Magickal tools and your spiritual journey

Written for Coven Life

On: 9/04/2018

By: Hypatia Of Alexandrea


pythia delphi


Lesson 3

Lessons 1 and 2 in the previous posts covered making tools with sacred wood that included wands and runes. It often takes time to prepare such tools in order for one to imbue their magical energies though the object. At times the object will change as the practitioner progresses through their spiritual journey. Remember that nothing is static, where there is energy there is movement, vibration and frequency, this includes all inanimate objects as well.

Lesson 3 will introduce one of the many methods of scrying, divining.

Scrying tools are used to develop ones clairvoyance skills. It assists one to see the past in order to understand the present and give some kind of direction for mastering the future.

Scrying requires concentration and of course an object to focus your mind.

Before you prepare your tool for scrying you may like to make your own scrying incense. Setting the mood by stimulating your senses that also includes your olfactory is important. This all helps to stimulate the penal gland or 3rd eye in order to reach a state of focus, trance or meditation call it what you will.


Scrying incense:

1 part Mugwort

1 part Wormwood


You may even wish to make your own bowl and decorate the bowl with motifs and symbols that correlate to your own belief system. Let your creativity run wild. Just remember that every step of creating whether it is the bowl the incense or the scrying liquid to imbued your own personal energy in it. Take your time in choosing and making your item and allow yourself to connect what it is that you are creating!!


In the next step we will be making the divining liquid.

This should be made during the full moon to give time for the liquid to infuse sufficiently to be used in the 1st quarter.

Please use the reference of the ephemeris of the moon as a guide.


Moon phases for all magical use is important. Please take the time to learn the energies that she gives. A simple and wonderful book to have on hand is “Mansions of the Moon for the Green Witch”. I’ll write a little book review of this at a later stage.


During the Full Moon-

You will need:

Dried herbs that include rose petals, jasmine and hyssop.

Sea salt

A medium clear bottle or jar


Small bowl (not scrying bowl)



In the small bowl mix the herbs

Add 1 part herb mix to 4 parts water

Stir 3 table spoons of sea salt

Pour the mixture into a jar, cover, in a sunny spot.


Leave it as undisturbed as both the moon and the sunrays energy are hitting it until the last quarter.

During the Last quarter-

During the time of the last quarter, strain the herbs and store the liquid in a jar until ready for use in the 1st quarter.

Effectively just remember the most powerful time to divine is Seven Days after the New Moon which is the first quarter!!!!!


During the First Quarter-

This is the time you use the liquid. It is seven days after the new moon which falls on the first quarter of the moon. I know it doesn’t give you much window to divine, however this is just a guide that has been used by the oracle in ancient times.

Create your mood, place your mind in a space of divining. Use your imagination, wear your favorite gown, jewellery, anoint yourself with your favorite essential oil, jasmine is mine. Divining is a scared time, don’t just use it Willie Nillie.


Who or what is assisting you with allowing you to see and giving you the messages.

Accessing beyond the veil needs preparation, such as placing protection around you, ensuring your mind and surroundings are cleared of clutter and most importantly just like anything become familiar what energy it is that you are drawing this from! Are you calling in the elements, the Gods and Goddesses, other earth spirits, Totems, ancestors, spirits beyond this earth or simply Mother Earth her self?


Remember that the energy around you is something that you allow in, nothing comes if it is not called or conjured! If you are not familiar with personal protection, please do a quick Coven Life or general web search on such methods and choose what you resonate with.

Yes, this does all sound time consuming, however everything has a time and place. Learning timing and patience is part of understanding your magical practice. Revering the seasons and following the earth’s rhythms is essential for any spiritual practice and finally learning to protect yourself even if it is just using divination.

Once again use your intuition and allow yourself to connect as you please. There is no right or wrong. You choose as you please and what makes you most comfortable!

The timing of this suggested method of scrying was taken from an academic extract called “Portrait of a Priestess” by Connelly, that described actual events and practices of the ancient priests and priestess in antiquity namely in the temple of Delphi used by the Pythia.  A wonderful academic read, well researched and accredited throughout the epistemological arena it offers an insight of how humans throughout history have moved with the earth’s rhythms.

Entrench yourself in the energy and see what you yourself discover. You may even find a better method that suits you. Just remember to be in the flow of that energy around you. Learn how to navigate the sky, read the seasons and feel the pulse of the earth and her energy meridians. This is how humanity has always done and will continue to do it. Why? BECAUSE IT WORKS!



The Witches library



Witch medicine is wild medicine. It does more than make one healthy, it creates lust and knowledge, ecstasy and mythological insight. In Witchcraft Medicine the authors take the reader on a journey that examines the women who mix the potions and become the healers; the legacy of Hecate; the demonization of nature’s healing powers and sensuousness; the sorceress as shaman; and the plants associated with witches and devils. They explore important seasonal festivals and the plants associated with them, such as wolf’s claw and calendula as herbs of the solstice and alder as an herb of the time of the dead–Samhain or Halloween. They also look at the history of forbidden medicine from the Inquisition to current drug laws, with an eye toward how the sacred plants of our forebears can be used once again.

Really loved this book and would recommend it anyone, from novice to long time established practitioners. Happy reading and blessings.

