The Runes of Odin (8. Wunjo)





Spiritual Change


Galdr :

Pathwalking with the Rune :

Stone : diamond

Colour : light blue, white

Element : Ice, water

Deities : Odin, Frigg

Zodiacal sign : Leo

Tree : Ash

Herb : Flax


This rune helps you gaining the goodwill and the limitless power of the Higher Ones regardless they are people or other Beings. It is useful for gaining wisdom and helps with the manifestation of the spell result  at the proper time.

If you wish a spell to work at a particular time, Wunjo may be enguaged to control  the released energy of the spell.

Wunjo can be used by amulet for a task  that should be completed  in 9 days. In 9 days you should expect the result of the desired outcome.

Wunjo resonates with 9 and works best when it is attuned to 9. This rune is the rune of the “happy end”. It is usually used at the final position of the spell as a sign of success and happiness.

It works well in all aspects and especially in the areas of the carreer and love. Successful journey. It strenghtens the bonds, encourages brotherhood/sisterhood and harmony. Happiness and Wellbeing. It can be used in cooperation with other runes for the achieving of particular goals. Realisation of the ambition, understanding, good health, blooming partnership, success in love.

Divination: Your eyes are wide open for the truth. A prise. A sense of delight. Everything goes well because you are in perfect harmony with the life itself. When the things get worse, allow Wunjo to touch every facet of your Being.

You will experience happiness if you work for it. Seek harmony and balance. Always look for decisions , do not get stuck within the problems.

Happiness should be based on Truth and Honesty to be long lasting. If you hide yourself from the Truth , you hide yourself from the happiness. Look for this which is the right one and the good fortune will come.

The Wheel of fate  has turned to your benefit. A positive outcome or turn.

Reverse meaning : lask of understanding, problems, an ambition that does not come true, secret,  success is an illusion. You should work hard.

Interpretation : This is the Rune of the Light. It can be a magickal light in dark places.Remember, the Light attracts things, dangers included. So, the ability to see in the darkness may be a better choice.

The rune Wunjo can be drawn with the index finger starting from the stem and upwards and then the diagonal lines  down.


A flag is planted in the field of battle after a resounding victory. A long struggle has ended. Victory gives way to days of song, celebration and rejoicing. According to Norse mythology, the great halls of Valhalla awaited all vanquished warriors and heroes after death — as long as they had fought nobly and bravely in life. What awaited the warriors in Valhalla was eternal glory, peace and joy: a state of eternal bliss. Wunjo represents a spiritual ideal which cannot be maintained in the physical world. The facets of Wunjo that we are able to experience in life are thought of as minor tastes of what was promised in Valhalla: a purity of pleasure and spiritual contentment.

How to Interpret “Wunjo”

Success and achievement of a goal. The attainment of desire, possibly a person, a monetary desire, or otherwise. Fantasies are soon to be fulfilled when this rune appears. One must be careful that the desires in this rune do not give rise to an obsessive nature. Too much focus can be placed on the end goal rather than the means of achieving it. The appearance of this rune may indicate a need to stop and reassess — to take measure of the object of one’s pursuits. Wunjo reminds us that some fantasies are best left to the realm of fantasy. Cautionary notes aside, Wunjo is a rune of great happiness and deserved celebration. It is an indication to enjoy all that it has to offer. Success and the true rewards of a job well done. Wunjo may also indicate a conflict that has not yet occured — but will prove beneficial — and ultimately result in victory, joy and material gain. ultimately result in victory, joy and material gain.

Inverted Meaning

A goal takes longer to reach than was expected. A journey towards a goal is painful. The need to try harder in order to realize one’s dreams. There is a definite need to reassess the end goal and ensure that it is the right one when one sees Wunjo inverted.

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Hecate: Goddess of the Witches

Hecate: Goddess of the Witches! Different traditions of Wicca honour different deities, but Hecate seems to cross all the boundaries.And why not? She is the original boundary-crosser, the Goddess of all doors and gates, all transitions from one place (or state of being) to another. She is the original hedge-sitter, the Hag, the Hex-mistress — all words arising from the same root as Her name.

She is the One who has access to all the realms of existence — material Earth, the Heavens, the Underworld…. Hecate stands at the Gateway between the Worlds, as guard and guide.

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The Runes of Odin ( 7.Gebo, Gyfu)


Gebo : Love, Forgiveness, Skill, Gift, Talent

Stone : opal

Day : Thursday

Tree: Pine, Elm

Plant : wild violet

Month : February

Element : Air

Colour : dark blue


Galdr :

Pathwalking with the Rune :

  • Divinity : Gefn “she who gives”
  • Letter : G
  • Symbol : the gift
  • Element : Air
  • Tree : Elm of mountains (Ulmus glabra) and Ash tree (Fraxinus excelsior)
  • Plant : Heartsease ( Viola tricolor )
  • Stone : Rhodochrosite, Malachite, jade
  • Color : Dark blue
  • Animal : The bee, the dolphin, the whale

Gebo, the seventh rune, pronounces “Ghay-bow “. Its shape of cross symbolizes the sacred mark, the existing connection between the human and the Gods. Gebo is a gift, a sharing, a building ties with the one who gives and the one who receives, and engenders a state of balance and harmony.

