Changes for Open Chats, Esbat and Sabbat Gatherings, Email Replies, 1 on 1 With an Elder or Lady Beltane

Lady Beltane has been working 7 days a week usually 5 to 7 hours almost every day, including but not limited to the extra hours for writing, leading or editing a student who will be leading an Esbat or Sabbat gathering, open chats, replying to emails, the weekly posts on WOTC and beginning of the month maintenance and post for both websites and the number of hours do not reflect the time I put in doing research to bring informative material. This has led to me being overly stressed causing problems with my fibromyalgia flaring up to wear it hurts to where any kind of clothing, to walk, to type, to really do anything. I had a minor heart attack in August and an now having symptoms that I may have another one. I am sorry but, I am no longer putting my health at risk and taking a chance of not seen my grandchildren grow up. So I am setting “Office” Hours for when I will be available for one on one talks, help with lessons, answering emails, etc because it is that I either cut back on hours of availability and take a full day off every week or close down the school, coven, and both websites. Which I think you all know all that I went through to keep Lady Abyss’ legacy and WOTC going that I really do not want to close any of it down.

Send emails whenever you want. If it is sent after Office Hours they will be answered during the next business day. Putting the labels of business and office hours on websites dedicated to witchcraft might seem strange to a lot of people but as this is my only job the 2 websites are a business and therefore need an opening and closing time for certain things and meetings, i.e. Open Chats, Esbat and Sabbat gatherings, and when I or one of the Elders are need to talk to or help with a lesson or whatever someone might need.

These Hours Go Into Effect

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Office Hours

Sunday Lady Beltane Family Time

Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM CT


Saturday 10:00 AM TO 4:00 PM CT

Then only exception to get in touch with me outside of my “Office” hours is an emergency of some kind. All my electronic devices are shut of every night between 7and 8 PM CT. So it might not be until the next day that I get back to you. Please be assured I or one of the Elder will contact you as early as possible the next morning. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere it will be your next evening.

The Open Chats will be at a new time starting at 2:00 PM CT ending at 4:00 PM CT on the 1st Saturday of every month only, remember if you are a student you are required to attend except if you or a family member has an emergency. The elder monitoring the chat will rotate.

Esbat gathering time and day are also changing they will be held on the Sunday closest to the new or full Moon date starting with a social hour at 2:00 PM CT. The circle will be cast at 3:00 PM CT.

Sabbat gatherings will still be on the calendar date they fall on, which can change from year to year. If on a week day the social hour will start at 6:00 PM CT with the circle being cast at 7:00 PM CT. If the Sabbat it on a weekend the social hour will start at 2:00 PM CT with the circle cast at 3:00 

I ask you all to please respect my cutting back on the hours I spend doing the websites, witchcraft school, leading Heart’s Spirit Coven for Esbats and Sabbats, being in the Open Chats, and 1 on 1 time with people so I can get myself distressed allowing my other medical conditions to get under control again also. Thank you in advance for your understanding, consideration of my requests, and as always your support.


A Place to Talk About Whatever You Need or Want to and a Remembrance Ceremony for Lady Abyss

we do not die

We will be doing a Remembrance Ceremony at 7:00 PM CST lasting approximately 10 to 15 minutes to honor Lady Abyss. Chat room opens at 6:00 PM CST

What You Need for Remembrance Ceremony

1 – 4 inch White chime candle With Lady of the Abyss craved in to it (you can use a large candle if you want but any size candle needs to safely burn down completely)

1 Candle Holder

1 Piece of Paper size is up to you

Something to write with

Matches or a lighter

A container to put paper in to finish burning safely

Something to put under container so the surface it is sitting on is not damaged.

A laptop, tablet, computer to follow the ceremony on and to talk in the chat room.

A full piece of paper towel

Chat room is closed for general talking while we do the ceremony

Remembrance Ceremony

Lady Beltane: I walk this circle with the Lord and Lady to keep our messages to Lady Abyss on a true path to her.

Everyone:  We asked the Goddess to  let Lady Abyss receive our messages of love  and missing her.

We honor Lady Abyss as we light a candle so she knows she brighten each of our lives in some way. We honor her for all she has taught us. We thank Lady Abyss for being friend or mentor or sister or all of these things to each of us.

