Herbs and Their Witchy Names

One of the things you might notice when working with spells is they call for some different ingredients. For example, eye of newt, wool of bat, toe of frog. To some who happen across these spells it can help lend to some of the fear surrounding witches. However, none of these ingredients are literal. For example, if you see eye of newt in a spell, you are not going go out and get an actual eye from a newt. It actually refers to mustard seed. The reason we have these names, stems from ancient times when it was not safe to keep spells about. So to protect the craft these names would be used instead. Some of them are just Old English, and some even date back to ancient China. A lot of times it will be based on what the herb resembles. Many witches still use these names to this day. So I wanted to provide you with a basic list that you can use to work with. As you find more you can add more to it. :))



Astrological Herbs

The process of using herbs based on astrology is an ancient system that has proven that many physical ailments correspond to our astrological signs. My fascination with this started quite some time ago and I’ve been collecting information on this in my Book of Shadows over the years. This list is a collection of herbs that I have found in my travels in a variety of books and articles.

I am not familiar with all of the herbs listed, so before using them please be sure to research the herb and become familiar with it to find the best way to incorporate it into your life. You may find that some herbs are great for seasonings or teas, while others may make amazing salves. Some you will find make amazing incense and others you may find you just want to display in your home to have their energy surrounding you. Please also check for personal allergies. As always if you are pregnant, nursing, or trying to become pregnant or have any chronic illnesses please check with a doctor before using any herbs.


The Runes of Odin (12. Jera)

Element : Earth

Star : Sun

Tree : Oak

Plant : Rosemary

Meaning : Harvest

“ You shall reap what you have sown”

Galdr : http://www.sunnyway.com/runes/galdr.html

Pathwalking with the Rune : http://www.northernshamanism.org/pathwalking-with-runes.html


Comfort, harmony with others, this rune symbolises the proper thoughts and actions that lead to the proper results. It is good for gardening and farm work, for a happy home and welbeing. Draw Jera with long lasting ink over the front door at New Year Eve and the good fortune will stay in the home until the ink completely fades.

This is the rune of the Harvest, of the gathering of the crops.  It is used in all legal operations and processes. Jera is connected with justice. It can be used for positive outcome after you have spent money , time and effort to achieve something.

Jera is fertility, creativity, peace, harmony, enlightenment. It symbolises the ever lasting movement of the cycles in the Universe.

Jera is used for manifestation into material world, for the fruition of our plans . It is a prise for the efforts that have been made in the past.  Jera symbolises the 12 months of the year and the natural cycles and the change of seasons. Basically this is a positive rune, but it can be also regarded as the outcome of past deeds that means justice.

Jera does not have reverse meaning

Divination : now you are harvesting the results of your actions or efforts, it is a time to celebrate, a time of abundance and joy. But do not forget that winter comes after the summer / autumn. You should gain wisdom for the next challenge. Expect new challenges. You should prepare the soil and plant the new seeds.

The rune is drawn with the thumb starting from top to bottom.

“Jera is a rune of patience and movement with the harmony with natural tides of life. Moving with such life rhythms brings abundance and plenty. The cyclical recurrences in the biosphere and of the astronomical procession spirals through time, and contains many more profound secrets than does our common involvement with linear time, calendar dates and the clock.

Jera has to do with right timing. Jera is in the maxim “This too shall pass”, the proverb, “As you sow, so shall you reap”, and in the modern adage, “time heals all wounds.” Using this rune is the key to understanding the mysteries of time and the psychological importance of dividing and managing time.  Deadlines bring out the best in us and motivate us to grow to levels beyond our present ability. It also moves us to strategically taking action when the time is right. Take advantage of the ups and coast through the downs.

Jera can magically speed things up or slow things down, and manipulation of subjective time in this manner is governed by this rune. In this rune we see the most stark western counter-point to the maxim ‘time is an illusion’. If a person sows no seeds, does no work, plants no goals and desire in his or her thoughts, Jera will bring about situations which reflect that lack. The ultimate consequences of past human action unfold into the future.

“Time and I Against Any Two.” “


“Jera means “season” or “year”, this rune relates to the cycles of the life. Jera announces the coming in due course of a good harvest if the good gestures were done at the right time. However due to its cyclic action, Jera announces however that it is only temporary, quite as the seasons which pass and follow on infinitely. Everything is in movement and everything returns to the same point because of the Nature’s cyclic movement. Furthermore being connected with Freyr and Freya, the twins gods male and female, Jera symbolizes the mystic union between the Earth and the Cosmos.

