Application to Become a Student and Information About Being a Novice with Lady Beltane

Application to Become a Student

You must be 17 years old to apply to be a student. Anyone under the age of 17 years old has to have a parent/guardian write to me from their own email address after they have read the application and what is expected of my novices giving their written permission for you to be a novice with me. This is also dor me to answer any questions about The Craft and/or myself they may have.


Before I accept anyone as a student I ask them to answer the following questions. Please scroll down to read what I expect from my novices and what they can expect from me before answering the following questions and emailing Lady Beltane your application.

What country or state you live in?

How old are you?

Why do you want to study The Craft?

Have you read the rest of this post and understand what Lady Beltane expects from her novices?

D0 you have any questions about my expectations of my novices?

Email your answer to me at I will reply as soon as possible to let you know if you have been accepted or not.

I expect all lessons to be done in order and completed before sending them to me. I will then review them and email you back with any corrections needed. After that, I will let you know you can start on the next lesson. Do not start on the next lesson until told to do so, please. The lessons are like bricks in a foundation of a building if you miss putting a brick in somewhere or do not do it correct order the whole foundation is weak. When practicing magick there can be no weak spots in your foundation or your magick may very well hurt you or someone else or something else somewhere. Email every lesson in its own email with the “Subject” line having the lesson number in it.

Even if you do not have a lesson to turn in I expect a short email weekly from each student just so we can keep in contact all you really have to say is hi. If I do not hear from you for two weeks in a row I will believe you no longer wish to study with me and remove you from the class email list. If at any time during your year and 1-day novice study period you chose to quit studying with me I would appreciate an email letting me know you are exiting the classes and coven and if you want to give me a reason as to why you are exiting that would be great. I am available by email or to meet in the chat room if you need help with a lesson or have any questions about The Craft. These meeting when at all possible should be set up a minimum of three days in advance.

I am available by email or to meet in the chat room if you need help with a lesson or have any questions about The Craft. These meeting when at all possible should be set up a minimum of three days in advance.

Lady Beltane will answer all students emails within two to three days of receiving them. I do not answer emails on the weekends because of my work schedule.

Lady Beltane will hold a monthly meeting that all novices must attend. The meeting time and date will be announced on the Coven Life website a minimum of one week in advance and depends on the Lady’s work schedule. This meeting is for you to meet other novices, ask questions, give answers if you know them, make comments on the study plan and/or lessons. If you or someone you care for is ill, you have to work or an emergency arises I ask that you let me know as soon as you can that you cannot attend or if it is after the meeting why you missed it. These meetings are important as topics will come up that are not covered in the study material.

There are online coven gatherings on every full or new Moon at 7:00 PM CT the visiting and ritual last about one-half hour for each of them. You need to attend the monthly Esbat gathering. As the Esbats falls on different days of the week according to the Moon’s cycle, I can not give a set date, please check the Coven Life website for announcement of Esbat gatherings.

Check the Coven Life website at least once a week for announcements for gatherings and the new posts that have been shared. Lafy Beltane expects at least one comment on one post every week so she knows you are checking the website for posts that can further your education in The Craft or bring you closer to the pagan community you will be part of when you become a novice or sometimes just to get to know your mentor Lady Beltane a bit better.

All emails should be sent to ladybeltane@aol.

All lessons are Copyright 2015 by Lady Beltane. They can not be reprinted or reposted without authors express permission.


Going from Novice to Adept Studies With in Coven Life’s Coven

Lady Beltane mentors those who come from her to novice classes on through adept and higher.

As many more Novices are coming up on their year and a day. I thought it might be nice to explain how Adept level works. The lessons are not now or will they be posted online in the foreseeable future. As I do not want to confuse new Novices or applications by them reading the wrong lesson to do. Also, Adept lessons are a little more intense with specific “due dates” on them. For right now I am meeting with each Adept after their lesson is through one on one, at the moment because of time differences we do not have group meetings.

Adept lessons will build on what you have studied as a Novice. I also work a little more one on one students so they can explore things they may be interested in that the others at Adept level do not necessarily want to learn more about. For example, – one person might want to learn about divination or a specific type of divination say Tarot cards while another person may not want to do any kind of divination work right now.

At Adept level, I encouraged you to study more on your own then asking me questions about it if you have any. This increases your knowledge of different styles of doing things to hopefully help you decide what your personal Craft and spiritual paths are.

Remember the choice is yours after completing any level of study with me to find someone new to study under or just continue learning on your own. I promise whatever way your path takes you, you can still email with questions, concerns or just to say hi. As long as I have the website Coven Life operating I will be here for you as a mentor and friend.

Some Important Information about Lessons

All lessons are Copyright 2015 by Lady Beltane. They can not be reprinted or reposted without authors’ express permission.

You can work at your own pace more or less through all the assignments. You have a year and a day as being a novice Witch and to complete all the lessons. I do need to hear from you at least once every week, even if the email just says hi. If you or someone you care for gets ill or hurt, your computer gives you problems or your internet, work or life itself gets super busy and you find you cannot email some week all I ask is you let me know you a reason for it. I am not a task master I just ask you stay in touch with me so I do not think you have decided to stop studying with me. If I do not hear from you for thirty days I will remove you from the class and delete all our correspondences. Thank you.

You will need to be able to attend the class gathering are scheduled by Lady Beltane usually once a month at 7:00 PM CT (there is a time converter app you can click on to find out what time that is locally for you on Coven Life’s Home page). You will be notified two weeks in advance of a meeting by email.  While you are each studying as a Solitary Witch (we are all part of a learning coven during the time you are doing all the sixteen lessons) these gathering are mandatory so you can get to know some other people at approximately your stage of learning and exchange ideas, ask questions, and hopefully make a friend or two in the Pagan community. If an emergency comes up or you can not reschedule a prior obligation any month please let me know you will not be attending as soon as you can. I decided to make it a set day and time every month rather than doing a gathering on the Esbats (the full and/oe new Moon every month). I also ask if at all possible you attend the online gathering for the Sabbats (the eight major holidays of the Pagan’s/Witch’s year). Information for the Sabbat gatherings is under The Coven menu or on the homepage of this website.

If you want or need to talk to me besides through an email we can set a time and day to meet in the chat room to talk. I ask you to email me with a couple of different times and days that would work for you so I can hopefully pick one that works within my schedule also. If the times you pick do not I will email you a couple of alternative choices. Please make the time after 3:30 PM CT. I work seven days a week and get off at 3:00 PM CT

If you ever have a question about a lesson please ask before finishing it. When you start working on spells do not do them if you have any misgivings or questions about them until we have “spoken”

All answers, questions, comments, etc should be sent to my email: Include the name of the lesson in the subject line of your email to Lady Beltane. I usually answer within twenty-four hours of receiving your email. I ask that you send all answers in the body of the email and not as an attachmentIf the lesson is sent as an attachment it will not be checked and you cannot continue onto the next lesson.