Take 5 minutes to write whatever you want to, to our beloved Lady.

Everyone: Start burning your paper when you feel heat of the burning paper put it in the container to finish burning. When it is completely burned type  So mote it be.

(After the circle is done or as soon as you have time do the following in daylight:

When the candle was and ashes completely cool down place everything in the middle of the full piece of paper towel. Fold the corners towards the middle making it into a bundle. Take the bundle to a crossroads. Once there ask the Goddess to watch over you and to keep any automobiles away from there until you are through. After all moving automobiles have left the area stand in the middle of the crossroads and place the bundle on the ground at your feet, open it, and leave it there. If you feel you want to say anything to Lady Abyss please do. Than thank the Goddess for her protection, turn and walk away without looking back.)

Lady Beltane: Dear sisters and brothers we have honored the end of this life time for Lady Abyss. May we find some peace in knowing she will not feel anymore pain. We also are celebrating her life by sharing our memories of her.

I walk this circle with the Lord and Lady to close this circle. We happily give the energy we raise to Mother Earth to use as she needs it.

This circle is done but through the Goddess we will stay connected. Go in peace and love.towel


The ceremony is done but the chat room is available for as long as anyone wants to talk.

Angel Advice and Tarot Advice and a Special Oracle Card Pull for the Week of Monday 7 Oct 2019

For this weeks reading:

Reading for Mon, Oct, 7, 2019

For a site with yummy recipes, Angel advice, tarot card advice, and an oracle card pull, history on more then just witchcraft I strongly suggest my dearest sister’s website ….

The Sliver Sage Witch on

Her website is not that old but it is all chocked full of interesting information. I think she also takes suggestions for posts so she can bring you magickal, spiritual, and non Witchy things as well. I think you will like it enough to want to follower the Silver Sage Witch on a daily bases.

For NewFound-Life’s Youtube channel, which offers a new Angel And Tarot Cards Advice every Monday and than Thursday brings us The Witching Crossroads which bring us information about different paths of The Craft.

Sliver Sage Witch of NewFound-Life Website


Once in a while you will even see a post from me on

The Silver Sage Witch is my go to if I do not have time, want a second opinion on a question, or just do not want to do my own Tarot Card Reading. Her reading ability is one of the best tarot card readers I have ever come across. SHe also will do spells and/or rituals by request. If you would like a Tarot Reading or a spell done, etc by Silver Sage Witch click here

Student Application


What country or state you live in?
How old are you?
Why do you want to study The Craft with this coven?
Have you studied any tradition of The Craft before?
If so, what tradition and for how long?
Have you ever been part of any type of Coven or Grove?
Have you read the rest of this post and understand what we expect from our novices?
Do you have any questions about the expectations of our novices?
Please email application to

Can We Help You to Teach Your Children and/or Descendants about The Craft?

One of our Elders thought, and I agree, that we should post a survey to help us help you to teach your children about The Craft. If you do not want to put your answers in a comment below please email them to, please include your child’s age so we can post information by age groups. This whole idea of helping you to help your children learn is in the planning stages any ideas and/or suggestions to make it how you think will help our descendants to learn are very welcomed.

1. As pagan parents, would you like to see children’s activities posted on Coven Life?
2. What age groups would you recommend activities for?
3 – 4 years old (mostly coloring pages of the different Sabbats with a small paragraph on what the Sabbat is for)
5 – 6 years old (Coloring pages of the Sabbats and Moon Phases with a small paragraph in wording they can read themselves to bring about a dialogue about what they are learning)
7-10 years old (Printable Information delving deeper into Moon phases. Brief introduction to Sabbat and Esbat rituals)
11-14 years old (Information for considering following a Pagan path building on what they would learned above)
15 – 18 years old (Introductory information on what it means to follow the Old Ways of The Craft including an introduction to Gods, Goddesses, Spellwork, Rituals. The spell work and.or rituals would be geared for the young adult to help their parent, grandparent, or care taker to prepare a spell and how to set up an altar if wanted and what preparation goes into writing and doing a ritual.)
This is a way that a child or young adult can build an understanding of the magickal and spiritual sides of witchcraft/ It will also help prepare them to become a novice in our coven or just to have the knowledge to work better with the adults that are solitary practitioner.
3. What topics would you like to see addressed?
4. What type of activities?
5. What other suggestions would you have for children’s and young adult’s activities ?
Remember you can answer the questions in the comments or email your answers to If you have any questions or ideas about this project please ask or share your idea. We are willing to start any child or young adult of any age so please do not think your child would have to start as a preschooler. There is no charge as you will be able to use what we post to teach your child the way you follow The Craft. We are here just to answer questions or help in anyway we can. We will be posting things for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres at the appropriate times for Sabbats.

