A Thought for Today from Lady Abyss

A thought from Lady A:

Stand proud Witches,

wherever you may be,

You are a magickal being

who walks in love and integrity.

Stand tall and proud Witches,

For there is a bond twixt you and me.

We stand side by side,

For we are family, brothers and sisters,

all of The Craft.

I Apologize My Dear Sisters, Brothers, and Guest for Being Gone for so Long

I feel the desire and need to apologize for not being around for most 2020. Between illnesses, COVID-19 counseling, leaving a 19 year relationship, where i did the opposite of what I council man and women to do when in a toxic relationship and environment, by staying way to long thinking my ex-husband Handfasted only but not legal according to most places on Mother Earth. I allowed myself true self to be buried under who I thought I should be so the verbal bullying and abuse would stop. I know better then this but I think all of us for some reason at some point in our lives stay in a relationship a little bit longer than is healthy for us. Thanks to my Spirit Guides, Ancestors, some of the Archangels, Gods and Gods constantly telling me for the last almost three years to get out a situation occurred where I knew it was leave than or never. So my journey to find my home and the other half of my life giving flame started on July 1, 2020 from a suburb of Chicago, Illinois with help from on of my spirit/Heart daughters, granddaughters and her husband they moved to live in a house trailer on my cousins property where a major misunderstanding caused by something I said made her decide to throw me out, she was actually getting together what seem to me to be a lynching mob from her friends in the Applanation Foothills in Ohio (near the West Virginia boarder) where she lives. My old son took 2 days off of work and came with his wife to help me pack, load a rented moving truck and whisked me off to his 1 bedroom apartment around August 1st. This is where things get even more out there. We put my application in to live in his apartment disclosing that my younger familiar, Star, was my registered Emotional Support Animal. My application was denied and I had 4 days to vacate the property and if I was seen there again with or without Star I would be arrested for trespassing which meant I would never be able to visit my son while he still lived there. He and his wife were living apart at this time so all 3 of us moved in with her into a 3 bedroom mobile home around September 1st. Than I again was not as recovered from the cold I had and it has turned into pneumonia.

This is when the love of my life contacted me after finding our feelings for each had not changed and there would be no broken homes that minor children still lived we decided I would move to central Illinois to live with him arriving on November 28th. After all the packing, unpacking, and repacking of this last truck (longish story and this one is long enough) I had a major Fibromyalgia Flare that left me barely able to walk. Thankfully Dave a.k.a. Mr. Beltane did not have any problem with me basically laying around for the first week I was here. Next came a wonderful cold that I thought was through just to come back with a vengeance just a couple of days after I thought I said get out of here. This past two weeks I have been very slowly making this house we live in, into a home we comfortably reside. Oh by the way it has both negative and positive spirits living in it, this has made for some interesting times. One of my Heart daughter’s Elder Raven Spirit Walker from Coven Life, WOTC and Enchanted Psychic Visions, and my dearest Heart sister Silver Sage from Witchcraft and More have been helping me to get rid of the nasties and cross or just talk to the people residing here when they were ambushed and slaughtered here in the 1800’s.

I cannot sleep yet tonight or now very early morning but I have to try to if my health is going to keep getting kicked back to bad out of no where. I will be back with you by Sunday at the least I hope.

Blessed be dear ones

Angel & Oracle & Tarot Messages For The Week Of 21 December 2020

You need to know about what’s coming up this week, and how to deal with it.

Sorry about the laughing fit I had….Palo Santo is pretty strong!

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Mantra for this week: I’m changing the negatives in my life to positives!

Happy Angel Blessings to all and Happy Yule to all!
The Silver Sage Witch of

A Samhain Blessing

Some Thoughts About Celebrating Samhain

Samhain is a day of reflection of the past year while celebrating the new. It is a day that whatever has not been harvested from gardens, fields, bushes, and trees get left for the wildlife and Fea Folk. It is also a day to communicate with those who have crossed the veil into the Summerlands. Many pagans and witches say it is the day and/or night to honor only those that have crossed in the last year but I do not go along with this way of thinking. While those who have passed since November 1, 2019 up to today do need more comforting and remembering them then those that have crossed over in other years past. The farther back in time you go to those who have crossed before the last year the more chance there is that they will be forgotten totally.

