A Thought for Today – Have You Thought to Thank Your Health Care Team?

I was able to do this through a phone app for the umbrella group my doctor and her group practice they belong to called My Chart. I also plan to send a thank you for all you to do not just to my doctor and the health care team but addressed to the entire office to include the offices support stuff also. The support staff to me includes the receptionist, billing, etc. Without these people the office could not run as smoothly.

Looking for People to Interview

I work for a digital publisher in the UK called Jungle Creations. I am focused on making video content for mainly snap chat but also other social media platforms. We’re actually aiming to create a video series and are looking for people who would be happy to appear in our pilot episode.

This project is called ‘My Parents are…’ it’s based around a protagonist telling the story of how they grew up or are growing up in a non typical/traditional environment. And we’re especially interested in hearing from children who grew up with someone practicing witchcraft. We’d like to hear from people between 13-25 years old who are happy telling their unique and personal perspective of how this has shaped them.
If there is anyone  who is interested in speaking more about this, has questions or if you know someone who might suit please contact me on: monetta@junglecreations.com

Something I Hope Brightens Your Day

Here are a few of my favorite pagan songs. They get my feet and body wanting to dance and sing even thought I do it off key. This is a way to get some exercise and to remember while many of us are stuck at home for different reasons that the Lord and/or Lady are still with us to bring joy into our lives during these uncertain times. I hope you enjoy the playlist I have complied over the last few years. If you have a favorite any type of song you want to share with us please leave the name in the comments and I will happily make up a playlist of all the songs to share with our brothers, sisters, and guests.

I send you all blessings of happiness, positive energy, and good health if you choose to accept them.

A Compilation of Pagan Songs

Blessed be my dear ones!!

I think tomorrow I’ll put up a country and western playlist. The problem is picking just one of my lists…LOL My father had his own country and western band when I was about 5 or 6 and I remember the times he’d call me up on stage to sign something with him. My father crossed into the Summerland on April 1, 1970, one month before my 12th birthday.