Magickal Tools and Your Spiritual Journey


Written for Coven Life

on 30/3/2018

By Hypatia Of Alexandrea


Let’s start off this magical tool journey with understanding how to concentrate our tools.

Lesson One

Consecration of magical tools

As magical and spiritual practitioners we acquire certain tools in order to assist us throughout our spiritual practice. These can be in the form of physical tools such as wands, besom’s, staff’s and cauldrons, or mental tools that can involve white light, spirit guides in the forms of animals, beings from other worlds, plants and so on. These tools are to be kept separate from your other everyday objects, such as not keeping your Athame in the same place as your other knives where others or even you accidently use it for other than magical and spiritual purposes. If a tool has been used for mundane purposes, then it will be of no use in the magical world. It would have to be ideally replaced or thoroughly cleaned and rededicated at the least.

Consecration and dedication is not only an important aspect of the self, but that of your magical tools and space. It consists of preparation, purification and presentation of your chosen objects. This creates the right vibration. Such procedures involve soaking tools overnight in salt water or by standing them on a moon it alter. If salt soaking will damage the tool than do the latter. Visualization is another, using other power objects such as oils, incense and crystals, using prayers, drawing down the moon, creating sacred space for the object to sit in for the full cycle of the moon, burying the object in the earth, anointing with consecrated candle wax and of course the list goes on. Your imagination is your only limit. Another way is first presenting them to the 4 quarters and then to the Goddess and God.

Sometimes the simplest methods work the best, for instance


  • Hold the object in you power hand allowing to pass energy into the object.
  • Make an effort to establish a link with it allowing the energy to flow back towards you.
  • When this stage feels complete allow the energy of your ultimate power (whatever you may feel this is) to flow back into the object.
  • Perceive as self as being a medium or channel for that Ultimate power.
  • Know that every time you pick up that tool that you will feel that surge running through you, to the object and back into you.

Note: As the energy between you and the tool is strong, please consider carefully all that you do and ensure that it is only for the greater good!


A ritual to consecrate tools

You will need:


White candle

Small bowl of water

Small bowl of salt or earth

Your chosen tool


Cast your circle

Ask for blessing on the articles representing the quarters

Place your symbols in the appropriate directions (for instance fire in the south)


Pick up the object to be consecrated

Consecrate on the goals you want to achieve and the actions that you want to carry


Before you wondering spirits,

I bring this (name tool)

May its benefits be devoted to the work of the Lady and the Lord.


Light the incense and waft the object through the incense smoke.


By force of air, be purified

Be devoted to clarity

May all aspirations be realized for the greater good of all.


Over the candle pass the instrument over the flicker of the flame


By the power of the dancing light, be purified.

Be devoted to longing.

May all aspirations be realized for the greater good for all.


Take the implement and bring to the earth and salt and say.


By the power of earth and dust be purified.

May all aspirations be realized for the greater good for all.

So mote it be!

Lesson 2 will consist of ideas on how to be creative in making your magical tools.


Lesson Two

Making magical tools

Your imagination here is your only limit. This is where your creativity and spirituality meet. Allow yourself to merge with spirit and the tool you require will come through that. Sometimes its finding a piece of drift wood while walking and contemplating on the beach, or a stone or pebble that calls out to you during a forest walk, even a feather that happens to be in your walking path where ever you may be. Finding your magical tools in nature can be very invigorating and exciting. Other times it’s walking into a local crystal shop and picking up a stone that is speaking to you. Others use Tarot cards as their magical tool, some even make their own tarot. Just remember whether you find it on the beach, in a shop or you have made it with your own hands, concentration of the object is essential in order to use it as a magical, energy and spiritual tool for the greater good.

We accumulate these tools that are there to assist in our spiritual path. They should appear to us at the time we need them, they will often call out over and over again. Sometimes we collect sticks and stones without even knowing their purpose, and then, Bam…… a set of runes and a wand is made. Well along those lines anyway.

In this lesson I will be giving some ideas on what materials to use and how to make them and other magical tools. Remember that each and every person connects to their wand on a different and of course personal level, if you chose to have one that is.

You’re Wand:

This tool should be made to be portable or just to be placed on your scared alter of your choice. For those who prefer to make their own, working with the energies of nature is very powerful and beneficial. It could be out of wood or crystal or both and include a variety of natural materials. Remember to keep the materials that the wand will be made from as natural as possible, even the glue, such as a natural resin to stick what is needed on your wand.

I myself love any type of wood, depending on what I need it for.

  • Drift wood- Connecting to the power of the earth and the sea.
  • Apple wood- Working with Faerie magick
  • Ash wood- Communication on all levels
  • Alder wood- Spiritual self-development
  • Basswood-Star magick
  • Beech wood- Divination
  • Birch wood- Expel evil
  • Cedar wood- Protection and preservation
  • Cherry wood- Healing and love magick
  • Elder wood- Faerie magick and the healing arts
  • Elm wood- Fertility and re-birth
  • Hawthorn wood- Psychic protection
  • Hazel wood- Magick spells for wisdom
  • Hickory wood- Direction and abundance
  • Ivy wood- Determination and strength
  • Maple wood- knowledge
  • Oak wood- Protection
  • Vine wood- Spiritual intuition
  • Black wall nut wood- Magickal teleportation

These are just some examples. To read further and decide which one suits you follow this link

Or you could be drawn to a local wood within your region. Sometimes it’s just a matter of the wood calling out to you. When you find out what type of wood it is,  you can then connect why it has chosen you. Sometimes this takes a while. Learn to be patient and they will appear to you when you need them.


