2019 N. H. Samhain Gathering Wednesday, October 30th/ S. H. Beltane Gathering October 31st

This evening in the Northern Hemisphere celebrating Samhain your ritual was written by  Coven Life and Witches of The Craft High Priestess Lady Beltane who will also lead it.

This morning in the Southern Hemisphere celebrating Beltane your ritual was written by High Priestess Beth of Guild of the Gods located in Lafayette, Indiana, USA. She will also be leading your ritual.

Everyone is welcomed to do both the Samhain and Beltane rituals no matter which hemisphere you live in. As the Beltane ritual uses planting of seeds for part of it those in the Northern Hemisphere might want to empower the package of seeds write down the goals and then plant them in the spring and carry on with the rest of the ritual then.


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Coven Life’s Private Chatroom


Look for which Hemisphere you live in:

For the Northern Hemisphere the coven gathering for Samhain will be on Wednesday, October 30th with the social hour will be at 6:00 to 6:55 PM CDT with the circle being cast at 7:00 PM CDT

Samhain is a time for remembering those who have crossed the veil into the Summerlands before us. It is also celebrates the last harvest of the year, with anything not picked or gathered left on the trees, plants, and bushes for the wildlife and Fea Folk to help them through the cold months. Lastly if you follow the Celtic calendar (as we do with the Wheel of the Year celebrating the 8 Sabbats) it is last day of the year. This is the time of year that belongs to the Crone for life and death and rebirth in the spring.
I decorate my altar with a small loaf of homemade bread, a small pumpkin or gourds, fall leaves from my yard and pictures or mementos of my ancestors. Please keep in mind when thinking of ancestors that they do not have to be blood related , they can be anyone who has had a significant place in your life such as teachers, coaches, friends, a boss, etc.
Decide on 2 Ancestors you want to bring into our circle to visit with during the ritual
(SIDE NOTE FROM LADY B: you can set up an ancestors altar for October 31st to honor more of you ancestors if you wish to. I will do a post with some sample pictures for those of you who have not done this before. If you have a question(s) about the altar please write it or them in the comment section as others may have the same question(s))
Something comfortable to sit on for approximately 10 minutes and while the Beltane ritual is being done
2 – 4 inch White Candles
2 Candle holders
A SAFE place to put the burning candles as you will be leaving them to burn all the way down
Atheme, or Ceremonial Knife or Any Sharp Object to carve 1 name onto each candle
Matches or Lighter
Wine, or Fruit Juice or Water
1 Serving of Some type of an Apple or Pumpkin Dessert
2 Small Dishes or folded up Paper Towels
Lady Beltane: I walk this circle three times three as the Maiden and Crone walk with me. To celebrate a time of death and a time of rebirth. I take us from this Earthly plane and time to a place where this is no time and we are kept safe from everyday problems and fears.
EVERYONE: Please introduce yourself with just your 1st Name or your Pagan Name and the State or Country you live in do not put your town in.

This is the time for the Samhain ritual to start, The Beltane ritual will follow

Lady Beltane:  We call upon the Crone and the keeper of the veil between our physical world and the spirit world to lower the veil so we may visit with the ancestors we call upon.
EVERYONE: You will say this incantation 3 times individually for each ancestor. As you are chanting this spell write the name of the person on the candle and light it at the end of the 3rd time as you say, “So Mote It Be”
                       Name of your Ancestor I call to thee
                        Name of your Ancestor I honor thee
                        Name of your Ancestor Come to me
Place a small bite of your fall sweet and pour a couple of drops of your beverage on to it than place this as an offering to the ancestor by placing it in front of their candle either in a small dish or on a a paper towel fold a few times. Now sit quietly as in meditation feel the energy your ancestors brings with them and ask your ancestors questions or tell them a story you remember about the two of you or whatever you want to talk to them about. You will have 10 minutes of visiting time.
At the end of the 10 minutes Lady Beltane will type in done.
EVERYBODY:  Name of the Ancestor you call forth from the Spirit Plane I thank you for                                visiting me
                          Name of the Ancestor you call forth from the Spirit Plane one day I will                                   walk  with you there
                        Name of the Ancestor you call forth from the Spirit Plane I miss thee
                        Name of the Ancestor you call forth from the Spirit Plane until that time you                           go back and I stay here
When you are done type in So Mote It Be.

