Hearth of Hellenism: Polytheism In the Office

“I do not hide my religion at work. While it can be hard to be a polytheist in a sea of monotheists, I have a simple method of dealing with them. I do not normalize monotheism and position polytheism as the norm.”

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Enigmatic Phaistos Disc may be Ancient Hymn to Astarte, Goddess of Love


I have been on a personal journey with the Goddess for many years. One of the very inspirations was during a visit to the museum in Crete.  The Phaistos disk has mesmerised, intrigued, and baffled many.

Here is a little more information that you to may find intriguing.

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Phaistos Disk may be prayer to mother goddess


Ancient writing systems and their meanings absorb scientists who dedicate years of work to deciphering and sorting through arguments to determine the true meaning and purpose of writings. The latest news is that a clay disk about 15 cm in diameter from thousands of years ago has been decoded. ZME Science reported that Gareth Owens of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete (TEI) said some key words were figured out as well as the general message conveyed. The  is of fired clay from the Minoan palace of Phaistos on the Greek island of Crete. Owens said, “The best-known Minoan inscription is the Phaistos Disk. It is commonly accepted that this can be read spirally, i.e., from the rim inwards.”

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Hekate and August: Celebrating The Harvest, Storms, Witchcraft, Keys, and Children

There is a multitude of Hekatean celebrations during August. We can celebrate her connections with the harvest, witches, storms, keys, and children during this month. Here’s a summary of each of them with suggestions for practices and rituals. 

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The Witches of Thessaly

By Hypatia

Written for Coven Life

4th June 2018


Thessaly was a region in antiquity that was mentioned in Homers Odyssey. There he described the already infamous witches of Thessaly that were active from the 1st to the 3rd Century BCE. Before him both Plato and Socrates spoke of them. These women were both feared and revered.

So who were the Thessalian Witches?

In the centre of it all was the Goddess Hecate. Servants and priestesses of Hecate were already famous for their witchcraft. Thessaly was located in the northern region of Greece that bordered Macedonia. It was considered to be the home of witchcraft and magic, a place where the first known historical Witch-Cult was recorded.

The Thessalian Witches had incredible Magickal abilities, sayings, prayers and incantations mentioned in Homers Odyssey that are still till this day used by modern practitioners of Magick to draw down the moon.

“If I command the Moon it will come down: and if I wish to withhold the day, night will linger over my head: and again, if I wish to embark on the sea, I need no ship, and if I wish to fly through the air, I am free from my weight”.

Wow, it looks like witches have been flying through the air since the 2nd century BC according to this extract from a Greek text.

The red headed women of Thessaly would use the magical powers of the moon. The Magickal concept of the moon was that it had the ability to perspire Magickal sweat, which in the hand of a witch revealed truly wondrous powers. There was a Magick called virus lunare, through which the moon could be invoked and a liquid secreted from it and then dropped on the herbs. This was the ambrosia that was acquired during the waxing period of the moon and was part of some of the most famous potions ever created throughout history.

The Thessalian Witches were mainly women, however there is also indication of male members as well.

These servants and priestesses of the Goddess were attributed for their all-powerful Love Potions and their aphrodisiacs, ones that rarely come without consequence. Some of these preparations could “make someone crazy” and even impotent, so as legend has it .

Some of the less desirable traits of the Witches of Thessaly included, cannibalism and traits of scatological nature. I can see similarities where the trickling down of descriptive and I believe deceptive characteristics that were adopted for the persecution of witches in European “Christendom” held steadfast from the ancient times.

One of the famous Witches of Thessaly included Aglaonike, a natural philosopher in c 200 BC. She was a master of the arts predicting Lunar cycles that included lunar eclipses. Armed with this knowledge, she was able to, what others believed to control the moon. This power gained her both respect and fear from not only the everyday person but heads of state and country. Now that’s wisdom in all it’s glory!! It’s no wonder these women and men were so feared.