Don’t just take, please ask for permission from the Great Mother. Do a little ceremony if you have to. Don’t just go and randomly cut of a piece of wood without asking the plant or tree spirits. In some cases such as the Elder Wood- “The Elder is the Lady’s tree, cut Her down and Cursed ye shall be”. Respect, gratitude and reverence will only help you acquire the correct spiritual tools. Ensure they are taken ethically and with permission, always!

These sacred woods could be used to make other magical tools such as a set of your own runes.

When you are ready you will know what you need to do. Sanding, cutting, trimming, engraving, wood burning and more. These are all techniques that will be used to shape, construct and energize your tool. Choose the symbols that call out to you, meditate, ask for assistance from your Goddess and God, your higher self, your Familiars, your Spirit Guides, Nature, or whatever it is that you would be drawing the energy from and to, for the greater good of course.

While making the object, ensure you are in a scared space. This could be done by simply placing a veil of portable protection over you. Use only pure intention, be out in nature, at home with incense burning and music. Allow yourself while making the tool a space where it can speak to you. You may have a certain design with certain symbols before you start and through the spiritual process of construction it may change to something completely different. Just remember to take your time. The more you connect with your spiritual tool and become one, the more it will assist you on your spiritual and magical journey.

Here are some examples of my own spiritual experience just to get you started and remember this is your own personal journey. The more personalized it is the more it will mean to you and the more power it will be charged with!

Choosing your material to make your tool.

Below is a piece of drift wood, when I cut it I found nature’s own pentagram within.



A piece of Birch drift wood that I literally nearly tripped over on the beach.



Magical tools taking shape by charging them with sacred symbols.



Final product,


A set of runes



A magical wand with one of my long-time favorite Brazilian quartz crystals attached (with natural resin) that finally found its home.



Setting up sacred space to concentrate the tools.

I also spent a great deal of time in this circle constructing them.


And remember this is your personal spiritual journey so make it POWERFUL!!

Use your Imagination and Off You Go!!

If it’s Magick you want, than its Magick you’ll get, all 3 shades of it!

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25 March 2018

Written By Hypatia Of Alexandrea

For Coven life


A broad discussion among a gathering got me thinking………

What do you think about Grey Magick? Its only white magic I follow and there is no way I would conform with Satanism, well along those lines anyway.

I believe as Wise ones it is important that we are versed in our history of humanity, in its belief systems, religious and other practices. So this article is mainly to clarify within myself and for those who question their path that……..

” there is no evil magick, only evil in the hearts of Man”- Merlin-

In other words if you have a dark heart you will practice malice not only in your ordinary walking and waking life but in that of your magickal world. Unfortunately maleficence is part of our human structure, luckily enough so is beneficence in equal doses.

As human beings throughout time we have created tools to help us cope, to deal with our daily and of course human existence, Magick is one such tool. If defining the different shades of magick in order to keep on the beneficent path is what it takes then here it goes……….

White magick: This is the type of magick that is performed usually under the permission of the receiver and is done to help or assist, to heal or to make better. This is the type of magic that comes from the pure heart space. This is a place of pure light, pure love and the only type of essence that comes from divine, the same divine that is in all human beings. Remembering that Magick is a tool to obtain the means, you could say just like money. Why do people call money evil when we know well enough that its people not money that create that evil.

Grey Magick: This is Magick that is for beneficence, however it is not done with the permission or understanding of the recipient. Permission is the first rule in White Magick, therefore is doing good without permission considered evil? It’s just like praying for those in need. They don’t ask for it, but you are still giving them a prayer for healing and well being. After all who wouldn’t want that?

The next area is an area where not many dare to treat and only those of the darkest hearts are drawn to. Or are they?

Black Magick: This is the type of Magick that is practiced with an intent other than to help the receiver, regardless of their understanding and permission, such an example could be a binding spell from someone that is doing you gross physical harm such as in the case of abuse. It’s not necessary evil magick, so does this make it Grey? Not quite. If there is malice and one sets out to do harm whether it is in a court of law or over your bubbling cauldron in your Hearth than you have a dark heart.

As a child I was always taught to be careful how I weave my thoughts. Clearly I was forewarned against using any type of dark magic. I soon came to realize there is no black or dark Magick, there is however dark people with dark thoughts that manifest into jealousy, envy, hate, competitiveness and the long list of human emotions goes on.

In Greece, throughout its history, the Mediterranean and Sematic regions we have what we call the Evil Eye to counteract all the bad thoughts or Dark Magick that others subconsciously put on others.

If we stay in the light we are not practicing Dark Magick, if we live in darkness that can manifest into disease of yourself and others, than we are living in Dark Magick. Have I ever practiced Dark Magick? The answer is NO. Have I at times felt envy, jealousy and competitiveness the answer is YES. The difference is that I choose to live in the light and as soon as I feel those emotions I move on quickly, without malice or vengeance.

