Runes of Odin ( 4. Ansuz )


Merry meet again, dear Brothers and Sisters in the Craft.  I am here again with Ansuz. The next Rune that in the Runic alphabet is number 4. This is the Rune of the Message, Wisdom, Knowledge, Poetry , Public Speech  and Communication. This is Odin`s Rune. One of the names of Odin is Ansuz. The Rune  corresponds with Wednesday.

Galdr :

Shamanic Journey with the Rune :

More about Ansuz :

God : Odin, when it is reverse it represents Loki the trickster

Stone : Emerald

Colour : Dark Blue

Elemeny : Air

Planet : Mercury, Venus

Tree : Ash tree

This is the Rune of the good luck and the good fortune, the Rune of Immortality. It is the Divine impulse in Human Beings and a call for Divine power and help. It helps with poetry and in Public Speeches. It rules the songs, exams, interviews, the magic spells.It helps in all spheres of communication. It helps you to convince people in something. It makes your speech attractive and interesting. The Rune helps in gathering wisdom. Ansuz gives confidence and success in exams. It increases one`s magical energies and clairvoyance. It  helps the communications with Divine. Ansuz resonates with revelations and prophesies (that is Knowledge in general). It means : book, letter, message, information.

In Divinations : the answers you are searching  for are available but they are still not recognised by you as being such. Look around you, the signs are everywhere, the confirmations are around you, everything can matter so this is what leads to full understanding. Do not ignore the message just because you do not like its content. Each attempt can be a lesson that teaches you to see the truth.

Reverse meaning : be aware to truly capture the meaning of the message. Perhaps something you are reading  or looking at  seems more important than you think it is.

Converse meaning : failure in communicarion, hidden messages, secrets,  lack of clarity. It is the important thing  that looks like a delusion.

Use : Ansuz is used as a booster that gives fast delivery of  the messages . It can be drawn in the air and then you make a” letting a bird to fly “ gesture while at the same time you are sending a telepathic message to someone. You can also write a message on paper and burn it and draw Ansuz in the smoke that rises / especially effective when you communicate with a  Deity or Spirit /. When you leave a note to someone it is practical to draw Ansuz on the paper to make sure that the note will be received and red by the particular person.

Ansuz is a good Rune when you travel the worlds in a Shamanic journey. It can lead you to Asgard if you want to go there but you have lost the way. But to enter Asgard you must have an entrance  permission so  it is most likely you to find yourself trapped.

Old Tales:  Mimir was a giant that kept the well of wisdom , Mimir knew many things, he was the keeper of wisdom. Odin wanted to drink from Mimir`s well of wisdom and risking his own life he went into the land of giants. Mimir let Odin drink from his well but he named a price. Mimir`s price was one of the eyes of Odin. Odin agreed, with a knife he did what was needed and placed carefully his eye in the water of the well. Then he drank wisdom. Wisdom flooded into Odin. Now he could see more clearly with his one eye /and he could see further too/ than he was able to when he got two eyes. From then on he was called the blind god, Blindr and Hoarr /the one eyed/ and also Baleyg / the flaming – eyed one/. Odin`s eye remained in Mimir`s well “ preserved by the waters that feed the world ash, seeing nothing , seeing everything”.  Time passed and it happened Mimir to be killed by Vanir gods. They cut Mimir`s head and sent it to Odin. Odin did not want all of this wisdom to be lost , so he rubbed the head with certain herbs to prevent it from rotting. He chanted charms and incantations over it and soon Mimir opened his eyes and spoke to him wise words. Odin took Mimir`s head back to the well where Odin`s eye is. / myth I told is from the book “ Norse Mythology “ by Neil Gaiman/.

Odin and the gift of Poetry is another myth that tells about Kvasir, a God that was born after the Peace declared amongst all of the gods. Kvasir always tells the truth and he walked amongst people and gods telling the truth and giving wise advice. But he was killed by two dwarfs and his blood was boiled and a drink was prepered by his blood. Whoever drinks this drink is being gifted with inspiration and poetic skills. ..after many adventures Odin succeeded to take back to the Gods the drink that was made from Kvasir`s blood. Thus Odin carried the gift of poetry to the Gods and whatever he spilled was for the people. The myth is very long and I do not want to overload you with it . But you can find it and read it yourself. Enjoy !


