Online Novie Class Gatherings

All students of Lady Beltane are required to attend the online class gathering:


Date and time will be announced as soon as possible according to Lady Beltane’s weekend work schedule which is wacky at the present time. All novices and adept enrolled in classes will receive an email with date and time at least one week in advance.

PM CT to ? PM CT (ending time varies depending on topics being discussed)


Coven Life Chatroom ;

You will need to make an account to get into the chat room. Use this link to set up an account just for the chat room:

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For more information about becoming a novice witch with Lady Beltane as your mentor please go to “Novice Class Info” on the main menu then click on “CLASSES” in the drop down box or write to Lady Beltane at

Some Important Information about Lessons

All lessons are Copyright 2015 by Lady Beltane. They can not be reprinted or reposted without authors’ express permission.

You can work at your own pace more or less through all the assignments. You have a year and a day as being a novice Witch and to complete all the lessons. I do need to hear from you at least once every week, even if the email just says hi. If you or someone you care for gets ill or hurt, your computer gives you problems or your internet, work or life itself gets super busy and you find you cannot email some week all I ask is you let me know you a reason for it. I am not a task master I just ask you stay in touch with me so I do not think you have decided to stop studying with me. If I do not hear from you for thirty days I will remove you from the class and delete all our correspondences. Thank you.

You will need to be able to attend the class gathering are the second Saturday of every month at 7:00 PM CT (there is a time converter app you can click on to find out what time that is locally for you on Coven Life’s Home page). While you are each studying as a Solitary Witch (we are all part of a learning coven during the time you are doing all the sixteen lessons) these gathering are mandatory so you can get to know some other people at approximately your stage of learning and exchange ideas, ask questions, and hopefully make a friend or two in the Pagan community. If an emergency comes up or you can not reschedule a prior obligation any month please let me know you will not be attending as soon as you can. I decided to make it a set day and time every month rather than doing a gathering on the Esbats (the full and/oe new Moon every month). I also ask if at all possible you attend the online gathering for the Sabbats (the eight major holidays of the Pagan’s/Witch’s year). Information for the Sabbat gatherings is under The Coven menu or on the homepage of this website.

If you want or need to talk to me besides through an email we can set a time and day to meet in the chat room to talk. I ask you to email me with a couple of different times and days that would work for you so I can hopefully pick one that works within my schedule also. If the times you pick do not I will email you a couple of alternative choices. Please make the time after 3:30 PM CT. I work seven days a week and get off at 3:00 PM CT

If you ever have a question about a lesson please ask before finishing it. When you start working on spells do not do them if you have any misgivings or questions about them until we have “spoken”

All answers, questions, comments, etc should be sent to my email: Include the name of the lesson in the subject line of your email to Lady Beltane. I usually answer within twenty-four hours of receiving your email. I ask that you send all answers in the body of the email and not as an attachmentIf the lesson is sent as an attachment it will not be checked and you cannot continue onto the next lesson.

Making Your Book of Shadows – Lesson 0

Before you start any of the other lessons you will need a Book of Shadows (BOS) or Grimoire. A Book of Shadows is a Witch’s most personal magickal tool. Please read “What is a Book of Shadows” and “Another Definition-Book of Shadows.” on Coven Life’s website for more background on this.

  1. Chose some type of book or journal to use as a Book of Shadows/Grimoire. I would suggest some type of spiral notebook or loose leaf notebook paper in a folder or three-ring binder. Use whatever you want just make sure it will have enough pages or can be added to.
  2. Cleanse it using the elements. Read “How to Cleanse an Object Using the Elements” If using loose leaf notebook paper you should cleanse each piece as you add it to your folder or binder
  3. Every assignment you do the answers should be written in the BOS. You may move on to using something else as one in the future but the knowledge you are acquiring through these lessons are the foundation of your magickal working and of being a Witch.
  4. Send me a picture of your BOS.

Emails should be sent to

Witch/Pagan Words and Phrases Definitions – Lesson 1

The following are words or phrases often used by Witches/Pagans in spells, greetings, rituals, etc. You should be able to find the answers to some on Coven Life’s website. The others you will search for on the internet. Please use your own words to answer not just copy and paste from websites.

1) Blessed be

2) Merry Meet and Merry Greet

3) Merry Part until we Merry meet again

4) Esbat


5a) What are the name of the Sabbats?

5b) What is the date of each Sabbat?