Gebo also indicates the presents which the Gods have offered to the humanity, but it also symbolizes that the humans can be able to be generous when they want. Coming after Kenaz, Gebo teaches that we learn to give by being oneself creator, and that the creativity involves the gift. Gebo will become the Rune of Love with the experience of Wunjo…

Divinatory value : A present. A new friendship based on the mutual sharing. Strengthening of an alliance, of a friendship. Reciprocity in the actions or the feelings.

Spiritual value : Rune of the self-sacrifice, Gebo teaches that there is always a price to be paid to progress on the spiritual path which going towards the Consciousness.

Physiological value : The brain, the pineal gland, the vertebral column, the genital organs.

Wisdom guidance : ” Learn to know the value of every thing and the value of nothing. Happiness worth nothing if it is not shared…”

The information above is tanks to:

The Rune teaches that the gifts should be given with pure heart.

Meaning : Clearing a curse or a karmic duty through sacrifice that brings the right intent and action.Using this sign one can offer gifts to the Deities. Gebo is the Rune of Partnerships in all realms. It holds the power of uniting the energies of two or more people in order to create  more powerful force that is stronger than the common power of the individuals. Gebo is the basic rune of sex magic, of love magic. It raises the magickal skills. It brings mental and physical balance. It brings harmony amongst brothers and sisters , husband and wife, it brings harmony in the personal relationships.

Gebo advises you to frankly ask for forgiveness and the forgiveness will be given to you. There is a present or income. Development or discovery of a skill or talent. Gebo also advices you to openly state your love and not to hide it from others. It means happiness in partnership. You should express sympathy.

The Old Ones believed that the gifts require from you to offer gifts in turn. Receiving presents obliges you to give presents to the one who has given you the presents , this one can be a person or just the Destiny or the Deities. Forgiveness is the biggest present to accept or to give it.

Gebo is widely used as a symbol of kiss.

The gift itself offers you the choise to accept it or not. Each thing has its price, so if you decide to accept the gift, you should be ready to give something in turn. Spiritual gifts are precious. Find the balance between giving and receiving and you will learn to receive and give and to do this with responsibility. This means that you will know when and who to gift. It is not wise to give to everyone.

The Rune Gebo does not have reverse meaning.

Using the rune : In pathwalking Gebo can align crossroads when it is necessary. To anchor a crossroad use the combination of Gebo and Raido. Never combine  or write Runes one onto another. If you make a runic script, write each Rune separately one after the other in a row or you can write them in a circle but always write each rune separately. Each rune has its power and energy and each Rune is a body . Some practitioners even see them as Beings with their own personallity and magic skills and they can convey messages and communicate with the practitioners. This is what I have been taught and what I believe. Even the wrong drawing , carving  or writing of the Runes activates their dark energy and then the Runes can do  harm to those who created the script or to those who use it unless one destroys the wrongly written Runes  with Fire.

My advice is not to write Runes and just leave them in the dust or in an old drawer with other papers and books to stay there for years and ages . This is showing no respect and honor towards the Runes. If you no longer need a certain Rune or Runic script, just burn it into the Fire and disperse the ashes in the Air. I just feel the  responsiblity to share this with you, my readers, my brothers and sisters ..because if you are now reading this you are my sister or my brother and I love You whoever You are. I love You just as You Are. I love you with Pure Heart and I am giving to you this knowledge as my Blessing to you.

Now , let`s return to Gebo. It works well as a blessing put over gifts. It can be drawn in the air with the words : “ I give You this gift”  when you know that someone is not willing to accept your gift because he/she thinks that this gift is not for free. Doing this spell you help this person to feel comfortable when he/she receives your gift. Of course, you should give it with pure heart unconditionally. Otherwise the negative energies will be attached to your future presents.

Gebo can be drawn with the index and middle fingers together and always start the two lines from top to bottom.

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Mistress of the Mountains


Being a Spiritual One

Merry Meet

As I promised to a dear Sister of the Craft, I post this article to help her and all of you know where you are and where to start from. But remember that there are many other ways . Each one of us reaches the Truth walking her/his own way.

When I came amongst the community of Pagans and Practitioners and had the chance to communicate with You I discovered how different and unique is each one of you and how wonderful the Spiral leading upwards in vibrations looks like here. And I added my Light to Your Light with Love and Trust  and I became one of these who Shine and show the way for others who follow us.

