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Who was Orpheus?

In the ancient world of Hellenism, Orpheus was a legendary musician, poet, psycho pomp, dream Iatromantis (shaman) and prophet who was later associated with the Orphic Mysteries .

His Oracular abilities were translated through his music and poetry, mesmerizing all animate and inanimate beings on this planet and beyond. People, animals, plants, water bodies, rocks, mountains all succumbed to his lullabies produced through his poetry and music. Some of the most beautiful hymns ever created and still used to this day during various Pagan Ceremonies dedicated to the God’s were written by Orpheus. These hymns were also later used in the Eleusinian Mysteries.

The Hymns

There are many versions translated of the Orphic Hymns. As I have been reading Hymns of Orpheus by Thomas Taylor I will include this version.

This hymn is dedicated to the Goddess Nyx (Night).

Each Hymn is performed with a specific fumigation. In other words the burning of. In this case it is the burning of torches. Other Hymns may request the burning or certain resins, spices, herbs, all in the honor and dedication to the Gods.


(The Fumigation with Torches- We can also use candles)

“NIGHT, parent goddess, source of sweet repose,
From whom at first both Gods and men arose,
Hear, blessed Venus, deck’d with starry light,
In sleep’s deep silence dwelling Ebon night!
Dreams and soft case attend thy dusky train,
Pleas’d with the length’ned gloom and feaftful strain.

Dissolving anxious care, the friend of Mirth,
With darkling coursers riding round the earth.
Goddess of phantoms and of shadowy play,
Whose drowsy pow’r divides the nat’ral day:
By Fate’s decree you constant send the light
To deepest hell, remote from mortal sight
For dire Necessity which nought withstands,
Invests the world with adamantine bands.
Be present, Goddess, to thy suppliant’s pray’r,
Desir’d by all, whom all alike revere,
Blessed, benevolent, with friendly aid
Dispell the fears of Twilight’s dreadful shade.”

So who was the Goddess NYX?

She was the Greek primordial Goddess of the Night.

Nyx is the wife of Chaos and is known by many names, Grandmother Spider, Dawn, Kuan Yin, Earth Mother, Gaia…….

Hers sons where Oneiros (dream), Hypnos (sleep) and Thanatos (death). They are siblings for a reason as they are all one and the same.

It is said that every night we sleep we fall into an ethereal death. This is the land of the ‘Dream Shaman’ a place where the Iatromantis goes to heal and be healed and to commune with the spirit world. This was practiced thought the Orphic and the Eleusinian mysteries.

I have explained the significance of dreaming further in a recent post I did about ‘The dream world of a Witch’.

In the Hymn above, Orpheus compares Venus with Nyx. Venus therefore in the sensible world is the same as Nyx (Night) in the intelligible.

Orpheus also mentions the ‘Fates’ known as Moirai. These are 3 and are known as Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. They were the weaving Goddesses that assigned individual destinies to mortals at birth.

Another Goddess he mentions is Necessity that was known as Ananke

Ananke or Necessity was responsible for splitting the Primordial Egg to create the order of the Universe. This is known as the Orphic Egg

I will try and do further posts of various Orphic Hymns and explain a little bit about each.

I encourage you to use these Hymns during your dedications, they truly are a wonderful way to honor the energies of the Gods.

Blessed Be


A Day of Seeing Gaia/Mother Earth Through a Child’sEyes Again

I woke to see Ra shinning down on us after being buried behind nasty storm clouds for the past week. The temperature is a balmy 70F with Air providing g a gentle breeze. The only drawback is for those of us allergic to mold spores which are out in full force. I’ll still take this gift of this beautiful day and I just take some allergy medicine. I’m writing this while sitting outside watching my almost 4-year-old grandson play. Plus because of the Maple tree in their yard, I was able to explain where big trees come from. The seed from any Maple tree has about a 1/2 inch seed encased in a thing that looks like a wing sort of. As kids, we called them “whirlybirds.” There was also a couple of small new birth twigs with 3 different size leaves on them, so we talked about how trees and the leaves on them start out small like any baby and geta bigger as they get older.

Whirlybird/Maple tree seed pod

Then we watched, played, and talked about where ants live and what they might eat. I had yo hold in my laughter when he asked me if I would make lunch for the ant so the 2 of them could have a picnic. LOL

Next came the different birds he pointed out. Some of them I could tell him the name of others not. Time for grandma to learn the names of the birds that are in this area.

The most important part of these in prompt to lessons was how important it is to respect everything that is gifted to us by Mother Earth/Gaia and that we should live in harmony with the plants, animals, birds, insects, etc that are around us instead of helping to destroy our Blessed Mother. When school is out for summer and break it is time for me to take these 2 grandsons, the one I’m with has a 6-year-old brother, on walks with trash bags in hand to pick up whatever garbage other people leave out of laziness, apathy, and zero respect for the living breathing entity shaped like a huge ball floating in space as a solitary planet called me earth by those who don’t realize she is the Mother that nurtures us.