Until we merry meet again

Blessed Be

Mistress of the Mountains






Runes of Odin ( 3. THURISAZ)


Galdr :

Shamanic Journey with the Rune :

Thurisaz means : chaos, temptation, Thor`s hammer, devil, thorn, geteway, transition to something new

Stone : Sapfire

Colour : bright red

Element : Fire

God : Thor

Planet : Mars

Tree  : hawthorn

Plant : Sempervivum

This rune is useful when you are attacked or chased or when you face challenges. The Rune makes the people that act against you negligent when they have to be careful, this rune can weaken them or drive them mad. It increases the fears in people that have already had fears. Thurisaz can be your powerful ally as it is focused Cosmic Power for Defence. It symbolises Thor`s hammer Mjollnir. Thurisaz is pure will. Its power is able to direct the energies most efficiently. Use it when it is necessary to add more power to accomplish your task. This is also the Rune of the New Beginnings, the Rune of the Gate. Use it when you need good luck or when the circumstances are out of your control.  Thurisaz neutralizes your enemies and the opposition. It is the Rune of the active defence. It breaks  the curses and the enemies. Thurisaz awakens your  willingness  to act. The energy of the Rune Thurisaz can be used for chaos or for good, the rune represents the hidden forces of the human psyche as lust and anger.

Divinations : You are under a threat that is coming from people  of power and authority. You have to overcome the temptations to get rich due to trickery.  It symbolises the thorn as a weapon , the thorn can hurt, it can stick and pin, but it also can defend you  like a fence made of iron thorns.  It also may symbolise the unexpected good  luck, but in general it indicates that the good luck is leaving you.

You have the inner power to face every challenge and you have the power to determine your fate and to control your life. Do not fear anything and do not allow anyone to distract you from your quest towards the truth. You are powerful in Spirit and it is you who chose how to use this power of yours.

Recommendation :  Use the rune Thurisaz in a loving, careful and unconditional way. The Power may do you harm if you do not use it honestly and with pure heart.

Reverse meaning : it it a sign for good, the bad thing can be overcome, the danger you are facing now is not that big.

Converse meaning : the devil is hidden

Use : This is a nasty little rune that sets obstacles before your enemy`s steps. This rune can hurt the one who chases you.  Use it in emergencies.  It is especially effective when drawn on bushes with thorns or thick plants, groups of trees in rough terrains/areas, on roots or thick plants, the rune make the plants get thicker and to attack everything that strives to pass through them. The power of Thurisaz is not so big when it is drawn on a flat ground but even there it may cause little rough stones to get into the shoes of the one who chases you and thus to slow them. Draw it always behind you and never in front of you. To see how to draw it with your fingers , see the second link above.

Blessings of Peace and Good Luck

Until we merry meet again

Misterss of the Mountains



Runes of Odin / 2. URUZ/


Please, check the links so can can find more information about URUZ.  You should only read the part about URUZ because the  three links below will be available with each different rune I describe in my posts.

Galdr :

Shamanic Journey with the Rune :

Meanings :



Element : Earth

Gemstone : Garnet

Colour : dark green, dark grey

Tree : Birch tree

Plant : Iceland Moss

God : Thor


Divinations :  You have the strength to make your dreams come true but do not forget the responsibilities that come with this. Your strength is not imposing your will on others , this is  a strength for overcoming the attempts of the others to impose their will on you, a strength that does not allow interference into your choice.  Use this noble strength to stay focused on your goal. Do not allow you to be led astray. Do not allow negative people to upset you. Control your Ego and you will succeed.

This is a rune of changes. It requires control over whatever will be released in risky initiations, it draws new situations in life.

Reverse meaning :  you are unable to think clearly; bad health. Pay attention to the signs of your weakness or to the threats against you. You should become aware of your hidden strength.

Use : Uruz can be used on anything that needs strength, including yourself.  It can be used on objects or for healing.

The Rune can be drawn directly on parts of your body that need strength. It can also be drawn onto the main chakras, especially Solar Plexus chakra for strengthening the will. Draw it with your thumb and inhale deeply to take the Rune into yourself.