Throughout history the Witches of Thessaly have endured much literary criticism that was written from a range of perspectives, interpretations and even theoretical structures. Either way their stories that were once fact adorning the temples of Hecate, soon became history, then legend and finally mythology. The Priestesses and servants of the Great Goddess have left us with their incredible legacy, one that till this day connects the feminine aspect of humanity with the moon and spans globally throughout generations. Take what you may from the historical interpretations and stories of the Thessalian Witches, they were and are legendary. They were Priestesses and servants of the Great Goddess, a Goddess that was venerated and worshiped throughout the world in many different aspects . Remnants of their legacy is evident in our modern understanding of the historical concepts of earth based religions. Ones that are clearly still needed and yearned from humanity till this day.

Magic in Ancient Greece: Necromancy, Curses, Love Spells, and Oracles


magical traditions of ancient Greece encompassed spells, curse tablets, drugs, potions, poisons, amulets, and talismans. For many cultures of the past, there was a very fine line between magic, superstition, religion, and science. The ancient magicians were seen as symbols of wisdom, keepers of secrets, and masters of the arts, mathematics and science, particularly chemistry. Because magicians were believed to be individuals with access to supernatural powers, they were both feared and respected.

Spells and incantations had been used by the Egyptians for thousands of years and the Greeks carried this tradition forward, as evidenced by surviving Greek papyri containing magic records that date back to the 4th and 3rd century BC.

to read the rest of this article please copy and paste this link into your browser: http://www.ancient-origins.net/history-ancient-traditions/magic-ancient-greece-necromancy-curses-love-spells-and-oracles-007348/page/0/1

Fairies From all Around the World

Written by Hypatia

For Coven Life

28th April 2018

Over time I have come to understand that we each connect to these beings in such different ways. They are born from the world around us at the time, and connect us to the ethereal.  Some are anthropomorphic, meaning they take human form, some in animal form, some as angels, others take their element form and yet others are all one and the same.

Throughout our childhood they are our spirit guardians and help us see through the veil that has been hung by our modern day adults.

As children we naturally accept what is around us as fact, therefore we engage in play, conversation and even moments of soothing with these beings. In some cultures with ancient origins such beings are encouraged by adults as they sever as protectors for their children. The children then take these guardians into their adult life that protect them till their final days.

As adults in modern day wester cultures we are encouraged to live in what is perceived as “reality”.  A reality that earns money, keeps house, has a family and a solid social network of other people who are also living a reality, that help us keep our reality in check. When someone says to you “Have you done a Reality check lately”? All their trying to say is: are you comparing your life to someone else’s? If it is not on someone else’s track then you better start changing.

This reality which we willingly accept throughout adulthood is what keeps us confined, keeps us chained, keeps us enslaved to this perception of how we need to be, what we need to do and how we need to act.

As soon as an adult experiences moments of visions relating to these beings, modern western society deals with it through medication.  Suppressing their imagination and calling it delusion. In cultures that still hold on to their ancient roots, a child or young adult with such “delusions” would be sent to the local medicine man not to be treated for his illness but to be trained as a Shaman for his gift!

Fairies come into our lives as adults for many reasons. One of the main ones I believe is that they allow us to question what belongs to us and what belongs to someone else. A “Reality Check on the reality check”

In other words are you living your own reality or the reality of everyone else around you?

Fairies encourage you to release your true inner being, your own elemental.

They are your true self as they are made of your very own DNA.

You cannot hide anything from them, lie to them or cheat them because you are doing all that to you. If you do, it manifests as disease, illness of the soul and the mind.

These beings are beloved, feared and revered throughout history and all over the world.

Down here the Indigenous Australians of the North have their fairy beings called Mimi and are displayed in cave paintings from more than 40- 60 thousand years ago!


Below is a link referencing fairies from all around the world, all four corners and from new world to ancient.



In Ireland they have my old time favourite the Pooka. This however is not exactly on the cute sweet scale. There is no fairy more feared in Ireland than the Pooka. People’s interpretation of spiritual beings can be varied. Some have the Pooka as a beneficent spirit, one that plays tricks. Take for instance the old classic movie with Jimmy Stewart called “Harvey” in 1950. He befriends with this beneficent spirit that helps him see the true nature of human beings. Meanwhile while Jimmy is very different from the norm, in this movie he is portrayed as crazy because he takes the time to talk to his Pooka. Therefore the Pooka or Pukka is considered to bring both good and bad fortune. It is whatever we perceive it to be. No one can tell us what is real and what isn’t, this is up to us to decide.

