The Wonder and Joy of Children Trick-or-Treating and Other Stuff

A warning I do get off the topic of the title of this post here and there…lol

I work at a small family owned carryout restaurant and Saturday was the day for children to trick or treat at all the business in the downtown area of the village I live in. Our downtown is about 3 to 4 blocks long. So even though it was my day off I said I would “dress up” and come in to handle the candy giving. Any guesses of what I “dressed up” as?…..

A more or less stereotypical witch but I use this day and when children trick or treat at my home on Samhain to educate people that witches are not some green wart faced horrible creature but that we look just like any person does. To teach them we live in their neighborhoods if we have younger children they go to school or make play dates or well basically we do everything the way they do except our religion is thought to be dark and evil instead of loving and forgiving.

Let’s take a minute to look at the way we approach our spiritual path compared to those who follow a mainstream dogma. We do not have a set “in stone” way to practice our spiritual path we are free to choose what feels right for ourself, even if you are in a coven. The only thing almost all witches and pagans follow is “Do as ye will, less it harm none.” Our pagan ways take us down a path the honors Mother Earth instead of trying to rape and destroy her. Our “Earth Day” is not just Aprill 22nd our “Earth Day” is every day! We do not condemn someone for being different we embrace being different in our actions and words. We do not have a son of god to pray to ask for forgiveness of the wrongs or sins we do to others. We take responsibility or at least we should for wrongs we do to others in words or actions and try to make amends for them besides asking the person to forgive us and forgive yourself. If it is a wrong we have done to ourself we also need to be able to forgive yourself.

OK time to get off my soapbox and back to the topic I started with. So I had a medium size Besom with me that my mother had hanging on the wall with pictures of our family and some friends on it. She had asked me to charm it to keep anyone in the pictures safe. I had this and my staff sitting next to me. A little girl about 4 or 5 years old got her candy and then just stood there staring at my Besom, finally, I asked her if she was ok as mom was talking with another mom. She said she was fine but asked, “Can I please have a ride on your broom?” Trying hard not to laugh because the way she looked and how she asked was so cute I asked her, “Do you have a broom drivers license?” Of course, she said no so I had to tell her she had to wait until she had one before she could ride my broom.

I also had grownups come up to me to tell me that I had the most authentic witches “costume” they ever saw. Let me explain what I was wearing – I had on my cloak, dress, different amulets, my pentacle, different rings, and a necklaces of many types of stones and crystals in other words almost everything I would wear to a face to face gathering. I would thank them and let them know except for the pointy black “witch’s hat” that this what I wore to coven gatherings and I was a real witch not just dressed up in a costume. Most of them then asked if they could take a picture of me with their children to which I let them. Some even asked for this website address.

I figure if I can change the way people think about witches and pagans, even if it is one at a time, maybe someday soon it will be safe in every country in the world for witches to come out of their broom closet. Just think of the changes we could make in the way most people treat our sacred Mother Earth, her waterways, and air. Even as far as doing something about all the garbage that circles our plant in the outer atmosphere.

I ask myself daily I how can I make a difference in the way I and my fellow witches are seen? My usual answer just be myself. If you are out of the broom closet ask yourself the same thing. If you are still in the broom closet how can I be of help to bring you out?

May the Lord and Lady bless you this day and always with good things in your lives.

Blessed be sisters and brothers.

24 Hours in a Day Can be More Then Enough to Find ME TIME Daily

Most of us live busy lives work, household chores, laundry, maybe a significant other and/or children. Along with maybe book clubs, arts and crafts alone or with others and handworks like sewing, crocheting, or knitting, building things etc. Besides some of us be adults students with homework to fit in. Anyway I could go on and on with this list but I am sure you all get what I am saying, “There’s often there is not enough time in 24 hours” to accomplish everything and still have time to relax, meditate, sleep, etc and don’t forget unexpected things like traffic problems, or an emergency can pop up out of nowhere to throw your daily schedule completely off. While we cannot plan every day down to the last minute most days are basically the same in most of our lives. Below are a couple ideas I have started using that you may find helpful too. Finding ways to prioritize helps you to keep a balance in your life thus making it less stressful and this, in turn, brings more positive energy to you in many different ways. Whereas when you are stressed you bring more negative energy and other nasty things towards you.