Lady Beltane is Sort of Back

Well found out to get my laptop fixed would cost almost as much as buying a new one. So while I save enough to buy my new laptop I will be using my tablet, that was cheaper to fix, to do posts. Only problem with this is I do not get all the same information I get with a computer for some of the daily posts. For example I do not get the current Moon phase details but as always there will be a link to click on to get this information. All posts will always have a link back to the website I get the information from if you want to use it to find out more details about the post or finish reading an article. Hopefully, I should have the money saved for my new laptop by Samhain/Beltane.

I have had an Acer and HP brands laptops. I really liked my Acer but as I am not very knowledgeable on computer hardware I am going to ask the tech savvy of you to recommend a laptop in the low $400.00 USD range. Please add an explanation that a kindergartener can understand. Thank you for helping me to find the best user friendly computer for my needs. I need it to be able to play DVD and CD, not be over 4 pounds/1814 grams, have a 14 to 15 inch/35.56 to 38.1 cm screen, built in webcam/microphone/speakers, latest Windows running format. Please do no recommend any Apple or that type of running format. While this “old gray mare” is willing to learn something new every day, I do not have the ambition to learn a totally different way a computers basics are set up. Hades, I never even turned a computer on until I was about 34 and had to take as college course as a requirement. The last 27 years I still don’t know much more, luckily the Lord and Lady blessed me with my youngest son who knows has way in and out of hardware and software. (side note for a chuckle picture around 1995– How many parents have the FBI knocking on there door because someone from that address hacked into the FBI mainframe? Well I did because my youngest had did that. Thank they gods and Goddesses all they want was my son to show them how he got in and possibly help in the begging. He was just 11 years old at this time.) If anyone in the US has a laptop in very good condition and works with Windows 10 as its start up program and is willing to sell it to me please send a picture and information about it, like how much RAM it has and how old the computer is etc to me at . Thank you!

So starting tomorrow I will strive to giving hthe best I can do posting via my tablet. I as you to please bear with fewer, short posts for the next few months. Who knows may I’ll get a new laptop.

From my herat to yours thank you for your support! Namaste dear brothers and sisters.

I Need and Want Honest Feedback From All Who Read This

As many of you know I am now the proud owner of Lady of the Abyss’ website Witches of The Craft. I put up a few questions and asked the people who follow WOTC to answer them so I could get a feel for what they want to gain from reading posts on that website. Well, I didn’t get much feedback and figure that the answers I did get back are what I would use as a base for putting posts on there. Definitely, my thinking was very wrong as a phone call from Lady Abyss last night asking if I could run 2 sites,  what I had done to her graphics, did I know we were losing followers, and dropping lower on Goggle’s sear engine plus she to me had gotten emails from readers that I was messing up the website. Lady A was not telling or asking me these things to hurt me she is my true sister would kick me in the backside when I need it and I did need it. So today I want to ask you a few questions about the content on Coven Life. I really, really need your input so Coven Life is a website that you enjoy and want to return to whether you are a student or not. Just put the question number and then your answer to it in the comments below, please.

  1. Do you want to see daily horoscopes, Moon phase, and planet positions posted on Coven Life or just a link to go to WOTC where they are posted daily?
  2. What topics do you want to see covered more? Please list as many as you want to in your answer,
  3. Are there topics we have not posted about that you would like us too? If yes what are the topics?
  4. Are the 2 Open Chats at a good day and times for you to make it to at least 1 per month if you are a student? If you are not a student but would like to hang out with us are the days and times good for you? The days and times are the 2nd Saturday of every month from 6:00 to 8:00 PM CT and the fourth Saturday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM CT
  5. How do you think and feel about the way we post on Coven Life now?
  6. Do the Esbat and Sabbat gatherings start at a convenient time for you? Socializing starts at 6:00 PM CT with the circle being cast at 7:00 PM CT on whatever day either the new or full Moon is on and the same for the eight Sabbats.
  7. Do you think Lady Beltane should close the witchcraft school (allowing those already taking a course to finish it), and/or online coven gatherings and/or shut down the Coven Life website completely
  8. Do you think Lady Beltane is doing a good job running Coven Life or should she  turn Coven Life over to someone else who might run it better?


