Let Us Pray For Lady Beltane As She Has Her Surgery Today

As you all probably know Lady Beltane is having surgery this afternoon at 1:30 p.m. I have talked to her this morning and she is in good spirits. She wanted me to bless her before her surgery and I did. I asked her afterward if it would be alright to post the blessing here. She said it would be. I would ask that you take a moment out of your day and light and candle and say a prayer for our much loved Lady.


Almighty Goddess,
You have soothed and comforted us each day of our lives by saying,
“We are your children, We are watched over, protected and loved by you.”
Thank you that you have poured your spirit upon us each new day we face.
Thank you for your grace and for your love you show us each moment we live.


I come to you this morning, Goddess to pray for my dear sister Lady Beltane,
as she now faces surgery this very day,
that she would know your peace in her heart and in her spirit.
A peace that surpasses all understanding
A peace that guards her heart and mind.
A peace that she can only receive from you, Almighty Mother.


Almighty Mother, as Lady Beltane undergoes this surgery today,
come and be present, watching, waiting, moving to help and
guard every moment during this procedure. May she be held
in your loving arms and protected from all harm.


Almighty Mother, I now ask that you take Lady Beltane into your loving arms,
watch over her, protect her and most of all bless her.
Bless, my dear sister, with a calm spirit, a quick recovery and most
of all your grace and your love.


At this time Almighty Mother, I ask that you bless, my sister.
Bless her surgery.
Bless her recovery
and make her recovery speedy and return
her to us renewed and whole once again.


In your Almighty Name Mother, I ask for your blessing on Lady Beltane and
her family and all those who love her.
As your humble servant, Divine Mother, I ask that you bless Lady Beltane today and
May your blessings shine down upon, my dear sister now and forever more.

So Mote It Be.

–Lady of the Abyss


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Shuffling the Cards, Your Daily Influences for November 20

Your Daily Influences for November 20


Tarot Influence

Ten of Swords Reversed

Evil will be defeated. Courage is needed to face challenges. Develop your spiritual self.











Astrological Influence


While Gemini always has its duality to keep under control, it does manage to bring both humor and intelligence into any situation.











Element Influence

Water Reversed

Water reversed denotes secrets to which you are not privy. Approach all ventures with caution.










Courtesy of Witches of the Craft

Your Daily Tarot Power Card for November 20 is The Chariot

The Chariot









You can succeed in your efforts if you maintain that willpower, and most of all, self-confidence! Sometimes this card can represent a physical journey that can take you to new lands for work or to chase a lover. Sometimes, however, this journey is more metaphorical, and can indicate that you’ll have to keep up the good work for quite some time. Recognition of your triumph can then come with financial rewards or some much-needed attention and praise for your achievement.

Your Daily Tarot Love Card for November 20 is The Pope

The Pope









The word “experience” reminds us that some things, even involvement in faulty love, improve us through the practice. This card invites you to new, truthful relationships because you have been there and done that with deceptive people who dare to lie, even to the Pope. You are one step closer to the love you desire and deserve. Two people’s duet or symphony reaches a higher octave if in a relationship.

Courtesy of Witches of the Craft

Your Daily Tarot Card for November 20th is The Tower

The Tower










Keywords: sudden change, pride, houses and buildings, liberation!

Astrological Correspondence: Mars

The Tower card first and foremost illustrates that neither physical nor emotional structures that we build are permanent and stable; instead, they can be destroyed suddenly, thereby initiating change that we have tried to avoid. The sudden change resembled by the crumbling tower reminds us of letting go of outgrown beliefs and values, of releasing an illusion, an unhealthy relationship, an old way of life. The sudden change frees us to face the unknown, frees us to move forward instead of stagnate, frees us from social conventions and enlightens us on our path so that we reach a new level of understanding about our purpose in life. Not embracing the inevitable change brings out the negative elements that the Tower also depicts: being struck down by one’s own doing, by vanity and the inability to change so that one remains stagnant.


Courtesy of Lady of the Abyss & Witches of the Craft

Your Ogham Reading for the Week of November 19th

Your Weekly Ogham Reading for the Week of November 19th



The name of the oak tree was part of the early Celtic word for Druid. Oak trees have always had a greater tendency to be struck by lightning, thus they have always had a more sacred standing among many cultures. It is a tree of great strength, durable hardwood, and its roots grow as deep as the branches grow high. To the Druids it was the King of The Woods. Thus these features of the letter Duir allow us to focus this reading on strength, resilience, power, and nobility. Like the mighty oak tree you will prevail.

Fortune – This Ogham denotes new paths, new doorways, and success once you decide to follow these new ideas!




The spiraling vine is a symbol of connectivity. Over time the vine grows around everything, through the physical and spiritual, and through the conscious and subconscious. However it takes time and patience for the vine to slowly connect everything. When we draw this letter we think of unity, being one with our surroundings, and connecting to all living things. This can especially have a special meaning in our modern world of online connections. The world slowly resembles one giant vine!

Fortune – This Ogham is telling you to take a strong look at your personal connections in life. Friends, lovers, and coworkers will have an important say in your matter!




Brooms tolerate poor soil and growing conditions, they are known for wasteland reclamation, a way of cleaning up hazardous sites. It is no surprise that this plant is also where the term broom arose as a cleaning tool. Over the centuries the Ngetal, or broom, as been associated with healing, cleaning, and restoring what once was. Drawing this letter shows some aspect in life has been cleaned and healed or is in great need of it.

Fortune – It is time to cleanup in life! This Ogham is a sign that you need to find the mess that has been made in your life or someone close to you and sweep it up!


Courtesy of Witches of the Craft

Past Lives Tarot Card for November 19th is The Lovers

The Lovers










The ancient Greek rulers were noted philosophers who believed that health and knowledge were the cornerstones to both spiritual and personal success. At this time, you probably have a Greek ancient ruler past incarnation advising you. This inner ruler should be leading you toward a personal merging of your mind, your spirit, and your material wealth. If so, your inner Greek will direct you to a more balance life, which should eventually make you into a fair and wise leader.

Your Erotic Tarot Card for November 19 is The Chariot

The Chariot









The Chariot is a symbol of sexual determination, so it isn’t likely that you’ll be distracted from your passionate goals today. As the Chariot charges ahead on its journey, you seek to reach your final sexual destination as well. Your enthusiasm is contagious, which should make it relatively easy to convince someone to come along with you on your erotic journey. The Chariot predicts a lot of adventure along the way, and at the end of the day you’ll feel sexually triumphant.

Daily Love Tarot Card for November 19 is The World

The World









In the World, things are changing. If they are in your world, do you honestly think the changes for the better? They aren’t if you are losing your sense of self. They aren’t if you are editing your own beliefs. You have to be comfortable with who you are. This card says, freeze-frame like a photo or like a VCR on pause. Then, take a deep breath and put yourself back.