About Coven Life and Its Contributors

COVEN LIFE Mission Statement

The main purposes of Coven Life website and Lady Beltane are to teach novice witches and to have an online coven where anyone in that practices The Craft will feel welcome to join us, on the Sabbats.

Who’s Lady Carla Beltane

Merry meet, I am Lady Carla Beltane. I am a legally ordained Pagan minister. I as Wiccan and became a High Priestess but, now practice as an eclectic solitary witch. My spirituality has influences from different traditions of Wiccan, as well as Ancient Egyptian, Celtic (both German and Irish) and Native American traditions. I was the High Priestess for two covens which gave birth to hive-covens from my own and then hive-covens from these. (A hive-coven is one where a witch becomes a Priest or Priestess under the guidance of a High Priest and/or Priestess to then start their own coven.)

I am a hereditary witch from both sides of my family, although neither side were practicing pagans I did learn about herbs for healing and other usages from my great-grandmothers on my father’s side. I learn not to be afraid of the ghosts I saw and heard from my mother who also had this ability.

I have been a practicing pagan for over 40 years. I became a solitary witch about 20 years ago but still helped guide young novice witches on their path. Teaching them not only the magickal parts of The Craft such as potions, spells, and rituals but also help them along the Old Ways a.k.a. a pagan spiritual path.

In my personal life, I am the mother of five grown children who have blessed me a 8 grandchildren so far. I live with my husband of over 16 years and my two dog familiars, Cleopatra, a Miniature Pinscher and Starbabie, a Chihuahua. I enjoy many hobbies including but not limited to hiking, camping, crocheting, reading, playing computer games, coloring, and gardening. 

To contact me write to: ladybeltane@aol.com

Comments, Suggestions, Guest Authors

Feel free at any time to make a comment on this post for more information about any Pagan topic and I will try to find information to answer your question.

If you have a suggestion for a topic for me to post more about please let me know. I will try to accommodate suggestions topics when I can and if they are appropriate for this website.

If you would like to write an article about witchcraft, a pagan path, a spell, incantation, craft idea or more information on a topic I have introduced on the site for me to possibly post on the website please send it to my email ladybeltane@aol.com. I will read it and let it you if it is within my guidelines for this website. If I do decide to post an article from a guest author, that author will get full recognition for it include on the post.

Do not ask for me to do personal spells or charm objects for you because I will not do it. I will post spells for general use on a suggested subject.

Remember though spells, incantations, empowering or charming an object should not be done by anyone who has not learned the foundations of doing magick safely. This is not a game this is real with real consequences.

Who is Loki’s Little Hippie Witch?

Hi, everyone!  I’m Loki’s Little Hippie Witch here on WordPress.  I’ll be sharing some information about the Norse pantheon with you here in Coven Life, but first, allow me to introduce myself– just so you’ll know a little bit about who’s doing the writing.
I’m a mid-thirties mom and wife, crazy cat lady, witch, jewelry-maker, and devotional polytheist.  I read tarot and runes, study astrology, and work with crystals and meditative trance states.   I picked up my first tarot deck back in my teens, but I’ve only been reading runes since this spring, and studying astrology since summer.  I love learning new things, and I’m always working on expanding my horizons!  I’ve had a lifelong interest in witchcraft, but I didn’t officially start walking this path until last year when my Gods announced Their presence in my life in a huge way.  In addition to being a witch and polytheist, I’m also a godspouse and a Lokean.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me anything.  I’m really looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned with you, and learning more along the way!
Blessed be!”
Copyright 2015 Loki’s Little Hippie Witch

Who is Stregga?

Stregga (Raven)

Monique Marie Born Oct 19 1961

Shaman, Gypsy, Teacher, Stregan, Artist, Free spirited soul that refuses to let the Physical world stop her.

I have been a medium all my life. Born and raised into a very strong “Catholic Family”. I’m the middle child of 9 siblings. 4 Brothers and 4 Sisters. My father was a Veteran of the Korean War. He is and was my Hero who passed away on September 15 2014. My Mother is still with us, living a Private Life in Colorado.. *(due to the fact) this subject is very close to their hearts and they are my world, I choose not include their names! “If you know me then you Know who they are!

I discovered my gift at a very young age. “However,” I did not understand or except it well and in fact tried everything in my power to STOP it or destroy it. I had a bout w/ a medical illness and several traumatic experiences which included the Death of my Daughter and my Beloved. I cannot recall my child hood and several memories as of recent have escaped me… However, Spirit seeing and hearing has never left me. As a child my mother was very fearful of my gift and tried to take me to a priest, a witch and several healers (to Include Doctors) all to no avail. I was admitted into the State hospital after several failed suicide attempts. I was desperate not to be as odd, strange or weird as people called and taunted me with names, because I spoke with and saw DEAD PEOPLE!! (Imaginary friends). To soften the judgments I began by telling very creative stories that always ended with “To Be Continued…..

