I Apologize My Dear Sisters, Brothers, and Guest for Being Gone for so Long

I feel the desire and need to apologize for not being around for most 2020. Between illnesses, COVID-19 counseling, leaving a 19 year relationship, where i did the opposite of what I council man and women to do when in a toxic relationship and environment, by staying way to long thinking my ex-husband Handfasted only but not legal according to most places on Mother Earth. I allowed myself true self to be buried under who I thought I should be so the verbal bullying and abuse would stop. I know better then this but I think all of us for some reason at some point in our lives stay in a relationship a little bit longer than is healthy for us. Thanks to my Spirit Guides, Ancestors, some of the Archangels, Gods and Gods constantly telling me for the last almost three years to get out a situation occurred where I knew it was leave than or never. So my journey to find my home and the other half of my life giving flame started on July 1, 2020 from a suburb of Chicago, Illinois with help from on of my spirit/Heart daughters, granddaughters and her husband they moved to live in a house trailer on my cousins property where a major misunderstanding caused by something I said made her decide to throw me out, she was actually getting together what seem to me to be a lynching mob from her friends in the Applanation Foothills in Ohio (near the West Virginia boarder) where she lives. My old son took 2 days off of work and came with his wife to help me pack, load a rented moving truck and whisked me off to his 1 bedroom apartment around August 1st. This is where things get even more out there. We put my application in to live in his apartment disclosing that my younger familiar, Star, was my registered Emotional Support Animal. My application was denied and I had 4 days to vacate the property and if I was seen there again with or without Star I would be arrested for trespassing which meant I would never be able to visit my son while he still lived there. He and his wife were living apart at this time so all 3 of us moved in with her into a 3 bedroom mobile home around September 1st. Than I again was not as recovered from the cold I had and it has turned into pneumonia.

This is when the love of my life contacted me after finding our feelings for each had not changed and there would be no broken homes that minor children still lived we decided I would move to central Illinois to live with him arriving on November 28th. After all the packing, unpacking, and repacking of this last truck (longish story and this one is long enough) I had a major Fibromyalgia Flare that left me barely able to walk. Thankfully Dave a.k.a. Mr. Beltane did not have any problem with me basically laying around for the first week I was here. Next came a wonderful cold that I thought was through just to come back with a vengeance just a couple of days after I thought I said get out of here. This past two weeks I have been very slowly making this house we live in, into a home we comfortably reside. Oh by the way it has both negative and positive spirits living in it, this has made for some interesting times. One of my Heart daughter’s Elder Raven Spirit Walker from Coven Life, WOTC and Enchanted Psychic Visions, and my dearest Heart sister Silver Sage from Witchcraft and More have been helping me to get rid of the nasties and cross or just talk to the people residing here when they were ambushed and slaughtered here in the 1800’s.

I cannot sleep yet tonight or now very early morning but I have to try to if my health is going to keep getting kicked back to bad out of no where. I will be back with you by Sunday at the least I hope.

Blessed be dear ones

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