In ancient Greece these spirit fairies came as Nymphs. Usually women, very beautiful and ready to draw in any man to them. In fact this is where the word Nymphomaniac came from.


These were elemental beings that were in the water, forest, trees, air, and even fire.

When connecting to your fairy, try connecting to it through a mediation first, indoors, in a forest, in your backyard, anywhere outdoors, with and without music, with dance, instruments, whatever it takes. When you are confident with its presence then begin to research it. In other words allow your inner being to call your Fay in rather than tarnishing your perception of what your fairy is supposed to look like, do and act. Remember they are an extension of you!

Fairies are nothing new, they have been with man since the dawn of time and hold the secrets to the beginning of the universe. Each and every fairy is unique in the most ethereal manner, why because they are part of the universal code, they are a reflection of our very self. We give them the power to appear to us and in return they share the secrets of the universe.





Inexpensive Books on The Craft

I have been asked over the years about good books pertaining to The Craft and so decided to do some searching on Amazon.com for inexpensive decent books. I found quite a few starting from HER on up to a $100.00 USD. These come in Kindle, paper and hard back. The less expensive way to go is Kindle. Amazon.com offers free Kindle reading apps for your cell phone, tablet, laptop, and computer.

If you have a favorite author type that into Amazon’s search box or you can use Witchcraft, Wicca, Magic etc. They also carry books on Fairies, Dragons, Unicorns, and other mythical creatures. Basically if it is a magickal and/or topic on The Craft you should be able to find a book you would like.

Also check out your local library before buying. I love in a conservative town but can still find books on The Craft in our library. Remember most books on different ancient cultures mythology are based in fact.

If it’s Magick you want, than its Magick you’ll get, all 3 shades of it!

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25 March 2018

Written By Hypatia Of Alexandrea

For Coven life


A broad discussion among a gathering got me thinking………

What do you think about Grey Magick? Its only white magic I follow and there is no way I would conform with Satanism, well along those lines anyway.

I believe as Wise ones it is important that we are versed in our history of humanity, in its belief systems, religious and other practices. So this article is mainly to clarify within myself and for those who question their path that……..

” there is no evil magick, only evil in the hearts of Man”- Merlin-

In other words if you have a dark heart you will practice malice not only in your ordinary walking and waking life but in that of your magickal world. Unfortunately maleficence is part of our human structure, luckily enough so is beneficence in equal doses.

As human beings throughout time we have created tools to help us cope, to deal with our daily and of course human existence, Magick is one such tool. If defining the different shades of magick in order to keep on the beneficent path is what it takes then here it goes……….

White magick: This is the type of magick that is performed usually under the permission of the receiver and is done to help or assist, to heal or to make better. This is the type of magic that comes from the pure heart space. This is a place of pure light, pure love and the only type of essence that comes from divine, the same divine that is in all human beings. Remembering that Magick is a tool to obtain the means, you could say just like money. Why do people call money evil when we know well enough that its people not money that create that evil.

Grey Magick: This is Magick that is for beneficence, however it is not done with the permission or understanding of the recipient. Permission is the first rule in White Magick, therefore is doing good without permission considered evil? It’s just like praying for those in need. They don’t ask for it, but you are still giving them a prayer for healing and well being. After all who wouldn’t want that?

The next area is an area where not many dare to treat and only those of the darkest hearts are drawn to. Or are they?

Black Magick: This is the type of Magick that is practiced with an intent other than to help the receiver, regardless of their understanding and permission, such an example could be a binding spell from someone that is doing you gross physical harm such as in the case of abuse. It’s not necessary evil magick, so does this make it Grey? Not quite. If there is malice and one sets out to do harm whether it is in a court of law or over your bubbling cauldron in your Hearth than you have a dark heart.

As a child I was always taught to be careful how I weave my thoughts. Clearly I was forewarned against using any type of dark magic. I soon came to realize there is no black or dark Magick, there is however dark people with dark thoughts that manifest into jealousy, envy, hate, competitiveness and the long list of human emotions goes on.