This rune can be written of two ways: the one is a rhombus which surrounds a mast, which symbolizes the realization of a stable state, but also the Cosmic Axis surrounded with four seasons. Jera rune also represents, written in this way, the mast carrying the garland of the harvests. Under this shape it means the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new.

The other shape of writing of Jera is the one of two Kenaz which interpenetrate without contacting. Under this shape, Jera is dynamic and symbolizes the change which goes towards the fulfillment.

Jera told us that all which is useful for our progress lies within us. It is just enough to sow according to the rules

Divinatory value : This is the time to harvest what was sowed. An expectation period, a cycle to be completed. If the present is difficult, a better cycle is going to come.

Spiritual value : Jera indicates the end of a negative cycle in the knowledge of oneself, and the beginning of a positive phase.

Physiological value : Influence on the blood circulation, the vertebral column and the intestines.

Wisdom guidance : ” You can reach the harmony only in the acceptance of the inevitable change ! Every thing begins to decline arrived at its peak. When you are at the lowest, you can only go up. All that you will have gained, will be resumed you one day.”


Until we merry meet again

Blessed Be

Mistress of the Mountains



Ostara/Spring Equinox Crafts


Ostara Seed Cards

These are a lovely idea for greetings cards, you could adapt them and use them for birthday cards too.

You will need:

Card or pre cut card templates


Seed packets

Glue (pva is best, not a glue gun as the heat can damage the seeds)


If using a plain sheet of card fold it over to make a card shape.  Using the glue stick a seed packet to the front of the card.

Using pens of your choice write your message inside the card.

Ostara Tree

You will need

Several large twigs (use wind falls collected from the ground around the tree)

Florists foam

A flower pot



Paint the flower pot with spring designs, be creative adding butterflies, eggs or flowers or just paint it a spring colour.

Fit a piece of florists foam into the flowerpot and then stick the twigs into the foam so that it forms the shape of a tree.

Then decorate!  Hang painted eggs or chocolate treats onto the branches.

Home dyed eggs

Simple but very effective!

What you need


A pan of water


Natural ingredients for making the colours

Start with your pan of boiling water with a teaspoon of vinegar added, make sure there is enough water in the pan to cover the eggs and it works best if you only boil 3 or 4 at a time.

Then carefully add your eggs to the water.

To colour the eggs add one of the following items, try different amounts to get different shades, but it will take about 20 minutes of simmering to get the colour to set into the shells.

Red/Pink – Paprika, pomegranate or cranberry juice, beets or red onion skins

Purple – Grape juice

Orange – onion skins

Yellow – lemon or orange peel, carrots or cumin

Gold – curry powder or turmeric

Brown – coffee or black walnut shells

Green – spinach

Blue – blueberries or red cabbage

Yellow/green  – apple peel

Once they have achieved the colour you want carefully remove them from the pan and place them on a paper towel to dry.

Keep the eggs in the fridge  until you want to use them for your egg hunt.   You can also paint the egg shells with a little glue and sprinkle with glitter too.

Drawing a design on the egg shell before you dye it with a wax crayon also creates a good effect.

Crystal Eggs

These are wonderful and great fun for the children (and the adults).

What you need

1 cup plain (all purpose flour)

½ cup salt

½ cup sand

1 cup used coffee grounds

¾ cup warm water

Small crystals or gems

Non stick cooking spray

Paint (acrylic works best)

Mix together the flour, salt, sand and coffee.  Gradually add the water and knead until you have a thick dough (it will obviously feel a bit gritty).

Select a crystal and spray it with non stick cooking oil and put it in the centre of a small ball of the dough.  Shape the dough around the crystal and mould it into an egg shape.

Bake the eggs at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes and then allow to cool.

Once they are cool they should feel and look like a rock, if you wish you can paint them in different colours.

The eggs can be used in an egg hunt or just given out for cracking open to reveal the hidden crystal.

Eggshell Candles

What you need

Uncooked eggs

Wax beads

Birthday candles


Make a small hole in the top (the pointed end) of the egg, chip away careful to make a small hole so that the raw egg inside can be tipped out.  Chip away about ¼ of the egg shell.

Rinse the inside of the egg shell very carefully with warm water, and set them to dry.

