Full Moon Esbat Gathering Sunday, January 20th

Our ritual this full Moon is a joint writing and being led by Lady Beltane and one of our Adepts Country Moon. This ritual is for a healing of mind or body or spirit, or any combination you need healing for. Please take some time before the circle is cast on Sunday to think of what you want help healing. There is no minimum and maximum number of things you can write on your piece pf paper. You should write what you feel is giving you a problem be it a physical medical problem, negative thinking that is attaching negative energy towards you, not connecting with the Goddesses, Gods or Spirit Guides, etc


Sunday, January 20, 2019

Social Hour 6:00 to 7:00 PM CT

Circle will be Cast at 7:01 PM CT

Please do not enter the chatroom after the circle  has been cast as this will let out the energy we have raised to help empower our ritual


Coven Life’s Chat Room 


                                    I sheet of 4 inch by 4 inch/10.16 cm paper


1 Small Bowl


COUNTRY MOON: I call upon Telesphorus, demigod of convalescence and Epione,  goddess of the soothing of pain to protect this circle. By the power of three times three to keep us all from harm and let the only energy that we raise enter or leave our gathering.

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East, Powers of Air. I invite you to this circle and ask for your wisdom and protection.

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South, Powers of Fire. I invite you to this circle and ask for your wisdom and protection.

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West, Powers of Water. I invite you to this circle and ask you for your wisdom and protection.

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North, Powers of Earth. I invite you to this circle and ask for your wisdom and protection.

EVERYONE: Please tell us your first or Pagan name and the country or state that you live in

We will take 2 minutes to center and ground ourselves as the power raises from Telesphorus and Epione coming into our circle

LADY BELTANE: Take your paper and write on it the things you want help healing. Type in DONE when you are through.

Hold the paper between your palms and repeat this 3 times: Telesphorus and Epione with your power please help to heal the things I have written here. I no longer want this in my life draining positive energy from me. If you cannot take it away completely please take away some of the pain and negativity so I might have a better quality of life.

When you are done type in So Mote It Be

Now rip the paper into the tiny pieces you can. Type in Done when finished.

Tomorrow morning take the bowl outside, away from your home if you can, while keeping your intention that what you wrote down for most in your mind than throw the tiny pieces of paper to the 4 winds asking them to take what you wrote on paper that in now in pieces far from and if they land that they will not cause harm to any other living thing.

EVERYONE: Stand up I’d sitting down. Start with your hands above your head palms facing downward slowly brings your hands down to the floor while saying, “I ground all extra berry in this circle giving it to Mother Earth to use to herself, her waterways, and all our fellow living things.” Type in So Mote It Be! when finished.

COUNTRY MOON: Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East, Powers of Air. I thank you for your presents and give you leave of this circle.

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South, Powers of Fire. I thank you for your presents and give you leave of this circle.

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West, Powers of Water. I thank you for your presents and give you leave of this circle.

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North, Powers of Earth. I thank you for your presents and give you leave of this circle. 

Thank you Telesphorus and Epione for your care and guidance tonight.

This circle is now open but never broken.



(Even if you do not read anything else on this site this week make sure to read this) In case you are wondering what is going on……. at WOTC

I am having problems with WordPress not letting me reblog this article but it is a very import one so I am copy and pasting it in full from Witches of The Craft website. Please ask our Lord and Lady to help Lady Abyss to find a way to have all the things she needs in her personal life, groceries, enough money to pay her household bills every month and to keep a roof over their heads for her and her sons.


I wanted to let you know that our domain is now pending sale. It is not one of the happiest days in my life but I have no other choice. Here it is Thanksgiving coming up and I don’t even have a Turkey for the boys’ Thanksgiving this year. In fact, we have hardly any groceries at all and we have a severe snow storm coming this way. I know most of you don’t realize how much it does take to operate a website and a store because you don’t own or operate one. You can ask Lady Beltane and she will tell you I am telling the truth. They are expensive to run to say the least. I hope she don’t mind me telling this but….that is why she went to charging for her lessons to cover her operating expenses.

As you all know I draw a small disability check each month. It doesn’t even cover our expenses at the house. I was borrowing money from PayPal to keep us a float but our sales for this month or so low that I can’t even borrow any money from them. They told me, we were off by $200 before I could get another loan with them. I was counting on that loan for some groceries and a turkey for the boys for Thanksgiving.

I have to admit who or whatever wanted us out of this business has finally won. I can no longer see going hunger, if it was just me, I wouldn’t worry about it. I have went hungry many a day to just keep the WOTC up and running. But now I have two boys to consider and I can’t nor will I let them go hungry. I have lights to keep on at both places, I have water to  keep on at both places and you get the idea. I can’t very well let the lights, water and gas get turned off at the house to keep the WOTC and its store going. If I did what kind of mother would I be?

