Samahin – Flashback 2006

“The black cat is a classic Samhain/Halloween symbol. The cat has been linked to witchcraft, magic, and the Goddess for centuries. For example, the Egyptian cat goddes Bast was typically portaryed as a black cat. Later, the Romans identified Bast with Diana, who was called the “Queen of the Witches” during the Middle Ages. Hostorically, little distinction has been made between Witches, faeries, goddesses, and the feline, for during differnt time periods in history the cat was believed to represent them all in physical form.

This Samhain why not work a little cat magic for protection and good luck in the Celtic New Year with your feline friend? Hold your cat in your lap, light a white candle, and repeat the charm three times.

This Samhain night I call Diana, goddess of the Moon,

I cast for protection and good luck with this Witchy tune.

My feline friend and I do work this spell as one,

As we will so mote it be, an‘ let it harm none.”

Copyright Ellen Dugan Llewllyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2006 Page 117