Power to stand for your will.

Change that requires courage facing new responsibilities and challenges.

Good health, vitallity, energy for overcoming or success.


Magickal Use : it strenghtens the will and the muscles. Uruz stabilises the chaotic situation or state of mind. It is used in the Craft for drawing off unwanted control, for cutting off restrictions and breaking of barriers. It encourages confidence and courage. It can be used for restoration of hope, for increasing of the sexual desire, for strenghtening the mind.

Uruz is not safe when it is magically used. If not used correctly, it can bring disbalance and it can reverse the result , thus it can do harm.

Mythology : Here is a description of Thor given in the book by Neil Gaiman “ Norse mythology “

Thor, Odin`s son, is the thunderer….Huge he is, and red-bearded, and strong, by far the strongest of all the gods. His might is increased by his belt of strength, Megingjord:when he wears it, his strength is doubled….Thor`s mother was Jord, the earth goddess. Thor`s sons are Modi, the angry , and Magni, the strong. Thor`s daughter is Thrud, the powerful.

His wife is Sif, of the golden hair. She had a son , Ullr, before she married Thor…Ullr  is a god who hunts with bow and with arrows, and he is good with skis.

Thor is the defender of Asgard and Midgard”.




Runes of Odin – 1. FEHU


I will include the following links into every one of the articles I post because these are the sites I found useful and I learned a lot from them. I will also include any other information I gathered. Plus information from my personal BOS. Please, check the links so you could find more information. You do not have to read about all runes at one time since these links will be here again when I write about the next Runes. It is best just to read about the Rune as I post it.

Galdr :

Shamanic Journey with the Rune :

Meanings :


Wealth, Career

Element : Fire , Earth

Colour : light red

Day : Thursday

Month : September

Stone : Moss agate

Herb : Elder, Nettle

Gods : Frey and Freya


The Rune indicates that the success is coming. What we have worked for and have put efforts for will soon come to us. Go on according to your plan. If the Rune comes close to Berkana or Gebo, the success will come as a result of personal relationships. If Fehu comes close to Othila , then the success will come as a result of heritage.

The reverse meaning of the rune is a sign for loss or disappointment. In this case,  look at the closer runes. If they are positive, then the reverse meaning of Fehu is just an obstacle or delay.

Use : The rune has a shortlived effect of adding the fine gloss of wealth or  high value on different objects. It can be drawn on presents to strenghten the “high value” effect on them or to distract someone`s attention from the real valuable things by drawing it on something that is not so valuable and thus to protect our possessions.

The rune is a channel for power, it draws the power of the Sun, Moon and the Stars into one`s personal sphere. The Rune draws abundance and wealth.

Mythology :

Frey and Freya are brother and sister twins of the Nordic pantheon closely connected with Elves and the Natural Spirits . They are children of the God of the Winds and Sea that is Njord honored by Vikings and sailors. Njord`s day is also Thursday. Njord, Frey and Freya are Gods of abundance, wealth and each one of them has a specific power. Frey is the God of fertility and agriculture honored by peasants , Freya is the Goddess with extreme beauty and she rules matters of love and sex, marriage and also magick, Freya is believed to be the First witch/volva/ that has taught all witches the Craft/Seidur as it is called in the North/ , she was a Master of transformation and hers is the falcon feathered cloak she can fly with.  Freya is Odin`s wife and with this marriage the Aesir Gods and Vanir Gods were united and lived in peace.

Let me share a little bit from the book of Neil Gaiman“ Norse Mythology” to illustrate her : “ Freya was the most  beautiful of all the gods. Her golden hair tumbled about her shoulders , and it glinted in the morning light. Freya`s two cats prowled the room , eager to pull her chariot. Around her neck , as golden and shining as her hair, glittered the necklace of the Brisings, made for Freya by the dwarfs far underground”.

When she cried , her tears were golden. And this explains the phrase “Freya`s tears” that means “gold” in the old Norse poetry.