(Not all the kids), teased me, I have become very close with several of them. They are now as they were then some of my closest friends.

In 1980 MJ/ Stregga High Priestess and Elder of the Sicilian Strega line of the Craft of the Wise, Under the direction of the founder and Head Mother of Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church, Inc., Hereditary Elder High Priestess — Lori Bruno… aka Nona based in the Commonwealth of Mass in Salem, MA.

I started practicing “witch craft” and soon found it could be evil” however guided by strong women I continued and became initiated as a witch. I shared my experiences thoughts and ideals with my Father, my Best Friend, he would offer comfort and tell me to walk softly and carry a BIG stick. (Follow the light).

In 1985 I started excepting my gift after the death of my 2nd child Michael (a little girl) Born on Nov 26 and died a few hours later in a car accident with my beloved. During my grief and loss, I started reading studying and developing my gifts.

In 1987 I became quite ill with cancer and had a  NDE (Near Death Experience) at that time I was directed to come back and complete my work… A near-death experience is a conscious experience in which the individual experiences a sense of being detached from the physical world during the process of physiological dying. Individuals may experience their own physiological dying’s and deaths and at the same time become aware of their disembodied existences in an altered state where they may experience a sense of peace, a separation of consciousness from the body, entering darkness, seeing a light, meeting spiritual entities, having a panoramic life review, and a sense of judging their lives (Moody, 1975; Morse, 1990, Ring, 1980).

Copyright 2015 by Stregga

Who is Hypatia?

I have been studying with Lady Beltane in Coven life all the way from Australia for a little over a year now. My fascination with knowledge, history and love of nature has led me to this glorious path.
I don’t come from a long line of magikal people but I do come from a place of magick. One that has always been in my heart. The same one that has guided me instinctively all through my life. Helping me make decisions that have all led me to the right here and now.
Growing up in a conventional Greek Orthodox family where tradition and superstition have a blurred line. Where grandmothers would chant words to remove the evil eye and grandfathers would plant basil in the front of the house to keep out the evil spirits. They made teas that would sooth the soul, placing amulets under your pillow to see visions in the forms of dreams only to interpret them for you the next morning, and sweeping at the front of the house with an old broom when someone that just visited had a bad vibe. Now doesn’t that all sound familiar.
As far away as I thought that magick was not part of my life it was spun very intricately around me, over many generations throughout time. Each generation carefully ensuring to pass on the processes to the next generation, trickling down and making its way into my world. It has always been with me, just interpreted and practiced in a different way. Recognising that magick is all around us is recognising your history, traditions, beliefs and religions.
Over the years I have versed and immersed my self in many ancient texts that range from Homers Iliad to ancient Sanskrit.
My thirst for knowledge has led me to this very path. A familiar path that has been paved stone by stone subconsciously by many generations before me.
So here I am, sitting in a place of wanting more, a thirst for knowledge that is difficult to quench with just the conventional. Delving into the Eleusinian mysteries of Dimitra and Kore (Persephone), studying formally about the ancient Greek Priesthoods and their Gods, the Delphi, Dodona and much more.
Life either makes you or breaks you, I have decided to allow life to make me into a life-loving human being. I know I am not the only one that has had pain in my life and acknowledge that it is still not done with me, but I do accept the gift of knowledge one that is accessible to anyone who choses to use it. the knowledge to be able to deal with what life throws at you.
So I look forward to continue learning and being connected with like minded people. Dad always said you never stop learning and when you do life is over.

Who is IsBear?

“I am one of Lady Beltane’s Adepts. I have always known I was a witch. I have studied the craft on and off since I was about 8, but was finally lucky that a year ago I found an amazing teacher in Lady Beltane at the age of 25. 
I am currently learning about healing with herbs, and crystals, also reiki. I have been  enhancing my healing and empath abilities, and also how to read auras, palms etc. My favourite form of divination is reading cards, I also loves using a pendulum, and rune stones. 
I hope to add what I know to the webnsite to help inspire all! I currently resides in Ontario Canada with my fiancée,dog, and cat familiar’s.”
Love & Light 

Who is Allaiyna?

