Protection Chants (part 5)

Basic Protection and Calming

I am peaceful, I am calm, and I am strong

The Goddess protects me harm, I am surrounded by her arms

Personal Protection

Negativity is banished without a trace It’s gone from

It’s gone from my space so I am safe

I am safe I am healthy, wise, and strong

Negativity will stay gone

Keep a Curse Away

A curse has been placed upon me

With intent to cause hurt

But it can’t stick to me I am protected you see

By the Lord and Lady and their hands on my head

The curse will be stopped, the curse will be dead

Gianne, Lady (2013-11-10). Magical Chants (Kindle Locations 153-157). . Kindle Edition.

Protection Chants (part 4)

Curse Protection  

Turner be turned Burner be burned

All that will find me is what is good

So that all may be as it should

Nightmare Protection

Go away evil dreams

I know you are not what you seem

Go away, stay far from my sight

So I can sleep through this blessed night

Gianne, Lady (2013-11-10). Magical Chants (Kindle Locations 142-145). . Kindle Edition.

Protection Chants ( Part 3)

Protection at Night

Hail fair moon, ruler of the night

Watch over me, protect me, and keep me safe

Until dawn’s early light

Pain Protection   

Spirit of Fire

Through the light of your flame

Please take away all of my pain

Gianne, Lady (2013-11-10). Magical Chants (Kindle Locations 132-136). . Kindle Edition.

Protection Chants (part 1)

White Light Protection

While chanting, visualize three white rings surrounding you.  One ring around your head, another around your center, and a third around your ankles:

Three times the rings go round

All evil shall stay on the ground

If any evil is near this place

It cannot enter my safety space

Three times three

So mote it be

Personal Space Protection 

Divine Goddess If negativity dwells within this space

Make it leave, this is my personal place

Gianne, Lady (2013-11-10). Magical Chants (Kindle Locations 114-118). . Kindle Edition.

Introduction [to Chanting]

[This is to go along with a series of chants by the same author Lady Gianne. I will be posting them periodically.]

These chants can be chanted any time you feel the need.  You can either speak the chant out loud or quietly in your head.  The chant will work either way, it is just as strong chanted silently as it is spoken.   Chants can be used is a variety of ways.  Many spells and rituals either require some language, or the caster feels adding some personal words would add to and strengthen their intent.  Many practitioners have no problem coming up with their own chant while others need a bit of inspiration from time to time.

You can repeat a chant as many times as you want, or simply say it once.  If you are chanting for protection, keep repeating the chant until you feel safe.  The same goes for raising energy.  Chant your energizing words over and over until your energy is raised to the level you need.    For example, the Food Blessing chant:   Oh Mother Earth, we thank you so For the food and beverage you bestow For your protection and your

Gianne, Lady (2013-11-10). Magical Chants (Kindle Locations 99-104). . Kindle Edition.