In Greece, throughout its history, the Mediterranean and Sematic regions we have what we call the Evil Eye to counteract all the bad thoughts or Dark Magick that others subconsciously put on others.

If we stay in the light we are not practicing Dark Magick, if we live in darkness that can manifest into disease of yourself and others, than we are living in Dark Magick. Have I ever practiced Dark Magick? The answer is NO. Have I at times felt envy, jealousy and competitiveness the answer is YES. The difference is that I choose to live in the light and as soon as I feel those emotions I move on quickly, without malice or vengeance.

A quick note, in most if not all cultures it is important to be versed in Dark Magick for the reason is simple, you need to be familiar with what you are counteracting. If you have never seen it before or dealt with it how are you supposed to fight IT? So learning Dark Magick can be important, using it to your advantage is tragic and of course unethical, familiarizing yourself to counteract is a logical and wise choice, in ancient Greece this was called cunning wisdom, we even had a Goddess named after this belief system. What separates the Dark from the light Path, only one word can summon that and that is CONTROL!

When versed in history one begins to understand that definitions of any types of magic practiced was and still is called Black Magick, a label placed by the Christian forefathers.

Magick however played an integral role in ancient civilized societies. People used Magick to gain health, love, ward of robbers, plagues, illness, wealth and the list of human wants, needs and desires goes on. You name the desire, need and want and there was a spell for it and even a God attached. In the same instance dark people also used magick to their advantage and for harm, unethical gains and forbidden desires. Soon after the Christian revolution it was forbidden to perform magic that was usually worked alongside the Gods and astrological ephemeris. The word Magick was replaced with miracle and of course it was performed by one God and many saints.

In fact most magical texts were written by the Christians themselves, their fascination of their own forefather’s interests in the unknown, the forbidden the untouchable had them intrigued.

Just as there will always be people with light in their hearts, in the same breath there will always be people with darkness. We are all capable of seeing the light, this is what we were made for, however never underestimate human emotions, and this is what they focused on in ancient times.

It was important in ancient civilized cultures and even with the Christian Fathers, that being versed in the darkness of the human heart was a way of warding off evil. I’m not saying to practice what is called black magick, but it is important to become familiar in order to counteract. If you don’t understand it how can you counteract it?

Just remember when it comes to magickal workings, or whatever you would like to refer them to it is important to remember 3 little words, Permission, Intent and Understanding as without these 3 words we have no power in the light.

Call a Witch a Satanist and she will have your head!

Another Grey area that I would like to address is Satanism and Lucifer.

What is it? And why are we so fearful of being labeled one?  Is it because we don’t understand it? Or is it because its meaning has been eschewed throughout human history? And finally why do most people feel that it is pure evil, dark and sinister?

Well here it goes…..

Satanism is an umbrella term of collective faiths. It is not just one religion.

For instance the founder of the Church of Satanism back in the 1960’s Le Vay created the philosophy that “You are your own God”.  This is where your destiny is in your own hands not those of the Gods, so effectively this makes these types of Satanists Atheists. They blend creative expression and self-criticism to reject the western moral laws. They share a magickal interest usually played out as a psychodrama or mystical event, sharing a mystical pursuit to those who live according to a set of religious tenets. Now does that sound a little familiar? In some of the aspects  we could be talking anything from a Masonic, Wicca or Christian Gathering.  Christian you say? Well if you are familiar with the ecclesiastical rituals of the Christian and other Churches there would be not a doubt in your mind of the similarities, the revolutions started throughout history in the name of religion should also be considered here.

While some Satanists believe in supernatural beings and even worship Satan, they see their relationship with it as more of a partnership rather than a mastery of a God over a subject.

Again just like in any faith of the Human race there is good and there is evil, and there is no doubt that darkness is in this faith too. However remember that Satan as we know him today is a Christian scare propaganda. Lucifer- actually translating “as morning star and light bearer”, some connect it to the planet Venus, and dare I say that some actually connect the “morning star” as the star of Bethlehem. A quick credible internet search will attest to that.

