About Coven Life

COVEN LIFE Mission Statement

The main purposes of the Coven Life website and the Coven Life’s Elders is to teach novice and adept level witches. To have an online coven where anyone that practices The Craft will feel welcome to join us for gatherings on Esbats and/or Sabbats and/or for our open chats.

Witchcraft School Information

Scroll over “Student Information”, than click on the word “Classes” in the drop down box.

For a lesson outline click on the word “Lessons

There is a $35.00 USD charge for novice lessons which is one year and one day which includes all the novice lessons, coven gatherings, open chats, and/or one on one chats if needed with one of the Coven’s Elders ( High Priestess Lady Beltane, or Priestess Maia00 or Priestess Hypatia).

There is a $45.00 USD charge for adept lessons which a two year course anf includes all adept lessons and personalized studies for each student, all coven gatherings, open chats and/or one on one chats with Lady Beltane.

There is an annual full coven member fee of $25.00 USD for non-students also after Adepts finish their first year of the 2-year Adept course. There is a questionnaire to be filled out for the coven Elders to review to decide whether or not to accept you into our coven if have not been a student in our coven but want to become a full member of Coven Life.

Guidelines For Attending Coven Gatherings

Before the sacred circle starts at 7:00 PM Central Time in the USA anyone entering the chat room is welcomed to socialize with anyone else that is there. Socializing and visiting starts about 6:00 PM CT on the *ooôkevening of the gathering. Ask the Elders questions about lessons or anything else.

Once the circle starts ALL SOCIALIZING AND COMMENTS unless asked for in the ritual must stop. You will get one warning if you break this guideline. If you do it a second time you will be asked to and expected to leave the gathering immediately. There will be no exceptions to this guideline.

No one should enter or leave the chat room between 7:00 PM CT through to the circle being opened. To enter or leave the chat room (computer knocking you out of the chat room during this time is the only exception for re-entering the circle) during this time breaks the circle and whoever is leading the circle needs to take their time and energy to close it up again.

All electronics in the room you are in during the gathering should be shut off except for the device you are using to access the chat room. Mainly because the extra energy raise during a ritual can fry the devices. It is even better it to be out of the room completely.

No one will be allowed to use foul and/or rude language in the chat room either before, during or after the sacred circle is cast. Anyone not following this guideline will be blocked from the chat room and no second chance will be given to attend another gathering.

Anyone attending a gathering is welcome to stay after the circle is done to visit with the others and/or offer other ideas for the ritual performed at that gathering for as long as you like.

These are simple guidelines and show courtesy to all coven members and visitors. If you have any questions about them please write to Lady Beltane at covenlifescoven@gmail.com

Comments, Suggestions, Guest Authors

Feel free at any time to make a comment on this post for more information about any Pagan topic and we will try to find information to answer your question.

If you have a suggestion for a topic for us to post more about please let us know. We will try to accommodate suggested topics when we can and if they are appropriate for this website. Email your suggestion to ladybeltane@aol.com

If you would like to write an article about witchcraft, a pagan path, a spell, incantation, craft idea or more information on a topic we have introduced on the site for us to possibly post on the website please send it to Lady Beltane’s email ladybeltane@aol.com. She will read it and let it you if it is within our guidelines for this website. If she does decide to post an article from a guest author, that author will get full recognition for it on the post.

Do not ask us to do personal spells or charm objects for you because we will not do it!

 Remember spells, incantations, empowering or charming an object should not be done by anyone who has not yet learned the foundations of doing magick safely. This is not a game or movie or television show or a book this is real life with real-life consequences.

Who is Reverend Lady Beltane?

Merry meet, I am Reverend Lady Beltane. I am a legally ordained Pagan minister (which means talking privately to me about any topic, unless it is an illegal activity of any kind, I have to keep it confidential even if you are not a Coven member). I was Wiccan and became a High Priestess in that tradition. But, now practice as an eclectic High Priestess. My spirituality and magick have influences from different traditions of Wicca, as well as Ancient Egyptian, Celtic (both German and Irish) and Native American traditions, and others. I was the High Priestess for two covens which gave birth to hive-covens from my own and then hive-covens from these. (A hive-coven is one where a witch becomes a Priest or Priestess under the guidance of a High Priest and/or Priestess to then start their own coven.)