A quick note, in most if not all cultures it is important to be versed in Dark Magick for the reason is simple, you need to be familiar with what you are counteracting. If you have never seen it before or dealt with it how are you supposed to fight IT? So learning Dark Magick can be important, using it to your advantage is tragic and of course unethical, familiarizing yourself to counteract is a logical and wise choice, in ancient Greece this was called cunning wisdom, we even had a Goddess named after this belief system. What separates the Dark from the light Path, only one word can summon that and that is CONTROL!

When versed in history one begins to understand that definitions of any types of magic practiced was and still is called Black Magick, a label placed by the Christian forefathers.

Magick however played an integral role in ancient civilized societies. People used Magick to gain health, love, ward of robbers, plagues, illness, wealth and the list of human wants, needs and desires goes on. You name the desire, need and want and there was a spell for it and even a God attached. In the same instance dark people also used magick to their advantage and for harm, unethical gains and forbidden desires. Soon after the Christian revolution it was forbidden to perform magic that was usually worked alongside the Gods and astrological ephemeris. The word Magick was replaced with miracle and of course it was performed by one God and many saints.

In fact most magical texts were written by the Christians themselves, their fascination of their own forefather’s interests in the unknown, the forbidden the untouchable had them intrigued.

Just as there will always be people with light in their hearts, in the same breath there will always be people with darkness. We are all capable of seeing the light, this is what we were made for, however never underestimate human emotions, and this is what they focused on in ancient times.

It was important in ancient civilized cultures and even with the Christian Fathers, that being versed in the darkness of the human heart was a way of warding off evil. I’m not saying to practice what is called black magick, but it is important to become familiar in order to counteract. If you don’t understand it how can you counteract it?

Just remember when it comes to magickal workings, or whatever you would like to refer them to it is important to remember 3 little words, Permission, Intent and Understanding as without these 3 words we have no power in the light.

Call a Witch a Satanist and she will have your head!

Another Grey area that I would like to address is Satanism and Lucifer.

What is it? And why are we so fearful of being labeled one?  Is it because we don’t understand it? Or is it because its meaning has been eschewed throughout human history? And finally why do most people feel that it is pure evil, dark and sinister?

Well here it goes…..

Satanism is an umbrella term of collective faiths. It is not just one religion.

For instance the founder of the Church of Satanism back in the 1960’s Le Vay created the philosophy that “You are your own God”.  This is where your destiny is in your own hands not those of the Gods, so effectively this makes these types of Satanists Atheists. They blend creative expression and self-criticism to reject the western moral laws. They share a magickal interest usually played out as a psychodrama or mystical event, sharing a mystical pursuit to those who live according to a set of religious tenets. Now does that sound a little familiar? In some of the aspects  we could be talking anything from a Masonic, Wicca or Christian Gathering.  Christian you say? Well if you are familiar with the ecclesiastical rituals of the Christian and other Churches there would be not a doubt in your mind of the similarities, the revolutions started throughout history in the name of religion should also be considered here.

While some Satanists believe in supernatural beings and even worship Satan, they see their relationship with it as more of a partnership rather than a mastery of a God over a subject.

Again just like in any faith of the Human race there is good and there is evil, and there is no doubt that darkness is in this faith too. However remember that Satan as we know him today is a Christian scare propaganda. Lucifer- actually translating “as morning star and light bearer”, some connect it to the planet Venus, and dare I say that some actually connect the “morning star” as the star of Bethlehem. A quick credible internet search will attest to that.

Once again it is important to take autonomy, do your research carefully and understand not what is thrown in our face but what actually is. This belief system is not for everyone, that includes practices such as self-centeredness, self-indulgence, self-belief and defensiveness, however these are merely a reflection of every day human emotions that make our genetic being. Most Satanists are involved in community activism and expression of individual freedom. They lead everyday lives, wear every day clothes and work in every day jobs, well most of them anyway. Below is a link, one of many describing the views of a Satanist.


And remember the Wiccan Rede, “And harm none, do as you will”.  Work from your heart space at all times and try not to label or allowed to be labelled. You are here to serve the greater good that is the way of the Goddess, the God or whatever other beneficent being you believe in.


The different Shades are not in Magick itself but in Human beings, never forget that!

Blessing to all.

Pantheon- People never really stopped believing.

March 24th 2018

Written By Hypatia Of Alexandrea for Coven Life


I started to think back to when I first started observing the different Gods and Goddesses in their glory. Coming from a Christian religion and believing that there was only one God it was difficult for me to truly grasp the Many.

Slowly converting from the monotheistic strict religious guidelines I come to realize that the One was once Many. In other words before monotheism came along there was of course many God’s observed, especially by the very creators of the now dominant monotheistic religions.

The Gods of the Pantheons became rolled into one and most others were given the titles of angels and saints. This is evident in the Orthodox Christian religion where some Gods and Goddesses have the title of saints such as Athena, Apollo, Aphrodite, Artemis and the list goes on!

These Gods never ceased to be observed, they were merely converted into saints and most of the time celebrated accordingly to their healing qualities that are connected to their ancient roots.