Talking with witches that are highly advanced is a blessing to me. They are my inspiration. There are many who follow the same path and are in a process of learning and reaching the same level. No matter where you are on the upward spiral of the Soul evolution, know that You are unique and gifted. Each one of us is Loved beyond limit. And Yes, we are not perfect . But we are Loved and blessed by the Creator, the God and the Goddess, the Whole . There is no thing like mistake or sin when it comes to the soul and its evolution, this is just learning through experience here on Earth. And I personally am thankful I am not perfect and I learned to love myself as I am. This was the first step in my Spiritual journey  .Love yourself as you are. Accept your dark and your bright facets as ONE.  And we are here to learn perfection. Each single one of us has lots to discover and do. I can tell you a secret now … Come closer, please, and open your heart to hear it. I will whisper it into your ear. Do not be afraid . We are Gods in making .Yes. This is the secret. And it is a long way to reach our full potential and express ourselves as what  we truly are: the Creators of Our Universe. At a soul level this process takes centuries of time, eons of time. And yet, know that Time is an illusion. Because everything happens in the NOW. Let`s make a short exercise :

  1. Think of something you did wrong in the past. Something you want to change and fix and to correct your mistake. You may have insulted someone you love, you may have hurt someone you hate. And now you know this person suffers because of you. This pain that you caused is bothering you, you know that there was another way for you to react, this pain does not leave you even when you sleep. It occupies part of your consciousness.


  1. Now when you have chosen what to work for and what to correct, think about it. Why ? Maybe this one caused you something wrong and you reacted out of pain. Or it may be karmic thing coming from a past incarnation. It will repeat and you will be hurting each other in turns/for some centuries forward in 3d time, in more incarnations here or on other planes / untill you both realize it is time for Forgiveness. Forgiveness stops the karmic wheel and gets you out of it and frees your soul. Forgiveness is your chance to take one step higher and take another higher experience in your evolution. Try to capture that whatever you do it turns back to you no matter if it is love or fear. This soul you acted against comes from the same source where you came from. In the vast picture of the Creation we are all brothers and sisters. All souls come from One Source. The souls are like the water molecules of one ocean. Each one affects the others. We are all One. Now , are you ready to forgive? Forgive the soul that caused you pain. Forgive yourself. Can you? Do you have the power to truly forgive with all your heart? If not, then , nothing wrong here. Noone will accuse you of something. You chose to walk your path and continue learning this lesson till you complete it. This is your free will and your birth right to chose. Noone is allowed to interfere your free will. Just continue …till you finally forgive. At the end of each lesson we evolve with higher understanding and true knowledge. Be honest with yourself and do not rush. Walk with your own pace . You cannot be late for the Party Home because time is an illusion.


  1. No matter if you succeeded to forgive or not, congratulations! You have just took a journey back in time! You see? You now can travel in Time , you have always done this, but now you are aware of this skill of yours. Time Machine is called Your Consciousness. Your consciousness is your Cosmic Ship that can lead you travel the Universes. Everyone can do time travel . The Now moment is your starting point. This is Your awareness. Time is a sphere. From Now you can go back in the past and you can travel in Future and set the patterns of your desired reality to manifest it here Now on the physical plane. Can you ? Let`s try to go into the Future. Use Now moment.



  1. Imagine your desired Future. This is what witches call “visualisation”. Visualise it in details. Colours, places, objects. See yourself there. Your Future Self. See yourself living as you like. Think Big! Take actions into your physical reality Now that are in Tune with your desired future. This is what witches call “ doing magic”. Magic is symbolic action representing the desired outcome. Live in the timeline of your desired future. Arrange your everyday life and actions according to your desire. If you want money, just invite the Abundance into your life. Dress well, buy a perfume, attune your conciousness to the thought : “ I am rich and I have everything I need to be prosperious”. Start a new project. Find a better job. Visit a place where you can meet rich people. Stick to this timeline and the results will come to you .


  1. Congratulations! You took a journey to the Future! You are amazing and successful each one of you ! Your Presence is highly helpful and appreciated. Blessed Be!


Until we merry meet againMistress of the Mountains


How to make an anointing herbal magical oil yourself

Merry Meet

I will give you some ideas about the herbs and oils and how you can work with them and use them in your Art.

When one plants the herbs herself/himself, grows them , harvest them herself/himself and make the oils and uses them herself/himself, then she/he is a lucky one ( smile ). But even collected in nature and in wild areas the blossoms are perfect for use, some witches prefer harvesting wild blossoms only.

Oils I make myself are mostly flower oils, I use the blossoms.

First you need to do some research about what you need. Herbal kingdom is VAST and there is always a lot to be learned and explored. When you know what blossoms you need, then go find them. When you find them , put them in a glass jar, fill the jar with base oil like olive oil , sunflower oil, almond or linseed oil. Add a thin/a milimeter/ layer of pure alcohol on top/this tip about adding the alcohol is from a dear sister of the craft / and close/cover the top of the jar well and tight. Write on a small sheet of paper on the top of the jar the date when the oil will be ready for use/count 40 days onwards , use a calendar /. Then put the jar into the sunshine and leave it there for 40 days. The Sun rays will penetrate through the glass and work with the blossoms and oil. The Moonlight  will shine on the jar  during the nights and charge it with her energies. You can notice how the colour of the oil changes and how some blossoms fade giving their power to the oil. The oil and blossoms will mix and after 40 days you can filter the blossoms and pour the oil in dark glass bottles and store it. If you do not have gark glass bottles, then you can keep the oil in dark and cool place . The oil is ready for use. Do not forget to consecrete it in a sacred circle before using it for magical tasks. Use it for anointing candles, yourself or your magical items.

