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We are Taking a Short Break

We will be back to posting articles and other things on Saturday because of Thanksgiving in the US. We will be answering all emails between Saturday and Sunday. Lady Beltane has family starting to arrive today for the holiday weekend some of whom she has not seen in over three years.

There might not be anything up or emails anaswered next Tuesday because Lady Beltane is having knee surgery very late afternoon on Monday.

I will try to get posts scheduled for these days but please do not expect it.

Try to find time to make a list to remind yourself of all the things in your life over the past year you have to be thankful and grateful for. If you want please share them below in a comment.

From all the staff at CL we wish you and your families a loving, fun, and blessed Thanksgiving


The Sacred Sex and Death Rites of the Ancient Mystery Groves

In most of the civilised world, at least as far back as 5,000 years ago, there were women shamans or priestesses who represented the godhead in sacred sex rites and, in ancient Greece, they were known as hierodules.

A hierodule would have skills similar to the shaman in that she could journey, in trance, into other dimensions, and merge with her spirit lover  there.  Part of the hierodule’s role was to spend the night with a newly crowned king or queen, and while embodying her spirit lover, she would transfer the Sovereignty of the Land to the royal personage in sexual initiation.

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Your Daily Love Tarot Card for November 18th is The Star

The Star









The stars in the sky are consistent. We always know where they are. The Star as a Tarot card is erratic. People are expressive one minute, aloof the next. Things are intense and they burn out quickly. A relationship is on-again, off-again like the tremor preceding the eventual earthquake. When balance tilts out of whack, the antidote is to avoid traveling on a whim or seizing the unsuitable. Aim for stability today.



Friendly Reminder: The WOTC is having its annual Winter Survival Fundraiser this week. The donations collected this weekend will help with the operating costs of the office during the Winter months. We appreciate anything you can give and I guarantee you it will be put to good use. Thank you.



Your Daily Tarot Card for Sunday, November 18th is Temperance











Keywords: providing aid, healing, concentration, moderation!

Astrological Correspondence: Sagittarius

The angel between heaven and earth blending different elements into a harmonious substance represents a bridge between polarities, like heaven and earth, masculine and feminine, beginning and end. The combining of varied substances serves as imagery for the merging of diverse forces to create a new whole for cooperation, coordination, a harmonious balance, looking for a middle ground, achieving healing, and recovery. Temperance signifies that moderation is necessary to regulate passions and maintain harmony in relationships, and to build tolerance and cooperation in groups. In a negative situation, Temperance characteristics are indecision, inconstancy, excess, obsession, and lack of control.


Courtesy of Witches of the Craft

A Thought for Today

Importance of Our Blood and Spiritual Families

A family can be formed in many ways. I for instance have my children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Then I also have my spiritual brothers and sister in Coven Life’s Coven and others that live in many different states and countries.

We all have times when we get frustrated with family members but the love we hold in our heart allow us to forgive them if we think the have said or done something wrong to us. Hopefully, they can accept an apology if you think you have done or said something wrong to them. True families are always capable of giving and/or receiving forgiveness.

I have been given two fantastic reasons for my gratitude cup to over which includes the Mother Goddess answering prayers for twin totally different things. I did not have anyone in my blood family that could take the afternoon off work on the 26th when I am having knee surgery but my dearest brother, White Wolf, called me Thursday to say he would go with me. The other prayer that was answered is having all my descendants together this coming Thursday for USA’s Thankgiving Day.

Another thing the Universe did was in the form of a very unexpected phone call last week from a close cousin I hadn’t heard from in about 2 years or more after us having an argument over what I don’t remember.

I include all these things in my morning prayer and meditation asking  Hekate and her consort to please making these things happen if they were suppose to.

Please remember you are part of our Coven Life family and we are here for you no matter what you maybe going through. If you feel the need to talk to someone about anything I am only an email away. For private messages please email them to As an ordained High Priestess what we talk about stays between you and I only.

Blessed be dear brothers and sisters.

A Happy Ending for an Endangered Animal

This article appeared in the news feed on it is in a slideshow type presentation but worth reading from beginning to end as it has to do with one of our fellow creatures that inhabit Mother Earth. I applaud the Singapore students for caring enough about this fellow creature to do the right things. The animal’s species is called Pangolin.

Here is the link to the article I am referring to Pangolin Rescue

For more information on exactly what a Pangolin is here is a link to a general search I did on More Information about Pangolins  I had never heard of this animal before seeing it in the AOL newsfeed. But as it is an endangered animal I want to learn more about it. I hope you do too.

Please leave a thought or two about how you think and/or feel about the trafficking of animals just for the price tag they have on them, especially those on the endangered list.


(Even if you do not read anything else on this site this week make sure to read this) In case you are wondering what is going on……. at WOTC

I am having problems with WordPress not letting me reblog this article but it is a very import one so I am copy and pasting it in full from Witches of The Craft website. Please ask our Lord and Lady to help Lady Abyss to find a way to have all the things she needs in her personal life, groceries, enough money to pay her household bills every month and to keep a roof over their heads for her and her sons.


I wanted to let you know that our domain is now pending sale. It is not one of the happiest days in my life but I have no other choice. Here it is Thanksgiving coming up and I don’t even have a Turkey for the boys’ Thanksgiving this year. In fact, we have hardly any groceries at all and we have a severe snow storm coming this way. I know most of you don’t realize how much it does take to operate a website and a store because you don’t own or operate one. You can ask Lady Beltane and she will tell you I am telling the truth. They are expensive to run to say the least. I hope she don’t mind me telling this but….that is why she went to charging for her lessons to cover her operating expenses.