For spells and rituals, I have a section in my BOS where they stay until I have the entire thing finished. This includes the day and Moon phase that is best to do the spell and/or ritual on for what I’m doing, items needed for the spell and/or ritual, the entire spell and/or ritual and most importantly how I want it to manifest in my life or whoever I am doing it for. A small reminder here when writing a spell and/or ritual keep the outcome you want from it in your mind while you are writing it.

I have 2 special notebooks I use. One is a 3-ring binder, so I can add pages as needed and wrote “PROJECTS” on the front. With a project, I write what I need to do for the project by writing down each different step 1st, 2nd, etc how long I want to spend on each step with the last step being finished. I put a line through the step and then rip out the page when the project is completed.

For my 2nd notebook for my day to day responsibilities, such as making sure there is something new on CL and student or other people emails are check and responded to, most days I have what’s for dinner on it, I use calendar page made using a spreadsheet that I print off from my computer leaving a space at the very bottom where I can write in by hand last minute things that I may pop up that I need to do that month. (See example at the bottom) I have these sheets in a pocket folder all start the pages start on the right side and get moved to the left on the last day of the month. I take each month and put it on the wall next to my spot where I use my laptop the most, so I can easily check it out either before bed or in the morning with while having my first cup of coffee. I have typed in all the regular things I do day to day and month to month I have to do down along the first column that I make wider than the rest of them and write the month and dates for that month along the top.  Here again, I write down a certain amount of time I want to spend on each responsibly next to that responsibility in the second column. When I finish something I make a check mark in its column under the corresponding date. Even if it a one-time thing for that month, like a doctor appointment or a class I am attending that month I write them in at the bottom of the everyday list. My doctor and other appointment type things I also put into the calendar on my cell phone with reminders set to go off the day before and then a second reminder with extra time for getting to where I have to be.

Another thing I have started doing to save time when grocery shopping is looking at my calendar to see what’s on the menu for that week, then check my pantry and freezer to make sure I have everything in the house to make it. I then use a tip my younger daughter gave me, I make a shopping list on my cell phone so as I think of things we are running low on or something special I want like ice cream I can just add it right away and not forget about it.

It may seem silly to some people that I use different notebooks beside my BOS but this is what works for me. The day to day one is really important for me because I have Fibromyalgia and with it come memory problems. I have found all of this helps me to prioritize what I have to do so I can have some me time every day for meditation or reading or nice hot bubble bath or whatever I want to do for me time.

Example of my monthly calendar (I purposely left the time I assign to each thing out so it would fit right on here):

NAME OF MONTH 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
CL Posting
Answer Emails
Walk & Feed Girls
Work 11 A – 2 P
House Chores
Work on Book

Copyright 2018 Lady Beltane

How I found the Coven Where I Did my Novice Traing

Since I was about 13 I’ve always tried t o walk to the sound of my own drummer but still bring under parental and school authority it didn’t always work out well. On my 19th birthday, after having 2 children and a failed marriage, I said to hell with the directions the”adults” in my life thought I should go, especially my spiritual path (I come from witches on both sides of my family that are hidden very deep in the broom closet) and listened to my drummer/spirit guide as stated embracing the true me I had hid mostly his from myself and definitely his from others. My search for a mentor in The Old Ways/The Craft took me a while because no computers and word of mouth was not very forth coming. But I’m Samhain I was walking in some woods near my home and dribbled on a coven celebrating the Sabbat. I say just inside the tree line where I thought I would be be seen….ha! My first lesson in finding out how our Third Eye can work because all of sudden the music, chanting, and dancing stopped as I lied to see what was happening next there was an old, when I say old I mean she in her ninties, I came to find out she was the Crime Elder of the coven. This lady out her hand out to me and said, “Come child of nature we have been waiting for you.” I was a little afraid of the other coven members but something in me trusted the Crone. The was the retired High Priestess of the coven she had handed over the coven to one of her daughter’s and son-in-laws.

That first experience celebrating Samhain with the coven was nothing short of see inspiring for me with a bonfire teaching high into the star lot night sky, watching and listening to the music be played on drums and flutes, the hand in hand circle, which I was included, of people dancing around the fire. I immediately wanted to b part of this group of “loving” people.

