A Thought for Today

While the sayings above mentions WIcca, many traditions of The Craft believe in the Rede and Threefold Law.

Blessed be brothers and sisters.


A Thought for Every Day

Positive Thinking brings you Positive Energy which Equals Positive Results in all parts of your life be it at home, school, work, or any combination. It also helps your spiritual path allowing you to hear and follow your guides better, keeping your stress levels lower and makes you a happier person.

My daily mantra for a couple of weeks when I start feeling down or angry or stressed is, “Positive thinking equals positive thoughts.” And I have repeating this either in my mind or out loud it does bring me back to a good place filled with light and enjoyment from the dark, negative, lonely place my mind was going to or already in it.

Blessed be my dear sisters and brothers!

A Chuckle to Start or Continue the Weekend Along with A Thought for Today

Remember we do not always have to be serious when doing magick. When doing crafts such as making Brigid Crosses can be a fun time for the whole family. If you are talking about positive things and/or joking around this puts more positive energy into whatever craft you are making or yummy you are cooking or baking. A little hint: be sure to have some cooking sage in your spices at all times. Bless it to help cleanse negativity from whoever eats a tiny bit of it. Then stir a pinch into anything you cook or bake, this will not change the flavor of the items but it will help cleanse someone of negativity.  Make sure to use it if there has been any arguing or other negative interactions with people in your home or if someone comes home grumpy or complaining about their day or if someone is feeling down or ….well I think you get any time someone has a negative outlook use the cooking sage to help the person or persons feel better.

Blessed be dear ones.

A Thought for Today

When you feel that you are fighting an uphill battle for whatever reason remember you are never alone. The Goddesses and Gods along with your Spirit Guides and Helpers are there to help you through even the worse of times. Which was something I needed to be reminded of over the last few days.

Blessed be dear sisters and brothers of The Craft.

A Thought for Today on Lammas and Imbolc

No matter where you live today is a day of rejoicing and celebration. In the Southern Hemisphere, you will start seeing signs of spring and warmer weather. While in the Nothern Hemisphere it is time to start harvesting and getting things ready for the cold weather approaching.

May your harvesting or getting seedlings ready to plant are blessed that you have enough for the cold months and what you sow bring you a bountiful harvest.

Blessed be dear brothers and sisters all over our beautiful Mother Earth.