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“Witchcraft for the 21st Century.” It is the WOTC mission to dispel all the old myths and stereotypes associated with Witches and Witchcraft. To spread the truth and beauty about our Religion, Witchcraft and one day see if back in its rightful place in mainstream religions.

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The Bronze Witch.s Website – Charming Magick

Magick is all around us, you just need the desire to find it… Our mind, body and spirit make up who we are.  Some even say that our DNA is already programmed for us before we are born.   Perhaps this is true, but here at Naturally Magick, we’ve discovered that it is possible to change who we are.  We’ve also discovered that it is possible to change our lives from negative and disappointing, to anything that we want it to be.

That’s why it’s no coincidence that you have found our little cottage in the heart of nature, surrounded by trees, fresh air and plenty of peace.   We invite you to come inside and enjoy the love, understanding, magick. hope, and healing that we know you are sure to experience.
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This is Lady Beltane’s beloved sister’s website please stop by and find information and wisdom from another Witch that not only talk the talk but also walks the walk. The link below will take you to the Charming Magick website and store. A note about ordering from this website it is located in Germany so postage will be higher because of international rates.


Chrystal is a fantastic life coach, spiritual Leader and so much more. To gain insight into your life that you may not have had before contact Chrystal for a one on one session. You call follow her on Facebook for inspiring ideas and life-changing videos.

Lady Beltane has worked with her to get a new perspective on life and leadership over the past three years but has know Chrystal since she was in junior high school. She is a kind and loving friend and mentor in some areas to me. Blessed be, Lady Beltane


(A side note this business is owned and lovingly operated by my middle son, Victor, and his wife, Rebecca. Becca has designed an essential oil mixture to help with the sore muscles I get easily from having Fibromyalgia. If you have the need of an oil and am not sure which one to use contact Becca and she will gladly help you find what is right for you. Lady Beltane)

About our healthy home and happy hearts:

Through Personal Sanctuary we are dedicated to sharing our Healthy Home + Happy Heart lifestyle with everyone we meet! We have built our community on three main ideas.
LOVE. It’s where it all starts and it’s how we continue to grow. Seeing the world around us blossom into this nontoxic paradise is what brings joy to our hearts!
YOUNG LIVING essential oils and the immense natural powers they hold. These bottles of plant juice have been a complete game changer in our home and we are forever grateful for this incredible company! Not only for supplying us with products that are safe for our whole family but for wellness, purpose, and abundance in all aspects of our lives!
YOU. Our tribe, friends, and family. Watching you gain a healthy home and a happy heart is what drives us every day to continue to share our knowledge! We are here to enhance your own sanctuaries in every way possible!