Wanderings of a witch

Study session with Dawn of the Day

The year has not turned out to be what everyone has expected.

I had to head up to school last night to work on grades, graduation speeches and several other things and as I was heading home the sun was setting in the west.  I took a minute at this time to stop on a hill that overlooks the baseball diamond and thought back over all the broken dreams these students have suffered.  There I sat in my truck kinda of imagining that a baseball game was taking place even though the field had not even been used this year. I sat and wondered about all the sterling pitching performances that were supposed to of been, the great defensive plays that would of built the confidence of the players and cheers from the fans, the spectacular game winning hits that would of helped the player succeed at the next level, and the difference in the students lives between what has happened and what was expected to happen.

After reading the graduation speeches this evening which were very very good by the way, I was impressed that the seniors understood what was happening and knew it was beyond any ones control. They were sad but accepting and were looking forward to their next steps in life.  They were ready to put this in their past and move on to the next stage whether it be college, work or the armed forces.

I have always said that students were the best to adjust to life no matter what was thrown at them and here once again they have proven to me that they will get through this crisis and become even better young adults. They will be ready to take there places in an ever changing world and become the leaders of tomorrow.  They will use the events and build upon them as they work to change to world and work within a world that has changed

WE do not know what to expect from the world tomorrow but those who can adjust and adapt will be the best prepared for the future. The class of 2020 will be better prepared for the future because of this simple little virus, the quarantine and the changes that are going to come


wanderings of a witch

Study session By Dawn


How many people out there have suffered from this wonderful word. What are the causes, they are as varied as the cures. is it stress, anxiety, depression or a child or parent that is sick and needing tender loving care.

What are the cures that you know of, certain teas, no caffeine after 6, melatonin, and then there is the serious stuff, prescription meds, Ambiant and others, ugh.

I have been suffering from this the last couple of months getting somewhere between 3-5 hours of sleep a night. taking multiple bathroom breaks, trying a little food, maybe watching a rerun for a bit to get my mind to quiet, I have become the queen of solitaire at 2 in the morning lol.

So what to do, what has helped get me through this is to think how lucky I am, I have a loving family worried about my health and looking up remedies for me. I have my health in every other way, I can do most everything I need to do in a days time,although my family worries about all the work i do lol, I try to use the time to lay quietly and think about what the goddess would like for me to do, what steps she wishes for me to take, am i following my heart and making the decisions that are right for me or am i making decisions for others that are leading to more stress and anxiety.

I am lucky in so many ways and although I do wish I had never heard the word insomnia I try to remember all my blessing and not the few trials and tribulations that I am facing along the way. I hope the insomnia will pass but at the same time try and understand that the new day can and will be a good day depending on my attitude when i do get the day started



wanderings of a witch

Study session by Dawn

Beltane is know as the fertility Esbate, it is the time for the earth to be transformed from the cold and rain of spring to the bright and sunny time of summer. The god is building his strength as the days grow longer and the crops strengthen to give us life through the winter and early spring. The animals are fertile and some are even up to their second or third litter of the year. I saw a fat robin this morning with a big worm in its beak and I was wondering how many little birds she has and how many times so far this year has she raised a brood. (Life is Good)

I love this time of year as the crops start to come up, we as a household will have a wonderful garden this year thanks to Deacon Charles Mead, the days are lengthening so you can work outside for a longer time as evident of the painting I did yesterday.

One of the positive items of this year with the Corona Virus is I have had time to do many home improvement projects to make the ole homestead look the best it has in years, and these will continue through the summer. Thank goodness for the time and the beautiful weather so i can do this for the people I love

I hope you all take a minute or two in the next couple of days and give thanks to Gaia for all her bounty, take your shoes off and walk through the newly green grass or even spread a blanket and lay down and look at the clouds. This is the time of Earth’s abundance take a minute and appreciate the gift in whatever manner you chose to, just know that report, phone call to the boss, work assignment can wait 10 minutes as you pause to enjoy life.