I have thought long and hard about this. I just don’t know what happened. Everyone kept telling me to hold on, it will get better. It is just this or it is just that. Well it hasn’t gotten any better only worse. With Winter coming on, it will take every penny I can mustard to just keep the house going. I know I have women around me but they are all volunteers. Some of them are in the same boat as I am in. They volunteered to give them something to do during the day or else they are a single family income house. None of us have any money and after talking to them and explaining to them the situation, they agreed it was time to sell the domain.

The domain won’t come up for sale for a few days perhaps in that length of time, if the WOTC is meant to be a miracle will happen. Yeah right. I don’t depend on miracles anymore. I have gotten myself in this mess and now I have two boys who are going to suffer for it. I took them in and told them I would give them a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear and anything else they needed. Right now, I am struggling just to feed them. It just boils down to what I think is more important the boys or this site. I love this site and I love the boys. But the site doesn’t require food to live or a place to sleep at night, the boys do.

I hate to do it but like I said the sales at the store are horrible. There are no donations coming in here, so what other choice do I have. We have had a good run. We are one of the oldest Pagan/Witchcraft site on the internet. I guess our run is over. Or else that miracle will occur before the domain goes up for sale. Either way, I look at it this way, whatever happens it is meant to happen.

I don’t like to complain but I wanted you to know why I had made my decision to sell our domain. How would you like to look at two boys on Thanksgiving morning and tell them there is no turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving dinner? I know I don’t want to but it seems that I am going to have too.

I want you to know that I have enjoyed my time with all of you and keep your fingers crossed perhaps that miracle will come through for us. Then I can stop the sale of our domain. But if the miracle doesn’t come through then the sale will go on as planned.

I have got to scrap up the money now to run to the store and try to get us some food in here to eat before the snow storm hits. Remember no matter what happens, I will always love you and consider you part of my family.

Love ya,

Lady of the Abyss

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Life in The Craft Newsletter Update

If you are interested in receiving the first issue for free no strings attached, no asking for a credit card number as most trial things do, just write to us at LifeinTheCraft@outlook.com. Please tell us you would like a copy of the first issue of the Life in The Craft Newsletter, put your email address in the body of the email (this makes it easier to copy and paste into our contact list) and your first name with only the initial of your last name. Thank you.

Starting with the second issue we will be asking a subscription price of $4.00 USD per issued or $20.00 per year (which means you will be getting all 6 yearly issues for the price of 5).

This is a bi-monthly publication. It has a copyright so can not be reprinted besides your personal PDF copy or posted to any website in part or in whole without express written permission from either Lady Abyss or Lady Beltane.

Disclaimer: Check with your medical care provider before using any of the homemade or herbal remedies. Witches of The Craft.com, CoveLife.co, Lady Abyss, Lady Beltane or any guest writer cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions anyone has who uses the homemade and/or herbal remedies. You use them at your own risk.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions for future issues of Life in The Craft Newsletter please write to us at LifeInTheCoven@outlook.com or write it in the comment section below this update. If you would like to submit something to possibly appear in a future issue of the newsletter send your submission to LifeInTheCraft@outlook.com. Lady Abyss and Lady Beltane will read it. Then reply letting you know if it has been accepted or not or suggest changes to be made so we will rethink of accepting.

Senate, Congress, White House Contact Information and Commentary

Ok, it is time for Witches and Pagans to come together to speak as one voice no matter what traditions you follow. Write, email, and call your Senator and Congressperson as often as you can. Let them know that although we are a minority in this country when it comes to religions we will step up as one to help our sacred Mother Earth and all living things upon her including the waterways that flow through her and the oceans that surround her land as well as the air above us. As the USA spend billions helping other countries almost yearly we ask… How much is being spent yearly in the United States of America to help our homeless, children going to bed hungry every night, to help those that have willing serve in our military to get proper medical, dental, and vision care, the same goes for the millions of Americans that for whatever reason cannot afford to pay for medical, dental, and optical insurance and make just a little too much to qualify to get insurance from the state they live in.

Are you ready and willing to make your voice heard with ours? Then start today by finding who your congressperson and senators are. Then write, email, call and let your voice be heard every day you can please. 

We the ordinary people are the ones who are going to make America stand out as a leading country around the world again by forcing those in Washington D. C. to vote for bills, budgets, etc as the people who voted them into the office they now hold want them to? Here is the Preamble to the US Consitution. I ask you …Do you think those people sitting in their warm homes with plenty to eat and warm clothes to wear this winter are living up to our given rights under the constitution this wonderful country of ours was founded upon?


“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

If you want to know more about the USA Constitution and what those who think they are so high and might in Washinton D.C. are walking all over until the paper it was written is no more to them then a piece of toilet paper click on the following link and read one or more of the information that comes up. I did and it was very eye-opening.

United States of America Constitution and Bill of Rights

Just click on the state you live in to get your states senators contact information

All US Senators

To find the US federal district you live in and your specific congressperson contact information. Do not bother writing to a congressperson outside of your own district because your letter or email will wind up in the trash.

Find Your US Federal District

To write to the White House directly

White House Contact Information




The Witch’s Jewerly

A Witch’s jewelry is probably one of the most personal magical tools; after all, we wear jewelry on our body within our energy field for long periods of time. When worn, certain metals, symbols, and stones can enhance your personal energy in different ways. A necklace, ring, or bracelet can be enchanted for many different magical purposes and worn daily. Some Witches wear jewelry with magical symbols or a particular god, goddess, or spirit guide in order to carry that energy with them. I love wearing pieces of magical jewelry to serve as a constant reminder of my commitment to my spiritual path. Some Witches have special jewelry they only wear during ritual, some even wear bejeweled headpieces, I know Witches who wear necklaces of traditional amber and jet either earned through the ranks of their covens or crafted themselves. One of my favorite forms of magical jewelry is a bracelet or anklet made from embroidery floss either macrame` or braided with stones and glass beads. I create these while focusing on my magical intention; I tie it on and wear it all the time.

Mickie Mueller – Lleweyelns Witches Datebook 2019


How to Contact Your Elected Officials

How to Contact Your Elected Officials

Learn how to get in touch with your federal, state, and local elected leaders.

Contact Federal Elected Officials

  • President Donald Trump—Contact the president of the United States by filling out the online contact form or by calling the White House switchboard at 202-456-1414 or the comments line at 202-456-1111 during business hours.
  • Members of the U.S. Congress
    • U.S. Senators—Get contact information for your Senators in the U.S. Senate.
    • U.S. Representatives—Find the website and contact information for your Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Contact State Elected Officials

Contact Local Elected Officials

  • U.S. Mayors—Locate mayors by name, city, or population size.
  • County Executives—Search on a map or by your ZIP code to find the head of the executive branch of government in your county. (The county executive may be an elected or an appointed position.)
  • Other Local Government Officials—Get contact information for your city, county, and town officials in your state.


Follow the above links and they will take you directly to a website that will let you pick your state and then your elected officials and their contact info is right there.

Just added to the site….

If you will notice, there is now a new PayPal donation button at the top of the left-hand column of our site. This new button is rather simple and self-explanatory, it is a way for you to contribute to our “Federal Employee Relief Fund.  Just click the banner and you are taken directly to the PayPal account so you can make your donations there. Just remember when you make your donations to make sure you indicate what the funds are for. You can do this by simply going to the comment section on the part you fill out. Indicate there that the donation is for “The Employee Relief Fund.” Once we have enough donations in, we will start assisting as many people as possible. Also I have included the html code for this banner, in case you would like to put it on your site, which I hope you do.

As of this morning, there is no end in sight for the government shut-down. Out of the 800,000 employees effected by this shut-down, 35,000 of them are from Kentucky alone. We don’t have the figures for the rest of the states but we do hope to get them shortly. Due to the fact that some of the people in our area follow our site, we have made one minor impact. The landlords of different apartment complexes in the area, have agreed to let the Federal Workers skip paying their rent till they go back to work. This is wonderful news, at least some good-hearted people are listening and concerned as we are about the shut-down. Of course, when they do go back to work, they will have to repay the rent missed but they won’t have to worry about getting kicked out onto the streets. Small progress but a relief for some very worried, out of work employees. Now if we could get more landlords to follow suit that would be fantastic.

Now that’s the good news, now the bad. I know in our area, as well as across the country, food banks are getting hit hard. These food banks assist 100’s of individuals throughout the month. They are by no means able to keep up with the current demand and influx of new individuals coming in and needing assistance with their groceries. The food banks in this area estimate that if the current surge in the number of people needing help continues, they will not have enough food on hand to assist these people. I know myself and I am sure Lady Beltane would agree that when we get the funds, we would be more than willing to donate money to these food banks and any others across the country that are facing the same situation. If you know of a food bank in your area that is facing this same crisis, please let us know about it. Whether it is helping a food bank or an individual, we are willing to do so. It is an awful feeling not to have a penny to your name and facing your family going hungry. These people has worked tirelessly for our government and for us, they need our help. There is no reason these people should have to go hungry because of a government that is using them as political pons. No reason whatsoever! That is why it is very important for us to raise the funds to help these families and the food banks out. I don’t believe anyone ever believed the shut-down would last this long but unfortunately it has. It is also expected to last even longer. Without our help, these families can’t survive. We are asking you to give any amount that you can. Even the smallest amount could make the difference for some child having cereal for breakfast or even having breakfast. These are our neighbors, our friends, our family and our brothers & sisters.. They need our help, please do what you can to assist them in this time of need.