Now I will mention the qualities of some herbs :

Dandelion – courage, bravery ; Fire, Mars

Clover – fairies, wishes, magic, devas, natural spirits

Lobelia – fairies, love, separation, madness. Be careful when you work with Lobelia, it is always so uncontrollable.

Rose – love, friendship, defence

Chicory – invisibility, obstacles removment

Marigold – Divinity, Wholeness, Sun and Moon, protection

Wild violets – love, wishes, dreams, protection, natural spirits; Friday

Black blossoms – hex breaking, breaking curses, protection

Lily of the valley – stops aggression, protection, promotes psychic visions, devas ; Monday, Moon

Lavender – peace of mind, healing, blessing

Mint – money, good luck, good health; Friday

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Blessed Be with inspiration and Light

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The Runes of Odin ( 6.Kauno, Kenaz, Ken)

Galdr :

Pathwalking with the Rune :

  • Divinity : Heimdall, Freyja, Frey
  • Letter : K as in king
  • Symbol : The torch
  • Element : Fire
  • Tree : The Pine, the bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus), the hazel tree appreciated by dowsers and wizards.
  • Plant : Ragged Robin (Lychnis flos-cuculi)
  • Stone : Carnelian and Fire opal
  • Color : orange-red
  • Animal : Dragon (telluric energy which it is necessary to learn to master)

The sixth rune, Kenaz, is the rune of the knowledge. Kenaz represents a torch, symbolizing the domesticated fire.
This rune brings light into the darkness, the light of the Knowledge. Kenaz is a rune of learning and teaching, she allows the human to realize positive actions. Kenaz represents the forge thanks to which the smith transforms materials into something new and useful, the materia prima which is transformed by the man. This rune invites the researcher to reconcile the opposites with wisdom and caution, to apply and/or concretize the acquired knowledge.

Kenaz is the rune of the artist or the craftsman. The fire which illuminates. From an alchimic point of view, Kenaz indicates us that each can transform his or her deepest being into something more bright, of more divine.

Divinatory value : Illumination, valuable advice. Creative forces which slumbers in each of us. Artist, engineer, politician etc.

Spiritual value : Kenaz teaches that to progress individually on the spiritual path is not enough. The Vitki* must thanks to his internal light or with the brightness of his spirit, to illuminate those who still remain in the darkness and the ignorance.

Physiological value : Digestive organs, pancreas, spleen, inflammations and feverish condition.

Wisdom guidance : ” Separate the wheat from the chaff and enlighten without blinding !”

The information above is tanks to:

The Rune helps us reach insight and know the truth. The Rune Kauno enlightens the path and disperses the shadows. Its advice is understanding must lead to action. It is Light in the darkness, Spiritual Enlightenment. It also symbolises the Gate leading from darkness to light. It also may warn you of sources of heat : lamp, fire ; or physical danger. Do not leave the fire unattended.

Divination : You are about to find out new understanding of the meaning of life, a new insight.Use this knowledge before it becomes useless and find out ways to use it for the best of all. The enlightenment is only the beginning of  a big adventure. If you continue with pure heart and if you are honest , you will achieve big wisdom and understanding of life.

Converse meaning : hidden danger, a path that will mislead you, it is possible deep darkness and cold energy to appear. Pay attention to your health before small healthy problems get worse. Your relationships with others are troubled. In combination with ISA or OTHILA the Rune Kauno means delay or loss and it may block your progress and bring concerns. The advice of the Rune Kauno reversed is not to get stuck in anything , but to accept the truth  and to go forward.

Use : the Rune can be used for spiritual understanding, for initiation, protection, achieving power, for banishing evil forces. It can help overcoming obstacles through learning.As an amulet it is used for good luck. The Rune Kauno is not the proper rune for battles. It banishes the darkness but it cannot win the battle with it.

Kauno is the Rune of fire and it gives you the skills and the willingness to create. It is the rune of the artists and craftsmen. This rune also rules the technique of magic. It rules the passion, the zest and sexuality as far as  these are fiery and positive qualities. The Rune Kauno is also connected with healing and good health, love , stability and passion in relationships. It strengthens the skills in all of their aspects. It is creative inspiration. It restores the self esteem and strengthens the will.

This is the Rune of Truth and Fire. When we draw it into the direction of the speaker while he/she is speaking, we can know intuitively if he/she speaks the truth.

Kauno can also soothe flames that have been lit by yourself/ candle, torch, fire/ when you have to leave the place for a little while and leave them unattended. It can help you light a fire for all purpose. If you use flint and steel , mark them with Kauno.

In combination with Ansuz, Raido, Perth, Inguz, Hagalaz or Berkana the rune Kauno means inspiration, giving birth. Kauno with Berkana strengthens the sexual activity.

It can be drawn with the middle finger starting from top to bottom.

The Old Norse God Heimdal

Thanks to :

Heimdall (pronounced “HAME-doll;” Old Norse Heimdallr, whose meaning/etymology is unknown[1]) is one of the Aesir gods and the ever-vigilant guardian of the gods’ stronghold, Asgard.

