Mantras for the New Year

Happy New Year’s. I thought one of the best things for the new year is mantras. So, what are mantras? Mantras are repeating of words or sounds that is used to penetrate our unconscious mind. Usually they are chanting loudly but you can also say them silently or even listen to them.

So mantra for 2020 that I picked to post today is: “Believe in yourself, have faith, and remember you are important.”

Hope you practice this mantra to help you realize that you are one with the Universe and the 2020 is the year for change and you are the change.

Many Blessings,

Blessed be,


Tess Winehurst: 4 Secrets to Trusting Your Magic

SunRay Sorceress here Sisters and Brothers.

Let’s be real..

I have neglected my Magickal self, or thought I had because I haven’t been doing what has been considered by many as magickal, an example is, touching my stones or feathers, raising energy or meditating and reading my Witchy books. So in fact I have been accusing my self of not walking the Magickal path. When in fact that was just an elusion, simply touching Nature and appreciating all that is around you Is being Magickal❤ Keep on keeping on.

Check out the link for some practical Magick.

Brightest Blessings,

SunRay Sorceress

Spiral Dance- From My Heart To Yours

From: Power chant,  Starhawk’s Spiral Dance

This week… 

No, I refuse to feed into the “fear/anger” like I’ve seen all over the internet. 

I have some things that need to be said. We are Witches, Sorceresses – Sorcerors and Light Workers,  our job is to walk in this reality. Our job is to heal, lift up and practice what we preach. As a Sorceress I am more powerful then fear or intimidation and so are you. 

Are we suppose to suffocate ourselves in negitivity, fear and anger? 

No! We Magically make things happen out of nothing.

 We are Magick. 

We are Powerful. 

We are Love. 

All of these attributes are alive inside of us. Grab a hold of them with the strength of a Warrior. Take a moment and laugh out loud, because we conquer negativity with laughter. Stand proud and be that mighty Magickal soul that I know you are. 

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress

Happy New Year, Happy Samhain and Happy Halloween!!👻

~Silent Night~   10-30-2016 

SunRay Sorceress

I want to wish all of my brothers and sisters A very Prosperous and Happy New Year. As we enter the season where we spend time with family, be they in spirit or here, let us remember that each one of us are incredably special and the result of hundreds of years generations past. We are never alone and know that your family is encourging you on. This isn’t a time of only death, but a time of quiet nurishment and growth. Just because we don’t see the magnificent changes on the outside doesn’t mean that they aren’t happening on the inside. They are growing and becoming strong so that when they manifest I -you will stand the test of time. You are growing into magnificence. 

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress

🌝 Hope With In The Moons Fullness 🌝

Even within the midst of darkness and if we would but look up, there we will find our light, our safe haven, our hope. Our lighthouse, our Goddess Luna waits patiently for us to raise our eyes and look upon her lovely face to guide us into safe haven. 

Brightest Blessings On This Full Moon,

SunRay Sorceress

Grounding Massage Oil

The Cosmic Cookie Trail led me to this recipe for making a Grounding Massage Oil.  I may play around with it to make it with herbs instead of essential oils.  A project for another day!


Hemp and Roots Grounding Massage Oil

©09282016 Wolf Woman Ways

Who Is Goddess, What Is Goddess – We Are Goddess

Look and Know The Spiral She…

The Goddess that Spirals both from the inside out and from the outside in. She is Me and I am We. We are not just the Birther, The Nurturer.  She is the Warrior, I am the Sorceress, We are The Passion, The Creator and the Spirit. 

I am She, She is Me and I am We. 

Please Click onto the Links and discover The She, The Goddess..

Brightest Blessings, SunRay Sorceress


This Amazon is famous in their traditions: her house or dairy of stone is yet extant; some of the inhabitants dwell in it all summer, though it be some hundred years old; the whole is built of stone, without any wood, lime, earth, or mortar to cement it, and is built in form of a circle pyramid-wise towards the top, having a vent in it, the fire being always in the centre of the floor; the stones are long and thin, which supplies the defect of wood; the body of this house contains not above nine persons sitting; there are three beds or low vaults that go off the side of the wall, a pillar betwixt each bed, which contains five men apiece; at the entry to one of these low vaults is a stone standing upon one end fix’d; upon this they say she ordinarily laid her helmet; there are two stones on the other side, upon which she is reported to have laid her sword: she is said to have been much addicted to hunting, and that in her time all the space betwixt this isle and that of Harries, was one continued tract of dry land.[21]

  • Martin Martin 1697


Healing Tree

I have two apple trees growing in my backyard. The one on the right is stong, healthy and has given large sweet apples but the One on the left was sickly with some dead branches producing rotten fruit. Every time I walk around it I honestly feel it weeping from all the toxicity that has plagued it. My Heart breaks for the wonderful life that’s being drained out of it. 

Last week I was walking around it and I felt my Spirit guide wisper, why don’t you heal it? You are a Witch, you know how. I thought, yes I am and it’s my job to heal the sick. I went about telling the tree that I was going to have to cut out the poison and it will hurt but it’s for the best. For, to heal you must first remove the toxin. I cut the rotten branches and removed the dead apples.  Then I placed my power hand on the trunk and asked the Earth Mother to give it a dose of healing through me. Nothing huge happened. There were no fireworks or lightening strikes and no powerful rumbling, there was a soft sigh. So I started singing a little made up song, a Magickal incantation. “You are beautiful, mighty and a healthy tree. You are majestic and beautiful and a healthy tree. You give fruit that is beautiful and delicious and healthy, you are beautiful, mighty and a healthy tree…”

Everyday I’ve gone to this apple tree, placed my power hand on it and sang the incantation. One week later it’s branches are spread out strong, vibrant and it is becoming so healthy it’s tossing any remaining rotten fruit off all by itself. 

This is the power of positive words.

We are Witches, we have the power to make things happen. 

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress