A Tought for More Than Just Today

Priestess Hypatia and got to talk for a while Wednesday late afternoon. Physically she and her family are. But just as probably most Australians emotionally tore up with what has happened to their beautiful country basically needlessly. If the government would have been listening to the ingenious residents of many centuries and allowed those, to my way of thinking, who are learned and professional bush burners to keep the land productive with controlled burns that do not kill and destroy needlessly.

Aboriginal method to control fire

I ask each person reading this to pray or talk to or however you choose to communicate with the God or Goddess of your choice asking that they help open the closed minds of those with power and even those without open their minds to listen to the elders that have had instructions handed down from generation to generation on how to burn the bush in a manner that is safe for Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

Priestess Hypatia also told me there is talk of the ingenious elders teaching people from the USA how to safely do controlled burning to keep us from having out of control wildfires. Which to me would be answering many Californians prayers, especially those that have lost everything in a wildfire some people more than once.

In Wisconsin when I was a child, as you enter it from another state, in most rest areas along major highways, and in other locations they have very big signs of Smokey the Bear with his ranger hat on and a dirt shovel in his hands with his famous saying “Only you can prevent forest fires.” and blow that the risk of fire for that day in different colors depending on the level of risk for a spark or a carelessly thrown out burning cigarette or lightening or anything else that could start a fire. Even though we do not hear about fires in Wisconsin I have seen a couple and as a child I was terrified and as an adult just very angry at whoever the careless person had been. These fires I saw would be only a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the fires in Australia that burned so huge and hot as to create their own weather systems and kill even the seeds that would make the plants and trees starting to grow in the next year or so.

Us as humans, supposedly the smartest animal on this planted, need to learn that “new, improved modern ways” are not always better especially when it to caring for and living in harmony with all living things. We need to listen to the ingenious people who have inhabited the lands we live on for the best way to keep the land and I do not mean just the piece of land your own, as Priestess Hypatia told the land is the whole country around you not just your tiny piece of it, but your state, country, and continent you live in is also something we all need to take better care of. Than maybe…hopefully we will go back to when controlled burns were done instead of uncontrollable wildfires burning, actually having a distinction between the 4 seasons, enough rain globally for crops to grow, humans, domestic and wild animals would have clean water to drink, humans in what we consider 3rd world countries could live as their ancestors did and manage the land and fresh water in such away we would not see commercials asking for donations to feed hungry children or adults. It is time we look back before the industrial revolution to see how things with the land were done not just for the betterment of Mother Earth but for the betterment of all living things that grow upon her. It is time to quit raping the land and to again start caring about it.

So, please in your daily communication with whoever the Goddess and/or God you commune with ask for enlightenment not only for others but for yourself as well to open minds globally to listen to the elders of the land on the old ways of keeping Mother Earth healthy and living in harmony with her. Thank you for doing this!

Blessed be dear ones.


A Thought for Today

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The reason for this post is do to the fact that I lost my part time job because even though I was showing respect to the 34 year old manager and same age owner, I was not getting it back from the manager after the owner left the store in his hands because the owner moved 2,000 miles away. Even though I am old enough to be this persons mother I treated him with respect first of all because he was another human and second of all he was my boss. When I brought things that were very disrespectful from the manager towards me he said he would have to side with him. SO I had the choice of staying at a job in a hostile environment until a replacement for me to be found or turn in my key to the store and that’s that. I chose to turn my key in rather then work in an environment that was stressful and hostile.

I got me thinking how often do I say something or act in a disrespectful manner towards others no matter their age? The answer I came up with is way more often than I should. So starting today no matter how someone might say something to me or what they say or how they act I will still treat them how I expect to be treated. This does not mean I am going to be a doormat and allow people to just walk all over me. What it does mean is as just one person treating everyone with respect that maybe it will wear off on others and the world will start being a more peaceful and harmonious place for all of us to live.

With my respect to you I bid you all bright blessings for you and your families dear brothers and sisters.

Between Two Worlds: Gender Dysphoria, Death and Samhain

You might be asking yourself: what do gender dysphoria, death and Samhain have in common? For a lot of my readers, nothing. But for those of us who are transgender it can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. Especially at this time of year when we observe Samhain in the pagan community.

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Between Two Worlds: Gender Dysphoria, Death and Samhain

A Thought for Today

No matter what sex you feel you are inside male, female, transgender, gay, lesbian, other, straight.
No matter what you look like on the outside or the color of your skin.

No matter whether you are obviously disabled or your disability cannot be easily seen by others.

No matter what path you choose as your spiritual one. There are way to many “main strean and clut religions” and “spirituality groups” to name.

As long as you are content and happy in your own skin and mind what anyone says about you to you face or behind your back please practice on not taking it personally, try not to allow yourself to become upset or angry. Instead attempt to ask the person in a kind ans calm manner why they are saying whatever about you and ask that tthe listen to yoour side of what happened.

Remember no has control over our emotions or the way we react to things except for ourself. Another person cannot make you angry but you can choose to react to whatever with anger.

Maybe some of you are asking yourself how did Lady Beltane go from talking about preconceived prejudice aimed at people different than youself to who has the ultimate control over our feelings. The answer dear brothers and sisters is prejudice and our feelings are intricately tied to gather when we say a person and/or speak to them.

Here is the actual “A Thought for Today”—-

How often do you turn your head when you are all alone in a public place because you notice someone looking at you just because they are different on the outside than you are?

Here is a little challenge for you — instead of turning away from that person say,” Hello, I’m ____. Who are you?” Than you can try to ask them to join you in a cup of coffee or tea or prehaps soda. Then if they accept be sur you don’t talk only about yourself, make sure to ask the other pers about themself. Most importantly don’t just here what they are saying instead actively listen to them. I think you will be surprised to find the two of you are not that much different.

Please let us know in a comment how the coversation went.

Foster Moms

by Dawn Marshall    9-26-19


Foster Mom
her coffee is black
and the day is just dawning
her sleep was too short
and she is busy yawning
the bed has been calling
And she has to ignore it
More rest would be wonderful
but you have to move forward
There will be short nights
Through out her career
some due to  illness
But others from reindeer
A birth mother has been there
She can make those decisions
you can keep out most damage
and not let them be victims
A foster mom is different
Her kids face more drama
their child is often hurting
they have suffered some trauma
the pain has changed them
as all injuries will do
often for the negative
but the strong get through
The trauma will jade them
and the world  will look different
it will make some into fighters
some will become belligerent
sometimes this will manifest
at one in the morning
with a lot of loud shouting
And screaming and groaning
hey will often feel pain
like they are unwanted
some feel that they are bad
and can easily be forgotten
Some have been raped
For others its emotional
The pain is so great
tears become uncontrollable
healing is a long process
but it needs to be done
to work through the issues
And they feel like a ton
There will be some tears
That are shed on both sides
but the child will feel better
because of moms vibes
sometimes when this happens
And the pain begins to spew
All a mother can do