Hazelnut Charm House Blessing

Here is a simple protection and good luck charm you can hang inside your home near or over the hearth, near the front door, or in your bedroom.

9 hazelnut’s threaded with twine.

After you have tied 7 knots make a loop for hanging. Take the hazelnut charm fill it with love, light and protection. Envisioning protection all around you, your loved ones, your home, or what ever or who ever you wish it to protect.

This is a wonderful charm for Samhain.

Try this on a Tuesday- the day of Mars.

A familiar chant for the Blessing:

“Smoke of air, fire and earth, cleanse and bless this home and hearth.

Drive away all harm and fear, only good may enter here.”

Make a Salt Bowl to Rid Negativity


Article by Hypatia

Written for Coven Life

19th March 2019


Salt has an increduble ability to absorb negative energy.

It has been used throughout different cultures and across time for this very purpose.

A salt bowl is a wonderful way to ensure a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Choose a Bowl

I love copper, it’s a great conductor. You can choose any natural material you like and even reserve that bowl purely for that purpose.

Choose a Salt 

I have chosen Black Sea salt from Crete and Murray River Sea salt from Australia. The choice of salt is endless.

Adding Herbs and Oils

You can add protective herbs and oils, I have chosen Juniper berrys both the berry and the oil,  rosemary, both the herb and the oil, peppercorns and cloves. Once again the choice is yours.

The essential oils make such a beautiful addition to the atmosphere!

Set your Intentions

When making the salt mix, set your intentions. I set my intentions for harmony, banish negativity and protection.


Place the bowl where you feel the energy needs to settle or where you may need protection.

People often place this over a fireplace, front or back door. Mine sits in the front room of my home. It works well in high traffic areas of the home or even a business.

What to Consider

As this is the salt used to absorb the negativity it is important that you:

  • Keep it away from pets and children
  • When the energy of the salt doesn’t feel clean anymore get rid if it.
  • Get rid of the salt by disposing it where you don’t want plants to sprout like in between the cracks of the concrete. In time the earth will neutralise this energy.




Does the Moon Look the Same in Different Hemispheres?

In short the answer is Yes and No, and here is why.

We all see the same moon phases more or less on the same day. In the Northern Hemisphere the waxing is from right to left and in the Southern Hemisphere it is from left to right. Each hemisphere sees a different orientation of the moon with respect to the horizon and to a small degree your time zone.

Our moon phases are caused from the reflection of the sun on the moons surface. A line called a terminal line by astronomers is created on the moons surface distinguishing the light and dark. It creates the waning, waxing, new and full moon phases that are seen by all on earth at the same time. This is dictated by the positioning of the moon to the sun and its light that reflects off the moons surface.

Below is an example of Northern and Southern Hemisphere moon phases.



Click on the link below to see an animation and a detailed explanation of the moon in different hemispheres.




Article by:


5 February 2019

Written for Coven life


I was recently reading an article about Hexing and Healing. The 2 seem so far removed from each other, however there is a much deeper and familiar connection to both.

The truth in the story is……

Back in the 1800s’ Hex simply meant to cast a spell or bewitch something. As a matter of a fact, most cultures especially from the Dutch and Germanic descents, Hexing was thought beneficial. Magick was magick and was neither Malediction or beneficent.

The below extract from Thesaurus.com explains it well.

Word Origin & History

“1830, American English, from Pennsylvania German hexe “to practice witchcraft,” from German hexen “to hex,” related to Hexe “witch,” from Middle High German hecse, hexse, from Old High German hagazussa (see hag). Noun meaning “magic spell” is first recorded 1909; earlier it meant “a witch” (1856)” https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/hex

Throughout history, stories of men and women Healers, were manipulated to suite the Patriarchy’s of the time. Ordinary men and women trained in the ancient ways, acquiring knowledge and wisdom were reduced to Hexen, Hex, Hag or Witch. In fact even the word Witch at times irritates me. It is often used with distaste and disrespect by many who are not familiar to the ancient ways. It is used to insult and degrade and place fear in the young and naive.

Why Fear the Hex?

Years of fear mongering and labeling as evil through ultra conservative and fanatical beliefs have confused the masses. Such ancient knowledge nearly became obsolete and extinct. If it wasn’t for some fore thinking protagonists that have preserved and propelled the ancient magickal ways into the 21st  century the knowledge of the wise ones, the wisdom keepers as they are known and highly respected in some parts of the world, would now be lost completely.

The reality is that ‘Witch-craft’ has been around for a long, long time, far beyond the 16th and 17th centuries.

Humanity and magick have co-existed since the beginning and from what is happening with this collective global awakening, it will continue to flourish. People are connecting to the ancient ways of the Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks. Even older Civilizations before them clearly have paved the way for all involved in the ‘Craft’. We ALL ride on the shoulders of giants before us.

The Witch and the Healer

The Witch that practices ‘Witch-craft’ has always and will continue to be linked to healing. The medicine of the wise ones is written in the Earth, the plants, the stars, the rivers, the mountains the soil and the oceans. The ancient Priests, Priestesses, the Magi, the Shaman, Q’ero Paco, Curandero, Inyanga, Wortcunner (knowing Herbs) and the list goes on.



These people contact spirits, work with plant medicine, work with the elements and even change them at times, they take flight and turn into animals that they call their spirit guides. This is a short list of some of the similarities. Sadly when people compare Witches and Healers on the World Wide Web, once again the Witch is vilified.

Call yourself what you may, labeling these days is really rather mundane. It is purely a way of others identifying with who they think you might be, and you trying to label yourself in a world that is based on illusion.

Either way if you are going to walk your talk then take action of your real purpose in this life. Leave your imprint on Gaia through the roadmap of your heart. It’s your actions that matter NOT your title. Find the courage to be yourself when so many others have not, it is being able to walk in both the darkness and the light.

And Remember…..

“Every step you take is supported by a thousand ancestors”

They have your back no matter what.




Real Rune Magick

Bind-Rune Basics
Bind-Runes are a subject that’s been covered in a few rune-books, but most have not covered it well. It seems that somewhere in the process of creating interesting activities for people to replicate, most rune authors seem to lose the aim and intent of bind-runes somewhere along the wooded path.
A bind-rune is simply a combination of runes that are stuck together or overlapped in some way – the term binding referring actually to weaving, as in the old Nordic term Nalbinding, or needle-knitting.

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A little bit about bone throwing


Learn to Throw ‘Dem Bones!

Throwing the bones is an ancient divination technique where bones, shells, stones, coins, and other curios are thrown and the pattern in which the objects fall give insight and answers to questions.

Cultures from around the world have bone reading systems, from Africa to Asia, and each system is different.

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Another great guide

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