Thank you very much for taking the time to give me answers to this short survey!!

Witches of The Craft and Coven Life Now Under 1 Owner

After 18 years and being a pioneer on the world wide web with her award-winning site Witches of The Craft Lady of the Abyss is retiring.

Lady Abyss and Lady Beltane talked on the phone earlier today after hashed out the finer points of everything it was decided that Lady Beltane will be taking it over with monthly payments to Lady A so WOTC does not go to a stranger.

WOTC format will be staying basically the same but the number of posts will be going down. If you want to check what Tarot cards and Ogham are pulled for the day and some of the other things WOTC is known for just go there to find them.

Coven Life will still be having open chats, Esbat and Sabbat gatherings in the CL chatroom. The online school for witchcraft for novice through priestess/priest level studies is not going to change at all.

If you have found that either website contains information you enjoy reading and/or using please consider making a donation to help Lady Beltane cover the cost of keeping these two websites up and running smoothlas as her only income is a SSI check. In advance thank you very much for your help and being part of the WOTC/CL online family

Student Handbook

You must be 18 years old or the age the country you live in deems you an adult responsible for yourself to apply to be a student. Anyone under the age under that age has to have a parent/guardian write to us from their own email address after they have read the application and/or want is to answer any questions about The Craft and/or myself they may have before we review your application.
Before we accept anyone as a student we ask them to answer the following questions. Please scroll down to read what we expect from our novices and what they can expect from us before answering and emailing Lady Beltane your application. If you are entering the Adept course all the Novice expectations need to be met. Send it to The Novice Course is $35.00 USD qnd the Adept Course is $45.00 USD payable upon your application being accepted before you receive your first lesson. We can set up a payment plan payments if you can not afford to pay your course fee all at one time. For Novice Course it breaks down to 3 payments plus $3.00- the 1st one due at the time your application is accepted, 2nd before we will send out your 5th lesson, and the 4th before you receive your 9th lesson. The payment plan for the Adept course breaks down to 4 payments plus $4.00  – 1st payment due before you receive your 1st lesson, 2nd payment due before you receive your 4th lesson, 3rd before you receive your 3rd lesson, and the 4th at the end of your first year of study as an adept. You will need to write to us explaining why you need a payment plan. Payment plan explanation for both courses will be reviewed on a person by person basis by Lady Beltane and Coven Life’s ELders The decision to grant a payment plan will be made by Lady Beltane and the Elders. You will receive an email within 72 hours telling you your payment plan has been granted or not. The fees cover all lessons, coven gatherings, Open Chats, and 1 on 1 help from Lady Beltane and/or our coven Elders, helping to keep this website and chat room going. The course fee for novices or adepts is nonrefundable in any part if you decide to quit lessons or are dropped for not meeting the expectations of the study level you are at. Use DONATE button on Homepage to make you class fees payment, please. Thank you!


We expect all lessons to be done in order and completed before sending them to us. One of the Elders will then review it and email you back with any corrections that need to be made and/or if further research is needed on any of the questions or we will email your next lesson. All Adept lesson with a due date please do not send your lesson in earlier.

The lessons for all levels are like bricks in a foundation of a building if you miss putting a brick in somewhere or do not do it in the correct order the whole foundation is weak. When practicing magick there can be no weak spots in your foundation or your magick may hurt you or someone or something else somewhere in the universe. Email every lesson in its own email with the “Subject” line having the lesson number in it. Always remember the only rule of The Crat or The Old Ways is  “Do as ye will, lest it harms none.”