When the celebration was winding the High Priestess asked if I wanted to follow the Craft and of cord I said yes. I was given a  small invitation which had the date, time, and place of their next gathering. I was also sworn to silence about what I had seen that night as the place of the next gathering.

As I wrote about before my novice training experience was to me horrible but I was afraid to leave the coven until it was done because of the contract I signed and what could possibly happen to my living female bloodlines, maternal and parental sides, my children, and/or myself. At the time I signed the contract I had no idea how to put protection around myself or anyone else. But the date the contract expired, one year and one day from signing it, I turned my back on he entire coven except the Crime who help me with my path as often as she could even going against coven by laws to help me.

T can read about my time as a novice in an older post. Use the words Lady Beltane Novice.

Thank you for letting me share part of my pagan/whitchy path with you. May you life be blessed with positive energy.

How to Calmly End a Stress Filled Day

This goes along with the day I had…LOL

The following is an easy form of meditation that can be done anywhere anytime you fell the need to ise it.

Believe me, it was a close call a couple of times but I did what anyone should do when confronted with stress or someone that is just thoroughly aggravating take a very deep breath (try to count slowly to at least five and work your way up until you can count to ten) and then let it out slowly (using the same counting system you used to inhale) using a keyword to help you relax, say as you let out the last part of your breath…do this three times. It really does help to lower stress, blood pressure, and the feeling of wanting to whack someone. My keyword is simple I just use the word ” RELAX.” I also use this a night when I have had a stress-filled day and am having a hard time going to sleep. Each time I say relax in my mind I can feel myself Sinking (for lack of a better-discripted word) into my mattress and pillow more. I am usually at least 2/3 of the way to sleep after the third breath.


Dear brothers and sisters may your slumber be restful and your dreams all pleasant ones.

NItey nite and until we meet again blessed be dear one.

Copyright 2018 Lady Beltane

Air Noise Silenced

When I was walking to work this morning I was thinking how quite and scary it was with all airplanes and helicopters had been grounded after the terrorist attacks on 2001. When I first came out of work that day it was so quite as many businesses had closed and people were in their homes filed to the television waiting for updates from the three places where the terrorist had crashed jetliner into buildings and the field in Pennsylvania where passengers lost their lives bring down the fourth plane before it could crash on to capitol hill in Washington DC. There were no tell take contrails from her exhaust and the silence was unnerving instead of golden.

This morning I looked up into sunny skies full of contrails saw and heard the jetliner and helicopters. I stopped midstep and have a prayer of thanks that I had not lost anyone I knew on 9/11/2001. Then asked Archangel Gabriel to wrap all those affected in a negative way to be wrap his warm wings of comfort and love.

it also got me to thinking while we as a nation have been sick a big point of drawing attention back to the catastrophic event 2001 under the guise of honoring all the people that lost their life that day, or later from injuries they had sustained at one of the crash site. What about those that have taken their own life over the last seventeen years because of survivor guilt and/or PTSD. The family member’s the media causes to relieve that day over and over again so we as a nation can claim we will never forget the terrorist actions on our soil. Why should many men, women, and children who lost a love one and/or friend on 9/11/2001 and are possibly still under  a doctor’s care for mental and/or physical or both things have to relive their nightmare they went and possibly still going through year after year? Please do not misunderstand me I respect and honor those who died that and the family and friends the left behind. I just personally think it is time for the families and friends who lost someone that day to be able to grieve in private and if they can live their private lives without the USA government parading in front of television cameras every year on 9/11for photo opportunities for the politicians.

Since 9/11/2001 many more men, womenwomen, and animals have been killed while serving in our military because of the horrendous crimes carried out on that date. Leaving behind even more people with PTSD and other mental, emotional, and physical disabilities. Which again includes their families and friends.

I mean absolutely no disrespect for the men, women, children, or those who care about them from 9/11/2001 to the military personnel still on active duty. I am just trying to say that we as a nation should respect what they are going through and respect their privacy. If you see anyone anywhere who has served or is serving in our military  go up to them and thank them for their service and the sacrifices their families and friends made when they were sent sent thousands of miles away not knowing if they would return home as the same person that left or in a body bag.