This is the end of the Samhain ritual. It is now time for the Beltane ritual to start.

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere and would be attending for the Beltane ritual please let me know if you will be attending or not please. If I do not hear from you by 8:00 PM AEDT on your Wednesday 30 October I will not plan on us doing the Beltane ritual. The Beltane gathering will be on Thursday, 31 October with the social part of the gathering starting at 10:00 to 10:55 AM AEDT with the circle cast at 11:00 AM AEDT.

Pillow and/or Blanket for Meditation or something comfortable to sit on for a total of approximately 20 minutes and why the Samhain ritual is being done

Paper and Pen

Packet of Flower or Herb Seeds
Wine or Fruit Juice or Water
Some kind of Sweet Treat
Beltane is a time when you can feel the ground coming to full life.  It is a fertility holiday, but there is so much to that word!  It is creativity, possibility.  It is the vibrance of a new relationship, the inspiration of a new project, the challenge of a new adventure.  It is the day we set things in motion, but the world itself is already in motion.  It’s growing, blooming – filling the ground with green, the trees with leaves, and the air with new smells and possibilities.
On this day we leave the passive time of year, where we rest, learn, and recuperate, and begin the active time of the year.  While the world is drunk on possibility, we embark on our own journey for the upcoming year.  When we do this, we take all the lessons of the year before, all the plans we’ve been assembling, and we embark on a new start.  But stating our intention helps.
I ask you to take time now to ponder the lessons you learned over this last winter.  Pick up your own story, and really look at it.  What is the next step for you?  What is it about this world that challenges you, excites you, pushes you to be more than you were before?  Rather than picturing what you want to accomplish specifically, instead imagine what would feel like home, belonging.  What is the scent of perfection in your own personal world?
It is easy to hide from the real goals we all wish to set, but I invite you to challenge yourself.  Take a moment to sit with me now.
EVERYONE: We are allowing 15 minutes for you to answer the questions below. But remember you can always go back and follow the ritual High Priestess Beth has written here to add to your answers at anytime. Pull up a blanket or pillow to allow you to comfortably sit on the ground, or rest on the earth itself if that’s an easy option.  Feel the earth beneath you, the air around you, and invite all of you into this moment.
Take a deep breath, and feel yourself fill up with the living energy.  Feel your soul breathe, as well as your body.
Take another deep breath.  Relax, and comfort yourself.  Be a good companion to yourself – greet this person who is you, and be kind to him or her.  Welcome him or her into this moment.
Take an even deeper breath, and hold it for a longer moment.  Ask every part of you to be honest, comfortable, and present, relaxed completely.
Sitting with yourself, ask that person who is all of you – what do you want?
What would you love to be, to do, to feel?
What would “accomplishment” feel like to you?
Feel the world growing around you, even right now, and allow the energy beneath and around you to fill you.
How will the next year unfold in a way to help that happen?
How can you help yourself to get there?
Are you brave enough to get there, from here?
Relax deeply into this moment as you listen to your inner honesty.  Whether you see images unfolding, feel a certainty, imagine words, or simply know that certain plans are going to work – stop for a moment.
Take a piece of paper now and write down what you discussed with your inner self. Feel no fear as you set your goals.  Be open and honest about everything you’ve witnessed internally.   Take short notes for now – you can fill in all necessary details later, so long as you remember all the pieces.  If you would like, you can share a couple of words here that sum up what you want to aim for.  If not, be sure to tell us “done” once you’ve got your short notes recorded.
Now take your packet of seeds – and hold them in your hands. Charge them with the intention of what you want from this upcoming year.  Picture the end result from your intentions. Fill the seeds with your energy, so that you can feel them ready to grow.
Now, as we finish our Beltane rite, picture the daily reality of seeking these goals.  Prepare yourself for the actual doing of it.   Pray to the divine as you picture this.  Ask them to help indicate anything you can prepare for, look out for.
Other questions to ask yourself as you journal or meditating on your goals:
What might you find yourself needing along the way?
Will you perhaps need extra support at some point?
Is there anything you can do to help ease the journey?
Are there any specific opportunities you should keep an eye out for?
(SIDE NOTE FROM LADY B: When I do this I pick only up to 3 goals per year and break the over all goal down into smaller parts that will make reaching it more manageable. I keep a weekly journal for what I am doing to reach each step of my goal and how big my plants have grown. When doing a long tern spell to bring about 1 or more goals I need a touchstone of how I am achieving what I want my touchstone is my journal. I use a new journal each time I plant seeds to help my intention reach it’s goal. I also separate the goals by writing each goal as a title than skip about 4 to 8 pages depending on the size of the journal I am using a smaller one I leave more pages in between goals than I do with a larger size journal. Spiral notebooks are good to use for this)
