.A.



Crystals, Candles, Incense, Herbs and Metals A concise guide to magickal attributes

This article Copyright 1992 by T. Sheil and A. Sheil  All Rights Reserved


The powers of crystals were attributed to them by ancient esotericists and magicians. This can easily be misunderstood as a claim that the minerals do have special energies. Actually, the magicians found that certain stones and metals were harmonious with certain categories of magickal force. The best example is Astrological. Astrologers place different attributes under the headings of the various planets and Zodiacal signs. Astrological symbolism serves as a means of categorizing the nature of things based on their appearance and inherent capacities.

Technically, these are tables of correspondences.

Certain materials were found to be good vehicles for containing magickal force. Quartz is one such mineral. Consider that quartz crystals were used in radios and the manufacture of watches and similar devices. They transform radio waves. Certain crystals worked with particular types of magickal force better than others. Minerals have an inherent tendency which makes them harmonious with some energies, and discordant with others. For example, copper is a superb conductor of electricity, while lead is not. Lead provides an impassable barrier to radioactivity, yet itself is more vulnerable to heat than copper. Forces yet undiscovered by conventional science can also be affected by minerals.

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Crystals and Sacred Geometry

My friend Ashley (Love & Light School of Energy Medicine) is offering a free online class about learning how to use Crystals with Sacred Geometry.  The class is Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at 6:30 pm Central Time.  You can click on the following link to go to her blog post that gives more information and tells how to register for the class.

In the class, part of what will be taught is which Platonic solid corresponds with each Chakra and how to use them for Healing & Balance.

For example: “The tetrahedron (looks like a pyramid) …. which represents the element Fire and is associated with the color red and the Root Chakra.”

The class also includes an Introduction to the 7 Major Chakras.  I know I am looking forward to learning more in Ashley’s class!

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