Buy One, Get One Free Sale At Magickal Necessities

How is everyone doing today? I hope super. You might have thought we took the day off but we didn’t. We have been working over at the store. It seems that the weekends are the only time we have to work on it. We got some more new merchandise in and decided a new way of you seeing it. We have started a section called, “Buy One, Get One Free.” We have added quite a few new items in that section. There is nothing wrong with the merchandise, we just wanted to give you the opportunity to get some great merchandise at decent prices. There are some unusual items there and we plan on adding more, we will let you look for yourself. But the prices on this new merchandise is reduced for the time being and I guarantee you that they won’t stay at these prices for long. So if you see something you like, grab it now before it moves over and the price goes up.


We have also added a few new gowns and cloaks. I could spend all day looking at the new gowns and cloaks. There are some gorgeous ones that are coming out this year and we are going to do our best to keep them at affordable prices. Remember they are all custom made to fit you perfectly. You will be the best dress witch at your next Full Moon or Sabbat gathering.


If you have a moment today, stop by and check out what we have added to the store. There are other merchandise in different section that I haven’t mentioned. I am excited about the “Buy One, Get One Free” section and I hope you will be too.

Till tomorrow, my sweets…..

Love ya,

Lady A



To Lady Beltane

Well what do you think of the new graphics? Too much? Just right? Too many flowers? You said you wanted springy, I gave you springy! If you don’t like them let me know and I will take them down and track down something other else. The girly flowers reminded me of you. Every time I talk to you, you have a bubbly personality, light, airy and just refreshing. But anyway, if you seriously don’t like them, let me know. You ought to know by now you ain’t going to hurt my feelings? Got to run……

Love ya, sis,

Lady A

Just Dropping By To Let You Know This Month’s Specials from Magickal Necessities

I am trying to figure out a spot to put our monthly special on here so you can see them the minute you hit the site (The WOTC). This month we are honoring the month of September being a mutable Earth sign and also our Sabbat, Mabon. Take a look and see what you think. Personally, I think we have out done ourselves on this one. Gee, I hope I don’t have to keep trying to top myself on this gifts to you, lol! You know we love you guys and as I said as long as we are successful, we are passing on the goodies to you. And here they are for the month of September.


Customer Appreciation for September

As you know each month, we give our valued customers a “thank you” gift for making Magickal Necessities a success.

We believe this month’s customer appreciation gift will knock your socks off, literally. But you are going to have to wait just a little bit longer to see what it is. I guarantee you it will be worth the wait.

As I promise you a “September’s Customer’s Appreciation Special” that will knock your socks off, well here it is……(drum roll please!)

To start with we are celebrating the month of September since one of our major Sabbat occurs in it, Mabon. September is a mutable Earth sign. What a better way to celebrate to offer this wonderful, Ritual Earth Bath Kit free with any purchase over $15.00


Earth Ritual Bath Kit

This beauty is great for good luck and money drawing as well as grounding, this bath kit comes with all of the materials that you’ll need to invoke the element of Earth within your own ritual bath, And let’s be truthful, you can’t put a kit like this together any cheaper than free! Once you try this bath kit, you will be using all our ritual kits we have to offer. This offer is good through the end of September!

Our Next Two Beauties are in Celebration Of Mabon…..

These little beauties we haven’t introduced you so you are getting a glimpse of a future new line to come. These little chests decorate your altar beautifully. I have a hard time keeping up with my ritual jewelry and especially my earrings. Guess where they stay safe and sound now. You got it, in this beautiful little chest. The minute you open up your package, you will fall in love with it. It is beautifully handcrafted and seeing it on your altar, WOW! It just brightens your altar up and it is the first thing that catches you eye. I can’t say enough about this gorgeous little chest. You just have to see it to believe how beautiful and well crafted it is. It is made out of bone, has a beautiful pentagram adorning the top and it can be used for anything you like. In my case, jewelry. This offer is good to the end of the month also, even though it is a Mabon celebration gift to you from us. I should mention we have not set a limit of purchase for this little chest because any amount of purchase will make this little chest yours!


Now here comes the blow your socks off…..

