Beltane – 2015

“Beltane – Love in Abundance”

“Beltane falls on the first day of May. Some folks celebrate on May Eve with a bonfire, which is fitting  since Beltane is a fire festival derived from a word for “bright fire.” Others observe the holiday at noon, with the spring-time sun serving as fire.

Beltane can be a boisterous and bawdy holiday since it focuses on abundance, fertility, and love. The God and Goddess, who are at the height of their power and vigor, join together in passion to bring life back to earth. Pagans often celebrate with feasting, a dance around the Maypole, and all acts sensual and sexual.

But Beltane isn’t just about lust and romance – it also celebrates abundance, growth, and increase. If you need to bring more of anything into your life – money, love, health – this is a good time to do that type of magickal work. It is also a good time to show love for your significant other, family, friends, pets, or even our Mother, the Earth.

Instead of a Maypole, try using a May bush. (Plant a new ooon or use as exisiting bush or potted plant.) Tie ribbons on to it to symbolize the things you wish to increase in your life and dance with joy, your heart filled with love.”

Copyright Deborah Blake Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2015 Page 61

Beltane – Flashback 2014

“Beltane – Cleansing and Warding”

“In Celtic tradition, Beltane begins the warm half of the year. This is a  time for spring cleaning and for protective magic. Cattle would be driven between balefires. Cottages would be cleaned and swept out, the hearth fire doused and relit. Insecticidal herbs may be picked for home remedies.

Take care of your covensted this Beltane. Hold  a work day for peope to come and freshen the area. Try to find herbal cleaners based on orange, lemon, mint, or pine. Now is also a good time to repaint a pentacle, build a new altar, dig a firepit, or start other projects. Decorate with live or silk herbs of purification such as bay, juniper, pennyroyal, sage and yarrow.

For personal cleansing, take a bath or sauna before the main ritual. Rosemary, thyme, juniper, and othe herbs may be sealed in a tea ball for bathtub use. Grapefruit, lavender and lime are popular in purifying soaps. Bath oil or lotion for afterward may use some of the same ingrediants.

Large balefires are not necessary. Two small fires (or even torches) will suffice. Lead a line dance between them for protection. You can also carry a torch, or a lit candle, around a house to ward your covensted.”

Copyright Elizabeth Barrette Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2014 Page 63

Beltane – Flashback 2013

“The lusty celebration of Beltane is upon us! Gardens bloom and wild places are leafy and green. Weather is mild and thoughts turn to passion. In garden folklore, any blue flower – violets, periwinkles, soft bluish-purple tulips, and early hydrangeas – is sacred to the Greek goddess Aphrodite. This Beltane, work with her to send a little passion and romance your way. Remember, Aphrodite does not bring lasting love into your life…she brings attraction, romance, passion, and physical love. This is great for established partners to spice things up or singles looking for a new someone for romance, To work with Aphrodite’s energy, gather a few blue flowers from the garden and tie them with a satin ribbon. Slip the flowers in a water-filled vessel and offer them to Aphrodite along with a spell verse for Beltane.

On the feast of Beltane, I’ll try a little something new,

I request Aphrodite’s blessings with flowers of blue.

Passion and fun, you will surely bring to my life,’May I be Blessed with magick and romance on this night.

CopyrightEllen Dugan Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2013 Page 63




Beltane – Flashback 2012


“The Feast of Beltane marks the beginning of the bright half of the year. At this time, the herds and flocks are moved from the village up into the hills and mountains, where they will have fresh grazing all summer long. It was a time to celebrate and to preserve the abundance and fertility of earth and its creatures.

Huge bonfires were created from nine types of wood, and the animals were run between the two fires to protect them. People also passed between the fires – some even jumped over the Beltane fires – for protection and good fortune. Wildflowers, especially yellow ones, were gathered and brought into the home. Healing plants picked at dawn on Beltane were believed to have great power.

On Beltane, light two candles – yellow, white, or green – and place them on two separate tables or altars. Decorate the altars with freshly gathered spring flowers and place a plate of sacred cakes nearby for the gods and goddesses. Circle the table three times, sunwise, thanking the gods for their blessings and abundance. Then walk between the candle for protection and good fortune to ensure your prayers are received by the Acient Ones.”

Copyright Sharynne MacLeod NicMhacha Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2012 Page63