His dwelling is called Himinbjörg (“Sky Cliffs,” connoting a high place ideal for a fortress), which sits at the top of Bifrost, the rainbow bridge that leads to Asgard. He requires less sleep than a bird. His eyesight is so keen that he can see for hundreds of miles by day or by night, and his hearing is so acute that he can hear grass growing on the ground and wool growing on sheep.[2] Here he watches and listens, holding at the ready the horn Gjallarhorn (“Resounding Horn”), which he sounds when intruders are approaching.

During Ragnarok, the gods know that their doom is at hand when they hear the dire call of Gjallarhorn signaling the imminent arrival of the giants, who cross the rainbow bridge to storm Asgard and kill the gods. The disloyal Loki, the particular nemesis of the unwaveringly dutiful Heimdall, is with them. Loki and Heimdall slay each other as the world burns and sinks into the sea.

Taken together, certain verses in Old Norse poetry seem to indicate that Heimdall was once considered to be the father of humankind, and possibly to have established the hierarchical structure of Norse society as well.[3][4]

Heimdall himself is, like so many of the Norse deities, a son of Odin. In a feat possible for gods but not for biological creatures, he was born from no less than nine mothers.[5] Some scholars have attempted to equate Heimdall’s nine mothers with the nine daughters of the sea giant Aegir, but this interpretation faces the difficulty of the names of Heimdall’s mothers not matching those of Aegir’s daughters.[6]

Apart from the above, the sources for our current understanding of Norse mythology offer only tantalizing scraps of information on this evidently once very important god. For example, Heimdall is often associated with the ram, but, despite a number of interesting yet ultimately entirely speculative interpretations from various scholars, the connection is unclear.[7] A notoriously enigmatic verse in one Old Norse poem states that Heimdall’s hljóð is hidden beneath the world tree Yggdrasil and is somehow associated with the eye that Odin sacrificed. The word hljóð has a wide variety of meanings, and could equally plausibly refer to Gjallarhorn, Heimdall’s hearing in an abstract sense, or his hearing represented in concrete form as an ear.[8] Did Heimdall sacrifice one of his ears for some great reward, much like Odin did with one of his eyes? We simply don’t know.


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Runes of Odin ( 5. Raido)


The Rune of Travel and the Cosmic  Law

Galdr :

Pathwalking with the Rune :

More about Raido :

Stone :  chryzopraz

Colour : brown, bright red

Element : Air

Tree : Oak

Plant : mugwort

God : Odin

This Rune means journey towards energy places or to the realms of death. It can be used for receiving knowledge from the dead through magic, session or divination. It is used also for provoking change and unblocking the situation, also for consecretion of things. It can be used for blessing /either positive or negative/. It can invoke positive powers. The rune is good for understanding  big changes and everything connected with the ancestors.  It provides safe journey and imigration.

Raido is the rune of the Cosmic Law and Order, the Rune of Justice. It can be used in legal matters especially when you are wrongly accused of something and when you are innocent. In such cases you can invoke these forces of the Cosmic order and justice.

Divination:  a job connected with far distances  and transport. Gaining new friends or returning of old friends to you.

Metaphysically its meaning is “ the life journey”, the wheel of life or a deep spiritual quest. It can mean sending or receiving a message. Everything in life is a question of cycles. When we accept this truth and  attune our life to the seasons and if we honor the changes of the seasons , then we will have success. Do not be afraid of the hard times. The more difficult it is now for you the more easier it will become in the future.

Reverse meaning : isolation, luck of change, delay, breakdown, a secret mission, an enemy who pretends to be your friend. The meetings lead to unexpected troubles.

Raido is the Rune of the spiritual journey through the worlds. It can join different timelines and it helps walking in two worlds at once. It may happen that there is no pathway into one of these worlds and this may block you. In such cases here comes Raido to help you go on.

It can be drawn in the air with the thumb or index finger , start from the bottom left and go upwards while saying the Rune aloud. This can help us see the path clearly , it can temporarily join two paths and we can walk both of them at once.

Until we merry meet again

Blessed be with Wisdom and Positive energy

Mistress of the Mountains



Odin and the Mead of Poetry


Long ago when the world was young there was a war between Vanir Gods and Aesir Gods. Aesir Gods are gods of wars and battle . Vanir Gods are gods who make the soil fertile and plants grow. But Vanir gods were not less powerful and strong in battle than Aesir gods. In this war neither side could win. They only realised that each side needed the other, they depend on each other because there was no joy after the victorious battle when the farms and the fields cannot provide the food to feed the gods in the festing after the battle.

The Gods came together to negotiate a peace between them. After the peace was negotiated they marked their truce one by one spitting into a vat. As their spittle mingled, so their agreement  was built. Then they feasted, talked and joked until dawn. They were ready to go in the morning when Odin said :” It would be a shame to leave our  spittle behind us.”

Frey and Freya, brother and sister, the leaders of Vanir /who both would stay with the Aesir in Asgard from now on/, nodded :” We could make something from this”, said Frey.

“We will make a man”, said Freya . She reached to the vat, she transformed the spittle with her fingers and the spittle took a shape of a man. He stood naked before them.

