A Story by Lady Beltane

Modern Heroine Soul Stories was released a couple of years ago with the thought of 24 women from different walks of life and different spiritual paths. The woman who came up with the idea is Molly McCord, M.A., is a bestselling author of ten books, intuitive business coach, astrologer, radio show host, and modern spiritual teacher who has helped hundreds of clients in 20 countries. Over 50,000 copies of her books have been downloaded globally. She hosts spiritual growth and writing beach retreats in Florida, where she lives with her husband and son. www.ConsciousCoolChic.com

It is available for many types of e-readers. It is sold as a paperback is $14.99, Kindle price $6.99 on Amazon.com

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All profits from the sale of the book in any form is donated to Women for Women International. For more information on what this organization does click here

How Angels and Guides Communicate with You

By Robbie Holz

A loving celestial team is constantly protecting, guiding and assisting you. Using their help and wisdom makes your life much easier, joyful and fulfilling. The more you understand how they communicate with you, the easier it is to follow their guidance.

Here are a few of the ways your heavenly team may convey their messages to you:

1. Finding specific objects like feathers or coins, feeling a spontaneous gentle breeze, receiving an unattended phone call are just a few ways they signal their presence and say “Hello.”

2. Computer glitches, a broken pen, a dropped phone call are different ways your team may interrupt the timing or redirect you.

3. Dreams are frequently used to communicate messages.

4. You trip, sneeze, drop something or are startled by a loud noise, these are all ways your guides deliberately get your attention.

5. Your intuition, sixth sense, gut instinct is your ‘internal compass’ and one of the main ways your guides and soul communicate to you.

6. Recurring birds, animals or objects in nature may convey a message…

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Appealing to your ancestors

Yes, I know the topic of ancestor work can be a controversial one in the pagan community, because so many of us have deceased family members we wouldn’t call on if it was the last option open to us. For example, if your late Uncle Mort was a child molester, chances are you don’t really want to be inviting him into your home. Also, as many of us are first generation pagans in monotheistic families, we might feel alienated by some of our immediate ancestors, feeling that they can’t possibly share very much with us and unsure why they would want to help with our relationships with pagan deities, demons, spirits, or what have you.

But we all have bloodlines that go back more than just the few generations we might know about. Whether you know it or not, whether you can trace it objectively or not, you have a bloodline that reaches back into the pagan past, into the depths of antiquity. Depending on what country your ancestors came from, what ethnicity you are, you have ancestors who worshiped Odin, or Cerridwen, or Isis, or Ogun. Some of our ancestors, granted, return to the “primordial soup” that provides a source for new souls at the birth of children. Of those who qualify as Mighty Dead—those who managed to distinguish themselves in life in some way—some may be reborn as themselves (with their individual spirit intact), in a new body; some may choose to dwell in the spirit realms and join groups of spirits such as the Wild Hunt. But every bloodline has one or two who qualify to be ranked among the Mighty Dead and who choose to remain attached to their own blood lineage, to watch over their descendants. These are the people to turn to when you get yourself into a sticky situation with a god, demon, or other entity who you seem to be stuck in an abusive relationship with (assuming you have tried to work things out directly with that entity and it has failed, or it isn’t possible or advisable to deal directly with them for whatever reason).

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A Bit Lost- From My Heart To Yours, from: SunRay Sorceress

I’m sharing something that is bugging me. I’m normally a very logical person. I love the science in The Craft. That also means I like predictability. So when dealing with spirits and my guides that means they spend a lot of time laughing at me. Lol

I typically say that when we’re going in retrograde it’s really no different then any other day or time of the month, you know, No big deal. So that was be for the one we’re in now..

Right before this retrograde hit I was happily learning and perusing my psychic gifts. I just found out that I have a few and am very excited to explore them further. Now fast forward to the last week or more. I’m feeling lost,  isolateed, claustrophobic and a few other panicky things that I won’t bug you with. I have to admit, I hate feling this way. It brings out bad habbits like bad eating habits and low self esteem, a lot of self destructive demons that dance around inside of me. But something else is happening at the same time such as, the last two times I’ve gone out for my walk I’ve found a turkey vulture feather and a beautiful raven feather. It’s as if my guides are telling me that I’m not alone and keep prodding on because this too shall pass. I’ve also been blessed with a gift that. Put on the shelf a very long time ago. I’ve started painting with acrylics again. I know I’ve posted this a few times but it’s because many years ago I lost faith in everything that reflected who I am as a person and now it’s as if gifts are being reborn again. 

