Books We Enjoyed

This page is a mixture of fictional and non-fictional books to possibly introduce you to a new author or a Book by an author you like but have not read the book listed by them. There is also a short review about the book by the person who recommended it. If you would to suggest a book or a book series please send the title of the book, subordinate, a shortreview paragraph, with no spoilers, and them you want to use to get the credit for it. The books can be from any genre except erotica. Send your submissions to We will let you know if you book was accepted or not.

Happy reading an we look forward to your suggestions.

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Green Witchcraft Series by Moura

The Wicca Handbook by Eileen Holland

Witchcraft An Alternative Path by Ann Moura

Celtic Magic by D. J. Conway

A Witch’s Book of Answers by Eileen Holland and Cerelia


The Coulda Are Clearing:A Survival Guide on Living not Just Existing! by Victoria Baltimore Prutschke



Money, Murder, Love and Freedom: VP Karma Series Book 1 by Victoria Baltimore Prutschke

Alice Worth Series by Lisa Edmonds (Starting in book 4 Heart of Stone Lady Beltane is the consultant for the regular witch, Carly)


Coloring the Soul with Hope  by Victoria Baltimore Prutschke