Until we merry meet again

Mistress of the Mountains





Runes of Odin ( Divinations)

The Runes of Odin like to stay in a clean bag made of natural material such as cotton or linen. Keep them in such a  bag , white colour of the bag is good since it is neutral and consists of all colours. The Runes should be placed on white surface when you do  divinations. This is both to keep then clean and to show respect towards them. Sit with the Runes . You should face North. I have a special cotton white cloth to place my runes on it. The square is the perfect form for the cloth. But you also may use a white paper square. There are numerous types of divinations and I will share these I know and these that work for me.

Some practitioners work only with the main meaning of Runes and pay no attention if the Runes come reverse. But some regard the way the Rune is drawn , the reverse Runes mean “NO” or the negative side of the Rune, the opposite meaning of the rune. When the Rune is drawn normally as it is in the runic alphabet Futhark , the answer is “Yes”.

It is good to know

When you ask the Runes your questions should be as precise as possible, usually the question is of one sentence. Concentrate on your question and focus your attention before drawing the rune out of your runic bag. Do not try to manipulate the runes with the intent or expectations you have, you must feel neutral so that the true answer to come to you. If you are not satisfied by the answer …take it and thank the runes , do not ask again . Asking the same question again is “tabo”, you will insult the runes and they will stop answering to you or they will start lying to you. You should better ask for advice about how to act or what to do to overcome the obstacles on your way instead of asking your question again. The Runes will give you the proper advice. Sometimes you will feel the answer you get  seems illogical or not connected with your question at all. Wait for some days and have this answer in your mind … observe, be will see/feel the  signs that the Runes have given to you wise answer and this is the true answer of your question ; and you will capture the “message”given to you . Working that way with the runes you will see how gradually you become more intuitive and spiritual. This is Odin`s way. It teaches you how to see in the darkness and how to reach wisdom through insight. This is to follow the Spirit.

Some practitioner also drink special tea when they do divinations. Some of them use special stones or crystals . But all of this is optional and depends on each individual. I will share with you a list of stones that help your intuition BUT you do not need them in the divinations, you may wear them as long as you want to and they will help you develop your psychic skills : labradorite, lavrikite, amethyst, tiger eye, blue tiger eye, opal, moonstone, moss agate, turquaze, lapis lazuli, larimar jasper, super seven melody stone, pure quartz, lemurian quarts, smoke quartz, phantom quartz, obsydian.

Yes/ No divination

This way of divination is done when you ask a single question and expact an answer “yes” or “no”.

If the rune comes upright it means “yes”, for more detailed answer you should check the meaning of this particular rune you have drawn.

If the Rune comes reverse, the answer is “no” and you may check what is the meaning of the particular rune you have drawn

For these that work only with the upright position of the runes, you draw 2 squares on a white sheet of paper. The first one is for the positive and the second one is for the negative question, for example you ask “ What will happen if I agree to do this task?” – draw one rune and put it in the first quare, it will tell you what will happen if you do something. Then ask : “ What will happen if I do not agree to do this task?” – draw one rune and put it in the second square, it will tell you what will happen if you do not do something.

The Three Norns Divination

Ask a question, you may write it on  paper.

Draw 3 runes of your bag . The first rune is the past. The second rune you draw out  of the bag is the present, it shows you the situation now and gives you the advice needed. Check its meaning to have an idea of what it tells you. The third rune is the future. It tells you what the future of the current situation will be if you follow the runic advice / that comes with the second rune you drew /.

Make notes because you will perhaps be thinking of the runic message during the following days  and you will be decoding the message, you will have the whole picture in a day or two. At first when you draw the runes out , it may seem to you that the runes do not answer at all, in fact they do . Time is needed to understand their message.

Asking with 9 runes

This method can be seen when you follow the link below. I think it is an amazing way to get closer to our ancestors and their way of working with Spirit. This way of divination requires intuition and skills and develops your intuition and skills. Enjoy :

I will start introducing each of the Runes and its meaning with my next posts. This is a long journey and I am thankful to share it with all of you.