6) Deosil

7) Widdershins

8) So Mote It Be

9) Sacred Circle

10) Watchtowers

11) Spirit Guides

12) Totem/Spirit Animal

13) Coven

14) Solitary Witch

15)The Elements

16) Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone)

16a) What is the definition of each aspect of the Triple Goddess

16b) What Moon phases do the correspond to?

17) Horn God

18) Familiar

19) Spell Casting or Spell work

20) Ritual

Email any questions to Also email her when you finish this lesson.

Element Placement, Gods and Goddesses – Lesson 2

1) Which of the 5 Elements corresponds to each point on a Pentagram? I want you to tell me starting at the top and going clockwise around the pentagram which element belongs where. Example Top point-Spirit, Upper right point-?, excreta. There are examples of Pentagrams the way we will be using them in our studies on Coven Life’s site, just use the search box to find them.

2) Which Element corresponds to which regular compass/cardinal point. This is also the information you need to know for which element corresponds with each of the four Watchtowers.

3a) Research 6 different Gods and 6 different Goddesses. The tell me a little about each one.

3b) Why did you pick the Gods and Goddesses you did?

Remember do not send answers in attachments, send answers only in the body of the email to:

Basic Sacred Circle – Lesson 3

1)Read “How to do a basic circle” -Can be found by doing a search on Coven Life website

2)Do a sacred circle to get the feel for it.

3)Set up an altar using the correct color candle for each element.

4) Use your pointer finger on your power hand (the one you write with) to direct the energy to form the wards around the circle.

I do not want you to try to do any spell work or a ritual.

After you do your circle I want you to write to me about your experience.

Emails should be sent to

How to Make Magickal Tools – Lesson 4

To find any of the reading assignments below type word in parentheis into the search box on Coven Life website.

The most important tool you will need besides a Book of Shadows is a Wand or Atheme.

1) Read the post “Magickal Tools”

2) Read the post “How to Cleanse Objects Using the Elements”

3) Read the post “How to Consecrate Magickal Tools”

4) Each time you acquire an item you will using as a magickal tool you will need to make a sacred circle to cleanse and consecrate it.

5) After all items are consecrated, set them in their proper place on the altar. Then give thanks to the elements for cleansing them for you. Also the God and/or Goddess you choose to ask to consecrate the tools for you.

6) Write to Lady Beltane telling her where you got your tools and how they came to be yours.

Email answers to

Altar Set Up – Lesson 5

Read “Basic Altar Set Up” on Coven Life’s website. Can be found by using the search box.

Gather the items as you can afford to. Until you get the Magickal Tools you can use a candle for each of the elements.

  1. What color candle correspondences with which element?
  2. What type of objects can be used to represent Spirit?
  3. What types of objects can be used to represent Air”
  4. What type of objects can be used to represent Fire?
  5. What type of objects can be used to represent Water?
  6. What type of objects can be used to represent Earth?
  7. What types of objects can be used to represent a Goddess? The Goddess representation goes to the left of Spirit.
  8. What type of objects can be used to represent a God? The God representation goes to the right of spirit.
  9. What are the other tools needed to set up a full altar?
  10. Can you set up an altar without having all of these tools?

Emails should be sent to

Moon Phases – Lesson 6

You can find some of the answers for these questions on Witches of The Craft and Coven Life web sites. Others you will have to do an internet search for.

1) What are the different Moon phases?

2) Which Moon phases is considered

a) Maiden?

b) Mother?

c) Crone?

3) What spells are best done during

a) Waxing Moon?

b) Full Moon?

c) Waning Moon?

d) New Moon?

4) Should you try to time a spell or ritual to coincide with a certain Moon phases and day of the week for it to have the best chance of working and to be as strong as possible?

5) What is the biggest difference magick wise between the full and new Moons?

Please email answers to Thank you. Blessed 

Days of the Week Correspondences – Lesson 7

Some of the answers for these questions can be found on Coven Life’s website under “Elemental Correspondences 1, 2, 3,4.” Others you may have to look up on the internet.

1) Which element corresponds with which day of the week?

2) What spells are best done on a Monday?

3)What spells are best done on a Tuesday?

4)What spells are best done on a Wednesday?

5) What spells are best done on a Thursday?

6) What spells are best done on a Friday?

7) What spells are best done on a Saturday?

8) What spells are best done on a Sunday?

9) Why is it better to try to do a spell or ritual on one day of the week over another?

Email all answers and any questions to