Keeping Rituals Light and Fun for a Child

Remember not everything about The Craft has to be serious. You can honor a deity or do a spell in a fun way that brings joy and laughter to your heart, mind, and spirit. Young children usually learn things better if it is enjoyable to them rather than boring adult stuff. Take your child to the woods and have them look for a stick that they feel is special for them than take it home and do a ritual for their age level to turn the stick into their first wand. If the child feels it should be decorated offer them glue glitter stickers stones or even paint. To cast the circle the child could skip or dance around to form it or even do a small train where the adult leads the child behind them by holding hands. A suggestion is to do the consecration ritual as a chant, this way the child gets to sing and maybe play a drum (a plastic bowl and wooden spoon work great for a child). When it comes time to do the feasting have juice and graham crackers, remember to have them take some outside to make an offering of thanks. When your ritual is through or during it allow the child to dance or skip around the circle to open it. Keep the ritual light, entraining, and fun and I can almost guarantee the child will remember getting their first wand forever. You may also want to help the child, depending on age to sew a bag to keep their wand in, especially if it has glitter on it.


Coven Gathering Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 7:00 PM CT

This months ritual is written and will be led by our adept IsBear


Gathering starts at 7:00 PM CT for greet and meet

Sacred Circle starts at 7:20 PM CT SHARP

Please do not enter or leave the circle once it is cast as it disrupts the energy flow within.

The only exception is if you are already in the circle and somehow lose connection you may come back.


It will be held in the Coven Life’s private chat room. Click on the following link to set Up an account of do not have one:

Coven Life Chat Room


1 White Candle- your choice of size

Candle Holder

Matches or Lighter

Since the winter months are upon us I wanted to do this ritual to keep the warmth in our homes and for those that need warmth in theirs. 
IsBear :Merry meet the December Esbats ritual will now begin. I’m IsBear from Canada
EVERYONE: Would each person state their first name and what country or state they are from
IsBear: I here by cast this circle three times three, to bring us into a place of peace and harmony. 
I ask that Artemis give us protection within this circle and to those out side of it.
As the colder months are upon us we light our candles to bring warmth into our homes, and to those that need it.
EVERYONE: Light your candle.
Now we will take two minutes to meditate and envision our homes and those of others staying warm throughout the winter months. Blow out the candle. (You may relight the candle as many times as you choose and use it to meditate for this same thing)
IsBear: So Mote It Be
IsBear: We thank you Artemis for your protection of those within, and out of this circle. This circle is open but not unbroken. 
Tonight’s ritual is now complete. You may all go in peace. Much love and many blessings!

Some Inexpensive Ideas for Magickal Tools

Many of us are on tight budgets so cannot afford to go out a purchase fancy things for our altars. Most of my tools have come to me from garage sales, thrift stores, gifts, and my kitchen. Here are some ideas of things you can use in your magickal workings that will cost you little to nothing because you already have them in your kitchen or around the house. Just remember to cleanse and consecrate them for your magickal workings and do not return to using them as an everyday item.

First, let me start with directing you to Dollar stores if available where you live. They carry many cute useful items as well as seasonal one to decorate your home and/or altar with.

One set of my containers for Earth and Water came from a candle set I was given at some point. They are clear glass volite candle holders measuring about 1 1/2 inches tall and about the same in diameter. Another set I have are wooden leaf shape dishes, I think meant to be used to hold candy or nuts, that I picked up for $1.00 each at a thrift store. You can also use any small glass or bowl you have but do not use every day.

My ceremonial knife is a small kitchen knife my mom gave to me when I started to learn to help cook. This is another item you can usually find at a flea market, resale, dollar store or thrift shop.

The main wand I use came from a beautiful Red Maple that grows in my front yard. I also have a small clear quartz crystal that I found on a 50% off table in a new age store. Take a walk around your neighborhood, a park, or forest “listening” for a tree that calls to you then ask the trees permission to take a branch to use (a wand should measure from the crook of your elbow to the top of your middle finger and be straight). You can leave the bark on the branch or strip it off and decorate it however you want or just leave it plain. If you would rather have a stone or Crystal wand check new age stores or online for sales. Another place to look would be a gem show but these will have a much higher cost.