Fill the shell ½ to ¾ full with wax beads, insert a birthday candle into the centre ( you might need to trim the bottom of the birthday candle slightly to make it the right height).

Sit in an egg cup or candle holder.

Eggshell plant pots

You will need


Egg carton


Cotton wool balls



Plastic spoons


Make a small hole in the top (pointed end) of the egg shell and chip away about ¼ of the shell and allow the raw egg to pour out.

Wash the shell carefully in warm water and set to dry.

If you want to paint a design on your egg shell do so at this point, or draw a smiley face.

Put the egg shells in the egg carton with the hole at the top.  Place a cotton wool ball into each eggshell.  Spoon in fertiliser to each egg shell.  Sprinkle your seeds onto the soil, then sprinkle on a small amount of water, adding a trickle of water each day to keep the soil moist.  Leave the egg planters in their carton on a sunny windowsill.

Once the seedlings are too big for the egg shells, crack the bottom of each shell so that the roots can grow through and plant in the garden or a plant pot, complete with the egg shell as this will break down and provide nutrients to the soil.

N.H Ostara / S.H Mabon- Gathering on 20th, March 2018. Circle starts at 7:15 PM CT SHARP.

Our Ostara/ Mabon gathering was written by Hypatia who will be leading this gathering.

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

At 6.45 PM CT

Circle starts at 7:15 PM CT SHARP.

30 minutes will be allocated for a chance to talk to our Brothers and Sisters. Please do not enter the chat room once the circle has started. Thank you!



Coven Life’s Chatroom



Preparation for the Northern hemisphere- Ostara:

We are going to be painting eggs…….


  • As this is a time for a clean start– consider taking a bath or a shower with your favorite essential oil or other aromatics. You could also infuse fresh herbs like a tea or use your favorite soap. If a whole body wash is not possible please just wash your hands, face or even just change into clean clothes. What will encourage your new growth?


  • Hard-boiled egg for decorating. You could do more than one if you like. No more than 3, mainly for time purposes. If allergic please refer to suggestions below.


  • Permanent marker pens or small stickers to decorate the eggs. Practice your patters beforehand if you wish, it might make it easier and quicker on the day. Keep it simple, not to thick or elaborate as we will be cracking and eating the egg.


  • If you have an egg allergy than please use gloves when handling the egg, crack the egg and place in the nest. You could place it in the earth or just give to a loved one that doesn’t have an egg allergy to consume.


  • Freshly picked flowers or herbs to place on you alter.


  • Green and Yellow candle. If you don’t have these colours please just use what is on hand. It is the spirit of the Goddess and the God created by the light that we will be using as inspiration.


  • A little bowl, egg holder or just a little nest made from cotton wool to hold you egg once finished. Be as creative as you wish. Egg baskets are also great.


  • A glass of water to help with the feasting.


Simple flower or leaf motifs will do. Anything that inspires the artist within and brings images of fresh beginnings. Remember to keep it simple as we will be cracking and eat the egg (avoid eating and handling without gloves if allergic, please see above suggestions). In this case please have a glass of whatever beverage you prefer and a piece of simple whole grain bread to feast on. If you have another preference than please do so. Your health is in your hands.

Here are some examples below.

It doesn’t have to be drawn all over the egg.


If you choose to do a Goddess symbols than please do. This is a time for you to connect with the Goddess, the Earth Mother and all the possibilities that she brings.

Simple spirals will even do.



You may even have your own symbol that brings forth the Great Goddess called by Persephone, Brigid, and Eostre.

Preparation for the Southern hemisphere- Mabon:

We are going to be preparing a feast………..


  • As this is the time of the fruit harvest we will be using an apple to represent the cornucopia of life.


  • Green and red candle. If you don’t have these colors please just use what is on hand. It is the spirit of the Goddess and the God created by the light that we will be using as inspiration.


  • A knife to cut your apple, horizontal across the middle to reveal the pentagram within. You can even practice this beforehand if you wish. (Please be careful not to cut yourself, your safety is in your hands).


  • A platter for offering and cutting board to cut your apple and other fruits.

Example below.


  • A bowl filled with fresh seasonal fruits such as apples, pears and seasonal berries and even dried nuts, depending on their availability, your imagination and of course you budget. Whatever you can get your hands on. Remember it’s your feast dedication to the Great Goddess and God! The remainder of the fruit and nuts could be shared with family, friends or even acquaintances after the ceremony.