AFTER THE CIRCLE IS FINISHED and YOU FEEL READY: Get a flower pot or two and plant them. If you want to use some symbols or words written in any alphabet on the outside or even the inside of your flower pot to infuse more of your energy to help your intention to manifest go right a head and do it.(SIDE NOTE from Lady B If you want your flowers or herbs to be able to be transplanted outside then I suggest you use a Terra Cotta planter or a cardboard or peat moss starter planters. the first type you will have to break open to plant the dirt, roots, and plant. The second you can just pull it away some from the dirt and root ball and plant the whole thing. Make sure you do not get the cardboard or peat moss containers that do not have growing chemicals in them. Also if you plant herbs after they are a fairly good size try to keep them only SLIGHTLY moist at all time because if they get dry and than you water them they flavor of the herb will not be as strong.)
Put a couple of seeds into the paper, and crumple it small.  Soak it in water, compressing it into a wet ball.  Push the ball down into the dirt – following the instructions on the packet, please, as to the depth and soil type for the plant you’re using.  If you feel the need to preserve your notes, you can put the flower pot on top of the paper, instead.  Either way, be sure to moisten the soil once you’re done, asking the seeds to help your goals grow with you.
As the upcoming year unfolds, tend to the seeds as they grow.  Remember that goals need tending, the same as new plants.  Allow your new plants to remind you that your goals are still with you.  Even if the seeds do not grow, or do not grow the way you expected, know that you have contributed your part to the fertility of spring.  You have asked your goals to take root – the seeds are to remind and represent, but the personal intentions you set are the real destination.
Now, as we finish our Beltane rite, picture the daily reality of seeking these goals.  Prepare yourself for the actual doing of it.   Pray to the divine as you picture this.  Ask them to help indicate anything you can prepare for, look out for.
(SIDE NOTE FROM LADY B: When I do this I pick only up to 3 goals per year and break the over all goal down into smaller parts that will make reaching it more manageable. I keep a weekly journal for what I am doing to reach each step of my goal and how big my plants have grown. When doing a long tern spell to bring about 1 or more goals I need a touchstone of how I am achieving what I want my touchstone is my journal. I use a new journal each time I plant seeds to help my intention reach it’s goal. I also separate the goals by writing each goal as a title than skip about 4 to 8 pages depending on the size of the journal I am using a smaller one I leave more pages in between goals than I do with a larger size journal. Spiral notebooks are good to use for this)
Make a strong mental note of anything that comes up here.  Feel free to record anything important.
(SIDE NOTE FROM LADY B: These questions are one of the reasons I use a journal that I have described above.)
EVERYONE: Please thank High Priestess Beth for being part of our gathering this evening/morning and for the time and work she to bring us a wonderful ritual.
Lady Beltane: I walk this circle three times three as the Maiden and Crone walk with me. To celebrate a time of death and a time of rebirth. I bring us  back to our Earthly plane and time to celebrate life, death, and rebirth. We thank the Crone for her comfort in our time of remembrance and ask her to leave us. We thank the Maiden for blessing our seeds as we rejoice and ask her to leave us. As we will it so mote it be.
The circle is open but never broken go in peace and contentment dear sisters and brothers.
EVERYONE: Now put on a favorite song, and celebrate.  This is not the time to do, not yet.  This is just the first step.  Enjoy it!  Revel in it!  Life is not simply to be lived – it is to be experienced in all its glory.  Take a moment now to fill yourself with thanks for this new knowledge, and look forward to your goals.  Feel the possibility inside you, and let yourself feel gratitude.  Raise a glass of wine or juice, help yourself to a sweet treat.  Welcome that sweetness into your life, and ask for a blessing that every goal you accomplish will come with the sweetness of this moment.  Ask your own personal divine to sit with you now, and throughout the upcoming year.  And smile.
Because you know they will, and you know you will get what you truly need.
This is not a time to mourn those who have gone before us but a time to celebrate their lives. Remember our time with them and rejoice we will see them in the Summerlands or even possibly in the new incarnation in your family or circle of friends. AS you dance and rejoice lift your glass to them and say whatever comes to mind.
Both hemispheres remember to take a piece of your sweet and a sip of your beverage outside to place and pour on the ground to honor the Crone and Maiden for their presence and help with our rituals.