Please, why I’m sharing this is because you might be feeling negative or things that make life very uncomfortable and you might be saying Why, am I the only one going through this?? The answer is No. No you are not alone you are walking this path and you are surrounded by ancestors, Spirit Guides and a whole lot of sisters and brothers in this beautiful Craft. I love being a Witch and I love that my Guides are all-around. If you’ve forgotten that then step outside and take in all that the Elements have to offer you. Thanks for letting me share and You aren’t alone. 

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress

A Ritual Spell to Bring your Ancestors to You

This is a ritual spell using a tiny amount of your blood. If you do not believe in doing blood rituals or simply do not want to then click on this link to take you to other ways of calling your ancestors:   https://covenlife.co/?s=ancestors  This spell should not be done if you are new to The Craft as it is an advance spell ritual where things could go wrong if you are not prepared with the foundation of how spells work and what may happen when you do them.

This spell can be used to communicate with any family member who has crossed into the Summerlands. It can also be used just to spend some quiet time having them near. If you want to talk to or be with one person in particular substitute the persons name in the line of the spell I indicate. I suggest you do this spell or any spell when calling on those in the Summerlands in a scared circle. As sometime some one or thing may try to piggyback to this plain on the person you are clling to. The sacred circle stops any unwanted guests in and they will return to where they came from because they have no place to go in the plain.

This ritual spell can be done in any Moon phases but I have found it works best during a waning Moon.

What You Need;

White Candle

Black candle

3 Postage stamp size pieces of white or black material

Straight pin (Dip it in Rubbing Alcohol before using it)

A FIRE SAFE container to burn the pieces of material in (Remember to put a trivet under the container so where you set up your altar does not get a burn mark on it)

White Sage

Sweet Grass

Pine Needles

Matches or Lighter

Set up your altar as usual except use the white candle in the Goddess place and the black candle in the Gods place.

When you light the white candle call in the Goddess Persephone.

When lighting the black candle call in the God Hades

Place the white sage, sweet grass and pine needles into the fire safe container. Light the herbs and breathe in some of the cleansing smoke.

Prick the ring finger on your left hand them place one drop of blood on each of the three pieces of material.

Drop the material on top of the burning herbs each time to start the spell. (Remeber a spell should be said three times to get the best results.)


Person’s name or Blood to Blood I call to thee,

Blood to blood come to me.

Person’s name or Blood to blood I honor thee,

Blood to blood come to me.

As I will it So mote it be

After you are through with your visit allow the spirit to return to the Summerlands with this spell:

Person’s name or Blood to blood you have honored me

Blood to blood I release thee.

Return to the Summerlands for rejuvenation and rebirth

I will meet you there when the time comes for me to leave the Earth

As I will it So mote it be.

When your guests have left blow out the candles and open your circle.

Copyright 2016 Lady Beltane

Samhain Call

Posted by Arthur Hinds:

“For the sacred ones, I stand and call with raised arms
I honor the names of the dead who shine in my heart.
I honor the names of the dead who shine in the hearts of those I love.
I honor the names of the dead who shine in my mind.
I honor all the dead whose names are unknown to me.
I am here and who I am because of you and the steps you walked.
I honor you and raise my hands to you.”

Samhain – Day 21

Things to do and Altar Ideas

Samhain comes when the leaves of the trees are turning a rainbow of colors. Pick some up from the ground that catch your eye and use them to decorate your altar.

Now is the time to put your gardens to bed for the year. Pull all the old flowers and plants up and lay them on the garden to be absorbed throughout the cold month to give nourishment back to the bed. If possible, cover your garden beds with a layer of leaves, this helps to nourish the beds also and to keep a little warmth in the ground for the spring flowers to bloom.

I like using an orange or brown cloth for my altar on Samhain to bring some of the earth on to my altar.

I use pine cones I have found on the ground to represent the God and fall flowers for the Goddess.

This is also a night for children to get goodies by going door to door and for me to be able to wear my full ritual clothing as a “costume.” I also use it as a way to let my neighbors know that having a Witch living close by is know different then having say a plumber or minister.