  • Apple cider or just a glass of water will do.



Don’t forget:

  • Athame’ or wand
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Bell

Candles for the God and Goddess the colors specified above, otherwise any color available (don’t forget you candle holders if needed). , use matches (with safety) or you could use a single pillar candle that you have blessed, anointed and inscribed. You use this to light your God and Goddess candles. The choice is yours as it is in the intention.

  • If you prefer an alter cloth
  • If you prefer a statue pf you Idol/ s

Remember to keep it simple. If you wish to add more depending on you practice and worship than please do so. Just remember to add each magical item in reverence.


So let’s begin:

Ostara is the beginning of spring, the season for new beginnings and the renewal of life through planting. This is the time we can now plant seeds and nurture them throughout the coming months to bare their fruit. What is it that you would like to plant in your life? What are you willing to nurture throughout the growing season? For this ritual as this season is also a time for re-birth, new life and fertility we will be concentrating on the symbology of the egg. The ritual will be dedicated to the Great Goddess, Persephone, Brigid, and Eostre.


Mabon is the second of 3 harvest festivals celebrating the equinox and the harvest of apples. On the day of the equinox, day and night is of equal length. For the next 6 months the nights will be longer than the days.  This is such a great time of abundance. All the hard work that it takes to collect the harvest, it is now a time to rest, reap what you have sown and take the time to look at you hopes and aspirations and reflect how they have manifested. Most importantly spend it with the people you love. This is a time of giving, sharing and loving.

Think of the dark and light as the feminine and the masculine. The Goddess and the God resorting your outer and inner balance.



So let’s begin our Ostara/ Mabon Ritual

Hypatia Casting the circle-

To the Guardians of the East:

I call you into our Watchtowers to protect us.


To the Guardians of the South:

I call you into our Watchtowers to protect us.


To the Guardians of the West:

I call you into our Watchtowers to protect us.


To the Guardians of the North:

I call you into our Watchtowers to protect us.


I cast this circle three times three with the assistance of the Great Mother and the Great God.

I call Upon the Guardians of spirit to protect us from above and below. As is above so is below, as is below so is above. May the power of The Great God and The great Goddess join us within this circle now, to protect us and to work with us and allow us to see beyond the veil.


Protect us Great Mother and Great God for all gathered here and those afar who are unable to be with us. Allow no negative energy to touch us, to harm us and that nothing we call upon will harm us and others. We come together in perfect love and perfect trust.



Hypatia – Merry meet brothers and sisters and honored guests.


Everyone – Respond Merry Greet. Please tell us your first name and state or country you are from.



Please ALL light your candles



Ostara in the N.H-

Now say-

“Hallowed be the Goddess, Our Mother and provider. The bleak winter storms leaving life to flourish outward. It peeps out quietly, refreshed by the God and Goddess’s power. We feel you. We thank you for all your gifts. “


Mabon in the S.H-

Now say-

Manannan son of Lir, Ruler of the Other world, You who gave the Silver Branch and the Golden Cup to King Cormac, I ask your blessings on this celebration of harvest.  May it sustain me through the coming winter.  Manannan, please accept this offering of food and drink, given in hospitality and in love.”



Ostara in the N.H-

Now do-

Concentrate on the beautiful flowers you have picked, smell, and touch and appreciate this glorious gift from the Great Mother and Father. Take your hardboiled egg in your hands, feel its contours and acknowledge the gift and nourishment that it holds.

Understand that this is a time of regeneration and transformation. This is a time of re-birth and new beginnings. Visualize the creation of all and everything from a single seed a single egg.


Mabon in the S.H-

Now do-

Pick up the apple and hold it in both hands.  Feel its smoothness.  See its colour.  Smell its fragrance.

Think about where the apple came from.  Not where you bought it, but where it grew from bud to fruit:  a particular tree in a particular orchard in a particular location.  Can you see it?  Can you feel it?

Visualize the growth of the apple from bud to flower to tiny apple to large apple, compressing the months from spring to autumn into a few moments.  Meditate on its growth, and what that growth means to you.


Ostara in the N.H-

Now say-

“May we carry within us a total understanding of all living creatures, both great and small. Mother Goddess, father God, and show us how to worship the earth and all it holds.”