I ask that where ever you may go by foot or bicycle to please take some type of disposable bag with you, you know the ones you have to bring groceries and other things home in, and either gloves and/or hand sanitizer than pick up behind those that are less caring about our Mother than I know you are. I use desirable bags for shopping now I like many are on a tight budget, even tighter now with buying WOTC, so each month I saved my change in a container and than counted before leaving to go shopping the next month. Whatever it added up to I would use it to buy as many reusable shopping bags as I could. I even saved enough over 2 months to be able to have an insulated bag for my freezer stuff. Now I’m saving to get another insulated bag for refrigerator stuff. That way if my hubby and I have other errands to run I do not have the to be concerned about as much with possible spoilage or melting.

Lady Beltane New Affirmation Mantra

My brain feels like its gotten scrambled from looking at so many websites yesterday, last night, and this morning… but shhhhh don’t tell anyone. Yeah me I got my first real post one WOTC this morning so that’s a step in the right direction I think. My almost 4-year-old grandson whom I am watching today and tomorrow came up from playing downstairs and I was scrubbing my face with my hands trying to wake up more. As they say the truth from the mouth of babes he said, “Grandma you need to go nite, nite.” Can’t really argue the point with him after only 3 hours sleep. So now you have some idea of my mindset…bed – sleep – dream…POP the bubble goes and I am back to reality hence the need for a new affirmation mantra which is “I am strong and intelligent enough to do this!” The “this” is overseen WOTC and CL websites, Coven Life’s online witchcraft school and online coven. Another of my favorite affirmations is “Positive thoughts and deeds lead to positive results in your life.”

Again I ask you for patience with the post I am putting up this week while I am trying to figure out a new routine so neither Coven Life or Witches of The Craft websites go down in quality. A HUGE thank you to Priestess Hypatia, my right-hand witch here on Coven Life, for taking over some of the day to day things I do while I get used to posting on WOTC.

Our “Justice System” is Unfair and Blind

Sorry, I would have gotten this up earlier in the day but just had the time now from an overly busy day to get to my emails. I just learned from a post on WOTC what happened at Lady Abyss’ courting hearing today.

If you remember approximately 5 weeks ago Lady Abyss for a job as wall around help at Kade, Lady Abyss’ familiar,  get office. Everything went well in the morning but all Hades broke loose after lunch when the owner/veterinarian attempt to take her when she refused to submit the vet hit her so hard across the face the rolling office chair went backwards into the wall and the vet was choking her. Needless to say Lady Abyss’ defended herself. Both she and the would be rapist were both arrested because when they arrived in the scene, the veterinarian office, she was in top of him hitting. It is not known what that caused her to react as strongly as she did because she had a black out probably becaus e of he head bouncing of the wall and being choked. She has no recall from the time her head but until the police arrived. To make a long story short when they individually appeared before the judge for bail the vet hit out on his own signature while Lady Abyss had to pay a $5000.00 cash bail. The judge who did this is a good friend of the best besides his grandson stalking Lady Abyss’ daughter years ago when she broke off her relationship with him. So by law the judge technically should have excused himself from all involvement in the case because of conflict of interest but  he did not do that. Also the attackers was taken to the hospital while Lady Abyss was seen for about 5 minutes in her jail cell even with the bump on her head and clear hand prints from being choked wear visible on her neck not to mention her other health problems.

Now because of the “good old boy” rules of having each other’s backs when Lady Abyss faced the same judge today the blindfold on Lady Justice definitely was tied so tight she could not see. Even though the vet did not show up in court to press for Lady Abyss being fined or imprisoned or both, in others words the so called injured person could not testify. But the state of Kentucky has decided to press charges anyway. She now has another court date in August.

I ask you to please keep praying, lighting candles, and think positive thoughts that when she goes back to court that the case is dropped since she was the person attacked and was arrested for defending herself. Ask that the scale of justice be truly balanced and the blindfold removed from those who are suppose to be advocates for the victim do what is right. Please write to Lady Abyss telling her of your support, love,  appreciate for all  we learn with her hard work on WOTC, and maybe mention something personal she has done for you either through a post or an email. You could throw a.joke in there too to show her it is good to laugh even through life’s most complicated and/or worse times of our life. I know she will appreciate hearing from each of you. The email to send your notes to is witches_of_the_craft@outlook.com. I’m the subject line please put “Personal for Lady Abyss. If you write a comment instead of sending an email. I will complied all of them into one email and send it out to her this coming Saturday. Let’s let our beloved sister know we stand with her to support, love comfort her whenever she needs it.

Thank you very much sisters and brothers of CL and WOTC in advance to those who take maybe 5 minutes out of their day to let our great, beloved Lady know you care.