Even if you do not have a lesson ready to turn in every week, which is fine, we expect a short email every week you do not turn in a lesson from every student it does not whether you are a novice, an adept, a priest, or a preistess  just so we know you are still interested in studying with Coven Life. It can be very short like saying is. If we do not hear from you for three weeks in a row we will believe you no longer wish to study with us and remove your email address from the Coven Life email list emails. We realize there are times health issues or emergencies happen if possible email us or have another person email us that you are sick, there has been in us a family emergency, just had a baby for these reasons we will keep your email address for three more weeks for a total of six weeks before deleting you completely. If this happens please write to us or ask someone to write for you so we know you are still interested and if the coven can be of any help.

If at any time during your study level you chose to quit studying with us, we would appreciate an email letting us know you are exiting the classes and coven need an email telling us you no longer want to study with us and a reason as to why you are quitting. As it might be a simple reason and we might be able to work something out to keep you studying with us. Remember course fees are nonrefundable. The Elders are available by email or to meet in the chat room if you need help with a lesson or have any questions about The Craft. These meeting when at all possible should be set up a minimum of three days in advance.

We will try to answer all students emails within three days of receiving them.
Lady Beltane or one of the other Elders will hold an OPen Chat on the 3rd and 4 Saturdays every month that all student whatever level you are at must attend at least one of these Open Chat. The meeting times and date can be found on Coven Life’s Hompage under Coven Life Events on the Coven. Important information on lessons and/or other topics can come up that are not covered in the study material.

There are online coven gatherings on every full or new Moon and Sabbat have a socialization time from 6:00 to 7:00 PM CT with the Circle being cast at 7:01 PM CT. The ritual lasts about one-half hour for each gathering. You have to attend the monthly Esbat and 8 Sabbat gatherings. As the Esbats and Sabbats fall on different days of the week according to the Moon’s cycle and Wheel of the Year so we can not give a set date that we hold them on every month, please check the Coven Life website under Cove Life’s Events for the date of each Esbat and Sabbath gatherings. The entire ritual will be posted in advance of the gathering. If you cannot make it to a gathering or one of the Open Chats send us an email explaining why you will not be there.
Please check the Coven Life website at least once a week for a post you want to read. You must leave at least one comment on one post every week so we know you are checking the website for posts that can further your education in The Craft.

Before the sacred circle starts at 7:01 PM Central Time in the USA anyone entering the chat room is welcomed to socialize with anyone else that is there. You can ask questions about lessons or anything else. This is a great time to get to know your fellow coven members better. Read the Guideline for the Chatroom in our Homepage before entering the chat room for the first time, please.

Once the circle starts ALL SOCIALIZING AND COMMENTS unless asked for in the ritual must stop. You will get one warning if you break this guideline. If you do it a second you will be asked to and expected to leave the gathering immediately. There will be no exceptions to this guideline.

Anyone attending a gathering is welcome to stay after the circle is done to visit with the others and/or offer other ideas for the ritual performed at that gathering.

If you have any questions about any lessonsm or Anything about The Craft please email us at

All lesson answers should be sent in the body of the email and mailed

All emails will be answered within three days of us receiving them.

All lessons are Copyright 2015 by Lady Beltane. They cannot be reprinted or reposted without authors express permission.


What country or state you live in?
How old are you?
Why do you want to study The Craft with this coven?
Have you studied any tradition of The Craft before?
If so, what tradition and for how long?
Have you ever been part of any type of Coven or Grove?
Have you read the rest of this post and understand what we expect from our novices?
Do you have any questions about the expectations of our novices?
Please email application to

Novice Lesson Outline

Novice Lesson Outline
1. Making Your Book of Shadows
2. Definition of Common Words and Phrases
3. Define Moon Phases
4. Corresponding Days of the Week
5. Elemental Placements, Gods and Goddesses
6. What is a Witch’s Familiar
7. Set up Basic Altar
8. Meditation Basics
9. Do Your First Circle
10. Write A Spell
11. Write a Ritual to go with Your Spell
12. Explain what an Esbat is
13. Write an Esbat Ritual
14. Explain what a Sabbat is Including Dates They Are On and How they are Placed of the Wheel of The Year
15. Write a Sabbat Ritual
16. Write a Ritual for Your Personal Dedication to The Craft
17. 13 Question You Should Now Be Able To Answer
18. Write a Review about Being a Novice Within Coven Life’s Coven
If you have any questions about any lessons please email us at
All lesson answers should be sent to
All emails will be answered within three days of us receiving them.