Being a practitioner of health I of course am drawn to the healing powers of the God’s. In ancient times entire temples were built where people would flock in dedication to be healed by the God’s of health. Even such greats as Hippocrates the father of Medicine adorned these temples.

On the 27th of March, the 147th day of  the new year one of such Gods is celebrated and Her name was Hygeia.


She was the Goddess of healing powers and medicine. The health bringer, the preserver of humanity from sickness and protecting all those from dangers on land and sea. This is where the very word hygiene was taken from. Along with Her father, Their temples were spruced along the Mediterranean helping those in need. Her father was Asclepius and her siblings were Goddesses also connected to health and well-being. Her symbol just like her father is the serpent. In ancient times the serpent was considered the healer sent from the God’s themselves. It was not until later that monotheistic religions turned the serpent into the villain.



Interestingly in medicine the serpent is still used as a symbol of medicine!


Hygeia’s bowl with the serpent used in pharmacology today.



Her Fathers Rod, The Rod of Asclepius used as a symbol of medicine today.

These Gods have been ingrained into the modern Orthodox Christians DNA, and as you can see above also into our western modern day life. Somehow throughout history clearly the people of the Pantheon were not willing to let go so easily and found ways to weave their God’s into their currant way of life. For instance if you are familiar with the Greek Greeting of Yiasou, or (Γειά σου) stin Igia sou, all that translates to is, “ To your Health or , Hygeia”, as the very Goddesses name now days actually still translates as health or hygiene. So Modern Greek Orthodox are still hailing to the Goddess Hygeia unawares, so much so they have Her in their greetings, in their departures and of course in salutations to their actual health. Western society revers these God’s enough to have them as their symbol.

I myself take great interest in observing the religions and cultures of the world. I not only observe and call upon my ancestral God’s but those that I connect with in my soul. Throughout history one God gets converted into the next, same God’s different names, cultures and times. There is no one more right or wrong, however it is important to recognize rather than deny. Denying and insisting that only you’re God or God’s exist is mere ignorance of the structure of creation. Recognize where our faith, our belief systems and our structures originated from.  Traveling the world you see time and time again the similarities of religious observations throughout all different cultures. Learning to embrace all of humanity together with your own religious path is true spirituality, this is the path of an enlightened healer for the self and others. As a witch, a healer, a sage, a shaman call it what you will you are the Earth keeper, the Keeper and guardian of all that is dear to Her. Respect all that she has granted to humanity, breath her in with utmost gratitude, she is your healer, your Hygeia or call her what you may, she who comes by many names and is still the same and the One.

Happy healing and Γειά σου!

Blessings to you and yours

Readings to inspire the Witch Within



Outstanding! Though many who are in search of a “how to witchcraft” instructional manual may have a hardtime grasping the importance & relevancy of the actual historical research which went into each topic. Also, there are insightful inferences made between witchcraft origins relating to many different “religions”. If you want an intelligent read which will answer so many questions why modern witches do xxx<— (fill in the blank), then this is a book for you. Otherwise I recommend Wicca or Witchcraft for Dummies which actually are wonderful books for the novice or magical dabbler.

Happy reading and blessings


N.H Ostara / S.H Mabon- Gathering on 20th, March 2018. Circle starts at 7:15 PM CT SHARP.

Our Ostara/ Mabon gathering was written by Hypatia who will be leading this gathering.

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

At 6.45 PM CT

Circle starts at 7:15 PM CT SHARP.

30 minutes will be allocated for a chance to talk to our Brothers and Sisters. Please do not enter the chat room once the circle has started. Thank you!



Coven Life’s Chatroom



Preparation for the Northern hemisphere- Ostara:

We are going to be painting eggs…….


  • As this is a time for a clean start– consider taking a bath or a shower with your favorite essential oil or other aromatics. You could also infuse fresh herbs like a tea or use your favorite soap. If a whole body wash is not possible please just wash your hands, face or even just change into clean clothes. What will encourage your new growth?


  • Hard-boiled egg for decorating. You could do more than one if you like. No more than 3, mainly for time purposes. If allergic please refer to suggestions below.


  • Permanent marker pens or small stickers to decorate the eggs. Practice your patters beforehand if you wish, it might make it easier and quicker on the day. Keep it simple, not to thick or elaborate as we will be cracking and eating the egg.


  • If you have an egg allergy than please use gloves when handling the egg, crack the egg and place in the nest. You could place it in the earth or just give to a loved one that doesn’t have an egg allergy to consume.


  • Freshly picked flowers or herbs to place on you alter.


  • Green and Yellow candle. If you don’t have these colours please just use what is on hand. It is the spirit of the Goddess and the God created by the light that we will be using as inspiration.


  • A little bowl, egg holder or just a little nest made from cotton wool to hold you egg once finished. Be as creative as you wish. Egg baskets are also great.


  • A glass of water to help with the feasting.


Simple flower or leaf motifs will do. Anything that inspires the artist within and brings images of fresh beginnings. Remember to keep it simple as we will be cracking and eat the egg (avoid eating and handling without gloves if allergic, please see above suggestions). In this case please have a glass of whatever beverage you prefer and a piece of simple whole grain bread to feast on. If you have another preference than please do so. Your health is in your hands.

Here are some examples below.

It doesn’t have to be drawn all over the egg.