It is a night that all Witches can come out of the broom closet if they choose and enjoy the celebration of the end of summer.

My husband and I light a fire after I have done my ancestor ritual and all the trick or treaters have come and gone. We sit and talk over the things that have happened in the past year, both the good and the bad. We then toast the New Year to come.

I try to set realistic goals for myself for the coming year.

I do my ancestor altar one of two ways. One I light individual birthday candles for each ancestors I invite in for the evening. The spell I use includes them leaving when their candle has burned out. Or the other way is to light a three-inch pillar candle for each branch of my family tree and any ancestors who want to visit are welcome to. Again when the candle burns out it is time for them to leave.

This year I will also be hosting an online coven gathering at 6:00 PM CT in the Coven Life chatroom. Anyone is welcome to join us. Information on how to get into the chatroom is posted on the Home page. The ritual we will be doing will be posted within a couple of days, this will also be on the Home page.

What plans do you have for Samhain?

A Thought for Today


Fire Festivals

There are two Sabbats nicknamed “Fire Festival” because traditionally a large fire or fires are part of the ritual.

One is in the first quarter of the Wheel of the Year which is Beltane.

The second come in the fourth quarter in the Wheel of the Year which is Samhain (pronounced sow-en)

Beltane is a time to welcome Mother Earth’s waking up and Samhain is a time to bid her a peaceful slumber. On Beltane we honor life and welcome the awaking of spring. On Samhain we honor our ancestors and welcome the time to rest and rejuvinate over the cold months.

On Beltane I and many pagans have two fires with a path for people to pass through the cleansing fires to bring them protection and a good harvest for what they sow in the spring.

On Samhain I and many pagans have a small fire for each ancestor they are honoring and then take the coals of the smaller fires to light a larger one so the ancestors that have crossed into the spirit plain during the last year can reunite with others in the Summerlands. (Many of us do this on a smaller scale which will be in another post .)

Samhain is also the Sabbat that closes the past year with Yule welcoming the new one. Whether you are celbrating Beltane and the return of warmer days or Samhain and getting ready for colder days; May the Gods and Goddesses bless you and yours.

Blessed be dear ones.

Copyright 2014 Lady Beltane

A Wonderful Dream I Had

I dreamed the other night I was at a celebration dinner of some sort with my parents and siblings. I have no idea what we were celebrating but it was a joyless event. My parents, brother and seven sisters all reside in the Summerlands or as some call it the Spirit Plain. I never know my siblings as they were all born after me but as stillborns. The feeling I came away with is that they all miss me as much as I miss them, especially my father and mother. I could feel their comfort and love. I woke up in the morning feeling the best I have since my mother crossed.

Have you had a similar dream and/or vision you would like to share with us. If so please send it to me at ladybeltane@aol.com along with a name you want to use as the author of the story. I will post all of the stories I get and your name will be published with or it can be written by aynomoS if you would rather.

A Wonderful Experience

To often I close off myself from hearing and/or feeling those who have crossed into the Summerlands. The reason for this is if I do not I hear and/or feel people trying to contact me with messages for people I have never heard of. One of the draw backs to being very sensitive to the spirit relehm. I do try to keep a path open always for my friends and ancestors.

As you might know my mother crossed a couple of weeks ago. She started visiting me this past week when I am awake and also in my dreams. My father has been doing this since he crossed in 1970. Last night as I was walking home from work about 11 PM all of a sudden felt warm, it was only 50 F out, and overwhelmed with love and comfort. I had no idea why until I heard my parents discussing whether or not I needed them escorting me home. My mother said, “I was an adult and the walk was short so I would be fine.” To which my father replied, “I have been doing this for years anytime she’s been walking late at night.” It was such a wonderful feeling knowing my father had been watching over me for years and now my mother is doing the same. It has helped me not miss them both as much as I have been. I feel privileged two have such caring and devoted parents to still keep me safe and guide me.

This is the first morning I did not feel like crying because their journeys for this lifetime had ended. I know I will see them someday in the Summerlands along with my eight siblings that all crossed during or before I got to meet them during this lifetime.

When a lifetime ends it can be a time to grieve their passing but it it also a time to rejoice that we knew the person and the pleasant times you had with them.