As you all know I draw a small disability check each month. It doesn’t even cover our expenses at the house. I was borrowing money from PayPal to keep us a float but our sales for this month or so low that I can’t even borrow any money from them. They told me, we were off by $200 before I could get another loan with them. I was counting on that loan for some groceries and a turkey for the boys for Thanksgiving.

I have to admit who or whatever wanted us out of this business has finally won. I can no longer see going hunger, if it was just me, I wouldn’t worry about it. I have went hungry many a day to just keep the WOTC up and running. But now I have two boys to consider and I can’t nor will I let them go hungry. I have lights to keep on at both places, I have water to  keep on at both places and you get the idea. I can’t very well let the lights, water and gas get turned off at the house to keep the WOTC and its store going. If I did what kind of mother would I be?

I have thought long and hard about this. I just don’t know what happened. Everyone kept telling me to hold on, it will get better. It is just this or it is just that. Well it hasn’t gotten any better only worse. With Winter coming on, it will take every penny I can mustard to just keep the house going. I know I have women around me but they are all volunteers. Some of them are in the same boat as I am in. They volunteered to give them something to do during the day or else they are a single family income house. None of us have any money and after talking to them and explaining to them the situation, they agreed it was time to sell the domain.

The domain won’t come up for sale for a few days perhaps in that length of time, if the WOTC is meant to be a miracle will happen. Yeah right. I don’t depend on miracles anymore. I have gotten myself in this mess and now I have two boys who are going to suffer for it. I took them in and told them I would give them a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear and anything else they needed. Right now, I am struggling just to feed them. It just boils down to what I think is more important the boys or this site. I love this site and I love the boys. But the site doesn’t require food to live or a place to sleep at night, the boys do.

I hate to do it but like I said the sales at the store are horrible. There are no donations coming in here, so what other choice do I have. We have had a good run. We are one of the oldest Pagan/Witchcraft site on the internet. I guess our run is over. Or else that miracle will occur before the domain goes up for sale. Either way, I look at it this way, whatever happens it is meant to happen.

I don’t like to complain but I wanted you to know why I had made my decision to sell our domain. How would you like to look at two boys on Thanksgiving morning and tell them there is no turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving dinner? I know I don’t want to but it seems that I am going to have too.

I want you to know that I have enjoyed my time with all of you and keep your fingers crossed perhaps that miracle will come through for us. Then I can stop the sale of our domain. But if the miracle doesn’t come through then the sale will go on as planned.

I have got to scrap up the money now to run to the store and try to get us some food in here to eat before the snow storm hits. Remember no matter what happens, I will always love you and consider you part of my family.

Love ya,

Lady of the Abyss

A Few Ways to Help Keep Holiday Season Stress to a Minimum

As we enter a full schedule for holidays here in the US one way to keep some if not all of the stress out of the next couple a months is to remember to smudge yourself after going to a party or dinner. Also meditating every day to give yourself some me quite time helps also. There are many different ways to meditate sitting in a quiet room or playing instrumental music while just sitting reading a book or relaxing. My favorite way to meditate this time of year is a hot bath with either bubbles or my favorite essential oil in the water and I light a small candle instead of having the bright bathroom lights on and just let my mind wander to wherever positive place it wants to go. Sometimes I will take our portable CD player (if electric make sure it is positioned so there is no chance what so ever of it falling into your tub) in the bathroom and listen to one of my favorite instrumental spiritual music CDs. I prefer American Indian drums and flutes when doing this. These are just a few examples of how you could meditate as meditation does not always have to be about communing with your spirit guides or traveling to a different plane than our physical one. The main thing about meditating is clearing your mind and relaxing your body this can also be done when at a party or any type of gathering. Excuse yourself to use the restroom, once in there close your eyes grounded yourself to Mother Earth, take three deep slow breaths or more if you are really feeling tense and feel all your stress drain into Mother Earth to be rejuvenated into positive energy than ask The Lord (Until Yule this would be the Holly King and after Yule the Oak King) and Lady (this would be the Triple Goddess or any Mother Goddess you choose to use) to fill you with calming positive energy. When done rejoin the festivities feeling calmer and allowing yourself to enjoy the company you are with. There are some gatherings I go to where I have to use the restroom quick meditation more than once but I am always grateful that the Lord and Lady will refill me with positive energy after I have drained the negative into Mother Earth. Always remember to thank Mother Earth, the Lord and Lady for their help.

Whenever you get home from some type of holiday gathering make sure to smudge yourself and anyone in your home that has gone with you. This will take away any negative energy you may have picked up from someone else who was attending the same gathering you were. It also will clear you of any negativity you may have left the gathering with. Also, ground yourself before you go to the gathering and after you get home from it.

Witchcraft with Fairies; Walking the Wild Woods

Here is no protective circle, no prayers, no names of power; we have left the strained company of the magicians and are back in the countryside where the fairies are natural company.” – K. Briggs, in The Anatomy of Puck chapter 8, discussing a folk ritual to obtain a fairy companion.

There is a long history of witches working with fairies in various ways, both learning from them and being in service to them. In modern paganism we more often see this relationship played out very differently, with the Good Folk being approached from a more ceremonial magic perspective or treated as a kind of spirit guide or ally. When we look to folklore and early modern witchcraft we see a different  picture and it is this one that I base my own personal practice on.

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