Yesterday, I was asked for a list of email addresses for all the elected officials in Washington at this time. The individual who asked, wants to write her elected officials about the shut down and what an effect it is having on the American citizens. As soon as the list goes up, I would encourage more of you to do so. It seems our government officials are not thinking about the citizens of this great country. Instead they are thinking about what they want and their own personal agendas. They are not thinking about what the citizens need or have to have to survive. They gave the Federal workers tips on how to get by during this shut-down as I mentioned before, babysit, have a yard/garage sale or even walk a dog. I would love for someone to tell Nancy to go walk a dog. She would be utterly offended to get out of her million dollar home and go walk a dog. But yet they expect these Federal workers too, Bull! Every time I think about that I get upset. Go walk a dog, hell Nancy, you go walk a dog!

I have one more favor to ask then I will go and track down all the government officials’ email addys for you. My favor is  that you take our banner for donations and spread it every place you can. Spread it to ever social media outlet you have access to. I believe it is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better. It is going to take all of us to make sure this country doesn’t go to hell in handbag (if it is not already happened). Any assistance you can give us in spreading the word about what we are doing is greatly appreciated. Also remember if you have a blog, website, podcast or whatever, you are more than welcome to join us. The more the merrier and the more there are, the greater impact we will have.

Thank you,

Lady of the Abyss





<a href=”https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=Sj7-7w1-rx8OaddY0CLYNPEXZmCVAQzNQUNgxNnhenPA68Z97Eu1OxM3UoRtTnzm9C7bn0&amp;country.x=US&amp;locale.x=US”><img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-290″ src=”https://thegrovepromotionsandproductions2.files.wordpress.com/2019/01/federal.jpg&#8221; alt=”” width=”226″ height=”264″ /></a>

Week 6 – Goddess Knowledge – Pele

Pele is the fiery Hawaiian volcano goddess. The daughter of the earth goddess Haimea, Pele came to Hawaii on a boat. Killed in a fight with her sister, the ocean, sho took refuge in the glowing cauldron of Mount Kilauea (this is the volcano that had the major eruption in July 2018 – a link will be below) where she receives the souls of the dead and regenerates them with fire. In a tempestuous relationship with Kamapua`a the ferocious pig god,  she is portrayed as a jealous goddess, her rages manifesting as volcanic eruptions. Revered by Hawaiians even today, she carries the force of the volcano, with its molten lava flow, which even in destrud=ction creates new land. Pele stands for the molten, fierce aspect of life that is unable to do anything halfway. She reminds us that even in the midst of fiery eruption there s creation and new life.

More Information About Pele

Images Of Pele

More Information on Pele’s Home – Mount Kilauea, Hawaii

FDA Shutdown – Some Employees Asked to Come Back Unpaid

Below is a list of links about the UD Food and Drug Administration askings inspectors to come back unpaid to inspect high-risk products. Of course, it is your choice if you want to read any of them or not. But ask yourself if you would spend your money on gas going into work if you were not receiving compensation of some type or would you use that money to feed and keep a roof over your family?

From SupplyCHainBrand

From Food Dive – Senate Democrats question Gottlieb on FDA shutdown impact

From Politico

From The New York Times

From The Hill

Think About This…

Going along with mine and Lady Abyss’ posts on helping the government employees who are now not getting paid I thought having a visual in your mind might help along with this question – How would you feel if you and your family’s home taken away and you had to figure out how to provide for them with only the sky for your roof.

Please donate what you can through the “Donation” button on Coven Life’s Homepage. We will be keeping a very accurate account of the donations and the people in our pagan community.

If you are an unpaid government employee please send a copy of your last paystub with everything blacked out except your full name, name of the department who paid you, and the date you were paid.

Upon written request anyone who has donated can request a copy of the spreadsheets of amount donated and who we have paid it out to and how much the recieved.

This is a joint fundraiser of Witches of The Craft and Coven Life.

Lady of the Abyss – Witches of The Craft

Lady Beltane  – Coven Life


Donate to the Federal Government Employee Relief Fund