THE WOTC Rededication Ritual, Tuesday, September 25th at 7:00 p.m central time

THE WOTC Rededication Ritual

Tuesday, September 25th

7:00 p.m central time

Brief gathering time at 6:45 p.m.

Where: The WOTC Chatroom

I should add the chatroom will be closed. If you do not have the link to the chatroom, you won’t find it. I figure this way we are guaranteed privacy and not interruptions from the mundane.

All are invited to attend.

I almost forget there is a break in the ritual for us to set up our altars. I have given you those details below so you will be prepare for it.

I am excited about this, I hope you are too and I look forward to having a good turn out tomorrow night.

Love & Hugs,
Lady of the Abyss


Altar set up:
*Place on or near your altar the following items, a chalice with fresh water in it, a dish of salt, pentacle disk, sword or dagger, wand, incense holder, incense(one of your choosing) and 4 Element Candles in Celtic magick the colors are red for east; white for south; grey for west and black for north).

This ritual has a very strong Celtic flare to it. If you have never experienced a Celtic ritual, this is one you shouldn’t miss. They are moving, powerful and call on the Ancient Ones to aid us in our ritual and empower us in our rededication to the Craft.


Remember if having problems pull up the store, Magickal Necessities

Scroll down the categories to you come to the end,

There you will find the chatroom.

Click on it and come on in and enjoy yourself and the ritual!

If this thing ain’t full of enough links already, one more for the road………

THE WOTC Chatroom


Your Egyptian Love Tarot for September 24 is The Tower

The Tower










The Tower card brings the possibility of freedom, awareness, and clarity to love and romance as it tears through the veils of illusion. Now is a time where you can see everything clearly and you will have a greater understanding of what kind of action to take. Though you may feel afraid at first, as you persist in the path of truth and freedom, you will make much progress.


Daily Tarot Card Posts are courtesy of Lady of the Abyss & Witches of the Craft

Your Egyptian Tarot Card for September 24 is The Judgement

The Judgement










Judgment is the card at the crossroads of life. Whenever you get to a place of change, Judgment is the card that rules. No matter how confusing life gets, proper Judgment is the key to getting through it. Whether these are opportunities or entanglements, you only have three choices: bully your way through, leave it to destiny, or use your Judgment. Judgment dictates that it isn’t as important what you do as long as you do it right.

Your Daily Love Tarot for September 24th is The High Priestess

The High Priestess










Love arrives today in the form of a mature and balanced partnership in which two people give as much as they get. They share their dreams. Be content if this is what you have. If a partnership is undergoing a rough patch at this time, balance comes in the form of compromise. It is easier to attain, and it works. This is especially true when we are slow to forgive and forget.


Your Daily Tarot Card for September 24th is Strength











The Strength Tarot card represents nature, which, however wild in its primal form, is tamed by our subtler, finer self — our feminine side, our inner self. The will and passion of our instinctive nature does not need to be broken, but refined and brought to consciousness, so that all levels of creation may come into harmony.

The feminine soul-force contains a persuasive power that can nurture and induce cooperation from others, stilling disruptive energies by harmonizing differences in the spirit of collective good will. is Part of the Daily Insight Group © 2018

We Pray For Our Brothers & Sisters In The Path of Hurricane Florence

Almighty Goddess, Mother of Us All,
We come before you to ask for your help
Not for ourselves but for our brothers & sisters
Who now face disaster and devastation in the
Wake of Hurricane Florence.

We ask from the depths of our heart that
You acknowledge their needs for a great Power
than our own to assist them now and their
most dire hour of need.

Goddess, protect our brothers & sisters
During this Hurricane that is to come.
Wrap them in Your Almighty Protection.

When they feel scared and afraid
Let them know You are there,
Watching over them, protecting them
From all harm.

When they are in trouble or despair,
Let them know You are there,
Guiding them and giving them courage
to face and conquer the challenges
before them and to come.

Dear and Almighty Goddess,
Bring our brothers & sisters through
this Hurricane, unharmed, safe, sound
and back to those who love them.

Let them know that we cannot be there
with them but we are there with them in
our thoughts, prayers and spirit.

We ask, dear Mother, that you keep
our brothers & sisters safe from all harm,
bring them through this Hurricane and
return them to us safe and sound.

We pray this Almighty Mother
From the inner depths of our heart.
Let them feel our love for them during this storm.
Let our love surround them and
become a powerful circle of protection.

Keep them safe,
See them through this storm
Let them return to us
From these are our brothers & sisters
We love dearly.

We ask this Almighty Mother in Your
Divine Name and Love.

So Mote It Be

–Lady of the Abyss

Past Lives Tarot Card of the Day for August 17th is The Tower

Past Lives Tarot Card of the Day

The Tower









When a famous author incarnates inside you, ideas that you couldn’t express in written words before suddenly come out more clearly. With your experience of this past life comes insight that you didn’t have before. If you take on the style of the famous author you once were, you can actually channel that part of your spirit of the past to affect your creativity in the present. Take advantage of this extremely creative moment, because past life incarnations can vanish as quickly as they arrive.

Daily Tarot Love Card of the Day for August 17th is The Tower

Daily Tarot Love Card of the Day

The Tower









Someone refuses to talk about problems, or is blind to problems, today. If this is not you, and you want to handle things, you have to ask how much longer you can do it all by yourself. Yes, you can renew and rekindle feelings, but together. Then you work to stay together. Pay attention if this surfaces in a brand new relationship. It is a sign of things to come.

Tarot Card of the Day for August 17th is Seven of Coins

Tarot Card of the Day

August 17th, 2018











The Seven of this suit is typically a paean to the humble laborer who is willing to show up every day and sweat in the sun for next season’s bounty. The traditional concept is cultivation, with an attitude that slow and steady wins the race, with faith in nature’s assistance. The protagonist of this card doesn’t make excuses, isn’t whimsical or moody, but is dedicated and sees the job through. Of course, it’s no good to count your chickens before they hatch, but there’s no question that the person who is vigilant over a project is more likely to get the desired result.

Someone who works with nature, cooperating with her ways, will waste less energy and time than the person who works against her. As a side meaning, we sometimes see this normally humble farmer in a moment of frenzy, betting the crop on a roll of the dice. This represents a moment of dementia, addiction or desperation which hopefully will not last long enough for the farmer to lose everything! is Part of the Daily Insight Group © 2018

Your Daily Love Tarot Card for August 13th is The Pope

Your Daily Love Tarot Card for Today

The Pope









The word “experience” reminds us that some things, even involvement in faulty love, improve us through the practice. This card invites you to new, truthful relationships because you have been there and done that with deceptive people who dare to lie, even to the Pope. You are one step closer to the love you desire and deserve. Two people’s duet or symphony reaches a higher octave if in a relationship.