Until we merry meet again

Mistress of the Mountains





Runes of Odin ( and the Norns)

Runes of Odin can be asked to tell you about the past , the present and the future . They can reveal how the threads of fate are weaved for a situation or even a lifetime. Each soul has a certain path that has to be walked in a lifetime. No matter how we change the situations consciously or not, our main direction for this lifetime will stay as it is planned before incarnation and this is always for our best. This is the reason why some of the spells seem not working or some of our prayers seem not heard/ do not doubt that, all prayers are always heard/, all of this is a matter of life plan that was done and agreed before our incarnation. When we face such a situation that seems hard and noone can help or even heard our call, know that this is perhaps because of your life plan and take it with gratitude because the Spirit always knows what is best for you and for your growth as a soul. The Runes Can Show us the situations and give us Light in the Darkness of our 3d experience . The Runes Can also give us advice about what to do and where to go to ease the difficulties , the threads of fate can be re- ordered for some situations that would not affect the life plan of a soul in general.
I will use Neil Gaiman`s re-telling of the myth about the Norns. In his book “Norse Mythology” he wrote : “ The last root of the world-tree goes to a spring in the home of the gods, to Asgard, where the Aesir make their home. Each day the gods hold their council here, and it is here they will gather in the last days of the world, before they set out for the final battle of Ragnarok. It is called the well of Urd.
There are three sisters, the norns, who are wise maidens. They tend the well, and make sure that the roots of Yggdrasil are covered with mud and cared for. The well belongs to Urd; she is fate, and destiny. She is your past. With her are Verdandi – her name means “ becoming” – and hers is the present, and Skuld, whose name means “ that which is intended”, and her domain is the future.
The norns will decide what happens in your life. There are other norns , not just those three. Giant norns and elf norns, dwarf norns and Vanir norns, good norns and bad, and what your fate will be is decided by them. Some norns give people good lives, and others give us hard lives, or short lives, or twisted lives.
They will shape your fate, there at Urd`s well.”
As I promised in my previous post I will share a ritual with you. The ritual is not my working , it is composed and given by D.J. Conway and I found it somewhere in Internet a year ago. Before I do this I want to tell you about the colous of the Norns : black, red and white. The braid is this symbol that represents what the norns do. Also the circle. A circle made of braid without beginning and without end. This is a powerful protection.
Invoking the Norns Ritual/ by D.J.Conway/
Month : December
Moon phase : Dark Moon
You will need : 3 long ribbons , one black, the other red and the third one white/ they can be long enough to wear them as a belt in your rituals or works of divination/
3 candles/Optional : one black, the other red and the third candle white/
The 3 candles/they may be 3 white candles or any colour you feel representing the norns to you/ represent the norns.
Take the 3 ribbons and start weaving them in the pattern of a braid. While you make this you chant :

Over, under, threads of Fate
As in my life , so in all things.
Weaving the pattern , soon or late,
I see the result that action brings”
Urd, Verdandi, Skuld

Repeat this as you weave till the whole braid is ready. When it is done, do make knots on both ends and kiss the braid. Weave it around your wrist, or waist or shoulders. Raise your hands upwards and visualise the Norns. Say :

A new year dawns, the threads weave on,
To ultimately reveal my destiny.
Oh, Fates of Life, I ask your aid
To clear my path and set me free.
Let old things die and fade away.
Let new come in to prosper me.
Oh, Fates of Life, I ask your aid
To clear my life and set me free.

The braid is put under the pillow for this night and you sleep on it. You may have meaningful dreams that night. Try to remember your dream. Pay attention to your dreams and do whatever is needed to be done so that to make your path easier and your life better.
Use the braid when you do divinations or connect with the Norns. Wear it as a belt, or like a bracelet or on your shouders and keep it near your Runes or put it on your altar. You can put it in a safe place in a box that is only for your Runes and the braid.
Blessed Be
In my next post I will share with you how to do Runic divinations.
Until we merry meet again
Mistress of the Mountains.

Runes of Odin ( how to write the Runes)

This post is going to be very practical so I will not give links nor tell stories.  I am going to introduce all Runes I work with and explain how the Runes are to be correctly written. The names of the Runes I use can differ by comparison with other sources because each Rune has more than one spelling of its name. Easy 🙂 the differences are not so big so you can reckognise it without problems . I am sorry for my inability to post pictures here. This is due to thechnical problems I have but I promise this would not affect the information I am about to give.

Each Rune has a number in the Runic alphabet, I will start with Fehu…the name Futhark is actually something like ABC for the Runes..these are the few initial letters or runes in the Runic alphabet.