If you choose to do a Goddess symbols than please do. This is a time for you to connect with the Goddess, the Earth Mother and all the possibilities that she brings.

Simple spirals will even do.



You may even have your own symbol that brings forth the Great Goddess called by Persephone, Brigid, and Eostre.

Preparation for the Southern hemisphere- Mabon:

We are going to be preparing a feast………..


  • As this is the time of the fruit harvest we will be using an apple to represent the cornucopia of life.


  • Green and red candle. If you don’t have these colors please just use what is on hand. It is the spirit of the Goddess and the God created by the light that we will be using as inspiration.


  • A knife to cut your apple, horizontal across the middle to reveal the pentagram within. You can even practice this beforehand if you wish. (Please be careful not to cut yourself, your safety is in your hands).


  • A platter for offering and cutting board to cut your apple and other fruits.

Example below.


  • A bowl filled with fresh seasonal fruits such as apples, pears and seasonal berries and even dried nuts, depending on their availability, your imagination and of course you budget. Whatever you can get your hands on. Remember it’s your feast dedication to the Great Goddess and God! The remainder of the fruit and nuts could be shared with family, friends or even acquaintances after the ceremony.


  • Apple cider or just a glass of water will do.



Don’t forget:

  • Athame’ or wand
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Bell

Candles for the God and Goddess the colors specified above, otherwise any color available (don’t forget you candle holders if needed). , use matches (with safety) or you could use a single pillar candle that you have blessed, anointed and inscribed. You use this to light your God and Goddess candles. The choice is yours as it is in the intention.

  • If you prefer an alter cloth
  • If you prefer a statue pf you Idol/ s

Remember to keep it simple. If you wish to add more depending on you practice and worship than please do so. Just remember to add each magical item in reverence.


So let’s begin:

Ostara is the beginning of spring, the season for new beginnings and the renewal of life through planting. This is the time we can now plant seeds and nurture them throughout the coming months to bare their fruit. What is it that you would like to plant in your life? What are you willing to nurture throughout the growing season? For this ritual as this season is also a time for re-birth, new life and fertility we will be concentrating on the symbology of the egg. The ritual will be dedicated to the Great Goddess, Persephone, Brigid, and Eostre.


Mabon is the second of 3 harvest festivals celebrating the equinox and the harvest of apples. On the day of the equinox, day and night is of equal length. For the next 6 months the nights will be longer than the days.  This is such a great time of abundance. All the hard work that it takes to collect the harvest, it is now a time to rest, reap what you have sown and take the time to look at you hopes and aspirations and reflect how they have manifested. Most importantly spend it with the people you love. This is a time of giving, sharing and loving.

Think of the dark and light as the feminine and the masculine. The Goddess and the God resorting your outer and inner balance.



So let’s begin our Ostara/ Mabon Ritual

Hypatia Casting the circle-

To the Guardians of the East:

I call you into our Watchtowers to protect us.


To the Guardians of the South:

I call you into our Watchtowers to protect us.


To the Guardians of the West:

I call you into our Watchtowers to protect us.


To the Guardians of the North:

I call you into our Watchtowers to protect us.


I cast this circle three times three with the assistance of the Great Mother and the Great God.

I call Upon the Guardians of spirit to protect us from above and below. As is above so is below, as is below so is above. May the power of The Great God and The great Goddess join us within this circle now, to protect us and to work with us and allow us to see beyond the veil.


Protect us Great Mother and Great God for all gathered here and those afar who are unable to be with us. Allow no negative energy to touch us, to harm us and that nothing we call upon will harm us and others. We come together in perfect love and perfect trust.



Hypatia – Merry meet brothers and sisters and honored guests.


Everyone – Respond Merry Greet. Please tell us your first name and state or country you are from.



Please ALL light your candles



Ostara in the N.H-

Now say-

“Hallowed be the Goddess, Our Mother and provider. The bleak winter storms leaving life to flourish outward. It peeps out quietly, refreshed by the God and Goddess’s power. We feel you. We thank you for all your gifts. “


Mabon in the S.H-

Now say-

Manannan son of Lir, Ruler of the Other world, You who gave the Silver Branch and the Golden Cup to King Cormac, I ask your blessings on this celebration of harvest.  May it sustain me through the coming winter.  Manannan, please accept this offering of food and drink, given in hospitality and in love.”



Ostara in the N.H-

Now do-

Concentrate on the beautiful flowers you have picked, smell, and touch and appreciate this glorious gift from the Great Mother and Father. Take your hardboiled egg in your hands, feel its contours and acknowledge the gift and nourishment that it holds.

Understand that this is a time of regeneration and transformation. This is a time of re-birth and new beginnings. Visualize the creation of all and everything from a single seed a single egg.


Mabon in the S.H-

Now do-

Pick up the apple and hold it in both hands.  Feel its smoothness.  See its colour.  Smell its fragrance.

Think about where the apple came from.  Not where you bought it, but where it grew from bud to fruit:  a particular tree in a particular orchard in a particular location.  Can you see it?  Can you feel it?

Visualize the growth of the apple from bud to flower to tiny apple to large apple, compressing the months from spring to autumn into a few moments.  Meditate on its growth, and what that growth means to you.