No matter what country you live please always remember to asked the Goddess and God to keep the men and women safe and to let them come home unharmed and not just those in the  military but first responders to emergencies where you live, this would include everyone from the person that answers the phone to dispatch help you, firemen and police officers also.

Thank you for your caring and concern for your fellow men, women, children, domestic and wild animals

Bearing Thankfulness to the Elders that Taught Me Meditation

I have been a practising witch/pagan for over 40 years as a coven member, coven leader, and solitary witch. But at times of great stress as I have dealt with at work and I’m my personal life the last 10 days it still takes a reminder now and than to go back through the years to when I was a young witch learning The Craft.

I allowed myself until about an hour ago to be so stressed out I have hardly slept in 72 hours. Than my guides have me a figurative knock up the side of my head to light one of my two favorite incensed, sandalwood (the other being jasmine) find some soothing whale song/waves breaking music on YouTube as I was to keyed up to find my CD. Now I am almost relaxed enough to get a good night’s rest. If it was not for a couple of the Elders in the coven where I did my novice studies I would never have thought whale songs could be so beautiful and relaxing to listen to. I send a heartfelt thank you to my Elders. May your lives still be filled with joy, love, and a will to teach. Blessed be dear ladies!

Four Day Snowstorm – Helped me Discover Many Things

I live outside of Chicao, Illinois, USA. From Thursday evening through Sunday around noon we got about 14 to 15 inches of snow, I have not actually measured it yet. I am thankful that it did not all fall at once as there little breaks between the downfall but city and state operated snowplows still had a hard time keeping up. I am grateful beyond words for the men and women who took their lives in their hands to clear the roads and to all the police and fire personal that were over worked as well because of an increase in traffic accidents and people getting hurt in other ways also.

Half the time I was without internet but thanking God’s and Goddesses that we had heat, electricity, food, and shelter. Which many people did not have.

I looked at the situation as a quite time almost like a retreat and took advantage to have time to do some deep mediations, read parts of books on The Craft I has not gotten to, spend quality time with my husband and best of a long hot mineral bath for sure muscles.

I learned that I had been taking the spiritual side of my path for granted and the magickal part was getting to much focus. So my goal is to get the balance back between those two which will in turn help me being my entire self back into balance and allow me to connect more with the Universe and all its wonders.

Have you taken time recently to take stock of your spiritual/magickal path to see where you are in it? Continue reading “Four Day Snowstorm – Helped me Discover Many Things”

FYI about Lady Beltane

Merry meet and merry greet Brothers and Sisters,

I took my stubborn bull by its horns and said enough is enough of working a second job that was very stressful for me and quit today! i talk a lot about balance in our lives and it is time to practice what I write about, I was trying to work 2 part time jobs, run this website almost by myself, stay up with novice and adept lessons as well as other email and still try to fit in quality time with my husband. Not a balanced life at all since the jobs entailed me working 7 days a week. I will finally after 2 years have weekends to spend with my husband, R., family, and familiars, Star and Cleo while I will be able to get many odd jobs done around my poor house that has suffered while I worked also creating a cluttered living environment, which can be toxic in many ways to a person physically, mentally, and spiritually. The only room 1/2 way clean is my den/temple room and only because I stayed up to 2:oo AM one-night last week to clean it…boy did I suffer the next day.

Anyway, it is a start to really bring balance back and kick stress out of the way. With having fibromyalgia (a condition I am learning is in part from stress) I have to prioritize what is important to me. So as of today here are my priorities:

Eating right, getting enough proper rest, exercising as suggested from physical therapist

Husband and Familiars

Children and grandchildren

My novices and Adept – I will have more availability on the weekends for starting the Novice and adept class meetings, also for one on one meets in the chat room (or through Skype for students only)

Coven Life website with continuing help from Lady of the Abyss

Getting my home back to being really liveable (I know this is different for everyone for me it is having my 2nd dining room table back, dust free surfaces (I am allergic to dust mites) clean up my yard and gardens, cleaning out unwanted junk in the basement, getting clothes donated to a women’s shelter)

Restarting my dog obedience training business again for the warm weather months (A passion of mine right up there with teaching and running this site)

Finish my book for Novice Witches

Some f you may find this post ridiculous or unnecessary or any number of negative things but I felt it was important to share that I am not above chewing myself out for not practicing what I tell others they should do when I am not doing it myself. I will check in with you all through here from time to time to let you know if I am making any headway on my home and if I am balancing my life to the best of my ability. Until then…keep balance in your life, keep the stressors to a minimum and enjoy your life to the fullest!!!

