Some of the USA’s History and Somthings to Possibly Think About

Today in United States of America we are celebrating the 243rd year of declaring this land free and seperate from whoever is currently sitting on the United Kingdoms of Great Britain throne each year July 4th comes along. Since Queen Elizabeth II has been their ruling monarch for 67 years, which longer than many of us started living this lifetime.

But questions about what rights individual people would be allowed to have in the USA was and is hotly debated both privately and publicy. As is where did the first people come from as hunter, gathers to this chunck of land. Also what rationality were the people who discovered this land mass that was alreaddy inhabited for thousands of years

The by-laws this country used and, with many admendments to it, still uses are The Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America. Which was men only most of whom owned human beings as slaves to do with whatever they pleased. Their daughters and wives were barely a step above the slaves. Unless you were a white European male you has no rights as a human at all.

We have come far since the early decades of the forming of this nation or at least that is what we would like to believe. Yes woman and a citizen from anywhere in the world can now own land, property, even a business. Plus no matter where you or your parents are from if you are a legal citizen of the US you can vote for people who want to hold the different levels of power from the town to the federal level to decide what laws we as citizens have to live by which supposedly fulfills one of the privilages given to us by the Constitution. But and this is a big but it wasn’t until the 19th admendment was passed in 1919 and then ratified in every state, Tennessee being the last state of the 36 states, in August 1920 that women were given the privilage to vote. Yet a big leap forward was in 1870 after the end of the Cival War (this war was fought over humans being kept as slaves who were widely considered less important than a horse or a cow. The Northern states were against slavery and the Southern states were for it) that all males over a certain age could vote in elections. Sound pretty good? It wasn’t and most men of colored were denied their voting privilages until President Lynden B. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Law in 1965 that both men and women of color could excerise their voting privilages.

The people who are decendants from the original hunter, gathers were not allowed to be citizens in their own country until 1924. Affter they had been herded like cattle onto land the European men picked for them to live. Which was usually land that was in hard if not impossible to farm and/or raise livestock on. Their children were taken away and taught to deny their heritage that the only way not to be thought as a savage was to learn European customs and language. This happened with more than one or two generations of children born to people whos land, including their sacred lands used for burial and/or spiritual ceremonies, and their languages and costoms was stolen from them. Most Indian Reservations cover many of the largest poverty areas and limited educated people in the USA.

If you have read this far I thank you for doing so. What is taught in our schools here as this nations history leave many things out that could make politicians back through many hundreds of years look bad. As the regular everyday, working class people in other words us start rasing questions on the slanted history we were and most of our children or grandchildren are being taught, the more we can learn to honor different nationalities and their cultures rather than hold preconceived and prejudicial thoughts about people and countries that have a different way of doing things then we do. Today I  ask you as well as myself not to judge people by the color of their skin, or accent they speak with, or the spirital path they follow but instead try saying hello with a smile and maybe one day start a coversation with someone to learn who that person is as an individual not who you may think they are because of ideas that our parents, teachers, and other adults taught us when we were growing up as how to think of a person different from ourself, family, and close friends. Who knows this could take humans back to a time when we live in harmony with Mother Earth and all living things upon her and in her vast oceans and other water ways and polluting the air we breathe. The time is now for tolerance,  harmony and to start cleaning up land, air, and water for future generations.

I hope I have given you someethings to think about for positive changes. I also hope I did not anger anyone who read this post. It is up to each of us as to how we live each of our lifetimes and the karmic balance or unbalance we chose for ourselves. Blessed be, A’ho and Namaste my dear sisters, brothers, and guests.


A Day of Seeing Gaia/Mother Earth Through a Child’sEyes Again

I woke to see Ra shinning down on us after being buried behind nasty storm clouds for the past week. The temperature is a balmy 70F with Air providing g a gentle breeze. The only drawback is for those of us allergic to mold spores which are out in full force. I’ll still take this gift of this beautiful day and I just take some allergy medicine. I’m writing this while sitting outside watching my almost 4-year-old grandson play. Plus because of the Maple tree in their yard, I was able to explain where big trees come from. The seed from any Maple tree has about a 1/2 inch seed encased in a thing that looks like a wing sort of. As kids, we called them “whirlybirds.” There was also a couple of small new birth twigs with 3 different size leaves on them, so we talked about how trees and the leaves on them start out small like any baby and geta bigger as they get older.

Whirlybird/Maple tree seed pod

Then we watched, played, and talked about where ants live and what they might eat. I had yo hold in my laughter when he asked me if I would make lunch for the ant so the 2 of them could have a picnic. LOL

Next came the different birds he pointed out. Some of them I could tell him the name of others not. Time for grandma to learn the names of the birds that are in this area.

The most important part of these in prompt to lessons was how important it is to respect everything that is gifted to us by Mother Earth/Gaia and that we should live in harmony with the plants, animals, birds, insects, etc that are around us instead of helping to destroy our Blessed Mother. When school is out for summer and break it is time for me to take these 2 grandsons, the one I’m with has a 6-year-old brother, on walks with trash bags in hand to pick up whatever garbage other people leave out of laziness, apathy, and zero respect for the living breathing entity shaped like a huge ball floating in space as a solitary planet called me earth by those who don’t realize she is the Mother that nurtures us.