Remember one thing – regard  each rune as  a tree with branches/see exclusions below/, start writing it and first make the trunk and then the branches coming out of the tree.

  1. Fehu – start with the trunk from bottom to top and then the branches upwards, the lower line first and then the upper line , like branches upwards to the sky
  2. Uruz – Start from the bottom left and move upwards and then to the bottom right
  3. Thurisaz – this rune should be started with the vertical line from the top to the bottom and then the “thorn” from bottom to top
  4. Ansuz – the vertical line from bottom to top and the wings down to the right
  5. Raido – from bottom to top and then down to the right without stopping till the rune is written
  6. Kauno – from top to bottom
  7. Gebo – from top to the bottom each line and you write X
  8. Wunjo – from bottom to top and then to the right and down
  9. Hagalaz – all lines from top to bottom, start with the vertical lines first and then draw the tilted line
  10. Nauthiz – from top to bottom, first the vertical one and then cross with the other one, both lines start from top down
  11. Isa – from top to bottom
  12. Jera – from top to bottom both lines
  13. Eihwaz – from bottom to top is written for offensive defence and from top to bottom means general defence
  14. Perth – from top to the bottom
  15. Algiz – vertical line first from bottom to top and then the wings from left to the right
  16. Sowilo – from top to bottom
  17. Tiwaz – vertical line first from bottom to top and then the arrow from left to the right
  18. Berkana – from bottom to top and then down
  19. Ehwaz – from bottom left to bottom right like M
  20. Mannaz – left vertical line first from bottom to top and then the little one down, then cross with the right little line and continue to the bottom right
  21. Laguz – from bottom to top and then to the right with the little line
  22. Ing – write two crossing each other <> start from bottom left >, the second < is started from top to bottom
  23. Dagaz – start from bottom left and continue by your choice
  24. Othila – start from bottom left/ this is the end of the common Rune set, I will continue with some Runes I know and work with

Ear – the vertical line from bottom to top and then the wings from right to left

Ac – the vertical line first from bottom to top and then to the right, the second line to the left towards the vertical trunk

Ior – the vertical line first from bottom to top and then X from top to bottom

Yr – first write the central vertical line from top to bottom, then the horizontal line /if you want to write it/and then write like I described the writing of Uruz

Os – the vertical line from bottom to top and then to the right , then the second line from right to left

Cweorth – from bottom left

Stan – from bottom right to the bottom left

Chalc – first write the “cup” and then the vertical central line from top to bottom

Gar – first write the “diamond” from bottom to top and then the X over the ‘diamond”from top to bottom


In the next post I will share a ritual with you. December draws nearer and this ritual is connected with the Norns or Fates that are celebrated in December .  The destiny of each soul is written/weaved by the threads and even Gods have destiny. The Past is Urd, the Present is Verdandi and the Future is Skuld, all Sisters, all Maidens and the three of them are all time that is No Time, that is between the worlds. All Gods gather there in no time  by the Urd well to talk and meet the Fates.  Runes and Norns have a close connection. We can ask the Norns to weave the threads of our destiny so that our path becomes full of what our hearts desire . The ritual is also a way to consecrete your new Rune set, you decide 🙂


Until we merry meet again

Mistress of the Mountains

Runes of Odin ( About the number of the Runes )


There are some Runic alphabets that survived the ages and came to us from Ancient times when the Runes were also a tool of writing as well as tools of divination and magick. The most common one that is widely popular amongst today`s spiritual ones contains 24 Runes , some include one additional blind Rune , nothing on it. This Rune that comes as the 25th Rune is regarded differently. They say that when it comes in divination the answer is “yes” or “ nothing – the result depends on you and the choise you make”, some think that this blind rune is not a Rune at all, it is just additional one with pure surface in case one of the other Runes is lost, the owner of the set may carve the missing rune on the surface.

In my posts I am going to share with you what I know for each of the common 24 Runes and some more Runes that work with me.  I have read that the Runes at the time they were given to people were many more than we know today and some of them have been lost in time and forgotten. It is perhaps for good because there were powerful Runes that were used for destructive purpose and enguaged in dark arts. Their power was immense and they could easily cause the dead of the targeted one and do this in a rather short time. The Gods decided that it would be better these Runes to be forgotten for the best of all.

