A Thought for Today

As Witches or Pagans we do not need four walls, a roof, doors, and Windows to make our church. All we need is a quite place in nature be it our yard, a forest, by a body of water even if it is just a small trickling creek, etc. Or a place in our home to sent up a permanent or even a non-permanent altar to ask a Goddess and/or God to hear our prayers, help us work a magickal spell and/or ritual.

We do not need a book of specific songs to sing to or about our deities. All we need is our voice and to allow ourselves to sing or chant whatever words come to us to let a Goddess or God or both know what they mean to us as an individual. We do now need another book that tells us how we should be living.

We do not need to show off to other people we are a “put your choice of a main stream religion here.” We live our chosen spiritual path and walk in all aspects of our lives every day.

We do not need one specific day of the week to go into a building to “worship” our God. We can do it any day and place; although we do not worship our deities like main stream religions instead we ask them for help and give them an offering, as simple as pouring some water onto the ground, to thank the God and/or Goddess and/or the Element(s) for their help. We do not need a specific God to ask to save our immortal soul after committing a ‘sin’ and because we asked and it was forgiven by him weare are free from whatever wrong we did including murdering another person. We take the responsibility when we haves wronged another living being on Mother Earth an we go directly to the human, Animal,bird, etc and ask for giveness.

We do not need a specific religious dogma to follow. We have many pagan spiritual paths that We many just one to follow or we many pick and chose from more then one path to incorporate as our spiritual and magical path. The way we chose to practice The Old Ways or the more modern Neo-Paganism may change and evolve over time the only constant thing in your Magickal and Spiritual path is YOU!

Just a few things to think about until we meet again. Blessed be dearn

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A Chuckle for Your Day borrowed from WOTC

“A witch who is bored might do ANYTHING.

People said things like ‘we had to make our own amusements in those days’ as if this signified some kind of moral worth, and perhaps it did, but the last thing you wanted a witch to do was get bored and start making her own amusements, because witches sometimes had famously erratic ideas about what was amusing.”

― Terry Pratchett, Legends 1

A Chuckle To Start Your Week

I’m always on the lookout this time of year as society turns one of our Sabbats into a secular day to find Witchy knick-knacks, coffee cups, or anything that as a witch I think is appropriate to own…plus I have a thing for collecting unusual coffee mugs and cups. Here is one of the two cups I have found this year…’

Blessings of love and peacefulness dear sisters and brothers.

A Chuckle to Start or Continue the Weekend Along with A Thought for Today

Remember we do not always have to be serious when doing magick. When doing crafts such as making Brigid Crosses can be a fun time for the whole family. If you are talking about positive things and/or joking around this puts more positive energy into whatever craft you are making or yummy you are cooking or baking. A little hint: be sure to have some cooking sage in your spices at all times. Bless it to help cleanse negativity from whoever eats a tiny bit of it. Then stir a pinch into anything you cook or bake, this will not change the flavor of the items but it will help cleanse someone of negativity.  Make sure to use it if there has been any arguing or other negative interactions with people in your home or if someone comes home grumpy or complaining about their day or if someone is feeling down or ….well I think you get any time someone has a negative outlook use the cooking sage to help the person or persons feel better.

Blessed be dear ones.