Lady Abyss’ Legacy is Able to Continue

Thank you for your help. I’m very proud of how Coven Life stepped up to help me and our community out. If it wasn’t for people from CL donating the goal would not have been reached!

Witches Of The Craft®

My deepest gratitude to the  7 people who made the donations for me to get Lady A’s death certificate and have another paper that has too be notarized, plus the cost for overnighting the request for the death certificate to Kentucky possible. Dear Sisters and Brother remember the Threefold Law what you send out comes back to you three times as strong so look for a lot of love and positive energy coming your way!

I will be printing off and filling out all the paperwork after I get off of work to night.  Than walking to the post office to mail paperwork off with that done I will be going directly to my bank to get the other paper notarized. When I’m done with that I will immediately email WordPress that all the paperwork they want will be in before the expiration date.

Be true to my word I…

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We’re Almost There

Witches Of The Craft®

Thank you so much for the donations that have come in. I am going to get the paperwork printed out when I gget home from work. Than I will go to the post office tomorrow and send it off. Thanks to a few peoples generosity we just need about $20.00 to pay for another year of having the domain name created by Lady Abyss. This is the only year that whole domain name and website thing will be a problem.

Again a huge thank you to those who donated!!! With the Threefold Law you will be in for receiving something grand.

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Please Help Me Save Lady Abyss’ Legacy

Witches Of The Craft®

In order to be able to keep domain name that has been tied to the WOTC website for almost 20 years WordPress said need a copy of her death certificate. Now that someone I know was able to find her middle name today I can apply for it. I am working on a deadline that is only 11 days away and I am broke. I humbly ask if some of the 3, 500 + followers of WOTC could even donated only $1.00 USD by midnight 12:00 AM CST I would very grateful. Since I bought WOTC I have never asked you to donate some of you hard earned money until now.


The total cost for the death certificate is $55.00 USD

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Week 36 Goddess Knowledge – Ishtar

Ishtar is the multilayered Babylonian creator goddess, the source of all life and embodiment of the power of nature. She is the giver of plenty, the lawgiver, a judge, the goddess of tie as well as the goddess of both love and war. Her name means “giver of light” and derives from her role as queen of heaven. She is the planet Venus as both the morning and evening star, and her girdle is the zodiacal belt. Ishtar descends to the underworld and restores the vegetation god, Tammuz, to life and thus restores fertility to earth. As she descends she removes a veil at each gate. While she is underground life on earth is depressed and nothing comes to life. Ishtar is multifaceted, powerful symbol of a forthright mode of being that is unafraid to venture into the depths of the underworld. She represents the creative feminine, active and strong.

To read more about the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar

To read more about the Babylonian God Tammuz

To see images of the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar

To see images of the Babylonia God Tammuz



Printables For Children

If your child is older then preschool and you would like us to post some age appropriate please leave a comment below with the age of your child and some idea of what kind of printables you would like to see. I cannot guarantee we can find exactly what you are looking for but we will try to.

A Suggestion for parents: Get a folder or something your child can put the printables and other writing on what you are teach them and help them to bless it as their first Book of Shadows. Even a 3-ring binder would work if you have a hole punch.

These will be bigger once you print them out.

Pagan kids A

Pagan Kids B

A Full Moon Esbat Ritual

I am sorry with everything that has happened in my life so far this month that I completely forgot about the full Moon Esbat. We will be having a new Moon Esbat on Saturday, November 23rd with a party hour will start at 6:00 PM CST with the Circle being cast at 7:00 PM CST. If you are not and student and/or member of Coven Life’s Coven please leave a comment if you would like to attend as this is an invitation only Esbat event to imitate our Elders and new coven members.

Now back to our wonderful November full Moon to celebrate we are going to do another drum along with a song. All you need is one white candle any size will do, the larger it is the more times you can use it to honor the Moon Goddess name you chose make sure to inscribe the name into your white candle. Below is a link containing some of the Moon Goddess’ name. Pick the one the “calls” to you”, in other words the one name you think,”That’s it!”

id you know there are also Gods or male names used for the Moon? It has been so long since I used one of them I had forgotten that some Gods are all associated with the Moon. So as many pagan traditions use duality and balance as part of their traditions I thought it would be a good idea to include some of the God names in case anyone wants to use one or more while celebrating tonight’s Full Moon. For this you will need a separate white candle again the size is your choice, the larger it is the more times you can light it to honor the Moon you have chosen, be sure to inscribe his name into the white candle for him. Same as with the Moon Goddess you will find different names for the Moon God. Again pick the one that calls to you.

You should decide for yourself if you are more comfortable working and dancing with a Goddess, God, or both and even if you want 2 or more of each. The most important thing for you to do in any solitary ritual is to do what feels right for you.

You will need something to use as a drum or clapping your hands or however you feel you should keep with the rhythm of the song. The song I picked for this full Moon is The Earth is Our Mother (Ancient Chant)

Play the song from YouTube on whatever you want to. I suggest casting a circle before you begin listening to the music and drumming even possibly singing along with the chat. As the song is about Mother Earth you should consider grounding all the energy raised as you listen, drum, and maybe sing to Mother Earth for her to use however she needs to.

Always remember to thank whatever Goddess or God you call upon to enter your circle. Open/Close your circle. Than write about in your Book of Shadows the ritual what God or Goddess or both that you called upon, then name of the song, what you used to keep rhythm with to the song, whether you dance or sang or both and how you felt during after the ritual, how you cast you circle and open/closed it. This way you can look back at it if you want to do something like this again. I suggest you write in your Book of Shadows about any magikcal workings you do whether it is alone or a lesson for which ever level course you are on or with the coven. If you choose to share how your ritual went please write about in the comment section for the post. Thank you.