“ You are Kvasir”, said  Odin. “ Do you know who I am?” Then Kvasir became talking, he knew everything : all the names of Odin, the poems and the chants, the kennings that go with them. The gods started asking Kvasir questions and his answers were always wise. Kvasir was the wisest of the gods, he combined head and heart.

Soon Kvasir decided to travel all the nine worlds and to go see Midgard. There were questions to be answered that have not been asked  yet. The gods asked Kvasir to go back to them and he promised “ I will come back one day “, said Kvasir .“ There is the mystery of the net ,  which  will need to be untangled”.

Kvasir started his journey visiting many places meeting various people. He answered their questions. He knew all the answers . In those days there were two dark elves who lived in a fortress by the sea. They did magic there and feats of alchemy. Like all dwarfs , they created beautiful things, remarkable things in their workshop. But there were things they had not yet made. The two dwarfs were brothers and were called Fjalar and Galar. When they heard about Kvasir they invited him to their fortress. The dwarfs led him to their workshop that was deep within the walls of their fortress.

“What are those things ?”asked Kvasir.

“They are vats. They are named Son and Bodn”

“ And what is that over there?”

“…it is a kettle. We name it Odrerir – ecstasy giver.”

“And I see over here you have buckets of honey . It is uncapped and liquid”.

Kvasir said “ It seems to me that if you were both intelligent and evil, you might have decided to kill your visitor and let his blood flow into the vats Son and Bodn. And then you would heat his blood  in your kettle, Odrerir.And after that you would blend uncapped honey into the mixture and let it ferment until it became mead , a drink that will intoxicate anyone who drinks it but also give anyone who tastes it the gift of poetry and the gift of scholarship”.

And so , the dwarfs did exactly what Kvasir said. When the gods came in the next morning and asked for Kvasir, the dwarfs told them that Kvasir died. The dwarfs gave the gods Kvasir`s bloodless body to be taken to Asgard. Thus it was the dwarfs that possessed the mead of poetry and anyone who wanted to taste it had to beg it from the dwarfs . But they gave it to who they like and since they liked nobody but themselves the mead was only for them. But they had obligations.

Once the giant Gilling and his wife visited the dwarfs in their fortress. The evil brothers decided to kill the giants and made so that the boat that carried Gilling to sink and he died into the sea. Gilling`s wife was desparate after she knew what had  happened to her husband. She cried so loudly , soon her weeping and wailing were too noisy for the dwarfs` ears and they told her to come out of the fortress to see the place where his husband died. When she went out of the fortress  , one of the dwarfs dropped a huge stone on her head and she died.

The dwarfs drank the mead of poetry each night and declaimed beautiful verses to each other , they created mighty sagas  about Gilling and his wife.They declaimed the sagas  from the rooftop of their fortress.

One day they did not wake up in their fortress but on the floor of their boat, they were tied  and they saw a giant. He was Gilling`s son who had heard them reciting the verse about how they killed his parents. Suttung, that was the name of the giant, left the dwarfs tied with ropes in the boat to the place where the tide would come and flood the boat to cover the dwarfs and so they would die under the sea waves. The dwarfs started begging for mercy. They cried, finally, when everything they said to the giant was in vain , they offered the mead of poetry to the giant. He accepted this offer and left them alive.

Suttung carried the mead /and other things from the dwarfs as well/ to his home in the world of the giants. The two dwarfs told everybody how they have been ill –used by Suttung. They told this in the market when they went to trade and the two ravens / Huginn and Muninn/heard them and told the news to Odin. People who heard about the mead of poetry called it with many names : the ship of the dwarfs, Suttung`s mead, the liquid of Odrerir or Bodn or Son.

Odin asked for his cloak and hat. He told the gods to prepare three enormous wooden  vats and to wait for him by the gates of Asgard. He took two things with him : whetstone and auger, the drill called Rati that was the finest drill the gods possessed. It could drill in the hardest rock.

Suttung has given his precious mead to his gaughter Gunnlod to watch over it inside the mountain Hnitbjorg. Odin went to the farmland owned by Suttung`s brother Baugi. Baugi had nine slaves , giants,to cut the grass on the field with huge scythes. Odin helped them by sharpening their scythes with the whetstone and they were able to cut the grass efortlessly. They wanted to have this whetstone. Odin told them to gather together holding their scythes, the one who catches the whetstone will have it. Odin tossed the whetstone over the giants and they jumped to catch it. As they were holding their sharpened blades they killed each other cutting their throats while jumping. Then Odin went to Baugi and asked a lodging for the night. Odin said “ I am  Bolverkr”/that means “ worker of terrible things’/. Baugi  shared with Odin what has happened with his slaves but he did not know why they slew each other. Now there was noone who could cut the grass on the field. Odin offered his help. He offered to Baugi to cut his grass but named his price that was “ to taste his brother`s Suttung`s mead”.  Baugi hesitated but finally agreed with Odin`s offer.

Odin did the job and after the job was done he and Baugi went to Suttung to ask him for a drop of his precious mead. Suttung did not agree to allow the stranger to taste his mead. But he said exactly where it is. It was in its vats Bodn and Son and in the kettle Odrerir and it is deep inside the mountain of Hnitbjorg which opens only by his command. The mead is kept by his daughter Gunnlod that is good at weapons and fighting.