Mabon in the S.H

Now say-

“Lord of the Sun that rides the westerly wild wind. As the seeds flourish and the fall into the waiting earth. I know this to be a time of equals allowing natures scales to come into balance. As the dark winter shadows reveal the wheel-a-turning it unveils life’s glory through a deathly silence.

O Great Goddess, watcher of sacred magic and long gone myths, show me the way to great wisdom. Show me the way Great Goddess!”


Ostara in the N.H-

Now do-

Now prepare your tools to decorate.

As you decorate your eggs meditate on creation, on rebirth and the wonder of life.

Appreciate and acknowledge that this is the place where everything starts from.

Be spontaneous and draw whatever mandala comes to your mind or something that you have already chosen.

Allow yourself to enjoy the energy of creation.

Visualize what you would like to bring into your life.

What you would like to bring into fruition, what you would like to give birth to.

This is a time of great fertility, you hold the egg in your hand, the egg that will give life to your desires.

In your own words give thanks to the great Goddess for her gift of regeneration, rebirth and rejuvenation.

Once finished decorating your egg/s

If allergic- you can place the egg/s in your nest, bowl or holder and give to a loved one after the ceremony or bury in the ground. I will leave that up to you.

Otherwise– crack the egg on the surface, peel the egg and consume as much as you like and with every bite appreciate the gift of regeneration and rebirth. The glory of new beginnings that is gifted from the Great Mother Herself. Keep a glass of water on hand.


Mabon in the S.H-

Now do-

Place the apple on your chopping board and cut across the middle (horizontally) exposing the pentagram.

The pentagram is connected to the 5 elements. Allow yourself time to connect to water, fire, earth, air and spirit as without these we would not exist.

Breathe in the scent. Understand that the apple is a simple reminder of the healing powers of the earth and the restorative energies of the Other world’s.


Slice a portion of the apple and say-

Manannan mac Lir, please accept this offering.”
Now place in the offering platter


Slice a second portion and say-

Mighty Ancestors, please accept this offering.”

Now place in the offering platter


Slice a third portion and say-

Spirits of this place, please accept this offering.”
Now place in the offering platter


Now take a bite of the apple and allow it to nourish you. Feel how refreshing it is and how it is filling you with its nourishment.

Now prepare the rest of you platter by adding from your fruit bowl. This is a dedication to your God and Goddess. Take your time to enjoy and savior the feast that you have prepared. Drink your apple cider, water or what other beverage you have chosen.

In your own words give thanks to the great God and Goddess to this second harvest and all it has brought you.




Ostara in the N.H-

Now say-

Mother Goddess, Lady of the Waters, I thank you for your presence and your blessings. May there be peace and honor between us now and forever. Hail and farewell.”


Ancestors of blood and ancestors of spirit, I thank you for your presence and your blessings. May there be peace and honor between us now and forever. Hail and farewell.”
Spirits of the land, spirits of this place, I thank you for your presence and your blessings. May there be peace and honor between us now and forever. Hail and farewell.”
Mabon in the S.H-

Now say-

Manannan mac Lir, I thank you for your presence and your blessings. May there be peace and honour between us now and forever.  Hail and farewell. 
Ancestors of blood and ancestors of spirit, I thank you for your presence and your blessings. May there be peace and honor between us now and forever.  Hail and farewell.  
Spirits of the land, spirits of this place, I thank you for your presence and your blessings. May there be peace and honor between us now and forever.  Hail and farewell. 
And Now before closing the circle.

Lady Beltane-

I would ask that all non-members leave the circle at this time please. You are welcome to return in about 15 minutes to socialize. Thank you.

We will be introducing the newcomer Elders and this is a private initiation.



Dismiss the circle:

  • To the Guardians of the East:

I dismiss and thank you from our Watchtowers and give Gratitude for protect us.


  • To the Guardians of the South:

I dismiss and thank you from our Watchtowers and give Gratitude for protect us.


  • To the Guardians of the West:

I dismiss and thank you from our Watchtowers and give Gratitude for protect us.


  • To the Guardians of the North:

I dismiss and thank you from our Watchtowers and give Gratitude for protect us.



As you leave here tonight may the Lady and Lord bless you with all that you need and want.


I bid you Blessings and great Joy Brothers and sisters of the Craft


Thank you










Merry part until we merry meet again.

Past Life Impacts

I still remember the first time I had a Past Life regression done many years ago now. I drove almost two hours to have it done looking for answers that I somehow knew I would find.

