I was finally able to take a real walk today. It was marvelous even with overcast skies! Before I left I listened to the USA’s NBC channel nightly news and there was a heart touching short segment of children writing cute and some inspirational messages in pictures and words. When I took my fur girls out for their 1st walk with me in over 3 weeks (sprained wrist than overlapped a mild case of COVID-19) I noticed this type of chalk art on the sidewalk in the direction we walk. Uplifting statements like “Be brave”, “Your with family”, and “Sing a song” are just a sampling of what was written. This inspired me to join children and adults across the country to write my own message. I uploaded it on Instagram on the 1st #chalkthewalk. Please join the children, adults, and myself in leaving a message for others. If anyone can make a # with the name #PagansChalkTheWalk please email me at covenlifescoven@gmail.com so we can talk about setting up the # tag today Friday, April 3rd. Thank you!

Please keep those on the front lines taking care of infections people. Many doctors, nurses, and everyone else in the hands on part of caring for people with COVID-19 worldwide that haven’t been home in weeks or months because of their tiring mostly thankless job they have choosen to do. Blessings of staying healthy to you all.

It says “Think Positive with a heart in the middle of the Sun.” The picture is to bring light and love to others. My heart child PynkMoon inspired the picture part.

11 thoughts on “#ChalkTheWalk

  1. That must have been very uplifting to see those words 🤗 I am also happy to hear Lady B. has been outside and getting better 👍 Nature, fresh air and company of furry friends is the best medicine🐶 🐕 🐈 🌳 🌞 🦋 Wishing you a great evening 🐞 Take care!


  2. Glad to see you’re better – you seem to have got of lightly fortunately. How come they let you have oral steroids? are they permitted over there? they’ve been banned for Coronavirus over here 😦

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      1. I think they are here as, among the side effects, they ‘lower your immunity’ but, to me, once you’ve got Covid-19, I don’t see why you shouldn’t go right ahead and take the oral steroids. I intend to anyway if I get it 🙂


      2. I agree but I am not a doctor or any type of human health care giver to say yes they work or no they don’t. The only reason my doctor had me take a low dosage 6 day pack of 2mg predisone is because I use a steroid inhaler every morning because of my allergies. At the time I was taking them no verifiable research had been done on whether they help or hinder a person getting better or not. I took them under doctor’s order but I would not have used them to self medicate. I strongly suggest you talk this over with you the doctor that takes care of your lung problems before self medicating.


      3. It’s not self-medicating as such. I’ve always had to take oral steroids when I get a bad asthma attack (and most others have to too). The reason is because they shut down the inflammation which is causing the attack so you soon recover once you start the pills (within about 2 hours generally)… They’re basically the only thing which will work when the respirators and nebulisers are failing to.

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      4. I’ve been on the steroid inhalers for years for asthma and hardly ever get an attack since I started hillwalking. But, when I do, none of the breathed in stuff helps – it just has to be the pills I’m afraid.


    1. One of the Heart’s Spirit Coven is going to start a #PaganChalkTheWalk on Instagram because I have no idea how to do. If you would like to put a picture up and the state you live in when it’s done that would be great. We need to be spreading positive energy as far and wide as we can. I feel this will help people feel someone wants to talk to them or share a picture. Once it is set up I’ll be putting up a post with the information.


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