The Wild Woman Renassiance

Do you know deep inside that your wild, creative light is being called to shine? Are you feeling stifled, stuck or even unworthy of stepping forward into this radiance? Then keep reading. Feminine leaders all over the world are being called to SHOW UP, and serve through their TRUE passion at this revolutionary time on earth. If you’re reading this, you’re one of them.  ‘She’ has risen, and ‘Her’ voice is calling us to heal and serve NOW!

I understand how difficult it can be to have the courage to share your passions and align them with your Divine Purpose, especially if you are unaware of the true power your sexuality holds. Sexual sovereignty is directly linked to how to expression your God given gifts and unique contribution. When we are numb to our pain, we are also numb to our purpose. It’s time to TALK about those areas that have been silenced, shamed, objectified and oppressed, so we can rise and shine! No more waiting.

That’s why I’m so excited to let you know about The Wild Woman’s Renaissance that my sister Shellie White Light is hosting. This FREE online series of sacred conversations is empowering, life-changing, and transforming!

Shellie is a sought-after Sacred Sexuality and Spiritual Mentor, a vessel for Divine Mother’s Love. Growing up the only daughter to a long lineage of Baptist Preachers, she knows the wounding of religious and societal shame around sexuality and self expression all too well. However, her studies of the deeper Feminine-centered teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, along with traveling the world studying with many shamans, healers, teachers, visionaries and creators of the highest caliber, has given her a unique set of tools and perspectives. Through these life experiences she birthed a passion for helping women acknowledge their own self-sabotage and break free from the chains that hold them back from a FULLY expressed existence; using a unique blend of intuitive shamanism and confidence coaching to guide women to embody their gifts and sensuality to courageously share their greatest service. That is what is all about!

I am one of 21 featured speakers on an experts panel of powerhouse female visionaries. It is an honor to share stories and tools along side these other women who are doing their work in the world as priestesses, shamanic pelvic floor practitioners, doctors of fertility and menstrual flow, womb  wisdom carriers, mojo recovery specialists, orgasmic manifesting experts … and beyond! Together, our collective experience and skill sharing will help to embody and embrace sexual sovereignty so that you can begin to live from your own *juicy* creative connection.

This event starts on August 1st and runs live through August 21st, ending on the same day a Total Solar Eclipse crosses coast-to-coast across the USA! This is a very powerful conversation happening at a *very* potent point on the timeline of our lives.

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Shellie is a stand for all women everywhere living and expressing themselves, sexually and creatively, from a place of devotion and wholeness. This shift needs as many awakened lights as possible. Will you be a spark, a candle in the darkness?

Don’t wait, The Renaissance has begun.
Warmest blessings,
Lauri Ann Lumby

Celebrating Lammas

The year is 1100. The date is August 1. The monks in the abbey at Gloucester are celebrating the holy-day of St. Peter in Chains. One of the monks wakes from a strange dream in which God promises to strike down the wicked King who has abused the Holy Church. His superior, Abbot Serlo, on hearing of the dreams sends a warning to the King, William the Red, who has oppressed all of England with taxes and disgusted many with his licentiousness and blasphemy. Red, as he is called, receives the message the following day while preparing to indulge in one of his favorite sports, hunting, in the New Forest. Although there are no longer any people dwelling in the New Forest — they were all cleared out by Red’s father, William the Conqueror — there are rumors that it’s a hotbed of pagan activity. And August 2 is an important pagan holy-day. The Saxons call it Lammas, the Loaf-Mass. William the Red laughs at the warning from the monks and goes out hunting. A short time later, he is dead, struck in the chest by a stray arrow, and his brother, Henry, who was in the hunting party is riding hot-foot for Winchester and the crown.

Now some people say that William the Red was a Lammas sacrifice, …

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A Thought for Today

Image result for pagan beauty of nature

I was sitting in my backyard early this morning with my two familiars and first, the dew on the grass caught my eye as the dew sparkled like tiny diamonds. Then I looked to the sky and was amazing by the gossamer tendrils of clouds and the cotton like ones that had spaces in them reminding of small lakes. I closed my eyes and heard the morning brids sing their beautiful song. I could not help but feel the blessings of nature all around me that came out to show me wonders I would have never seen if I did not feel the call of Mother Earth.

Blessed be dear ones.

Today is the Feast of Mary Magdalene

Now I know some of you reading this are wondering why I would announce a Catholic saint’s feast day on a pagan website. Wel for me and many others Mary Magdalene is not just a Catholic saint she is also the embodiment of a mother Goddess of love and acceptance that was incarnated many centuries ago and lives on along with all the other Mother Goddesses. SHe is right there with Isis, Mother Earth, Bridgit, and many others. I just got through attending a four-day online summit with some very knowledgeable women giving their insights to this wonderful lady. This is the last day of the summit but I believe you can still register to get access to all the material until next July. Here id=s the link for the summit: Mary Magdalene SUmmit

May love and peace be with you today and always my dear ones. Blessed be

Big Energies This Week For Soul Advancement by Molly McCord

It’s a dynamic week with both the Mars in Cancer and Sun in Cancer making squares to Uranus in Aries. This is the energy of breakthroughs, breakdowns, impatience, aggressive anger, big outbursts, and an immediate desire to ACT.

Keep in mind that whatever is frustrating, triggering, or getting to you this week is a message that is meant to PUSH you through to the other side of something so you’re no longer on the fence. We are meant to be changing and making decisions this week about what we want NEXT – and sometimes, discomfort has to come up to get our attention. Discomfort is actually a very clear messenger – so trust that it is happening for a reason.

We can misinterpret the discomfort, frustration, or trigger to be more than it is. We can think it is too big, or too much, or we’re not sure what to do – hence, the anger and impulsiveness can come up out of frustration with ourselves.
Look at what you NEED that has been unspoken, untouched, and unacknowledged. It may be something from childhood… or when you were unsure how to communicate or express something about yourself. It can also feel highly personal and subjective, as it’s one of those unconscious patterns that keeps popping up or showing you something you need to claim and work with it a higher level of understanding. Have you been holding yourself back?
Change is the theme – so what is calling you to evolve? What is so dang uncomfortable that you don’t want to keep spinning in it and you want to set YOURSELF free?
Do that. And if you’re not sure HOW yet, the incoming Leo energy will give you the courage, heart, and drive to take those next steps.
Take time to sit with yourself and ask what you need to change and what you want next… and the upcoming New Moon this weekend will help show you the way forward as we enter eclipse season. Change is in the air (yet again!) and the more honest you can be about your truest desires, the easier it will be for you and the Universe/God/Spirit/Source to help you get there. ❤

As above, so below.
As within, so without.

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We’re on the other side of a game-changing Full Moon in Capricorn – need a breather and a break?

Take one and rest up as we prepare to shift energies big time in August. The Sun in Cancer supports as much self-care as you need, although it will be making a square to Uranus in Aries shortly and a pleasing trine to Chiron in Pisces.

We enter eclipse season soon, so enjoy any downtime while you can because life speeds up with intensity and momentum in August.

Every Wednesday, we discuss the energies of right now and what’s coming up with the planets in the week ahead so you can have a heads up about how to consciously + powerfully work with the energies in your life and in your chart.

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