I am a hereditary witch from both sides of my family, although neither side practice witchcraft. I did learn about herbs for healing and other usages from my great-grandmothers on my father’s side. I learn not to be afraid of the ghosts I saw, heard, and could talk to them and feeling other people feelings (as an empath) from my mother who also had this ability.

I have been a practicing witch for over 40 years. I became a solitary witch over 20 years ago but still helped guide young novice witches on their path. Teaching them not only the magickal parts of The Craft such as potions, spells, and rituals but also help them along with the Old Ways a.k.a. a pagan spiritual path.

I started the website and school after being told by a mentor of mine, Lady of the Abyss, this was part of what I am supposed to do in this lifetime is to teach novices, adepts, priest, and priestess to help guide them along their magickal and spiritual path

To contact me write to covenlifescoven@gmail.com Put “For Lady B” in the subject line

Who is Priestess Hypatia?

I have been studying with Lady Beltane in Coven life all the way from Australia for a little over 4 years now and studying to be a Priestess. My fascination with knowledge, history, and love of nature has led me to this glorious path.
I don’t come from a long line of magikal people but I do come from a place of magick. One that has always been in my heart. The same one that has guided me instinctively all through my life. Helping me make decisions that have all led me to the right here and now.
Growing up in a conventional Greek Orthodox family where tradition and superstition have a blurred line. Where grandmothers would chant words to remove the evil eye and grandfathers would plant basil in the front of the house to keep out the evil spirits. They made teas that would sooth the soul, placing amulets under your pillow to see visions in the forms of dreams only to interpret them for you the next morning, and sweeping at the front of the house with an old broom when someone that just visited had a bad vibe. Now doesn’t that all sound familiar.
As far away as I thought that magick was not part of my life it was spun very intricately around me, over many generations throughout time. Each generation carefully ensuring to pass on the processes to the next generation, trickling down and making its way into my world. It has always been with me, just interpreted and practiced in a different way. Recognizing that magick is all around us is recognizing your history, traditions, beliefs, and religions.
Over the years I have versed and immersed my self in many ancient texts that range from Homers Iliad to ancient Sanskrit.
My thirst for knowledge has led me to this very path. A familiar path that has been paved stone by stone subconsciously by many generations before me.
So here I am, sitting in a place of wanting more, a thirst for knowledge that is difficult to quench with just the conventional. Delving into the Eleusinian mysteries of Dimitra and Kore (Persephone), studying formally about the ancient Greek Priesthoods and their Gods, the Delphi, Dodona and much more.
Life either makes you or breaks you, I have decided to allow life to make me into a life-loving human being. I know I am not the only one that has had pain in my life and acknowledge that it is still not done with me, but I do accept the gift of knowledge one that is accessible to anyone who chooses to use it. the knowledge to be able to deal with what life throws at you.
So I look forward to continuing learning and being connected with like-minded people. Dad always said you never stop learning and when you do life.

Who is Dawn of the Day?

Merry meet and Merry greet to any that want to read a short version of who I am. Let me by introducing myself my name in the Pagan community is Dawn of the Day.

Lady Beltane told me I am an inspiring member of the coven and should share my knowledge so she invited me to post on this website. I have been studying under Lady Beltane for almost a year.  I am a 53-year-old Transwoman living in Indiana.  I am divorced with 2 grown children. I teach social studies in a public high school, I graduated from a public university with a BS in social studies/education. I feel I am still fairly new to The Craft and also to the Wiccan path.  I left the Catholic church about a year ago and have been exploring my spiritual path ever since.  I am slowly learning the basics of The Craft and I seem to be drawn to the Wiccan traditions. I enjoy the rituals and conversations with other like-minded individuals and learning about The Craft. I am a voracious reader of Wiccan books including but not limited to those by Scott Cunnigham and Lisa Chamberlain and as my confidence and experience growth in the pagan community I hope to be able to help others through posts and messages to find their direction and path within the community.

7 thoughts on “About Coven Life

  1. I am very interested in learning from and thru you. I have always believed in honoring the earth and all that surrounds us. It is now that I choose to learn more. I will answer the questions and get back to you. Blessed be Vicki


  2. I need to let you know that I am working on the assignments. But have spent the last week with my mom. She has been having heart issues and we had to visit the ER once and then doctor appointment and she is now getting worked up for open heart. So I have a lot on my plate. I just want to let you know that I am still interested and working hard to find the time.


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