Once again it is important to take autonomy, do your research carefully and understand not what is thrown in our face but what actually is. This belief system is not for everyone, that includes practices such as self-centeredness, self-indulgence, self-belief and defensiveness, however these are merely a reflection of every day human emotions that make our genetic being. Most Satanists are involved in community activism and expression of individual freedom. They lead everyday lives, wear every day clothes and work in every day jobs, well most of them anyway. Below is a link, one of many describing the views of a Satanist.



And remember the Wiccan Rede, “And harm none, do as you will”.  Work from your heart space at all times and try not to label or allowed to be labelled. You are here to serve the greater good that is the way of the Goddess, the God or whatever other beneficent being you believe in.


The different Shades are not in Magick itself but in Human beings, never forget that!

Blessing to all.

Pantheon- People never really stopped believing.

March 24th 2018

Written By Hypatia Of Alexandrea for Coven Life


I started to think back to when I first started observing the different Gods and Goddesses in their glory. Coming from a Christian religion and believing that there was only one God it was difficult for me to truly grasp the Many.

Slowly converting from the monotheistic strict religious guidelines I come to realize that the One was once Many. In other words before monotheism came along there was of course many God’s observed, especially by the very creators of the now dominant monotheistic religions.

The Gods of the Pantheons became rolled into one and most others were given the titles of angels and saints. This is evident in the Orthodox Christian religion where some Gods and Goddesses have the title of saints such as Athena, Apollo, Aphrodite, Artemis and the list goes on!

These Gods never ceased to be observed, they were merely converted into saints and most of the time celebrated accordingly to their healing qualities that are connected to their ancient roots.

Being a practitioner of health I of course am drawn to the healing powers of the God’s. In ancient times entire temples were built where people would flock in dedication to be healed by the God’s of health. Even such greats as Hippocrates the father of Medicine adorned these temples.

On the 27th of March, the 147th day of  the new year one of such Gods is celebrated and Her name was Hygeia.


She was the Goddess of healing powers and medicine. The health bringer, the preserver of humanity from sickness and protecting all those from dangers on land and sea. This is where the very word hygiene was taken from. Along with Her father, Their temples were spruced along the Mediterranean helping those in need. Her father was Asclepius and her siblings were Goddesses also connected to health and well-being. Her symbol just like her father is the serpent. In ancient times the serpent was considered the healer sent from the God’s themselves. It was not until later that monotheistic religions turned the serpent into the villain.



Interestingly in medicine the serpent is still used as a symbol of medicine!


Hygeia’s bowl with the serpent used in pharmacology today.



Her Fathers Rod, The Rod of Asclepius used as a symbol of medicine today.

These Gods have been ingrained into the modern Orthodox Christians DNA, and as you can see above also into our western modern day life. Somehow throughout history clearly the people of the Pantheon were not willing to let go so easily and found ways to weave their God’s into their currant way of life. For instance if you are familiar with the Greek Greeting of Yiasou, or (Γειά σου) stin Igia sou, all that translates to is, “ To your Health or , Hygeia”, as the very Goddesses name now days actually still translates as health or hygiene. So Modern Greek Orthodox are still hailing to the Goddess Hygeia unawares, so much so they have Her in their greetings, in their departures and of course in salutations to their actual health. Western society revers these God’s enough to have them as their symbol.

I myself take great interest in observing the religions and cultures of the world. I not only observe and call upon my ancestral God’s but those that I connect with in my soul. Throughout history one God gets converted into the next, same God’s different names, cultures and times. There is no one more right or wrong, however it is important to recognize rather than deny. Denying and insisting that only you’re God or God’s exist is mere ignorance of the structure of creation. Recognize where our faith, our belief systems and our structures originated from.  Traveling the world you see time and time again the similarities of religious observations throughout all different cultures. Learning to embrace all of humanity together with your own religious path is true spirituality, this is the path of an enlightened healer for the self and others. As a witch, a healer, a sage, a shaman call it what you will you are the Earth keeper, the Keeper and guardian of all that is dear to Her. Respect all that she has granted to humanity, breath her in with utmost gratitude, she is your healer, your Hygeia or call her what you may, she who comes by many names and is still the same and the One.

Happy healing and Γειά σου!

Blessings to you and yours