Ostara in the N.H-

Now say-

“May we carry within us a total understanding of all living creatures, both great and small. Mother Goddess, father God, and show us how to worship the earth and all it holds.”


Mabon in the S.H

Now say-

“Lord of the Sun that rides the westerly wild wind. As the seeds flourish and the fall into the waiting earth. I know this to be a time of equals allowing natures scales to come into balance. As the dark winter shadows reveal the wheel-a-turning it unveils life’s glory through a deathly silence.

O Great Goddess, watcher of sacred magic and long gone myths, show me the way to great wisdom. Show me the way Great Goddess!”


Ostara in the N.H-

Now do-

Now prepare your tools to decorate.

As you decorate your eggs meditate on creation, on rebirth and the wonder of life.

Appreciate and acknowledge that this is the place where everything starts from.

Be spontaneous and draw whatever mandala comes to your mind or something that you have already chosen.

Allow yourself to enjoy the energy of creation.

Visualize what you would like to bring into your life.

What you would like to bring into fruition, what you would like to give birth to.

This is a time of great fertility, you hold the egg in your hand, the egg that will give life to your desires.

In your own words give thanks to the great Goddess for her gift of regeneration, rebirth and rejuvenation.

Once finished decorating your egg/s

If allergic- you can place the egg/s in your nest, bowl or holder and give to a loved one after the ceremony or bury in the ground. I will leave that up to you.

Otherwise– crack the egg on the surface, peel the egg and consume as much as you like and with every bite appreciate the gift of regeneration and rebirth. The glory of new beginnings that is gifted from the Great Mother Herself. Keep a glass of water on hand.


Mabon in the S.H-

Now do-

Place the apple on your chopping board and cut across the middle (horizontally) exposing the pentagram.

The pentagram is connected to the 5 elements. Allow yourself time to connect to water, fire, earth, air and spirit as without these we would not exist.

Breathe in the scent. Understand that the apple is a simple reminder of the healing powers of the earth and the restorative energies of the Other world’s.


Slice a portion of the apple and say-

Manannan mac Lir, please accept this offering.”
Now place in the offering platter


Slice a second portion and say-

Mighty Ancestors, please accept this offering.”

Now place in the offering platter


Slice a third portion and say-

Spirits of this place, please accept this offering.”
Now place in the offering platter


Now take a bite of the apple and allow it to nourish you. Feel how refreshing it is and how it is filling you with its nourishment.

Now prepare the rest of you platter by adding from your fruit bowl. This is a dedication to your God and Goddess. Take your time to enjoy and savior the feast that you have prepared. Drink your apple cider, water or what other beverage you have chosen.

In your own words give thanks to the great God and Goddess to this second harvest and all it has brought you.




Ostara in the N.H-

Now say-

Mother Goddess, Lady of the Waters, I thank you for your presence and your blessings. May there be peace and honor between us now and forever. Hail and farewell.”


Ancestors of blood and ancestors of spirit, I thank you for your presence and your blessings. May there be peace and honor between us now and forever. Hail and farewell.”
Spirits of the land, spirits of this place, I thank you for your presence and your blessings. May there be peace and honor between us now and forever. Hail and farewell.”
Mabon in the S.H-

Now say-

Manannan mac Lir, I thank you for your presence and your blessings. May there be peace and honour between us now and forever.  Hail and farewell. 
Ancestors of blood and ancestors of spirit, I thank you for your presence and your blessings. May there be peace and honor between us now and forever.  Hail and farewell.  
Spirits of the land, spirits of this place, I thank you for your presence and your blessings. May there be peace and honor between us now and forever.  Hail and farewell. 
And Now before closing the circle.

Lady Beltane-

I would ask that all non-members leave the circle at this time please. You are welcome to return in about 15 minutes to socialize. Thank you.

We will be introducing the newcomer Elders and this is a private initiation.



Dismiss the circle:

  • To the Guardians of the East:

I dismiss and thank you from our Watchtowers and give Gratitude for protect us.


  • To the Guardians of the South:

I dismiss and thank you from our Watchtowers and give Gratitude for protect us.


  • To the Guardians of the West:

I dismiss and thank you from our Watchtowers and give Gratitude for protect us.


  • To the Guardians of the North:

I dismiss and thank you from our Watchtowers and give Gratitude for protect us.



As you leave here tonight may the Lady and Lord bless you with all that you need and want.


I bid you Blessings and great Joy Brothers and sisters of the Craft


Thank you










Merry part until we merry meet again.

Readings to Inspire the Witch Within


Is shamanism all that different from modern witchcraft? According to Christopher Penczak, Wicca’s roots go back 20,000 years to the Stone Age shamanic traditions of tribal cultures worldwide. A fascinating exploration of the Craft’s shamanic origins, The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft offers year-and-a-day training in shamanic witchcraft.

Penczak’s third volume of witchcraft teachings corresponds to the water element – guiding the reader into this realm of emotion, reflection, and healing. The twelve formal lessons cover shamanic cosmologies, journeying, dreamwork, animal/plant/stone medicine, totems, soul retrieval, and psychic surgery. Each lesson includes exercises (using modern techniques and materials), assignments, and helpful tips. The training ends with a ritual for self-initiation into the art of the shamanic witch – culminating in an act of healing, rebirth, and transformation.

