FYI about Lady Beltane

Merry meet and merry greet Brothers and Sisters,

I took my stubborn bull by its horns and said enough is enough of working a second job that was very stressful for me and quit today! i talk a lot about balance in our lives and it is time to practice what I write about, I was trying to work 2 part time jobs, run this website almost by myself, stay up with novice and adept lessons as well as other email and still try to fit in quality time with my husband. Not a balanced life at all since the jobs entailed me working 7 days a week. I will finally after 2 years have weekends to spend with my husband, R., family, and familiars, Star and Cleo while I will be able to get many odd jobs done around my poor house that has suffered while I worked also creating a cluttered living environment, which can be toxic in many ways to a person physically, mentally, and spiritually. The only room 1/2 way clean is my den/temple room and only because I stayed up to 2:oo AM one-night last week to clean it…boy did I suffer the next day.

Anyway, it is a start to really bring balance back and kick stress out of the way. With having fibromyalgia (a condition I am learning is in part from stress) I have to prioritize what is important to me. So as of today here are my priorities:

Eating right, getting enough proper rest, exercising as suggested from physical therapist

Husband and Familiars

Children and grandchildren

My novices and Adept – I will have more availability on the weekends for starting the Novice and adept class meetings, also for one on one meets in the chat room (or through Skype for students only)

Coven Life website with continuing help from Lady of the Abyss

Getting my home back to being really liveable (I know this is different for everyone for me it is having my 2nd dining room table back, dust free surfaces (I am allergic to dust mites) clean up my yard and gardens, cleaning out unwanted junk in the basement, getting clothes donated to a women’s shelter)

Restarting my dog obedience training business again for the warm weather months (A passion of mine right up there with teaching and running this site)

Finish my book for Novice Witches

Some f you may find this post ridiculous or unnecessary or any number of negative things but I felt it was important to share that I am not above chewing myself out for not practicing what I tell others they should do when I am not doing it myself. I will check in with you all through here from time to time to let you know if I am making any headway on my home and if I am balancing my life to the best of my ability. Until then…keep balance in your life, keep the stressors to a minimum and enjoy your life to the fullest!!!

Merry part until we merry meet again, with a heart overflowing with love may you be blessed dear ones,

Lady Beltane


Let’s Start a National Self – Appreciation Day TODAY

I figured since many holidays start with a grassroots movement we should declare the first day of the full Moon in May a national holiday no matter what nation you live in. The name of the holiday – Self-Appreciation Day! Here in the U.S.A., we have appreciation days for everything from secretaries to honoring those who have served our country. All people who deserve recognition but we have no day to appreciate ourselves. It is way past time that we do. Some of us work more than one job, have small children, pets, volunteer work, you name it someone does it. Do, we always get the recognition we deserve? NO! To we take time out of our busy schedules to just do something we like to do alone? Most of us do not do this often enough if at all. So I declare we all should take one day at least a year to honor yourself, your achievements, reaching a goal you set for yourself, etcetera, and I decided today should be that day. We do not need parade, cards or the other material thing manufacture tries to trap us into buying or doing for other holidays. Maybe all we need is an uninterrupted chance to go to the restroom (I know my children when they were young would try to follow me or knock on the door asking questions), maybe go have a quiet lunch with a friend you have not had a chance to catch up with for a while or just take a bag lunch and sit outside to eat it (if the weather is nice enough), read a couple or more pages in that book you have been dying to start, you can do anything that will boost your appreciation for all you do for others but especially what you should and/or do, do for yourself.

Self-appreciation leads to more self-worth which in turns leads us to be stronger more clear-headed and compassionate people. This is not a selfish thing to do this is a must do to be the best person you can be for not only yourself but everyone you interact with as well.

I ask you what is one small or big thing you can do for yourself this first day of May 2017 Full Moon? I am

I am going to use part of the day to rest and play with my fur girls. I also plan on doing at some point on Adept level lessons, I hope since I go called into work before I could even finish this.’


A Warming Memory – Mom’s Warm, Comforting Shawl

Whenever I am afraid and feel as if I have no one to turn to, Or if I am really lonely and sad missing my mom. I glance over to either my bedroom chair or the corner of the daybed in my den and spot a most wondrous thing is just laying there waiting for me…

my mom’s special white shawl.

To her, it was very special as it was kept and only worn at the church she attended for over five decades, as regularly as she could. To me, it is extremely special as it carries her warm, positive, and loving energy. Later in her life as her health started deteriorating she attended in person less often but her shawl stayed to soak up all the love, blessings, and well-wishes as it hoped for her return. I remember being at her home one of many times when she had a home visit from a couple of her church ministers, they would come to pray with her and give her holy communion. This one-time one of them asked her, “Jeannine where is your beautiful shawl? Did you misplace it at church? Would you like us to look for it to bring it to you?” Her reply, if I remember right was something along the line of, “If I’m not there then someone else could use it if they get a chill. Plus I have a pretty one my daughter made me for cool winter days here with me.”  That made me feel about ten feet tall and so happy that I made something that my mother enjoyed using.

