A Thought for Today


What does being Pagan and/or a Witch mean to you? Please give an answer below in the comment section. This is partly how we can learn more about one another

To me, it is helping my fellow creatures including mankind to live in better harmony with one another.

It means thanking the Gods, Goddesses, Spirit Guides, Spirit and Power Animals as well as my Totem Animals for helping me make it through my day with positive thoughts, words, and actions.

It means to honor my Brothers and Sisters who walk a similar spiritual path as myself. Whether they are part of my coven or not.

It means living my life with freedom and joy of seeing the wonders of Mother Earth every day and night.

It means loving my fellow man or woman no matter how they treat me or say about me. Forgiveness is a power we all carry inside ourselves it is just a matter if we decide to tap into it or not.

It means coming to a coven gathering in perfect love and perfect trust with my brothers and sisters in our coven.

These are just a few things being a pagan witch means to me.

Blessings of joy, love, laughter, and all positive things coming into your lives dear ones.



A Thought for Today

This was written by my oldest son who graciously gave me permission to post it. The words touched my heart and helped me to look at my relationship that is going through a slight rough patch right now but after 17 years together I know we can work things out. I hope this has meaning for you also.

I was once told that love is like a fire and you only start with so much firewood.

You can both build a bonfire and burn bright all night long, only to spend your days trying gather that much again to rebuild it and missing out on everything else.
Or you can both build it small burning just enough to keep you both warm, spending your days living to the fullest, needing to only gather a little more each day.

Blessed be dear ones.

A Thought for Today

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Fairies like all “mythical” creatures found a home on or in Mother Earth before us as humans spread across her vast wilderness. We invaded their homes, sacred forests. caves. mountains, and waterways to spread what we now call for civilization and chased them out. When you think about it we as humans have been encroaching on there right to live the life the built for themselves for centuries. We have polluted the land and waterways. We have caused many species of animals and being to go extinct or close to becoming extinct. We have cut down trees for homes and warmth not caring if it was someone or some creatures home. We have take noisy boats that spew pollutant into the waterways for our enjoyment. Hunted not to use the game as it should be for food, clothing, candling making but just to say we killed whatever creature it was. (I am a hunter but was taught by my father as a child to use every bit of my kill for some purpose. An example is putting the entrails and deer antlers back into the forest for other animals to feed upon when the weather makes finding food to nourish themselves. We made dipped candles out of the deer fat/talon and slippers out of the hides.) By the way, fish heads and bones make an excellent addition to a compost heap or just buried right into your gardens – vegetable or flowers.

We as witches and/or pagans are the keepers of Mother Earth. It is up to us to set the example to others to live as “green” as we can. Recycle whatever you can. Reuse for the same or another purpose anything you can. y husband and I have 1 – 33-gallon bag of garbage that needs to be taken to a landfill every other week, while our large recycle can on wheels go out weekly. I am not trying to brag I am just asking you to think before you throw something in the garbage if it could be recycled or reused instead. I love used glassed jars after they are washed and rinsed and very thoroughly to keep dried herbs and other “witchy” things in. It saves me money by not buying jars, makes it easy to see what is inside of them, and I label them with a piece of masking tape with one end slightly folded under for ease of removal when the jar is empty and can be used for something else.

Blessed be keepers of Mother Earth