When Suttung refused to take them from the mead, they left. Odin asked Baugi to climb Hnitbjorg mountain with him. This was a long climbing. Finally they heard a voice, it was coming from the mountain, Baugi recognised the voice of his niece Gunnlod that was singing into the mountain.  They stopped where the voice can be heard. Odin took his drill.  He asked Baugi to start to drill into the mountain. A small opening appeared to the center of the mountain. Then Odin turned into a snake and vanished into the hole. When Odin reached a huge cavern that was lit by crystals he turned into a man giant, well formed,  and walked towards Gunnlod that was holding a sharp sword into her hands and sang to herself.

“ Well met, you brave maiden “ , said Odin. Gunnlod asked who he was and asked him why to leave him alive since she was the guardian of this place and he entered there without allowance. Odin told her that he was Bolverkr and he came here for her because she was so beautiful and corageous. He looked so handsome and he spoke of her beauty and this was nice to Gunnlod to listen to . She liked this handsome giant and they sat together eating and drinking. Odin offered to create a poem for Gunnlod but he needed one sip from the mead of poetry so that this poem to become the most beautiful verse there was. “ A sip so small nobody would ever know “, said Odin and continued talking how beautiful Gunnlod was and they kissed, they made love in the darkness. Finally , after making love with her again, Odin succeeded to persuade Gunnlod to allow him a tiny sip from the mead, he said that he needed this to create poems for her lips and beautiful  hair and her skin. When at last he reached the vats and the kettle with the mead, he drunk them all. With his first drink he emptied Odrerir, with his second he drained Bodn and with the third drink he emptied Son.

Then Gunnlod attacked him but Odin escaped and locked her inside. He opened the mountain doors and in a shape of a huge eagle he flew to Asgard. Gunnlod`s screams were so sharp that Suttung woke up and saw the eagle. He knew what had happened. The giant transformed himself in a eagle and the two eagles flew so high and fast in the sky.

The gods of Asgard watched the two eagles and prepared the three vats by the gates.Suttung was very fast , he almost reached Odin when Asgard was so near. Odin began to spit and fountain of the mead of poetry  poured into the vats.

This is how Odin brought back the mead of poetry for the gods and for the people. It is believed that these people who can make magic spells with words and who can create poetry and tell tales have tasted the mead of poetry.

But there is something to be added for the bad poetry here. When Suttung was about to catch Odin and he reached the feathers of his tail when he was chasing him in the sky , Odin blew some of the mead out of his behind. This was a wet fart of foul – smelling mead just right in Suttung`s face, blinding the giant and throwing him off Odin`s trail. Noone then or now wants to drink the mead that came out of Odin`s arse. When you hear people declaming their bad poetry filled with foolish rhymes, you will know which of the meads they have tasted.

I re-told here what was re-told by many before me.This version of the myth is based on Neil Gaiman`s book “ Norse Mythology “ that is based on his searching and re-telling of the  various Norse myths and tales about the Old Gods of the North.

With thanks and appreciation to those before me.

Mistress of the Mountains



Runes of Odin ( 4. Ansuz )


Merry meet again, dear Brothers and Sisters in the Craft.  I am here again with Ansuz. The next Rune that in the Runic alphabet is number 4. This is the Rune of the Message, Wisdom, Knowledge, Poetry , Public Speech  and Communication. This is Odin`s Rune. One of the names of Odin is Ansuz. The Rune  corresponds with Wednesday.

Galdr :

Shamanic Journey with the Rune :

More about Ansuz :

God : Odin, when it is reverse it represents Loki the trickster

Stone : Emerald

Colour : Dark Blue

Elemeny : Air

Planet : Mercury, Venus

Tree : Ash tree

This is the Rune of the good luck and the good fortune, the Rune of Immortality. It is the Divine impulse in Human Beings and a call for Divine power and help. It helps with poetry and in Public Speeches. It rules the songs, exams, interviews, the magic spells.It helps in all spheres of communication. It helps you to convince people in something. It makes your speech attractive and interesting. The Rune helps in gathering wisdom. Ansuz gives confidence and success in exams. It increases one`s magical energies and clairvoyance. It  helps the communications with Divine. Ansuz resonates with revelations and prophesies (that is Knowledge in general). It means : book, letter, message, information.

In Divinations : the answers you are searching  for are available but they are still not recognised by you as being such. Look around you, the signs are everywhere, the confirmations are around you, everything can matter so this is what leads to full understanding. Do not ignore the message just because you do not like its content. Each attempt can be a lesson that teaches you to see the truth.

Reverse meaning : be aware to truly capture the meaning of the message. Perhaps something you are reading  or looking at  seems more important than you think it is.

Converse meaning : failure in communicarion, hidden messages, secrets,  lack of clarity. It is the important thing  that looks like a delusion.