I remember being surprised at how unbelievably calm I was as I poked about the new age shop waiting for the lady to call me for my appointment. She knew I had psychic abilities immediately even though I wasn’t actively working with them at that time. I was shocked how much she knew. She told me about my guides and then told me that the regression was going to be incredibly easy for me if I just followed what came to me easily. She told me I had gifts in seeing past lives and I would use them one day. I didn’t know about that part, however I had visited my first psychic about 6 months before that who had told me I would be working with the tarot one day so it definitely caught my attention.


Readings to Inspire the Witch Within


Is shamanism all that different from modern witchcraft? According to Christopher Penczak, Wicca’s roots go back 20,000 years to the Stone Age shamanic traditions of tribal cultures worldwide. A fascinating exploration of the Craft’s shamanic origins, The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft offers year-and-a-day training in shamanic witchcraft.

Penczak’s third volume of witchcraft teachings corresponds to the water element – guiding the reader into this realm of emotion, reflection, and healing. The twelve formal lessons cover shamanic cosmologies, journeying, dreamwork, animal/plant/stone medicine, totems, soul retrieval, and psychic surgery. Each lesson includes exercises (using modern techniques and materials), assignments, and helpful tips. The training ends with a ritual for self-initiation into the art of the shamanic witch – culminating in an act of healing, rebirth, and transformation.

The Runes of Odin (11. Isa)


Element : ice, water

Colour : black, white, grey-blue

Deity : Verdandi

Planet : Moon

Tree :  Alder

Plant : henbane

Galdr : http://www.sunnyway.com/runes/galdr.html

Pathwalking with the Rune : http://www.northernshamanism.org/pathwalking-with-runes.html

Isa is ice. The ice is beautiful but this can mean a difficult situation. It can be very thin, one can slip and fall, the ice can block the advancement. This rune advices you to slow down your plans and wait until better circumstances arise. Isa can defend you from magical attacks. It can take away the heat from conflicts and cool down the passion. Isa has the effect of slowing down, of freezing effect towards the runes that are in its neighbourhood.

Isa represents the authority, the limitation of a particular action by the weather conditions. Isa corresponds with everything connected with authority.It is good to cope with conflicts and for magickal attraction of helpers that are your equals .

This rune also can reveal your enemies. Isa rules the forces of momentum and entropy. It symbolises Ego, Isa can ‘freeze” the situation. Development of the will and concentration. Isa stops the unwanted dynamic forces. It means power and control over other Beings.

Isa creates a static situation It grounds wayward emotions, it calms turbulent actions.

Divination : the rune shows a period of no action. Do not take everything  as granted. Do not enter in a particular track. The things are stagnant and it is not the proper moment you to act. But remember your goals and keep them, you have the chance to think on them again and to confirm them. Do not feel sorry and do not feel down. The things will change for sure as spring comes after the winter. The ice is a temporary event.

In magic : this rune is the classical spell for stagnation. Isa “ sticks, freezes, stops “ the situations and people. It slows down the rot.

Isa is drawn with the thumb from top to bottom.

“Ice is too cold and slippery, it shines like glass and is most like to gems. A floor wrought by frost fair to see.”

“The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem”

“To the vikings, this rune was known as is; to the icelanders, Iss, which literally means “ice”. The respective letter in the common alphabet is the letter ” i ”
The shape of this rune represents an icicle: cold, hard, unyielding and capable of causing pain when grasped. By extension, ice in general is associated with the rune, especially the type of ice that makes walking difficult. It is connected with the slow-moving, inexorable glacier, too. Being notable for its hardness, Isa is also associated with the cold iron from which weapons are meade. The symbolic beasts associated with Isa are the herds of Reindeer, that roam the snowy wastes, as well as ferocious wild boars. The vegetable symbols of Isa include the alder tree and the poisonous herb henbane. The rune is also connected with the number seven