Merry part until we merry meet again, with a heart overflowing with love may you be blessed dear ones,

Lady Beltane


Let’s Start a National Self – Appreciation Day TODAY

I figured since many holidays start with a grassroots movement we should declare the first day of the full Moon in May a national holiday no matter what nation you live in. The name of the holiday – Self-Appreciation Day! Here in the U.S.A., we have appreciation days for everything from secretaries to honoring those who have served our country. All people who deserve recognition but we have no day to appreciate ourselves. It is way past time that we do. Some of us work more than one job, have small children, pets, volunteer work, you name it someone does it. Do, we always get the recognition we deserve? NO! To we take time out of our busy schedules to just do something we like to do alone? Most of us do not do this often enough if at all. So I declare we all should take one day at least a year to honor yourself, your achievements, reaching a goal you set for yourself, etcetera, and I decided today should be that day. We do not need parade, cards or the other material thing manufacture tries to trap us into buying or doing for other holidays. Maybe all we need is an uninterrupted chance to go to the restroom (I know my children when they were young would try to follow me or knock on the door asking questions), maybe go have a quiet lunch with a friend you have not had a chance to catch up with for a while or just take a bag lunch and sit outside to eat it (if the weather is nice enough), read a couple or more pages in that book you have been dying to start, you can do anything that will boost your appreciation for all you do for others but especially what you should and/or do, do for yourself.

Self-appreciation leads to more self-worth which in turns leads us to be stronger more clear-headed and compassionate people. This is not a selfish thing to do this is a must do to be the best person you can be for not only yourself but everyone you interact with as well.

I ask you what is one small or big thing you can do for yourself this first day of May 2017 Full Moon? I am

I am going to use part of the day to rest and play with my fur girls. I also plan on doing at some point on Adept level lessons, I hope since I go called into work before I could even finish this.’


A Warming Memory – Mom’s Warm, Comforting Shawl

Whenever I am afraid and feel as if I have no one to turn to, Or if I am really lonely and sad missing my mom. I glance over to either my bedroom chair or the corner of the daybed in my den and spot a most wondrous thing is just laying there waiting for me…

my mom’s special white shawl.

To her, it was very special as it was kept and only worn at the church she attended for over five decades, as regularly as she could. To me, it is extremely special as it carries her warm, positive, and loving energy. Later in her life as her health started deteriorating she attended in person less often but her shawl stayed to soak up all the love, blessings, and well-wishes as it hoped for her return. I remember being at her home one of many times when she had a home visit from a couple of her church ministers, they would come to pray with her and give her holy communion. This one-time one of them asked her, “Jeannine where is your beautiful shawl? Did you misplace it at church? Would you like us to look for it to bring it to you?” Her reply, if I remember right was something along the line of, “If I’m not there then someone else could use it if they get a chill. Plus I have a pretty one my daughter made me for cool winter days here with me.”  That made me feel about ten feet tall and so happy that I made something that my mother enjoyed using.

My mom also on occasion she would ask me to come to her in my capacity as an ordained pagan minister and not as her daughter. To say I was honored that this outwardly Christian who ask a pagan minister for guidance instilled me more belief that I come from a long line of witches that were or are still in the Broomcloset. Many times she would have the shawl I made her out and would ask me to cleanse it and then recharge it with healing and my love. I now I have this shawl also but it does not give me the same comfort as the beautiful white one.

I do not have a clue as to where my mother got it or if it was made for her by someone else. But when it is cool in my home I automatically grab it to throw around my shoulders and immediately all my worries, aches, pains and chilliness go away. I know in my heart my mother infused this shawl with her own form of witchcraft so I will always have a piece of her close to or embracing me.

 Copyright 2017 Lady Beltane May not be copied or reproduced in any manner without express permission from the writer.