Beltane/Samhain Sabbat Gathering April 30, 2019

This month’s Northern Hemisphere was written by and will be led by Lady Beltane. The Southern Hemisphere was written and will be led by Priestess Hypatia. The calling of the Watchtowers will be done by both. The circles will be cast at the same time for each hemisphere by the Elder that is leading it.


Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Social hour 6:00 to 6:59 PM Central Time

Sacred Circle cast at 7:00 PM Central Time


Coven Life’s Chatroom

Beltane or May Day – Is the Sabbat that celebrates fertility. We will be honoring Beltane/Beltain/Beltaine the May Queen, a.k.a. Queen of the Fairies, to bless our gardens of all kinds be they vegetable, flower, herb or a seed we plant within our spirit to help us grow as a person and witch. The Fea Folk take the essences of the food and drinks offered to them they do not have need of the physical item as they can recreate it from the essences when they have a use for it.

Samhain – As the third and final harvest. This Sabbat heralds the commencement of the dark winter half of the year. Traditionally the veil between the spirit and physical realm is thin. This is the time the Dark Mother (Crone) and Father (Her aged Consort) are paid due respect A candle is often placed in the window to assist the ancestors to find their way home and offerings of food left at the altar and the doorstep for the wandering spirits. With the coming of darkness, nothing is what is seems, therefore for your own protection, a concentrated circle should always be performed prior to performing any ritual.

Making your own Samhain Incense 

1 part Dittany (oregano from Crete that is thought to be highly protective)

½ part Pine

1 part Sandalwood

¼ part Patchouli

¼ part Benzoin Resin

Few drops of Pine oil

P.s- please feel free to be creative with whatever ingredients you have available.

Burn your incense on charcoal if you choose.

Burn this before, during and after the ritual if you choose.

What You Need in Northern Hemisphere:

Any type of bell – the louder the better

A Small Glass – Glass


1 ounce Warm Milk

1 small pad Melted Butter

1 teaspoon of Honey – if you have a beekeeper close by asking them or use are honey if possible

Mix in either one or all of these spices 1/2 teaspoon dried ground ginger or 2-3 thin slices of fresh ginger or 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg or 3 whole cloves Oh can also set these spices on the treat/offering plate separately

What You Will Need in the Southern Hemisphere

  • Black candle that represents the dying God OR a yellow candle inscribed with a solar symbol (sun)
  • Offerings of flowers, fruits and grains
  • Divination tools that can include tarot cards and runes, use others if you wish
  • Cornbread to offer to the spirit of the dead
  • Samhain incense above



Lady Beltane: We call Earth into the watchtower of the North to help to remember to always stay grounded.