My Atheme is a gift from my husband. Its original purpose was as a letter opener. but as it looks like a small medieval sword I asked him if I could have it. My sword is a short one that was given to me by a neighbor. I love as the holder for it looks like a pile of stones with a red Dragon wrapped around it. You can find a double edge knife fairly cheap at a flea market to be used as your Atheme.

My candle holders come from many people as well as thrifts stores and dollar stores. My personal candlestick (actual name for a candle holder) was a gift from my husband many years ago for my birthday/Beltane (same day). It is black wrought iron that stands about 6-7 inches tall and has a spiral coming off of both sides to which I have attached some of my hair (got it from my brush) to personalize it more. I have many shape and sizes of candlesticks. These two can be picked up many places cheaply, especially with Yule items already showing up in most stores.

As for a broom I just inherited two from my mother before that I would make mine on the Spring equinox. The handle depended on what tree we pruned in the last year and I attached boughs from my Pine tree to it. I would then use the old one to light my Litha/Summer Solstice fire. You can also use Weeping Willow branches to make the sweeping part of the broom or even straw.

As for altar clothes, I look in the remnant box at my local fabric or hobby store or even Walmart.

My chalices again are gifts or bought at thrift stores. All of mine are clear or etched wine glasses. I also have a cup with a matching lid that I use if I am having a hot beverage. But the lid I always use as an offering dish for bread, crackers or whatever.

Crystals and semi-precious stones I pick up a bag or two of small ones for $3.00-$5.00 at our villages festival. You do not have to have a large size crystal or stone to work with, remember it is your intent that gives it power, not the size it is.

The statues I have of Goddesses and Gods aga were either gifts from other Witches or bought inexpensively. My favorite statue that I use as my Beltane Goddess is a ceramic doll my mom made for my 12th birthday. For Gods, I mainly use pine cones, a plastic deer statue from my dad or acorns.

For spirit, I use many different things from purple or white candles to different sizes and types of Angels I have found here and there on sale. Again I suggest going to a Dollar store this time of year they usually have a lot to pick from.

As for my traveling altar, I use a coin purse my sister gave me that come from Denmark. In it I carry a wooden matchstick for Fire, a small heart shape red stone I found walking in my neighborhood for Earth, a small feather for Air, a small seashell for Water, an Agel that came from a pair of earrings I had and lost one of them and a Pentacle that is about a 1/2 inch in diameter. To protect it and make it look like the chain purse it is supposed to be I have some of my hair in it, a little white sage, and a little sweet grass. For the God and Goddess, I picked up a tiny set of a bride and groom at a hobby store. Plus I charmed it for people to just maybe give it a glance than not think any more about it.

So see your altar items if you want them do not have to cost you very much at all. I would say over the last 40+ years I have spent maybe a total of $100.00 out of pocket for items to go on my altar. Most of that has been on replaces candles until I started trying to make my own.

Copyright 2017 Lady Beltane

New Moon Coven Gathering Saturday, November 18, 2017 at 7:00 PM CT


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Socializing starts at 7:00PM CT

Circle starts at 7:15 PM CT SHARP

Please do not enter the chat room once the circle has started. Thank you!


Coven Life’s Chat Room


1 Ice cube

1 Fresh Leaf of any kind

2 Paper Towels to set the leaf on


This month we honor the coming of colder weather, the frost that comes with it and the goddess Hekate, who helps bring in the shorter days of this month.

LADY BELTANE: Merry meet and welcome to our circle for November.

EVERYONE: Merry greet. Please give your first name and state or country you live in.

LADY BELTANE: I cast this circle three times three. I take us to a place that is not a place. I take us to time out of time. Into the abyss, we proceed with the knowledge that Hekate will guide and protect us.

We will have a two-minute meditation to allow our energies to combine and raise within our circle.