Hello, I am  Allaiyna and I am an Adept studying under Lady Beltane.
I have been practicing for about two years now but I have been studying the craft for a few more years. It wasn’t until I found Lady Beltane that I actually felt comfortable putting the things I studied into practice.
Let me give you a little background into who I am and how I got to where I am today.
It all starts back in my preteen years in about sixth grade. I was obsessed with Charmed and wanted so desperately to become a witch, but I wanted to be one of the ones that did “real” magic. So I did an internet search and printed out all kinds of spells and things I could find on witchcraft without researching into it and without a care as to what it was. I put them into a binder that I labeled “Book of Shadows” and hid it on my bookshelf in my room. I did not touch it until a few years later when I threw it away because I didn’t want my family to know what I was into.
In High school, probably my sophomore year maybe the beginning of my junior I can’t really remember, but a really good friend of mine that lived just down the street from me gave me a book that she thought I would be really interested in called Celtic Magic by D.J. Conway. I read a bit of it and copied down the poem from the first few pages because I loved it and then tossed it into the deepest depths of my closet to hide it away from my family. I started to think about why I liked magical anything, from television shows to books and even Japanese anime and the only thing I could come up with was that I wanted to become a witch, more than anything. But because of the lack of resources I had as a teen, it once again got placed on the back burner.
Fast-forward to my college years. I went to Sam Houston State University where I met the most wonderful and beautiful women ever in my life. They become my best friends and sisters and they were the ones I could talk to about ANYTHING. They were Christian, well WE were, and we attended the campus ministry group called Chi Alpha. While I was in college I came to know Jesus and was baptized and worshiped him. He became everything to me, my lifeline. I gave up so much to the Christian faith and told my sisters in my Small Group about my interest in witchcraft and they still loved me, they helped me purge my life of that kind of stuff and that is when I burned the Celtic Magic book. This was my life, this is what I felt called to do, or so I thought at the time. See this whole time there was always a tugging on my heart and I always thought that it was Jesus trying to tell me something. And then I started to notice that I felt off, that I felt like I didn’t truly fit in with anyone or with the Christian faith at all. I then believed that I used the religion to fill a big hole in my life with something that made me feel like I had a purpose.
Graduation came and went and I lost touch with all but one of my Christian friends, but she was training to become a Peace officer and we hardly got to see one another, much less talk. I became a recluse and stopped reading my bible, I stopped going to Chi Alpha and going to church altogether. I was questioning everything that I believed in and trashed all of my Christian things. And not too long after all of this my husband and I run into an old friend from high school that we thought lived on the opposite side of the country, in our local Walmart! We found out that we lived in the apartment complexes next to each other and then started hanging out. One day our friend invited us to dinner with him and his girlfriend, and it was there that I found some interesting things that made the tugging in my heart spark to life. She was interested in witchcraft and had books on her shelf along with many candles and many many forms of incense. We got to talking and found out that we had a lot in common and started hanging out and even studying books on Wicca together. We did a full moon ritual together and cast a spell for her financial stress and since then my heart felt at home.
I don’t really know exactly when I knew that Wicca was my life, I just know that I felt I was where I was supposed to be at the right time. I felt at home, I felt loved, and I felt like I was no longer an outsider, and that I no longer had this nagging feeling that everything was wrong.
For two years I studied Wicca and magic on my own from multiple books and online resources. I felt a faint call on my heart to look for schools in which would teach me, would guide me in the right direction because I felt like my studies were all over the place. Everything was very overwhelming, even after two years of research I needed someone to help guide me. Every school I found cost money, a lot of it too. I didn’t have money and got very discouraged until I came upon this website in which I found my mentor Lady Beltane.
This is my background thank you so much for reading!

Who is Tharem?

Merry Meet, I am Tharem. I am Adept student under Lady Beltane.

I been Practicing for a couple of years now. I been studying the craft since 2007. I was not until I came to Lady Beltane I started the practicing within a coven. Before I was a wiccan, I practiced Christianity with questions growing that that religion couldn’t answer. It was when I started considering wiccan life, these questions being answered and gave me stronger hold to Wicca. The first book I got was from D.J. Conway. Then my book collection grows from there.

I, then started looking for wiccan group online. It was not until I found a coven until I got here on CovenLife, I found CovenLife site through the Witches of the Craft site. I am pleased that Lady Beltane took me under her wing.


4 thoughts on “About Coven Life and Its Contributors

  1. I am very interested in learning from and thru you. I have always believed in honoring the earth and all that surrounds us. It is now that I choose to learn more. I will answer the questions and get back to you. Blessed be Vicki


  2. I need to let you know that I am working on the assignments. But have spent the last week with my mom. She has been having heart issues and we had to visit the ER once and then doctor appointment and she is now getting worked up for open heart. So I have a lot on my plate. I just want to let you know that I am still interested and working hard to find the time.


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