Color Printables for Ostara and Mabon

N. H. Count Down to Yule – Printable Coloring Pages

This is one of the funest parts of me being the High Priestess. Yes I know funest is not really a word but I fun making words up sometimes, especially when I am letting my inner child take the lead for a post for little witches.

If you, your child or grandchild colors a printable that came from here or email it to me at along with a name to give credit where credit is do and I’ll post it on Coven Life. Please email all pictures by December 20th. Thank you.



S. H. Count to Litha – Printable Coloring Pages

For some reason this holiday is hard to find coloring pictures for. Remember if your child or grandchild would like to see their picture on Coven Life just email me the picture and a name say who did the great work. Please email pictures to me by December 20th.