Priestess Hypatia: We call Air into the watchtower of the East to help us keep an open mind when exploring and learning about different paths of witchcraft.

Lady Beltane: We call Water into the watchtower of the West to help to put us in someone else shoes to see things from their point of few when we are angry about something they had said or done to us.

Priestess Hypatia: We call Fire to the watchtower of the South to remind us to always keep kindness burning in our mind, heart, and spirit towards others in our minds.

Casting the Sacred Circles

Lady Beltane – Nothern Hemisphere: (Each time starting in the East) I walk this circle with Beltane the May Queen/Queen of the Fairies three times. First to close it with Fire that any negative thing will be burned up before it can harm those in this circle/ Second to close it with Air to blow away anything Fire has burned. Third to close it with Water so Fire cannot make it to hot in our circle. (Standing between the circle and altar facing North) Next, I lay my hands flat on the floor then stand slowly while slowing turning clockwise bring my hands to waist level – I call on Earth to protect us from below. Lastly, I raise my arms over my head and walk clockwise while bring them down to meet Earth at waist level – I call upon Spirit to protect us from above.

Priestess Hypatia – Southern Hemisphere: Cast your circle and build up your energy of protection around you, begin to burn your Samhain  Incense Invocation of the God and Goddess by saying:

‘As the veil between the two worlds thins, I ask for your blessing Dark Mother and Dark Father,

I greet those who have gone before me, my ancestors and loved ones.

May the circle only be entered by those who wish me well.

We greet all those departed before us and who are free of all Earthly ties.”

EVERYONE: Please type in your first or pagan name and what country or state you are from. DO NOT include your towns name, please.

Beltane Ritual – Northern Hemisphere

In your small glass mix together the milk, honey, spices, and melted butter. Now while ring your bell why you say:

We invite the Fea Folk into our yards and gardens to help our, plants and trees to grow.

To the Fea Folk that only have mischief on their minds, you are not welcome on my property or in my vegetable and/or flower pots.

We honor you Queen with this offering of milk, honey, butter and spices she enjoys as a sign of good faith that we will treat her people with respect and supply them with an offering every month that we have given to you, Your Highness.

Stop ring your bell for now. When you take the offering outside for the Fairy Queen after our circle has opened then ring the bell three times three waiting about 10 seconds in between the sets of three rings. Slowly pour the mixture under the tallest tree in your yard so that the last drop comes out on the last ring of the bell (the 9th ring). Every month when you take the offering out to the Fea Folk that are helping you ring your bell in the same way as you did to signal the Queen.

Samhain RItual – Southern Hemisphere

This is the time to spend a few moments thinking of your loved ones.

Then say:

“We thank you for your presence here tonight”

Next- Light the God candle

Then say:

“This candle symbolizes the Sun Lord- its passing and quenching. Tonight it is the wheel of the year turning allowing all you dead souls to walk amongst the living. We are grateful as we pass through and into the shadow of darkness. In honor of the Gods and Goddesses, we thank you for your glorious gifts received from the summertime. As the Lord of the Sun moves from us and as the wheel turns, so it will turn again until the Sun rises from the moon.”

Wait for 2 minutes contemplating the prayer and blow out the black God candle. Do not light the God candle until Yule.

Now acknowledge the Crone aspect of the Goddess and say:

“Oh, Great Goddess of both wisdom and magick speak to us of your power and wisdom.  We thank you and acknowledge your gifts of the decreasing moon and the glorious stars. They will be used wisely. Grant us your energy and force so that our spells, rituals and divinations will be enthused. Understand great Goddess that they shall bring no harm to your creatures.”