When you make a purchase between now and September 16th, you will be entered in a drawing for this beautiful Celtic Pentagram Athame. Why the 16th, because we are going to try our best to get this to you in time for Mabon. Check it out, it is a beauty……

Beautiful Pentagram Athame for Mabon

The perfect tool for directing the energy of your next ritual or spell with the added protective qualities of the pentacle affixed to the blade. Faux antique wooden handle. Cannot ship to MA or CA. 7 1/4″ – 3 3/4″ blade. Remember drawing is September 16th.


I forgot to mention, we have two new lines. One is a line of health products, which are naturally made and witchy approved. The other is a line of curtains and tapestries for your altar room or any place in your home. They are some beauties also.


And that is the latest news from Magickal Necessities


I hope you have noticed that I haven’t asked you for any donations or money recently, that is because we are trying our best to make this store a success and we can keep all our operations running. With each purchase you make, that helps us and our commitment to our mission and our Goddess. We hope you are pleased with the merchandise we have in the store so far, because there is more to come. We have had to advertise on different sites like Google and Bing, we would also appreciate it if you would tell your family and friends we are here (if they are witches, of course).


As promised, we will be back tomorrow, doing things the old way. Till then…..


Lady of the Abyss & The WOTC Staff



For all your magickal needs think Magickal Necessities!



Weekend Blow Out Special – August 26 – 27

Weekend Blow Out Special

August 26 – 27

When we do well, we like to treat you. Because if it wasn’t for you the store wouldn’t be thriving and exceeding all our expectations. So this weekend we decided to throw in a little extra treat we just got in…..

This beautiful Soapstone Oil diffuser


This diffuser is beautiful on your altar as well as on your coffee table, kitchen table, any place you want to use it. It uses a small votive candle to warm your essential oils and favorite fragrances. The candle has been spaced just far enough that the aroma lasts for hours. I know I got three or four and I love it to pieces. It is hand carved of soapstone with great care, this oil diffuser is decorated with small cut outs of pentagrams, making it into a beautiful display of light from the candle within. 3 1/2″ x 3″. It is small enough the pentagrams are discreet and it will look great on your altar or any other spot in your home.

As a thank you for making our “New Magical Necessities” a hit, it is free with any purchase this weekend. Forget the smudge sticks for these two days, we are giving you something that will last the rest of your life and be a reminder of your faith and your friends at Magickal Necessities, the WOTC and Coven Life.

You only have two days, so hurry and get that order in. This promotion will end 12:00 Sunday night.

Only at Magickal Necessities

We Have Eclipse Fever and that means great savings for you….



In honor of the Event of a Life-Time, the Solar Eclipse, we are throwing in a special gift just for you. Let’s say a memento to remember this great event. With any $20.00 purchase you will still receive the Smudge stick bundle but now, in honor of the Eclipse you will receive this beautiful “New Beginnings Fairy Essence Necklace.” Alone by itself, it would cost you around $10.00. It is gorgeous and will be a wonderful memento to remember this historic event. And guys, it would make a great gift for that special lady in your life.

So let’s review, you will get the original Sage Bundle plus now, this beautiful New Beginnings Fairy Essence Necklace. Not only is the Solar Eclipse is a once in a life time event so is this offer. It will end Tuesday, Aug. 22. This necklace is a hot item, so grab yours quick before they sell out.

This deal is too hot to handle

We just added a new line of Parchment Kits and writing inks.



Remember for all your magickal needs, it Magickal Necessities


(In case you are wondering why we are running this thru the Eclipse date, it is to give travelers time to get home and get in on this great deal)







A Grand Opening Special for all our friends at Coven Life…..

We invite you to come and take a look at our new store. We have affiliated ourselves with another wholesaler and we have lots of new items. Some of these items have never been seen on the internet or your local store either. With this new wholesaler, we can still offer you top quality merchandise at lower prices. And to boot, we are working on a deal with a Pagan clothing store to start selling their merchandise. I would say by the time it is over with Magickal Necessities will be a large store but we have no intentions of it ever stop growing.


Enough with that, we are just glad to be back and have a grand opening special just for you…..