How to make your own Rune Set

Runes are best done using natural materials like stones, crystals, clay or wood. Wood is a powerful material if we consider the origin of the Runes, ash tree is perfect and apple tree too, the type of the tree will be shown to you and you only need to follow the Spirit . To be effective and to work the tree branch must be taken in Spring when the tree is about to blossom and give fruit, Spring is the time of new growth and power, thus your Runes will be charged with Power from Earth.

Carving/Writing the Runes

The Runes must be carved or written in one movement of the hand and without stopping unless the Rune is written, if the Rune is not written well or correctly, it should be destroyed with fire so that not to do harm. The Runes must be pure and perfect to work at their highest potential.

If someone wants to make an own handmade rune set it is best to wait untill I share the ways the Runes can be written.  I will share this in the next posts .

Here is a link to help you learn more

Until we merry meet again

Blessed Be

Mistress of the Mountains



Runes of Odin

Dear Lady Beltane, I am honored that you asked me to share my experience with the Runes here on Coven Life`s site. I will do my best and I hope my experience will be interesting for all who read the posts.

Thank You

May the Light and the Peace of the Goddess be with You

Mistress of the Mountains



Lots of stories have been told about the Runes. I have been interested in them for nearly 10 years and the more I learn the more I realise that a lifetime is not enough to study and know the Runes. I have read numerous articles and books about the Runes. They work with me because they chose to do so and at times they stop and I leave them undesturbed till  my senses tell me I can try again.One thing is for sure. The Runes of Odin are unlike any other thing, any other tool for divination, they have  life of their own and  will of their own. Each Rune has a Personality and this is a complicated personality. This is a small and Powerful Universe that makes choises and works with you if you are the chosen one . Runes can show the Truth but they can also lie. They can just stop “speaking” if you try to manipulate the answer you expect.  And they can be Powerful and Magickal allies that walk and work with you to give you Light when the path becomes Dark so that you do not give up walking and always find the best way for yourself.

One thing I learned from the Runes and my work with them and this is : Believe your Intuition.

With everything I am about to write here I am going to share my experience with the Runes and give you information about each Rune together with many links to various sites that I find useful for this purpose.

The Knowledge of the runes is in connection to the Nordic Myths about Nordic Gods and I will tell you stories that are interesting , amusing, beautiful and practical . I have found a book by Neil Gaiman called “ Norse Mythology” that will help me with my task.  Here is the myth of Odin and the Runes that is  re-told by Gaiman :

“ The highest and the oldest of all the gods is Odin.

Odin knows many secrets. He gave an eye for wisdom. More than that, for knowledge of runes , and for power, he sacrificed himself to himself.

He hung from the world-tree, Yggdrasil, hung there for nine nights. His side was pierced by point of a spear, which wounded him gravely. The winds clutced at him, buffeted his body as it hung. Nothing did he eat for nine days or nine nights, nothing did he drink. He was alone there, in pain, the light of his life slowly going out.

He was cold, in agony, and on the point of death when his sacrifice bore dark fruit: in the ecstasy of his agony he looked down, and the runes were revealed to him. He knew them, and understood them and their power. The rope broke then and he fell, screaming, from the tree.

Now he understood magick. Now the world was his to control.”

According to another story Odin threw nine rods from the tree and the rods fell in such a way that the Runes were shown to him. Thus all-father Odin knew and understood the Runes and their wisdom.

Runes were used in writings. They also can be drummed , they have phonethics and can be sung , they have numbers.  They can be used in magick . But always treat them with Respect. The Runes have also their dark side and can be harmful if one do not use them correctly. Nazi failed because of misuse of the power of Runes. This is how they work. The Runes carry the Wisdom of the Universe , the balance , they have free will as each soul has , some Spiritual People can even see them like living humanlike beings. Other Practitioners do shamanic spiritual journeys with the Runes. The Runes can help us travel the worlds to search wisdom just like Odin does. Do not try to dominate them nor to manipulate them.  Just accept them as your travel companions and friends . You will be gifted with knowledge and wisdom.

Until we merry meet again

Blessed Be