Dismiss the spirits and ancestors by saying: “Go in peace and aid us as we look beyond the long dark days.”

Afterward: Use your divination tools to gain perspective for the coming months, hold a simple feat, close the scared circle and finally bury the offerings in the earth and leave a plate of food for the wandering spirits.


Dismissing the Watchtowers

Northern also Dismissing Spirit and Earth

Opening the Circles

Lady Beltane – Final Blessing – We go in peace and harmony, though the circle is open our coven shall never be broken. Blessing of good fortune my dear Brothers and Sisters

Samhain/Beltane Sabbat Gathering – Read Article for all the Information You Need

The rituals this evening were written by Lady Beltane and Priestess Hypatia. Lady Beltane will be leading the one for the Northern Hemisphere and Priestess Hypatia will be leading the one for the Southern Hemisphere. We ask that no matter which hemisphere you live in on Mother Earth that you attend for the entire ritual from the time the circle is cast until it is closed.



SOCIAL HOUR IS FROM 6:00 TO 7:00 PM CT (We are still on Daylight Savings time in the USA)

Use To Covert to Your Local Time

The Sacred Circle will be cast at 7:00 PM CT (Again please use the link to convert to your local time.)

Please remember not to enter the chat room after the circle has been cast because that will break the protection the circle,


Coven Life’s Chatroom


  Our ritual this evening is for honoring 1 ancestor because of how long the coven’s ritual is incorporating both halves of Mother Earth. You can do this ritual alone any time of day on Samhain using 1 birthday cake size candle for each ancestor you would like to visit with or just invite into your home for a specific amount of time. Usually, the amount of time is however long the candle is burning for ancestors you want to feel or see or hear from again. For ancestors, you wish to stay around longer use a larger candle. The spell we chant during the ritual asks for a specific name if you are going to be inviting in a few or a lot of ancestors you only name to put their names in the spell the last time you chant it as you say the person’s name light a candle for them. I use a pie pan with about 3/4-inch of sand or dirt (that I have put into a ziplock type bad and crushed with either my rolling pin or a meat tenderizing mallet until it is fine like sand is. Either will hold the candle(s) upright and help even out the heat when the candles have burned down even with the sand or dirt. Make sure to put whatever you use to hold more than one or two birthday cake candles on some type of trivet or hot pan holder so the item holding the candles does not directly touch the surface wherever you have them burning.

1 Birthday Cake Candle (The straight about 2-inch long kind, color does not matter)

                                                Heatproof container with sand or dirt in it that you can hold (You will be putting the birthday cake candle in this)

                                                2 Black 4 inch candles or 2 4 white candles turn upside down or colored black with a magic marker

2 Candle Holders for 4 inch candles

Lighter or Matches

A Place to do the ritual where you can SAFELY set the 4-inch candles on the floor at least 4 feet apart or more so you can safely walk through them.

Something to sit on either on the floor or a chair if getting up off the floor is difficult for you

A medium to a large container of water or a fire extinguisher close enough to grab if a candle falls over (We always want everyone to keep safety in mind when using things that are burning – candle, incenses, paper, etc.)




This is a wonderful time to help bring your dreams, aspirations and hopes to manifestation. This will be done by putting together a charm box that will be planted in the garden or wherever you feel drawn to.

·         A small – medium shallow box- you choose the size. Remember the bigger the box the more you will be filling it. Try and keep it reasonable by using the Goldilocks hypotheses- not too big, and not too small, just right. Some even use shoe boxes. If you don’t have a garden you may want to make a mini wish pot to keep in your garden. The idea is the same.

·         Seeds- some suggestions could be sunflower, poppy etc……

·         Rose petals

·         Fresh earth- soil in a container.

·         NOTE: please place some rose petals and seeds aside to sprinkle on top of box before you plant it.

·         Paper

·         Coloured markers or pens, crayons etc….. Anything that you could draw and write with.