Like the infinitely slow-moving glacier, the force of the rune Isa is unstoppable. All you require when this rune is found in a reading is that rarest of virtues, patience. The appearance of Isa is most distressing when a question is asked about relationships, because this icy rune foretells a period of emotional cooling. Yet this is not necessarily a permanent state of affairs, because a thaw will eventually come and the icewill melt. In other affairs, Isa also slows events down to a crawl. Business partnerships may go through a rocky patch because expected events will not happen when they are supposed to. You may also find that any blocks to your ambitions will turn out to be disguised blessings because your aims and desires will change during the period of the delay.
Even though this rune is not the most comfortable to live with, and can be most distressing for afairs of the heart, the cool clarity of ice bestows a calmness conductive to quiet contemplations. The true gift of Isa is a respite from cluttered thinking, which will allow you to see your situation and prospects more clearly. It may even show you how to progress in the future to avoid the pitfalls and slip-ups that would otherwise occur.
If you are involved in a creative venture of any kind, it would be a good idea to take a pause from it. Even of you belive that you are wasting time, nothing could be further from truth. This interval will allow you to recharge your tallents, and when the thaw sets in you will thus be able to pursue your tasks with renewed vigour.
Traditionally, the rune Isa is associated with the number seven, so its appearance as a final rune could indicate a period of seven days. If it falls in the middle of a reading, it is said to emphasise the message of the other runes.
Isa is said to have no inverted meaning. However, if you choose to interpret, it in the reversed position, the immobility that it suggests can be taken as a message that you can go no further and must completely change your direction.

Body Part: Joints – which can slip freely like slippery ice, or freeze up.
Associated Maladies:
Osteoarthritis. Paralysis.
Blocked, stopped, stuck
Stop, block, prevent movement or action. “

Thanks to :


“And ‘the rune and this strengthens the appeal of “self”, where it is about being fully present here and now.
There are some who are not resigned to the loss and continue to live, but it is as if dead, are off, have given up living a slow death and rebirth, made of regrets, lamentations and guilt, others die soon after let your loved one, how to follow his destiny.

Isa is ice in the winter, the apparent end of everything, blocking, freezing, but in reality under the ice of winter life pulsates, the seeds sprout, Spring is prepared, ready to occupy the land of new green vegetation, ready for a new cycle.
Isa What we want to say is that basically there is no death, is part of life, it is very important and imperative, the Buddha defines “impermanence”, the transient state that characterizes every being.

Isa is also connected with the first world Niflheim, the land of fog, frost, ice and darkness, which is the lowest place and it is precisely where the kingdom of the dead.
In Norse mythology, Hel is the goddess of the underworld in fact, the daughter of Loki, the god of deception and Angrboda, a giantess, when he learned that the evil Loki, Odin had banished her daughter in the most remote corner of creation, why did the least damage as possible, we are told that when the daughter of Loki was the world for the first time the disease hit the human race.

Hel rarely goes out on the ground but when he does, brings disease and death, passes through the streets and people suddenly become ill, if they sweep the road with a rake will be survivors, but if by a broom will all die.
Some traits of the goddess have suggested to several scholars relate it to Parvati or Kali-Persephone, or again, Hecate.”


  • Divinity : Verdandi
  • Letter : I
  • Symbol : Ice
  • Element : Water as ice
  • Tree : the Alder ( Alnus glutinosa )
  • Plant : Stinking nightshade ( Hyoscyamus niger )
  • Stone : Tourmaline needle shaped
  • Color : white, black
  • Animal : The Seal and the Polar bear

Isa, literally “ice”, is stalactite shaped which because of its straight and fixed port symbolizes all which is static. This rune serves to block thanks to its static resistance all which is in movement or liquid. As the glacier moves forward inexorably thanks to its huge strength and breaks everything on its trajectory, Isa acts as an iceberg: the small visible proportion is treacherous because it hides tremendous resources which act much more in depth than what we imagine.

Isa is a natural force hating the life and fighting against it. It represents the Thurses, the enemies of the gods (the Ases).

Isa, the rune of ice, is also the one of the crystallization. The Self refocuses on itself to find itself, and become an autonomous and independent entity. This rune allows to see things under a different angle during a voluntary pause or not. Isa also symbolizes the loneliness whom each of us sometimes can feel.

Divinatory value : Difficulties to progress, period of loneliness. Egoism. Break caused by a lack of energy.

Spiritual value : Isa symbolizes the transition of the Truth’s researcher from a state to other one. It also represents the permanent conflict of the ice against the fire whose speaks the Scandinavian myth of creation.

Physiological value : Influence on the skin, the nerves and the head.

Wisdom guidance : ” Don’t be afraid of asserting what you really are and what is unique in you. To do that, you must listen to yourself in order to be structured harmoniously.”



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