A Way to Honor Your Mother and/or Father

I really do not know if every country sets aside one day a year to honor a person’s mother and/or father.

A tip to have candles burn longer and drop less– Out the candles in your freezer. Leave them in there until the morning of the day or night you will use it. Always let candle come to room temperature especially if they are in a glass container. I can tell you first hand if you light the candle, especially any size pillar or one in a glass container, they will explode. I had a few blisters on my face and eyelids from a regular, non-empowered ritual, candle exploding and the wax was very difficult to get out of my couch and rug. Please keep in mind safety first When using any size or shape candle for any reason.

Even though mine crossed the veil almost 4 years ago I still honor her daily not just in a day gift card companies, flower and sweet shops say we should. My mom’s favorite colors were green and blue and as I sometimes make poured candles I make twelve 1 1/2 inch in diameter and about 4 to 5 inch tall candles in layers of different shades of blue and green usually on her birthday in December. Then I use one candle per month. On the first of each month I take the used candle out of the glass I had from a long burning candle. I have a plastic resealable bag I use for these pieces, I’ll explain later what I do with them. Before I put the new candle in I carve a memory of something my mom and I did together or something she had said to me or whatever I feel should go on it. I use different alphabets and/or drawings to do this. I then give the candle 3 small spritzes of her favorite scent while saying, “Blood to blood mom I honor you, Blood to blood mom I miss you, Blood to blood mom I love you. ” I say this every day when I might the candle and I spend a few minutes in a type of meditation thinking about what I write on the candle for that month which usually brings back other memories. When I’m done with my meditation, which usually 10 to 15 minutes I know out the candle for the day.

My dad’s favorite colors were a certain shade of blue worn by his favorite baseball team and a bright red wine by his favorite hockey team. I make his candles on his birthday in March the same way I make my mom’s I follow the same exact ritual for him as I do daily for my.mom. The only differences is I spritz the candle with his favorite after shave and substitute “dad” for “mom” in the short chant.

If you do not make candles go to a hobby store or most any kind of department store and buy the two candles that calls to you. If you would rather make it buy candles that will last longer than one month that’s fine. If doing this still spritz every month while using the appropriate chant or chants for mother and/or father. Thank use a different piece of paper every month that is small enough not to hang out of the edges of whatever is holding the candle. Use the present months candle to burn the paper from last month.

Any questions please ask before attempting to do this ritual.

Week 19 – Goddess Knowledge – Mary

Mary is most closely allied to the Middle Eastern moon goddess; like them, she is a creator goddess. Associated with both the heaven and sea or other waters, she is worshiped by Catholics as the Moon of the Church and as “Stella Maris,” the Star of the Sea. The moment of annunciation is when she confronts the truth of her own grate creativity , symbolized by Gabriel, the angel of truth, made from fire. This is the moment at which she accepts the imperative to creat, the need to bring forth life from the very center of her being. Mary is the goddess as womb, as a source of all life and of regeneration. She is the mother of mercy and infinite compassion, the one we turn to in times of need. She is a reminder that compassion toward oneself fosters creativity; she reminds us to be gentle with ourselves.

This goddess brings about much debate between Christians ,especially Catholics, and pagans. The question that is at the center of this debatewas Mary really a pagan goddess reinvented to be the Christian’s mother of Jesus. The other side relying on the men who wrote the stories in the bible and than other men who decided what stories went into their bible of Mary being just a human picked to be impregnated by their God without actual intercourse with her and thus delivering the savior of man, woman, and child by praying for forgiveness and getting it for any wrong deeds or words.

For more information please use this link: https://www.bing.com/search?pc=GIWI&form=Silk12&q=pagan+goddess+mary

To see images please use this link: https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=pagan+goddess+mary&FORM=HDRSC2

A Good Youtube Channel

This is my dearest spirit sisters’ youtube link. She has some good information but the latest video with her familiar, Pumpkin, will give you a good laugh. Victoria, is trying to boost her subscribers and watchers. So I ask for her if upu have some free time, even a couple of minutes enjoy the knowledge and laughs. In order for you watching her bodros you need to watch them all the way to the end. Make sure yo click on the thumb up icon also.


Victoria’s website has some pagan posts but also green living, vegeterian recipes, and much more.

My sister thanks you for you watching and helping her.

The Unseen Power of Your Thoughts and Emotions

Written by Hypatia

For Coven Life


 As the old adage goes: What you feed grows, is a meaning that defines our e-motions, that is our energy in motion. If you feed the love inside of you, than that is what shall grow.

As a magical practitioner, I attend to my behaviors in not only my physical world, but also the invisible worlds.  Ancient cultures understood this symbiotic relationship between the energy that is within ourselves and that of the Universe.

Mind the Web……

They understood there is a difference between the emotion or the thought that is expressed and sending out the energy behind the emotion. It all is a very delicate balance.