·         Your symbol that represents your wish. Please see Suggested symbols for your wish box below.

·         Draw on the box whatever you feel will assist in manifesting your wish, it can include the Triple Moon Goddess, a heart, a pentacle, spirals representing the Goddess and Horns representing the God or whatever you feel drawn to. This is your WISH.

Suggested Symbols For Your Wish Box:

Love & Marriage – gingerbread
New Job – copper coin
Abundance – silver coin
Difficult Task – glove
Hearth & Home – thimble
Seeking the Truth – sprig of rosemary
Health, Healing, Renewed Strength – blue & green ribbon entwined

Happiness, Good Luck – cinnamon stickSeeking Knowledge – apple
To Find A Lost Item – feather
Protection – key (an old iron key is best if you have one)

Planting the wish Box:

·         Give the earth a water the night before or wait for a couple of days if rain is due.

·         Dig a hole 2 inches deep and place your Beltane Wish Box

·         Carefully concentrate in your wish and visualize it coming to fruition.

·         Imagine your wish growing with flowers and reaching the sky as you covert with earth.

·         As you plant the box please say: “Dream that lies within the earth awaken now. Hope that sleeps awaken now. The stars await as so do I. Grow true, grow strong, toward the sky.”


LADY BELTANE: I cast this circle around Mother Earth from north to south and east to west from above us to below us to keep us safe from anyone or thing they may try to harm us while we are doing our rituals

EVERYONE: Type in So mote it be. Also, your first name and what country or state you live in (no names of cities please)

Samhain ritual to honor an ancestor (We will be allowing 5 to 6 minutes for this part of our circle this evening. Try to set up your candles and where you will be sitting ahead of us starting the ritual so you will have more time to visit with your blood ancestor)

EVERYONE: Set your two 4-inch candles safely on the floor wide enough apart so you can walk through them without knocking them over. (I suggest at least 4 feet apart or more). You will be walking north to south so place whatever you will be sitting on to the south of the 4-inch candles at least 3 feet away from them or further so they are not accidentally knocked over when you get up the seated position.

Light to 4-inch candles. Deep 3 very deep cleansing breath and letting each out slowly calming your mind and spirit  Now walk through the space between the 4-inch candles imagine you are crossing through the veil between our physical plane and the spiritual plane. Bring the birthday cake candle in its holder with you. Sit down comfortably and then light the birthday candle while chanting this spell three times:

Blood to blood (NAME OF PERSON YOU WANT TO VISIT WITH) I call to thee

Blood to blood  (NAME OF PERSON YOU WANT TO VISIT WITH) I honor thee

Blood to blood  (NAME OF PERSON YOU WANT TO VISIT WITH) come to me

After you are through chanting the spell sit talking with or feeling your ancestor until your candle has burned out visiting with your ancestor.

When your birthday candle has burned down to the level of sand or dirt blow it out and type in: the First name of the person you were visiting with and Thank you for honoring me by coming please return to where you were. So mote it be.

Now stand up and walk back through the 4-inch candles from the spirit plane to our physical plane. Blow the candle out then say: I close this passage between the physical and spiritual planes.


Beginning the Beltane ritual with an observance:

PRIESTESS HYPATIA: Beltane is here and we welcome this time of fertility, joy, happiness, growth and manifestation. This is a time of Union of the Great God and Goddess. We greet this season of fire with passion and love with loving hearts and open arms. Let us come together to create life and honour this blessed union between the feminine and the masculine form which all life flows from.

As the Earth grows and creates life, so to we shall grow and create life.

EVERYONE: So mote it be!

Now the Instructions for the Wish Box:

·         Take the piece of paper and with the pen write down your wish. Type done when you are finished.

·         If you feel drawn to do so, decorate the box with your chosen symbols. Type done when you are finished.

·         Poke holes in the box lid to help the wish seeds to grow. Type done when you have finished.

