Wishing All Our Dear Brothers & Sisters of the Craft A Very Beautiful & Blessed Saturday Morn’!

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Pagan Ways

Upon my altar a crystal ball,
An athame, candles and chalice tall,
A pagan goddess, a pagan god,
All laid upon my altar cloth,
A bell to help me celebrate,
Offerings placed upon a plate,
My pagan tools I now display,
How I love my pagan ways.

I’ll cast my circle upon the floor,
Then call upon the quarters four,
Earth, Fire, Water, Air,
The God and Goddess may join me there,
I may sing, or I may dance,
I may even dare to chant,
As pagan music softly plays,
How I love my pagan ways.

My ritual over, now time to seek,

I’m feeling light upon my feet,
I’ll walk among the trees and plants,
And search for berries upon the branch,
I’ll feel the breath of natures kiss,
At one with all is total bliss,
I wish I lived in bygone days,
To learn first hand…

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The energy surge was ONE of the most INTENSE we have ever had. This shows the ENERGY SURGES  are becoming more intense.  As I said in my two articles I wrote in that time period, I could barely move for the days this went on. My limbs felt so heavy, unlike any other solar wind/geo magnetic storm event in the past. I have been through more energy waves than I could ever count and the early days are nothing like what we are dealing with now.

The early days were intense but in a different way. When we had an Energy wave come in back then, it many times was not from solar storms or increased solar wind but instead it came in all on it’s own. We still have these but not as often now. That does not mean anything, the Universe has to go through cycles giving us many different kinds of energy to transform our light bodies. We must accept what the Universe gives us and not resist it, as all resistance makes things worse. We must realize we are DEEPLY in the Ascension Process and will be going through intense changes going forward. We wanted this and now it is here.!

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Work for beauty and to look young on Fridays

Merry Meet dear Brothers and Sisters of the Craft

Today is Friday and I wanted to share the Norse myth about how do the Norse Gods look young although they are immortal and supposed to look like old ones.

Friday is named after Freya, the Goddess of Vanir Gods, who became Odins wife. Freya is the Goddess of Love and Magick, close connected with Elven realms and Plants, herbs, she is also a Master of transformation , she can put on her feather mantle and fly like a bird. But the Goddess who keeps everyone look Yong is called Idun who carries with her a wooden chest full of Golden apples. When she notices that a God looks old, a single apple from Iduns box is enough to make this God look young again. But Idun had an incident once and was taken from Asgard…


Anyone lucky enough to go to Asgard, where the Norse gods live, would see at once that all of them, with the exception of Odin, are young, beautiful and handsome. Odin is the exception as he does have such a long beard, and he would look much younger if he shaved it off. But no-one shaves in Asgard, and now I am thinking about it, this may be because the other male gods look too young to grow a beard… How do they manage this? You might well ask, given that they’ve been up in Asgard for quite a while. The answer lies in Idun, and her Golden Apples.

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Blessed Be

Good Sunday Morning to all our brothers & sisters of The WOTC

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celtic blessings

Lady A had to take the day off. She needed to take a break and rest for a bit. She isn’t suppose to be doing anything but she doesn’t know how to do that. In fact, resting isn’t even in her vocabulary.  When she was released from the hospital, she was instructed to come home and rest. Did we do that, no. Instead we took a trip to Eastern Kentucky to see her family and friends up there. She figured that would probably be the last time she got to see them.

You haven’t heard her mention her health but I will. The doctors highly recommended removing her spleen. Then the procedure they would have to do so she could live without it. She told them no. Next they wanted to put her on this trial medication for people with her condition. As you know it is expensive and she…

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Our Summer Solstice Gift to You….

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Litha Comments & Graphics

Good morning, my sweets! Yes, it is really me, Lady A. Been a while, huh? I can tell you right now, I haven’t been having a ton of fun either. But we won’t go into that right now. We won’t be with you on this wonderful & blessed Summer Solstice this year. We are currently on our way back to Western Kentucky. We have been up in Eastern Kentucky for a day or two. I wanted to visit some family up there. I also wanted to take a spiritual break, get my head back on straight (you know hospitals mess with your head?) and talk to a few Elder witches up there. We had a good time and enjoyed the visit. We will be back later on this afternoon. Tomorrow, we are going to rest up, maybe! Then Friday, we will be back in full force and I am not…

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Spirit of White Buffalo


Native American myths and culture have always been my inspiration. The first approach to the mysteries of Shamanism in my life was through the  Native American ways of spiritual work. Then I learned about the Scandinavian Shamanism and I discovered the many common things in both paths. My studies and research led me to the knowledge that in its essence the pagan ways are quite alike in the different parts of the world as are the Old religions,too. They all seem to have one origin that is very old and points towards the beginning of human history on Earth.

Here is a wonderful article I found online about the White Buffalo Spirit . This is the Spirit who walks between the worlds and connects the Red Road/ the path of incarnation and physical life / and the Blue Road / the path of the Spirit /.

When you think of Celtic tradition these are Dragons who walk between the worlds and open new realms, in Native American traditions it is White Buffalo Spirit  who connects the worlds.

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and a powerful meditation with Native American Flute sound