Readings to inspire the Witch within.

Non-Ordinary Reality is No Nonsense


By Hypatia Of Alexandrea

Written for Coven Life


Walking between the 2 worlds is never an easy task with one foot in each. What does that mean? Every single person whether magical or not experiences this to some extent. Some experience this in their dreams whether sleeping, lucid or just day dreaming. Others call it “Déjà vu”.

For those of you who are familiar with Castaneda’s books on Shamanism back in the 70’s, he draws from his experience of living with Shamans in the Amazons and their traditions that have been practiced for thousands of years. He delves into the world of Non- Ordinary Reality ( N.O.R)  as experienced by many spiritual practitioners before them throughout different cultures and throughout time.

N.O.R is not exclusive to one form of spiritual belief but a universal wisdom practiced for eons throughout humanity.

Ordinary reality

So let’s begin with explaining Ordinary –Reality (O.R), as without this we would not be able to live our lives on earth and grasp the true meaning of Non-Ordinary Reality (N.O.R).  O.R is a state that is obvious to the senses. This is defined as our perpetual life or living, as without this we have no life. For this reason it is essential that you master O.R and ensure that you have both feet on the ground. Grounding is essential as this gives you roots and foundation to build your spiritual practices and beliefs. This nourishes your being and allows you to expand your mind and grow to your full spiritual potential.  Every conventional and non-conventional spirituality follows this rule. Some people may choose to do it through visualizations, others prefer the direct contact with the Earth Mother and are involved directly with preserving the environment and others volunteer with humanitarian projects. Whatever way you choose just understand that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.

Non-Ordinary Reality

N.O.R allows you to see, smell, hear touch, and sense what others usually are unaware of. This opens up the universe and allows you to connect to the life-force energy all around you. This is a place where one travels to obtain information, to contact higher forms and in some practices like Shamanism to retrieve lost souls. This is a place where healing is performed whether for the self a group or for someone else. A place where we meet our power animals, crystal- stone people, and tree people, where we converse with our Familiars, where we perform Magic, where Guardians guide, protect and instruct us. It is in this state that we expand our awareness beyond our earthly duties.

This is a valuable tool to poses and practice makes perfect.  Allow yourself to feel the energy of the Earth by feeling Her Gratitude all around you. Hone your senses into your surroundings that not only include people. The Indigenous Peoples of the Americas Sioux and Lakota traditionally call on all their relations “Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ” translating as all are related. This includes other people, animals, birds, insects, trees and plants, and even rocks, rivers, mountains and valleys. This is a strong statement holding all and everything as their equal, no one or thing is greater than another. In the eyes of creation we are all equal, from an ant to a mountain, so ego for the sake of self-perpetuating is no excuse. It is thought processes like this that continue to weaken our hold in the O.R. Instead of building a healing paradise for all in O.R this mind set only creates an indistinguishable illusion from N.O.R that makes life feel like a bad dream.


How does this apply to you?

Witches like Shamans and other conventional and non- conventional religions around the world are walkers between the 2 and sometimes 3 or more worlds. We bring the Dreamtime and physical realm together. We speak to Gods and spirits on behalf of ourselves and others and allow them to speak through us. A Witch is familiar with the healing lore of natural medicine, rhythms of seasons and the ways of the plant and animal kingdom. We are familiar with the spirit of the psyche that heals the mind, body and soul. We are magicians and catalyst for transformation lurking on the fringes of society in order to gain a perspective of the true world or O.R.

To find the spiritual in the material it is essential for the Witch to have their head in the clouds and their feet firmly on the ground, otherwise the wisdom gleaned from spirit serves no earthly good. It is essential that intuition is balanced with reason, not getting too attached to either, but accepting that both are purely a way of “knowing”.

It would also be naïve not understanding that all spiritual traditions are only handed down from our predecessors, we all stand on the shoulders of giants before us. Balancing the ancient with the modern, allowing progression, accepting change and still respecting what we have inherited as a human race is a delicate balance. How you choose to apply your spiritual practice is purely up to you. Use your discretion and do only what makes you feel comfortable by remembering the Wiccan Rede An it harm none, do what ye will”.

Look at your sacred space within and decide how you choose to move between the worlds. For some it comes naturally and for others it takes a little longer. Either way just know that your N.O.R is not too far from your O.R and both reside within you, learn to find the balance. When you begin to see them as one and the same yet still have the wisdom to be able to tell the difference then this is when you begin to heal yourself, others and everything that is around and near you. You begin to gain a natural glow that people notice. By you respecting everything and everyone it will give you a vantage to experience with wisdom and gratitude the power that you hold within. You will learn to see without eyes, to walk without feet and to fly without wings, yet travel to the other ends of the earth and to worlds beyond what your O.R perceives. This is what N.O.R feels like.

Humanity is not a person, it is a collective thought process. Realizing that we are all intricately connected like the beautifully spun web of a spider to the beginning of time and before time existed, this is the coming of wisdom or enlightenment.

N.O.R is defined by no time or space, however there is still a natural order that one must abide by.  The laws of the universe apply to all and everything, this is what structures our O.R as the very energy that created us can just as easily destroy us.