·         Sprinkle some earth into the bottom of your box to make a shallow bed of earth. This is to scatter your seeds on. Type done when you have finished.

·         Place in the box your paper wish that you have written and your symbol for your wish.

·         Sprinkle this with more earth. Type done when you have finished.

·         Then sprinkle the seeds and the rose petals on top of the earth inside the box.

·         Cover the final layer with earth. Type done when you have finished.

·         Place the lid on the box, have it ready to plant the box when you feel it is the right time over the next couple of days. Type done when you have finished.

·         Keep the rose petal and seed mix to scatter on the box before burying it.

EVERYONE Finish of by saying:

On this scared blessed day, we thank you, Great Mother and Father, for all that you have given and will continue to give. You who make all of life anew and joyous with your sacred union. May you continue to bring magic and laughter into our lives.

Ancient ones I celebrate with you….

So mote it be!

LADY BELTANE: I close this circle from below to above us. I close this circle from west to east. I close this circle from south to north. May you go in peace, harmony, and love until we meet again the circle is closed but never broken. Blessed be dear brothers and sisters.

RITUAL TO IS OVER NOW TO CELEBRATE SAMHAIN AND BELTANE RISE YOUR GLASS HIGH AND SALUTE OUR GODS AND GODDESSES. Please stay to visit, ask questions, or just hang out for as long as you would like to.

Writing Beltane

There are certain sabbats on the calendar that are just bigger than the rest. Obviously Samhain is one of those. For many Pagans it’s the annual “reset” button, and its associations with death and the final harvest give it an extra degree of gravitas that most sabbats just don’t have. Add in its overlap with the secular Halloween and you’ve got the makings of very big holiday. The other “big” sabbat is generally Beltane for a variety of reasons. In colder climes it’s a “coming out” party, plus there are all the goings on about new life, the first planting, and of course sex. Sex is always a big seller.

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8 Things To Do For Beltane As a Solitary Pagan

Many Pagans are solitary practitioners, either by choice or by necessity. But most traditional activities for Beltane are designed for either large groups or for couples (and straight couples at that). In 2014 and 2015 I wrote a series of rituals for those working alone on the Wheel of the Year. Every year they’re near the top of the list of most popular posts – especially the Beltane ritual.

But what if you’d like to celebrate Beltane with something other than a ritual? Maybe you’re part of a group that holds its rituals on the Saturday nearest the holiday and you don’t want to do a second ritual. Or maybe you’re just feel the need to do something other than a ritual this time.

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Beltane: Beginning the Growing Season

It is during this time of year that the green magician and herbalist begin laying the sacred plot of the apothecary garden, awakening sleeping roots with offerings of milk and honey and collecting the early blossoms and buds of springtime for the altar and the creation of lustral waters.  This year it has stayed cold longer than it normally does, making it feel more like winter than spring.  Although the signs of the coming summer are beginning to make themselves known.  There are many things to be done both indoors and outdoors to prepare for the growing season.

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Southern Hemisphere Beltane October 31st

Most Pagans coincide with the seasons.  While October the 31st is Samhain in the Northern hemisphere, it is time to celebrate the coming of summer and the Great Rite here in the Southern Hemisphere. Feasting and celebrations give opening to this wonderful festival of fertility. Our spring carnival (Melbourne Cup) held on the first Tuesday of November showcases some of the most beautiful rose gardens that Melbourne has to offer.

Below is a link of the Pagan Festivals and their locations held Australia wide for those interested.



Another link below identifies the Southern Hemisphere dates.



In the beginning it all seemed a little confusing, however as I become more and more in tune to the rhythms of Mother Nature I allowed myself to listen while she spoke to me. Now I  wait and listen for her call. She will let me know when and where. There is only one rule and that is her rule, as without this rhythm that she has gifted us, all would cease to exist.

Blessings to the Earth Mother, The Great Goddess of Fertility and the union that she has with The God, as without either we would be nothing.

Many Blessings to all