Use : Ansuz is used as a booster that gives fast delivery of  the messages . It can be drawn in the air and then you make a” letting a bird to fly “ gesture while at the same time you are sending a telepathic message to someone. You can also write a message on paper and burn it and draw Ansuz in the smoke that rises / especially effective when you communicate with a  Deity or Spirit /. When you leave a note to someone it is practical to draw Ansuz on the paper to make sure that the note will be received and red by the particular person.

Ansuz is a good Rune when you travel the worlds in a Shamanic journey. It can lead you to Asgard if you want to go there but you have lost the way. But to enter Asgard you must have an entrance  permission so  it is most likely you to find yourself trapped.

Old Tales:  Mimir was a giant that kept the well of wisdom , Mimir knew many things, he was the keeper of wisdom. Odin wanted to drink from Mimir`s well of wisdom and risking his own life he went into the land of giants. Mimir let Odin drink from his well but he named a price. Mimir`s price was one of the eyes of Odin. Odin agreed, with a knife he did what was needed and placed carefully his eye in the water of the well. Then he drank wisdom. Wisdom flooded into Odin. Now he could see more clearly with his one eye /and he could see further too/ than he was able to when he got two eyes. From then on he was called the blind god, Blindr and Hoarr /the one eyed/ and also Baleyg / the flaming – eyed one/. Odin`s eye remained in Mimir`s well “ preserved by the waters that feed the world ash, seeing nothing , seeing everything”.  Time passed and it happened Mimir to be killed by Vanir gods. They cut Mimir`s head and sent it to Odin. Odin did not want all of this wisdom to be lost , so he rubbed the head with certain herbs to prevent it from rotting. He chanted charms and incantations over it and soon Mimir opened his eyes and spoke to him wise words. Odin took Mimir`s head back to the well where Odin`s eye is. / myth I told is from the book “ Norse Mythology “ by Neil Gaiman/.

Odin and the gift of Poetry is another myth that tells about Kvasir, a God that was born after the Peace declared amongst all of the gods. Kvasir always tells the truth and he walked amongst people and gods telling the truth and giving wise advice. But he was killed by two dwarfs and his blood was boiled and a drink was prepered by his blood. Whoever drinks this drink is being gifted with inspiration and poetic skills. ..after many adventures Odin succeeded to take back to the Gods the drink that was made from Kvasir`s blood. Thus Odin carried the gift of poetry to the Gods and whatever he spilled was for the people. The myth is very long and I do not want to overload you with it . But you can find it and read it yourself. Enjoy !


Until we merry meet again

Blessed Be

Mistress of the Mountains





Runes of Odin ( 3. THURISAZ)


Galdr :

Shamanic Journey with the Rune :

Thurisaz means : chaos, temptation, Thor`s hammer, devil, thorn, geteway, transition to something new

Stone : Sapfire

Colour : bright red

Element : Fire

God : Thor

Planet : Mars

Tree  : hawthorn

Plant : Sempervivum

This rune is useful when you are attacked or chased or when you face challenges. The Rune makes the people that act against you negligent when they have to be careful, this rune can weaken them or drive them mad. It increases the fears in people that have already had fears. Thurisaz can be your powerful ally as it is focused Cosmic Power for Defence. It symbolises Thor`s hammer Mjollnir. Thurisaz is pure will. Its power is able to direct the energies most efficiently. Use it when it is necessary to add more power to accomplish your task. This is also the Rune of the New Beginnings, the Rune of the Gate. Use it when you need good luck or when the circumstances are out of your control.  Thurisaz neutralizes your enemies and the opposition. It is the Rune of the active defence. It breaks  the curses and the enemies. Thurisaz awakens your  willingness  to act. The energy of the Rune Thurisaz can be used for chaos or for good, the rune represents the hidden forces of the human psyche as lust and anger.

Divinations : You are under a threat that is coming from people  of power and authority. You have to overcome the temptations to get rich due to trickery.  It symbolises the thorn as a weapon , the thorn can hurt, it can stick and pin, but it also can defend you  like a fence made of iron thorns.  It also may symbolise the unexpected good  luck, but in general it indicates that the good luck is leaving you.

You have the inner power to face every challenge and you have the power to determine your fate and to control your life. Do not fear anything and do not allow anyone to distract you from your quest towards the truth. You are powerful in Spirit and it is you who chose how to use this power of yours.

Recommendation :  Use the rune Thurisaz in a loving, careful and unconditional way. The Power may do you harm if you do not use it honestly and with pure heart.

Reverse meaning : it it a sign for good, the bad thing can be overcome, the danger you are facing now is not that big.

Converse meaning : the devil is hidden

Use : This is a nasty little rune that sets obstacles before your enemy`s steps. This rune can hurt the one who chases you.  Use it in emergencies.  It is especially effective when drawn on bushes with thorns or thick plants, groups of trees in rough terrains/areas, on roots or thick plants, the rune make the plants get thicker and to attack everything that strives to pass through them. The power of Thurisaz is not so big when it is drawn on a flat ground but even there it may cause little rough stones to get into the shoes of the one who chases you and thus to slow them. Draw it always behind you and never in front of you. To see how to draw it with your fingers , see the second link above.

Blessings of Peace and Good Luck

Until we merry meet again

Misterss of the Mountains