Lay your paper towels flat in front of you and place the leaf on top of them. Take the ice cube (you may want to wrap a paper towel around part of it so it is not as cold when you hold it) in your power hand. Start running the ice along the leaf from where it attaches to tree to the tip of it.  Repeat doing this until you have gone over the entire leaf starting in the right side and finishing on the left Continue reading “New Moon Coven Gathering Saturday, November 18, 2017 at 7:00 PM CT”

Southern Hemisphere Beltane October 31st

Most Pagans coincide with the seasons.  While October the 31st is Samhain in the Northern hemisphere, it is time to celebrate the coming of summer and the Great Rite here in the Southern Hemisphere. Feasting and celebrations give opening to this wonderful festival of fertility. Our spring carnival (Melbourne Cup) held on the first Tuesday of November showcases some of the most beautiful rose gardens that Melbourne has to offer.

Below is a link of the Pagan Festivals and their locations held Australia wide for those interested.


Another link below identifies the Southern Hemisphere dates.


In the beginning it all seemed a little confusing, however as I become more and more in tune to the rhythms of Mother Nature I allowed myself to listen while she spoke to me. Now I  wait and listen for her call. She will let me know when and where. There is only one rule and that is her rule, as without this rhythm that she has gifted us, all would cease to exist.

Blessings to the Earth Mother, The Great Goddess of Fertility and the union that she has with The God, as without either we would be nothing.

Many Blessings to all


Missing Loved Ones

As the veil grows ever thinner I find myself getting more excited but at the same time missing my parents and other loved ones more. I have found this happening every year for the week before Samhain. To help combat the loneliness, sadness, I try to take more walks to look at the beautiful fall colors or lose myself in reading or another hobby. As a channeler for those who have crossed this time of year can overwhelm me if I allow it. Many empaths also feel others energy or feelings or physical maladies more than usual. Even those without these abilities may find themselves hearing or feeling loved ones around especially if they have crossed over in the past year.

I guess the point I am trying to make is we all can commune with those who have crossed over if we want to if we do not want then I suggest putting a magical shield up around yourself to keep them away. An easy way to do this is to ask Archangel Micheal to shield you with his white light so no one may reach you that has crossed over. If you want to commune with anyone who has crossed that is family you can use this simple spell that I use to call to my ancestors when I am in need of their guidance.

Blood to blood I call to thee

Blood to blood I honor thee

Blood to blood (put in person name you are wanting to visit with) come to me

Repeat the spell three times for each person you are calling to. Then sit quietly as in meditation and listen for them and/or to feel their presence around you. The person also may wait and come to you in a dream. Remember to tell the person they are free to go back from wherever they came anytime they chose to.

For a non-blood related person, you wish to commune with you can use this simple spell.

Friend to friend I call to thee

Friend to friend I honor thee

Friend to friend (put in person name you wish to commune with) come to me.

Repeat the spell three times for each person you are calling to. Then sit quietly as in meditation and listen for them and/or to feel their presence around you. The person also may wait and come to you in a dream. Remember to tell the person they are free to go back from wherever they came anytime they chose to.

Either of these spells can be done any time of the year you would like to commune with someone who has crossed. If the person does not come to you it be because they have started a new lifetime, are getting ready to start a new one, or as simple as they do not feel like communing at that time.



Let’s honor our ancestors.

The Festival of the Dead or Feast of Ancestors is held in many cultures around the world. For centuries people globally have been honoring their ancestors. The reverent devotion expressed by their deceased forbears through a culturally prescribed set of rules and observances.  From Japan, China, Korea to Nepal, Peru, Mexico, India, Scotland, Ireland and Cambodia are to name just a few.

The ancient Greeks, Romans, Persians, the Pacific and Tongan Islands, Africa and Native America till this day continue to recognize the honoring. These religious traditions have remained steadfast and are usually practiced among cultures who have strong ancestral reverence.

I take this time of the year to remember all the people in my life gone. I build a little remembrance alter, give them an offering, light a candle and allow myself to slip between the veil.

Happy all Hallows Eve.

A link with an insight on how people around the world celebrate their ancestors.


Hypatia Of Alexandrea