Ceremony-Gathering- Ceremony Honoring the Great Goddess energy Selene on the Blue moon eclipse in Leo January 31, 2018

The gathering was written by Hypatia Alexandria. She will also be leading the gathering. Continue reading “Ceremony-Gathering- Ceremony Honoring the Great Goddess energy Selene on the Blue moon eclipse in Leo January 31, 2018”


Where I Fear to Tread: Angels and Witchcraft?

I’ve always avoided angels. It seems I can’t anymore. In this post, I discuss angels, ascension, and Hekate. There’s also a ritual to welcome angelic help.

I’m currently dealing with an unwanted suitor. You see, for the second time in my life, an angel seems to want to become my spirit guide. The problem is that I don’t much care for heavenly beings. I actually fear them if I’m being honest. As a daughter of The Dark Mother, I prefer the familiar underworld creatures. I brought this on myself by declaring that my dark days were over and welcoming Hekate Soteira into my life on the winter solstice. This version of Hekate as Savior also happens to be the Mother of Angels, so it’s not surprising that this is happening. Since I’m committed to going where I fear to tread, I decided to perform a ritual to welcome my angel guide into my life. But I still have many questions about angels and witchcraft.


To Curse Or Not to Curse?

In our lovely Kitchen Witch facebook group last week a question was raised about cursing and it was interesting to see the type of responses.  They ranged from ‘go for it, you have a right to protect your ass’. To a person reporting the post and leaving the group because we even discussed curses.  It is obviously a very emotional subject.

I am not Wiccan and as such don’t necessarily follow the rede although I do believe the ‘do what you will, but harm none’ is an excellent guideline.   I remember a discussion within a Wiccan coven about the rede and the actual meaning. The general consensus was that although you wouldn’t throw curses and hexes about you would be entitled to protect yourself and those you love from harm.




Get Ready, Witch: Conjuring Up Lasting Change in the New Year

As witches we often use spells to manifest the changes we want to make. Too often these spells focus on a desired outcome rather than on conjuring the necessary skills required to bring about change. A vital part of effective witchcraft is focusing on personal development that will lead us to the goal. Simply doing a spell without doing the work to prepare for the outcome just doesn’t cut it. We need to step back from wishful spell casting. Witchcraft is a lot of work. If you want to manifest changes in 2018, you’ve got to examine all the requirements. You’ve got to get ready.



Southern Hemisphere Beltane October 31st

Most Pagans coincide with the seasons.  While October the 31st is Samhain in the Northern hemisphere, it is time to celebrate the coming of summer and the Great Rite here in the Southern Hemisphere. Feasting and celebrations give opening to this wonderful festival of fertility. Our spring carnival (Melbourne Cup) held on the first Tuesday of November showcases some of the most beautiful rose gardens that Melbourne has to offer.

Below is a link of the Pagan Festivals and their locations held Australia wide for those interested.



Another link below identifies the Southern Hemisphere dates.



In the beginning it all seemed a little confusing, however as I become more and more in tune to the rhythms of Mother Nature I allowed myself to listen while she spoke to me. Now I  wait and listen for her call. She will let me know when and where. There is only one rule and that is her rule, as without this rhythm that she has gifted us, all would cease to exist.

Blessings to the Earth Mother, The Great Goddess of Fertility and the union that she has with The God, as without either we would be nothing.

Many Blessings to all


Let’s honor our ancestors.

The Festival of the Dead or Feast of Ancestors is held in many cultures around the world. For centuries people globally have been honoring their ancestors. The reverent devotion expressed by their deceased forbears through a culturally prescribed set of rules and observances.  From Japan, China, Korea to Nepal, Peru, Mexico, India, Scotland, Ireland and Cambodia are to name just a few.

The ancient Greeks, Romans, Persians, the Pacific and Tongan Islands, Africa and Native America till this day continue to recognize the honoring. These religious traditions have remained steadfast and are usually practiced among cultures who have strong ancestral reverence.

I take this time of the year to remember all the people in my life gone. I build a little remembrance alter, give them an offering, light a candle and allow myself to slip between the veil.

Happy all Hallows Eve.

A link with an insight on how people around the world celebrate their ancestors.



Hypatia Of Alexandrea

Another type of Ancestor

The Murder of- Hypatia of Alexandrea.

The story of Hypatia of Alexandrea is only but augmented in the plethora of accounts recorded towards the accusations of women in history for beguiling through satanic wiles. She clearly set the rhythm of what was to follow as the genocide of innocent men, women, children and animals in the thousands. Wide spread mass hysteria targeted these innocent that were supposedly an organized threat to Christendom in the 16th to 18th Centuries.

Hypatia was born in the grand and epistemological city of Alexandrea in Egypt dating 370-415AD. The daughter of Theon the Greek a philosopher and mathematician. Hypatia gained respect in her own right as an astronomer, Pagan philosopher in Neoplatonism, mathematician and civil leader who encouraged logical and mathematical studies. She invented and perfected astronomical calculating instruments that are still used today.

Her story begins with the familiar condemnations conducted by the hypocrisy of the Christian Church and their Fathers. Accusing this beautiful intelligent woman of sorcery. Dragging her into the streets of Alexandrea. The Christian mobs in their hysteria, stripped her naked, took oyster shells and scraped her skin to the bone. While she was barely alive she was then set alight. They commenced to scatter her remains in the streets of Alexandrea as a warning to others (Women). All this because she was a beautiful intelligent woman or in the eyes of the Church a Witch.

The link below explains her story in more detail.



The link to the movie



Written By Hypatia Of Alexandrea