My mom also on occasion she would ask me to come to her in my capacity as an ordained pagan minister and not as her daughter. To say I was honored that this outwardly Christian who ask a pagan minister for guidance instilled me more belief that I come from a long line of witches that were or are still in the Broomcloset. Many times she would have the shawl I made her out and would ask me to cleanse it and then recharge it with healing and my love. I now I have this shawl also but it does not give me the same comfort as the beautiful white one.

I do not have a clue as to where my mother got it or if it was made for her by someone else. But when it is cool in my home I automatically grab it to throw around my shoulders and immediately all my worries, aches, pains and chilliness go away. I know in my heart my mother infused this shawl with her own form of witchcraft so I will always have a piece of her close to or embracing me.

 Copyright 2017 Lady Beltane May not be copied or reproduced in any manner without express permission from the writer.

Spring is Here! Time to Get Your Gardens Ready

Welcome to springtime in the northern hemisphere. As the warmer weather comes a witches thoughts turns to sowing a garden. A garden can mean a different thing to each of us. For me it is getting my physical seeds ready for my veggie garden, to check to see if my herbs survived the winter or if I need to start new ones. Spiritually it means starting new seeds/paths for me to be able to grow to be closer to Mother Earth, the Universal energies, my students, and my teachers. To be able in the fall to reap full benefits of all that I have learned and put them into practice whether it is in my own personal life or helping my students with something. This year I need to plant new seeds and seedlings for all my flower gardens because early heavy rains in this part of the country washed away two inches of top soil in all my flower beds.

What does planting a garden mean to you? Do you plant flowers, vegetables, herbs, goals or a little of all of these or any combination? Remember whatever you plant will come to fruition with the right amount of love, watering (spiritually this can be communicating with each other in the pagan community or even be emailing me to say hi), sunshine (remember to thank the Sun God) and nurturing from within yourself (positive thoughts and affirmations) and from others in our community.

I would really LOVE to SEE COMMENTS on this post, please. Share with us your seeds and lets us help you grow them to their fullest potential!

Copyright 2017 Lady Beltane

A Little about when Lady Beltane was a Novice

I was getting ready to post articles about Imbolc and Lammas but my Spirit Guides had a different idea of what I should post today.

I was asked by one of the Adept witches in our online coven to talk a little about my time as a newbie in a coven and what it was like on up to where I am today. So I will begin this journey of telling about my journey with my novices year and a day. Let me stress that all covens are different in how they treat newcomers and even established members. Some have very strict rules while others have seemingly no rules. So if you are interested in a specific coven make sure it is a good fit for you and how you want to study The Craft and you are a good fit for their group.

My instructors, as I did not consider them being mentors as we had no real personal relationship, were pretty different than how I mentor my novices. I was a novice about 40 years ago and a lot has changed. The coven I was in during the time I was a novice was Wicca not really any well know tradition just WIcca. First, of all, I was not allowed to attend any actual coven gatherings until I had studied for six months. My first six months of studies were basically reading different papers written by the elders in the coven and books they told me to read than doing written assignments for each thing I read. There were specific questions that pertained exactly to the papers or books I read and I had to basically do book reports for some of them. I was discouraged from reading anything that was not assigned reading. Secondly, my written assignments ranged from how to set up an altar to how to commune with animals (something I am still working on achieving today). I wrote nothing about spells, rituals or how to write and perform them, this was considered too advanced for a novice. I only had access to the oldest members of the coven one evening per week to call if I had a question about what I was working on that week. This made it very difficult at times for my studies to progress as fast as the coven or I would have liked. When I was finally allowed to attend coven gatherings I was not allowed to speak to anyone before the ritual started or during it. I was allowed to mingle with coven members after the ritual but not to ask questions about my studies unless I could get one of the elders aside where no one else could hear us. It was an extremely stressful year and a day for me to the point of me seriously thinking I was on the wrong spiritual and magickal path. I did make it through their novice training but when it came time to be brought into the coven as an adept I chose to try a different coven in a totally different town as I did not really want to run into any of the first coven’s members.

Please keep in mind my experiences were about 40 years ago and every coven is different in how it brings new members into it.Next time I will talk a little about my Adept year and a day which was much more pleasant than the novice level. Not just because I knew more but because the coven was a lot more welcoming and caring.

Until then dear ones try to bring something magickal into your life every day thank will bring you happiness or joy or love or caring or comfort or whatever you need that day. Much love and many blessings from me to you my dear ones.