Yes, to every action there is a reaction, everything is in motion and I mean everything, seen or unseen.  Even these very words that I’m writing. Often this energy that we are sending out, if it is not conducive to our being, or to the well-being of whole of existence in a homeostatic way, it manifests as disease, not only in those that we have sent the energy to, but also within ourselves and others within our environment. Please be conscious of your part in the Great Web of Life. Understand that what effects one, effects all.

Time and time again wise Masters have tried to explain to humanity that thoughts are motion and or energy, as I mentioned above, energy in motion. Quotes such as:

We become what we think,

Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die,

The wolf you feed is the one that grows,

Do unto others as you want done unto you,

And the list goes on……


Transforming the Energy of an Emotion

Expressing all emotions are a natural part of people’s behavior. This is what makes us unique. It is important to acknowledge the wealth and depth of feelings that go with being human and at the same time be conscious of what we are radiating out into the world. Conscious living in all its essence is important in maintaining the equilibrium in Universal energy, collective consciousness, or call it what you may. Just remember what you feed grows. Be kind to not only others but also yourself. More than often we place ourselves in categories of, I can’t do that, I’m not that smart, I’m afraid, I’m cursed, I’m my own enemy, how can I compete with that…………


Take the time to think and express your feelings before being triggered without even pulling the trigger.  Become conscious of your unconscious actions to understand the impact of your psychic interactions.

By evolving to a place of becoming aware of our invincible interactions, we align our energies to feed the energies that are conducive to our well-being and that of others.

Methods to Transmute Energy

  1. Recall

This is done by stopping and taking a step back.

When we feel such strong emotions, there is a great deal of energy that is being built up inside of us, one that is about to be unleashed out into the collective consciousness of the universe. Try to experience fully what you are feeling and take the time to understand the energy behind your strong emotions. Learn to feed your inner landscape with loving- kindness and radiate this to the world.


  1. State your intention

Start by expressing your gratitude, a simple thank you. This is to acknowledge that the assistance you are asking for is already there.

You could express something along the lines of:

“I am feeling……. right now. I have the right to these feelings. I sit in gratitude that this energy has been transmuted and transformed my emotions to love and well- being that radiates into the world”


  1. Breathe

Breathing can be very transformative. Remember that breath too is energy. That is why sometimes Magickal Practitioners use their breath to power objects and thoughts. Taking deep breaths in times of stress and high emotions helps to oxygenate your entire body, first up your heart and brain. Your heart rate slows down and oxygen is delivered to your brain to help you think clearly.  Breathing and focusing on your heart allows the energy shift to take place and transform from the transmutation.


  1. Recall

Sit in gratitude by recalling what you are grateful for.  Reflect on the things in life that are important to you no matter how big or small. Moments in time that have given you love, joy and happiness. Places that you have visited that have given you peace. Create a sense of calm and you can work through your current emotions.


  1. Sensory Redirection

Carry your favorite bottle of essential oil blend that you have empowered to set you in a space of calm in moments of stress. Listen to your favorite relaxing music, even better go out into nature and listen to the calming nature sounds that are actually designed by nature Herself to help us relax. This can assist in stopping your reaction to a situation.


  1. Inspiring words

Write them, sing them, rhyme them, do whatever works for you. Empower them by writing them on a pebble that you carry around or keep on your desk.  The choices are endless. Become inspired. People often do this on creative pin boards in stressful office environments.


  1. Elemental Assistance

The force of nature can be a powerful healer.  Work with the elements to transmute energy.  A beautiful prayer that I use.


All energy is Neutral…..

When one steps out of the realm of duality ALL energy is neutral.

Become responsible for your actions and understand that it is NOT OK to go around shooting psychic darts including to yourself. Be careful, or you could end up shooting yourself with one of these darts in the foot.

When you learn that All energy is neutral, you learn to absorb any energy that is in the collective as fuel.

Now that is powerful!


That energy turned into positive thought and actions is contagious. If we are in a toxic environment we are not honoring the elements that sustain us.

Our outside world is only a reflection of our inner world.


This is the best kind of magick of them all!!!

“When one’s spiritual needs are met by an untroubled inner life.

Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others”

When magick is done in a state of Happiness, Gratitude, Calm, Love, Light, NO MATTER how hard done you feel, and yes I personally know that can be VERY hard at times, it’s about nourishing the well-being in yourself first and  fore most before you can begin to heal and nourish others.

If there is no state of calm within your being, then STEP AWAY from magick.  Step back, take a few breaths and start again.

This has got nothing to do with walking in the shadows, as there is no shadow without light. It’s about the energy that is created because of your thoughts and your actions.I personally love shadow work and work with it often for myself and my clientele.

As I mentioned above, energy is neither good nor bad, light nor dark, it’s purely energy. What you decide to do with it is a whole different story.

Many blessings to you and yours.