I ask that where ever you may go by foot or bicycle to please take some type of disposable bag with you, you know the ones you have to bring groceries and other things home in, and either gloves and/or hand sanitizer than pick up behind those that are less caring about our Mother than I know you are. I use desirable bags for shopping now I like many are on a tight budget, even tighter now with buying WOTC, so each month I saved my change in a container and than counted before leaving to go shopping the next month. Whatever it added up to I would use it to buy as many reusable shopping bags as I could. I even saved enough over 2 months to be able to have an insulated bag for my freezer stuff. Now I’m saving to get another insulated bag for refrigerator stuff. That way if my hubby and I have other errands to run I do not have the to be concerned about as much with possible spoilage or melting.

A Thought for Today


Well, dear ones I will only be putting up short posts this week because of buying Witches of The Craft website and having to go through all the links LAdy Abyss sent me that the WOTC uses. I hope to have postings on both websites back to somewhat normal by the beginning of next week. I could use some help from you dear brothers and sisters by sending me calming, positive thoughts because right now I feel like I am on my broomstick way up in the clouds somewhere and really need to get re-centered and grounded. I don’t think until I got up this morning and saw the email with all the links that it really sunk in what I have done and honestly I am not sure it has totally sunk in yet.

Coven Life’s school, posts, gatherings, and open chats will not have any major changes. This sites may purpose will still be teaching new witches about the ways of practicing The Craft safely and with a firm foundation. Then on to more advanced studies if the persons choose to. Witches of The Craft will still mainly be for divination and more advanced type of magickal information.

So please just bear with me until I get a schedule going for posting on the two websites. Thank you!

Blessed be dear sisters and brothers.

A Simple Way to Balance or Center and Ground Yourself


I have been using this method on and off for many years. I had stopped when I had minor knee surgery in November 2018 and the place I was working closed their doors for good on December 20, 2018, not because they wanted to but because the bank that had foreclosed on the strip mall it was located in decided after 7 years to kick all the businesses still operating out and being a small restaurant the funds needed to open in a different location were not available, these are two of the things that helped to contribute to me once again going into a major depression and anxiety/ panic attacks coming back into my life. I allowed myself to become more focused on negative things in my life then the positive things. Usually I am an optimistic person unless I stop doing the things that keep me this way. The method I explain below is a very important part of my spiritual path and mental health.

This method of balancing or centering and ground yourself requires getting up just as the Sun breeches the horizon. So it is not for those who like to sleep in some.

Go outside and stand on the grass, dirt, sand, or whatever direct contact you can to Mother Earth/Gaia (1) as close as possible to being in between the rising Sun/Ra/Savitr(Hindu name of God at sunrise and sunset) (2) and the setting Moon/Triple Goddess/Luna (3).

Say hello to and state your intention to ground to which ever Earth Goddess name you choose. Thank the Earth Goddess for her grounding and energy.

Say hello to which ever Sun God name you choose while facing the direction the Sun is rising. Thank the Sun God for his warmth and energy.

Next turn to the direction where the Moon Goddess is. Say hello to whatever name of the Moon Goddess you choose. Thank the Moon Goddess for her guidance and energy.

After I am grounded well and start to feel centered I open myself up to The Great Mother and Great Father asking them to cleanse all negativity, fear, anger, pain, and whatever else comes to mind all the way down to my cellular level. To push it down my body into Mother Earth to rejuvenate and renew it into positive energy to use however she needs to. For me I can actually feel energy moving through out my body and into my legs and my legs feel heavy once they no longer feel that way I know all the negativity has left me during this grounding, centering, and balancing meditation. It can vary from a few minutes up to a half hour or so, it depends on how much needs to be cleaned out of you. After my legs feel normal again I ask to be filled with love, kindness, less physical pain, and positive energy.

The first time I decided to do this to help me out of the depression, isolation, and anxiety I was feeling I had to sit down because my legs were trembling with all the negativity I was expelling and I was afraid I might fall. Once I sat down I also sent a shoot out from my root chakra to help ground me better which had the side affect of unblocking and cleansing all my chakras. It took me about 2 to 3 days of doing this at sunrise and sunset to rid myself of all the negative thoughts and feelings I let myself build up over 4 months. I now am ready to face whatever the Universe sends my way and be a leader by example again for my coven.

My heartfelt thanks to Priestess Hypatia for taking over for me so I had time to get back to being me. I also owe a debt of gratitude to Lady of the Abyss of WOTC for taking time out of her busy schedule to post on our site. I am thankful and honored that so many people took those time to send me encouraging emails and comments. It is good to be back with you all again.

May you all be blessed with good things in your life. Blessed be dear ones, Lady Beltane

1 For more Earth Goddess name use this link…2.0..1.1712.5374.7j4j7-2j1……0….1………0i71j35i304i39j0i13j0i7i30.rjaZkhfIsIo

2 For more Sun God names use this link

3 For more Moon Goddess names use this link…7.0..0.1229.5153.19j3j1j6-2j1……0….1………0i71j35i39j0i67j0i20i263j0i10j33i22i29i30j33i299j33i160j0i131.NmAv3fTfVgo

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