One of My Altar Set Ups


I set up this altar as an example and for cleansing my new small cauldron. on it is starting with the pentagram, I made this out of branches from five different trees (Red Maple, Sliver Mapel, Pine, Mulberry and Crabapple ) in my yard it is knotted together with my hair I gathered from my hair brush then covered each know with white glue. For the God symbol the r are pine cones. The Goddess is represented by a birds nest holding a small fake bird, silk rose buds in various colors and 2/3 of a bird egg shell. I found the egg she’ll broke open under the Crabapple tree. I cover it inside and out with white glue to give it some strength. For the elements there is an Angel  (actually made as a yule tree topper) for Spirit, an incense burner and Blue Jay feather for Air, a candle in a holder my husband and I bought on a vacation for Fire, a suppose to be volvite candle holder that has salt and a stone for Earth, and another suppose to be volvite candle holder with melted snow for Water. To the right is my Athena closest to pentagram and sword to its right. On the left is Mt Red Maple wand closest to the pentagram and my personal candle. My candle was inscribed using the Ogham alphabet with my witch name (it is different then my pen name on here) dedicating it to help me to stay centered when it is lit, and help in anyway it needs to during a ritual. The wine glass on the right contains juice and small plate on left holds crackers. These are an offering to the God and Goddess I inked to help cleanse my things and for my celebration after the ritual.

How to Consecrate Magickal Tools

Any object you will be using on your altar during rituals or when doing spells should be an object used just for magickal workings. These objects become Magickal Tools after being consecrated to be used just for rituals.

To consecrate an object first cleanse it of all energy that it holds or is sticking to it from other people handling it. For an easy way to cleanse the objects use this link –

After the objects are cleansed cast a sacred circle. Lay all items in a row on the surface you are using as an altar. Each item should be blessed and consecrated individually.

Call upon either the God and Goddess you feel the most comfortable working with or Hecate (Goddess of Witches, Home and Hearth, one name for the Triple Goddess) and the Horned God. The Horned Gods to aspects are the Oak King who reigns between the Summer and Winter Solstices or the Oak King who reigns between Winter and Summer Solstices.

While making the sign of the pentagram above each object a simple incantation will work such as:

I call upon ______ and ______ to bless and consecrate this _________

to be used to in any magick I work and/or ritual I perform.

I ask Spirit, Air, Water, Fire and Earth to bless and consecrate this _________

to be used in any magick and/or ritual I perform.

So mote it be.

Copyright 2014 Lady Beltane