Hypothetically, if crossed the veil say 30 years ago or longer and each generation after you talk about you less and less as each year passes soon you will be forgotten completely. That one reason I have my Book of Shadows and Family Grimoire as one book that I hope keeps growing after I am gone. I have also placed pictures of ancestors at different ages as well as pictures of myself alone and with family members both ancestors and descents. In the section for ancestors I have included a picture of their headstone and where it can be found if available.

So this Samhain when you are setting the extra place at the table, lighting a candle for each ancestors name, or however you choose to honor your ancestors (remember an ancestor does not have to be blood related they can be anyone in your life that help to mold you into the person you are today.) Set one more place, light one more candle, or whatever your tradition to remember your ancestors is for those who names have been forgotten since the first Homosapien of any branch of the human gene pool lived.

I implore you all to remember that we all can trace our lineage back to this mish mash of a gene pool and that the energy that runs through us connects us to every other living things and not just on Mother Earth. So the next time you have a negative thought about someone for any reason at all remember you are also having that negative thought about yourself.

I picked this song to be included in this post because for me it helps me to remember those, female or male or other, who otherwise might be forgotten


I wish all my family, which means everyone reading this post, a happy and blessed Samhain.

A Thought for Today

A Thought for Today

Ever ask yourself, “What does being pagan mean to me?” I have a few times over the years and am surprise that the answer often changes quite a bit.

A few days ago a neighbor, whose corner of their backyard meets a corner of ours, came over to ask my husband to quit setting off fireworks because it made him “dive to the floor when I hear them because I’m a veteran and it also really upsets my dog.” My husband agreed to stop setting them off until it closer to the 4th of July, the USA Independence Day celebration. The neighbor came back with a threat that if he set any off again he’d be back and not just talk. I had gone outside because this neighbor has a history of punching people and I wanted to be able to call the police if he hit my husband and had an ice pack in hand just in case. As the man was leaving I suggested he give his dog peppermint tea during the week leading up to the 4th of July. For which he thanked me. A side note to this encounter is one of my magical companions is slowly getting over her fear of loud unexpected noises when the neighbor first came in to our property he pound so loud in the front door that Star for scared and it took me a half-hour to quietly talk her into coming out to have some peppermint/valerian tea mixed with some beef broth, I make I’ve cubes out of beef broth when I make a roast, so she quit panting and skaking. I did not being this up to the neighbor as I was worried about his reaction to me blaming for scaring my fur baby.

I have seen this dog who is a pit bull mix when I am out on walks with my fur girls and this dog seems to cower at any type of noise above a whisper and all dogs no matter their size. So I do wonder if there may be some abuse to this beautiful creature but cannot prove anything to be able to call the police on the man.

After I sat and thought about it a while I decide to make up a few tea bags of peppermint and valerian to bring to my neighbors this coming weekend to make sure there is this natural anxiety help at hand for the dog. I wrote telling a coven member of this idea to which a reply came “that only you would do something nice for someone who wishes you harm.” Which got me to thinking, “As a pagan, do I walk the walk of my life and spiritual path with the forethought of the Wicce Rede as much and as often as I should?”

I am not perfect as no one is no matter what spiritual path a person walks. So if I am going to walk the walk of “Do as ye will, Less it harm none” why wouldn’t I try to help one of the Goddesses creatures that otherwise might not get it? Isn’t that what I am supposed to do as a pagan to help where I can or am I supposed to be as many of other faiths and say, “I love my fellow man and should help when I can?” but don’t. Am I supposed to be a hypocrite and only follow the Rede when it is convenient for me or am I to follow it as much and as often as I can?” My answer is I should follow it day and night no matter how I may be treated by other humans. I feel it is my place to be a beacon of hope for a better world living in harmony with all creatures on, above, and below Mother Earth. I feel I should be a beacon when it comes to not polluting Mother Earth in any way I can even if that means picking up trash others discard wherever I find it on my walks no matter where those walks take place.

So I ask each of you, “Do you believe the Wicce Rede is for only when we do spells or is it something we should remember daily especially if someone is does harm to us whether it is mildly, as in this situation, or majorly as in someone hitting us or speaking negatively about us?”

I am really interested in hearing how others feel about following the Wicce Rede so please weigh in with your opinion in the comments section below

Blessed be dear sisters, brothers, and guests. May this find you in good health.