Daily Incantation

An incantation for protection.

Encased in white light
Safe from harm and prey
I have protection, throughout the day.
Sanctuary within these bounds
Shielded from detriment, armor surrounds.

*Obviously, this spell doesn’t make you invincible. So do NOT intentionally put yourself in danger to “test” it. This incantation works best if applied alongside common sense.


Daily Incantations & Enchantments A Spell a Day for 30 Days
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Let’s Have Some Fun

This is a link for Pagan Word Searches https://web.archive.org/web/20041211005803/http://www.goddessmoon.org/pdf/ggwrdsrch.pdf

These pages are for you to print out. Than grab a favorite beverage and snack have a seat in your favorite place now relax and enjoy finding the words in these word searches!