With any $10 purchase you will receive a package of Cedar, White & Blue Sage smudge stick 3-Pack 4. These aren’t cheap sticks, if you bought them separately you would pay almost $7.00 a piece for them. You can see you are definitely getting a deal. I have used the Blue Sage and personally I think it cleansing better than the White. But you will have to decide that for yourself. So fly on by, check out the store and get a “Thank You” freebie from us.



For all your magickal needs, think Magickal Necessities



The Witches Spell for Saturday, Jume 24th – Energy Binding

The Witches Spell for Saturday, Jume 24th – Energy Binding


This spell is meant to bind the energies around a person to stop them from effectively using magic.


You will need:

Full/New Moon/Sunlight
An energy source or an object of which energy can be drawn
Bowl of water – optional


First, take out a glass bowl, and fill it with water. This is used to gather energy for the spell, but if you don’t want to use the water, choose another energy source. Then, have the water reflect the sun or moon, and say:


Solar flare, Lunar mist
I call on thee this day
Bring forth your light,
strength and power,
so cast this spell I may.


(Imagine the sun/moon energy flowing into the water)


Like I stated above, this is completely optional. Now, to form the barrier. Draw upon your energy source, and send it towards your target. Once you have reached them, attempt to have your energy surround them in a bubble. Then, say:


Light, Earth, Spirits strong
Leave ‘s presence forever long
Let their powers cripple, and fail with dismay
I hereby banish your magic on this very day!
So mote/might/may it be.


Imagine the bubble drawing the energy from your target and all around him, draining him of magical resources. Continue feeding the bubble/shield/wall with energy until you feel you can release them.


WARNING: Use this with caution, there are currently no counter-spells to stop this. Secondly, there is a possibility your target can breach the barrier if she/he is physically touching a powerful energy source which has greater energy than the barrier itself.



Your Daily Tarot Cards, Runes Plus So Much More Just for You On This Beautiful Saturday!

The Contents of this Podcast Included:

Your Daily Tarot Card

Your Daily Love Tarot

Your Erotic Tarot

Your Daily Influences for Saturday, June 24th

Your Daily Witches Rune

Your Ancient Symbol Card

Your Animal Spirit Guide

Your Charm for Today

Your Karmic Number

The Wisdom of Buddha



Witchcraft Quote of the Day

A lot of people think of Witchcraft as supernatural, but to us, it’s completely natural. It’s part of nature.




What A Glorious & Beautiful Saturday Morn’ The Goddess Has Blessed Us With! Good Morning Brothers & Sisters of The Craft!

Good Saturday Morning to all our Brothers & Sisters of the Craft and to those who are visiting! What a great day to be alive, hmm, that’s a song isn’t it, lol! It seems like it has been a long time since we have been here and I apologize for that. I don’t won’t to bore you to tears so I won’t tell you about the week we have had. I wrote a book about it on The WOTC if you are curious. Now let’s get this party started……


Amazing Grace


How sweet the Earth,
That bore a Witch like me.
I once was burned,
Now I survive.
Was Hanged but now I sing.

‘Twas Grace, That Drew
Down the Moon,
and Grace that Raised
the Seas,

The Magick in,
The people’s Will
Will Set our Mother Free.

We Face The East,
and breathe the winds,
That move across the Earth,
From gentle breeze to hurricane,
our breath will bring forth change.

Turn Towards the South,
and Feel the Fire,
That burns in you and me,
The Spirit’s flame shall rise again,
and Burn Eternally.

We Greet the West
Our Souls awash,
In Tides of Primal Birth,
Our Pain and blood, Our Tears and love
Shall cleanse and heal the Earth.

Reach in to North,
and Know your roots,
Down Deep ancestral Caves.
We find the Wisdom of the Crone,
of Circles we are made.

Amazing Grace
How Sweet the Earth
That bore Witches like We.
We once were burned
Now we survive
were hanged and now we sing.

Goddess bless,
So mote it be
Our Magick Spirals on,
Merry meet and Merry Part
and Merry meet Again.

—Author Unknown



The Contents of this Podcast:

Your Astronomy for Saturday, June 24th

Daily Overview of The Day

Moon in Cancer

Aspects of the Moon in Cancer

In Your Great Big Beautiful Sky Tonight

Your Current Moon Phase

Saturday’s Conjuring

Magick of Saturdays

Cosmic Weather Report